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435 Scientific Matches
Abortuslike bacteria
Bacteria (Bacunculus) spatulata Burmeister 1838
Bacteria 4-lobata
Bacteria 4-lobata Chopard 1911
Bacteria 4-spinosa
Bacteria 4-spinosa Redtenbacher 1908
Bacteria Agassiz 1846
Bacteria Berthold 1827
Bacteria Cavalier-Smith 2002, regnum nov.
Bacteria Haeckel 1894
Bacteria Heller 1921
Bacteria LdeSF & A-SG 1825
Bacteria LdeSF & A-SG 1828
Bacteria Miller 1889
Bacteria abnormis
Bacteria abnormis (Brunner von Wattenwyl 1907)
Bacteria aborigena
Bacteria aborigena Giglio-Tos 1910
Bacteria acanthopus
Bacteria acanthopus Burmeister 1838
Bacteria acuminatacercata
Bacteria acuminatacercata Otte & Brock 2005
Bacteria acuminatocercata
Bacteria acuminatocercata (Brunner von Wattenwyl 1907)
Bacteria aegyptiaca
Bacteria aegyptiaca Gray, G.R. 1835
Bacteria aequatorialis
Bacteria aequatorialis Redtenbacher 1908
Bacteria aestuans
Bacteria aestuans Saussure 1861
Bacteria aetola
Bacteria aetola Westwood 1859
Bacteria aetolus
Bacteria aetolus Westwood 1859
Bacteria amazonica
Bacteria amazonica (Brunner von Wattenwyl 1907)
Bacteria amazonica Bates 1865
Bacteria ambigua
Bacteria ambigua (Brunner von Wattenwyl 1907)
Bacteria annulicornis
Bacteria annulicornis Philippi 1863
Bacteria antillarum
Bacteria antillarum Saussure 1868
Bacteria apolinari
Bacteria apolinari Hebard 1919
Bacteria arampes
Bacteria arampes Kaup & Heyden 1871
Bacteria argentina
Bacteria argentina Piza 1939
Bacteria arumatia
Bacteria arumatia (Stoll 1813)
Bacteria arumatia Westwood 1859
Bacteria aurita
Bacteria aurita Burmeister 1838
Bacteria azteca
Bacteria azteca Saussure 1859
Bacteria baculus
Bacteria baculus (Olivier 1792)
Bacteria baculus Saussure 1859
Bacteria bahiensis
Bacteria bahiensis (Piza 1938)
Bacteria baucis
Bacteria baucis Westwood 1859
Bacteria bellangeri
Bacteria bellangeri Redtenbacher 1908
Bacteria bicolor
Bacteria bicolor (Brunner von Wattenwyl 1907)
Bacteria bicornis
Bacteria bicornis (Stoll 1813)
Bacteria bifrons
Bacteria bifrons (Stål 1875)
Bacteria bigranulosa
Bacteria bigranulosa (Brunner von Wattenwyl 1907)
Bacteria bituberculata
Bacteria bituberculata Schaum 1857
Bacteria bogotensis
Bacteria bogotensis Goudot 1843
Bacteria bradypus
Bacteria bradypus Redtenbacher 1908
Bacteria brasiliensis
Bacteria brasiliensis (Brunner von Wattenwyl 1907)
Bacteria brevitarsata
Bacteria brevitarsata (Brunner von Wattenwyl 1907)
Bacteria burkartii
Bacteria burkartii Saussure 1868
Bacteria cacica
Bacteria cacica Kaup 1871
Bacteria calamus
Bacteria calamus (Fabricius 1793)
Bacteria calamus Burmeister 1838
Bacteria calcarata
Bacteria calcarata Burmeister 1838
Bacteria canna
Bacteria canna (Haan 1842)
Bacteria capitata
Bacteria capitata (Brunner von Wattenwyl 1907)
Bacteria carrikeri
Bacteria carrikeri (Hebard 1919)
Bacteria chacoensis
Bacteria chacoensis Piza 1939
Bacteria chaperi
Bacteria chaperi Redtenbacher 1908
Bacteria chilensis
Bacteria chilensis Westwood 1859
Bacteria chiriquensis
Bacteria chiriquensis (Brunner von Wattenwyl 1907)
Bacteria clavigera
Bacteria clavigera Redtenbacher 1908
Bacteria clinteria
Bacteria clinteria Westwood 1859
Bacteria coenosa
Bacteria coenosa (Gray, G.R. 1833)
Bacteria comis
Bacteria comis Bates 1865
Bacteria cornuta
Bacteria cornuta (Burmeister 1838)
Bacteria cornuta Philippi 1863
Bacteria coxata
Bacteria coxata (Brunner von Wattenwyl 1907)
Bacteria crassicornis
Bacteria crassicornis Philippi 1863
Bacteria crassipes
Bacteria crassipes Chopard 1911
Bacteria crudelis
Bacteria crudelis Westwood 1859
Bacteria cubaensis
Bacteria cubaensis (Haan 1842)
Bacteria cubensis
Bacteria cubensis (Saussure 1868)
Bacteria culmus
Bacteria culmus Bates 1865
Bacteria cyphus
Bacteria cyphus Westwood 1859
Bacteria cyrtocnemis
Bacteria cyrtocnemis Bates 1865
Bacteria dentatocercata
Bacteria dentatocercata (Brunner von Wattenwyl 1907)
Bacteria depressa
Bacteria depressa (Brunner von Wattenwyl 1907)
Bacteria diademata
Bacteria diademata (Brunner von Wattenwyl 1907)
Bacteria discors
Bacteria discors (Brunner von Wattenwyl 1907)
Bacteria divergens
Bacteria divergens Redtenbacher 1908
Bacteria divertens
Bacteria divertens (Brunner von Wattenwyl 1907)
Bacteria donskoffi
Bacteria donskoffi (Langlois & Lelong 1998)
Bacteria dreyfusi
Bacteria dreyfusi (Brunner von Wattenwyl 1907)
Bacteria dryas
Bacteria dryas Westwood 1859
Bacteria ecuadorica
Bacteria ecuadorica (Brunner von Wattenwyl 1907)
Bacteria emesa
Bacteria emesa Westwood 1859
Bacteria emortualis
Bacteria emortualis Saussure 1859
Bacteria eutrachelia
Bacteria eutrachelia Westwood 1859
Bacteria exigua
Bacteria exigua Scudder, S.H. 1875
Bacteria fabricii
Bacteria fabricii Brock 2000
Bacteria fasciata
Bacteria fasciata (Brunner von Wattenwyl 1907)
Bacteria faunus
Bacteria faunus Westwood 1859
Bacteria femorata
Bacteria femorata (Stoll 1813)
Bacteria ferula
Bacteria ferula (Fabricius 1793)
Bacteria filiformes
Bacteria filiformes (Fabricius 1787)
Bacteria filiformis
Bacteria filiformis (Fabricius 1787)
Bacteria flavescentia
Bacteria flavescentia Miller 1889
Bacteria foliacea
Bacteria foliacea Blanchard 1851
Bacteria foliolata
Bacteria foliolata Redtenbacher 1908
Bacteria fragilis
Bacteria fragilis (Gray, G.R. 1833)
Bacteria frenchi
Bacteria frenchi Wood-Mason 1877
Bacteria freygessneri
Bacteria freygessneri Redtenbacher 1908
Bacteria frustrans
Bacteria frustrans Redtenbacher 1908
Bacteria gracilis
Bacteria gracilis Burmeister 1838
Bacteria granulicollis
Bacteria granulicollis Blanchard 1851
Bacteria grossetuberculata
Bacteria grossetuberculata (Brunner von Wattenwyl 1907)
Bacteria haita
Bacteria haita Westwood 1859
Bacteria hastata
Bacteria hastata Burmeister 1838
Bacteria horni
Bacteria horni Redtenbacher 1908
Bacteria iconicoffi
Bacteria iconicoffi (Caudell 1918)
Bacteria imitans
Bacteria imitans Redtenbacher 1908
Bacteria incolumis
Bacteria incolumis (Brunner von Wattenwyl 1907)
Bacteria indica
Bacteria indica Gray, G.R. 1835
Bacteria indifferens
Bacteria indifferens (Brunner von Wattenwyl 1907)
Bacteria ingenua
Bacteria ingenua (Brunner von Wattenwyl 1907)
Bacteria innocens
Bacteria innocens (Brunner von Wattenwyl 1907)
Bacteria innocens Redtenbacher 1908
Bacteria integra
Bacteria integra Redtenbacher 1908
Bacteria irregulariterspinosa
Bacteria irregulariterspinosa (Brunner von Wattenwyl 1907)
Bacteria keratosqueleton
Bacteria keratosqueleton (Olivier 1792)
Bacteria krugiana
Bacteria krugiana (Brunner von Wattenwyl 1907)
Bacteria laesa
Bacteria laesa Redtenbacher 1908
Bacteria laticauda
Bacteria laticauda Bates 1865
Bacteria ligata
Bacteria ligata (Brunner von Wattenwyl 1907)
Bacteria linearis
Bacteria linearis (Drury 1773)
Bacteria linearis Gosse 1859
Bacteria lineata
Bacteria lineata Gray, G.R. 1835
Bacteria lobulata
Bacteria lobulata (Brunner von Wattenwyl 1907)
Bacteria longimana
Bacteria longimana Saussure 1859
Bacteria longipes
Bacteria longipes (Piza 1938)
Bacteria lugens
Bacteria lugens (Brunner von Wattenwyl 1907)
Bacteria magnifica.
Bacteria magnifica. (Hebard 1933)
Bacteria mamillata
Bacteria mamillata (Brunner von Wattenwyl 1907)
Bacteria maroniensis
Bacteria maroniensis Chopard 1911
Bacteria maxwelli
Bacteria maxwelli Redtenbacher 1908
Bacteria mexicana
Bacteria mexicana (Gray, G.R. 1835)
Bacteria modesta
Bacteria modesta (Brunner von Wattenwyl 1907)
Bacteria modesta Redtenbacher 1908
Bacteria molita
Bacteria molita Westwood 1859
Bacteria molorcha
Bacteria molorcha Westwood 1859
Bacteria montana
Bacteria montana Redtenbacher 1908
Bacteria monticola
Bacteria monticola Carl 1913
Bacteria muricata
Bacteria muricata Burmeister 1838
Bacteria mutica
Bacteria mutica (Brunner von Wattenwyl 1907)
Bacteria nigripes
Bacteria nigripes Scudder 1875
Bacteria nigripes Scudder, S.H. 1875
Bacteria nigrolineata
Bacteria nigrolineata (Brunner von Wattenwyl 1907)
Bacteria nodulosa
Bacteria nodulosa Redtenbacher 1908
Bacteria nova
Bacteria nova Redtenbacher 1908
Bacteria obtusa
Bacteria obtusa Redtenbacher 1908
Bacteria olmeca
Bacteria olmeca Saussure 1870-1872
Bacteria ornata
Bacteria ornata (Brunner von Wattenwyl 1907)
Bacteria pachycerca
Bacteria pachycerca Redtenbacher 1908
Bacteria pallide-notata
Bacteria pallide-notata Redtenbacher 1908
Bacteria pallidenotata
Bacteria pallidenotata Redtenbacher 1908
Bacteria pan
Bacteria pan Redtenbacher 1908
Bacteria paramodesta
Bacteria paramodesta Otte & Brock 2005
Bacteria parasanguinolenta
Bacteria parasanguinolenta (Brunner von Wattenwyl 1907)
Bacteria pastazae
Bacteria pastazae (Hebard 1924)
Bacteria peruana
Bacteria peruana Redtenbacher 1908
Bacteria peruana Saussure 1868
Bacteria phyllopoda
Bacteria phyllopoda Westwood 1859
Bacteria pichisina
Bacteria pichisina Giglio-Tos 1910
Bacteria ploiaria
Bacteria ploiaria (Westwood 1859)
Bacteria quadrilobata
Bacteria quadrilobata Chopard 1911
Bacteria quadrispinosa
Bacteria quadrispinosa Redtenbacher 1908
Bacteria quindensis
Bacteria quindensis Goudot 1843
Bacteria rarospinosa
Bacteria rarospinosa (Brunner von Wattenwyl 1907)
Bacteria reclusa
Bacteria reclusa (Brunner von Wattenwyl 1907)
Bacteria redtenbacheri
Bacteria redtenbacheri Brock 1998
Bacteria regnum
Bacteria remphan
Bacteria remphan Westwood 1859
Bacteria ridleyi
Bacteria ridleyi (Kirby 1904)
Bacteria rosaria
Bacteria rosaria Guérin-Méneville 1829-1838
Bacteria roulinii
Bacteria roulinii Goudot 1843
Bacteria rubispinosa
Bacteria rubispinosa Serville 1838
Bacteria rufopecta
Bacteria rufopecta Redtenbacher 1908
Bacteria rufopectus
Bacteria rufopectus Redtenbacher 1908
Bacteria sakai
Bacteria sakai Bates 1865
Bacteria samouellei
Bacteria samouellei Gray, G.R. 1835
Bacteria sanguinolenta
Bacteria sanguinolenta (Brunner von Wattenwyl 1907)
Bacteria sarawaca
Bacteria sarawaca Westwood 1859
Bacteria sarmentosa
Bacteria sarmentosa Westwood 1848
Bacteria sartoriana
Bacteria sartoriana Kaup & Heyden 1871
Bacteria satyr
Bacteria satyr Redtenbacher 1908
Bacteria sayi
Bacteria sayi (Gray, G.R. 1835)
Bacteria scabrosa
Bacteria scabrosa Percheron 1829-1838
Bacteria schulthessi
Bacteria schulthessi Redtenbacher 1908
Bacteria segmentaria
Bacteria segmentaria Redtenbacher 1908
Bacteria serricauda
Bacteria serricauda Bates 1865
Bacteria servillei
Bacteria servillei Montrouzier 1855
Bacteria shiva
Bacteria shiva Westwood 1859
Bacteria significans
Bacteria significans Redtenbacher 1908
Bacteria simplex
Bacteria simplex (Stoll 1813)
Bacteria simplex Redtenbacher 1908
Bacteria simplicitarsis
Bacteria simplicitarsis Gray, G.R. 1835
Bacteria sinkiebensis
Bacteria sinkiebensis Wood-Mason 1877
Bacteria spatulata
Bacteria spatulata Burmeister 1838
Bacteria spinosa
Bacteria spinosa Burmeister 1838
Bacteria spinosa Gray, G.R. 1835
Bacteria straminea
Bacteria straminea (Rehn, J.A.G. 1920)
Bacteria strata
Bacteria strata Burmeister 1838
Bacteria striata
Bacteria striata Burmeister 1838
Bacteria strigiventris
Bacteria strigiventris Westwood 1859
Bacteria subnematodes
Bacteria subnematodes Giebel 1861
Bacteria subvolans
Bacteria subvolans Redtenbacher 1908
Bacteria tenella
Bacteria tenella Redtenbacher 1908
Bacteria tenuis
Bacteria tenuis Westwood 1859
Bacteria thestylis
Bacteria thestylis Westwood 1859
Bacteria tolteca
Bacteria tolteca Saussure 1859
Bacteria tridens
Bacteria tridens Burmeister 1838
Bacteria trophinus
Bacteria trophinus Westwood 1859
Bacteria tuberculata argentina
Bacteria tuberculata argentina Piza 1939
Bacteria tubulata
Bacteria tubulata Redtenbacher 1908
Bacteria turgida
Bacteria turgida Westwood 1859
Bacteria unifoliata
Bacteria unifoliata Philippi 1865
Bacteria virgea
Bacteria virgea Westwood 1848
Bacteria virgulata
Bacteria virgulata Redtenbacher 1908
Bacteria viridantia
Bacteria viridantia Miller 1889
Bacteria viridis
Bacteria viridis Burmeister 1838
Bacteria viridis Gray, G.R. 1835
Bacteria vosseleri
Bacteria vosseleri Redtenbacher 1908
Bacteria waehneri
Bacteria waehneri (Guenther 1940)
Bacteria waehneri Günther 1940
Bacteria yersiniana
Bacteria yersiniana Saussure 1868
Bacteria zehntneri
Bacteria zehntneri Redtenbacher 1908
Cancer bacteria
Cancer bacteria Kubasov 1889
Capsodes mat bacteria
Inside series of Bacteria
Purple bacteria
Spirochaete bacteria
Spirochaete bacteria & Mastotermes

179 Other Matches
Bacteria (Bacteria)Common name
Coryneform bacteria (Corynebacteriaceae)Common name
Gram-positive bacteria (Firmicutes)Common name
Purple bacteria (Proteobacteria)Common name
blue-green bacteria (Cyanophycota)Common name
filamentous anoxygenic phototrophic bacteria (Chloroflexaceae)Common name
fruiting gliding bacteria (Myxococcales)Common name
green non-sulfur bacteria (Thermomicrobia)Common name
green nonsulfur bacteria (Thermomicrobia)Common name
high G+C Gram-positive bacteria (Actinomycetes)Common name
iron bacteria (Gallionellaceae)Common name
low G+C Gram-positive bacteria (Firmicutes)Common name
purple bacteria and relatives (Proteobacteria)Common name
purple non-sulfur bacteria (Proteobacteria)Common name
purple nonsulfur bacteria (Rhodospirillaceae)Common name
purple photosynthetic bacteria (Proteobacteria)Common name
purple photosynthetic bacteria and relatives (Proteobacteria)Common name
purple sulfur bacteria (Chromatiaceae)Common name
purple sulfur bacteria (Ectothiorhodospiraceae)Common name
segmented filamentous bacteria (Arthromitus)Common name
Green sulfur bacteria (Chlorobi)English
Mat bacteriaOperational Taxonomic Unit
unclassified BacteriaOperational Taxonomic Unit
Ammonia oxidizing bacteria
Ammonia-oxidizing bacteria
Antarctic bacteria LB3 ensemble
Bacteria PB90-2
Bacteria XB45
Bacteria str. PB90-2
Bacteria str. XB45
Banisveld landfill bacteria ensemble
CFB group bacteria
CFB/Green sulfur bacteria group
Crater Lake bacteria ensemble
Cytophagales/Green sulfur bacteria group
EF (Enevold Falsen) group 42 bacteria
GNS bacteria
Gram-positive bacteria SOGA15
Gram-positive bacteria SOGA22
Gram-positive bacteria SOGA23
Gram-positive bacteria SOGA31
Gram-positive bacteria SOGA33
High GC gram-positive bacteria
Hydrogenic oxygen reducing bacteria
Obligately chemolithotrophic hydrogen bacteria
Oligately chemolithotrophic hydrogen bacteria
Oxygen reducing bacteria
Oxygen-reducing bacteria
Oxygenic photosynthetic bacteria
Photosynthesizing gram-positive bacteria
Phototrophic bacteria
SRB reactor bacteria ensemble
Sulfate- or sulfur-reducing dissimilatory bacteria
Sulfate-reducing or sulfur-reducing dissimilatory bacteria
Sulfur bacteria
Unknown nitrogen-fixing bacteria
adapted facultatively oligotrophic bacteria PAF-1
adapted facultatively oligotrophic bacteria PAF-3
agricultural soil bacteria ensemble
ammonia oxidising bacteria ensemble
atmospheric bacteria ensemble
bacteria endosymbiont of Bathymodiolus brooksi
bacteria endosymbiont of Bathymodiolus childressi
bacteria endosymbiont of Bathymodiolus heckerae
bacteria endosymbiont of Lucinoma aff. kazani
cf. Bacteria SAR-1
compost bacteria ensemble
copper smeltery bacteria ensemble
deep-sea autotrophic bacteria ensemble
denitrifying Fe(II)-oxidizing bacteria
denitrifying Fe-oxidizing bacteria
equine intestinal bacteria YT ensemble
facultatively oligotrophic bacteria PFO-2
filamentous bacteria GR1
freshwater bacteria LCK ensemble
freshwater bacteria LCS ensemble
gold mine bacteria ensemble
groundwater bacteria 10157 ensemble
halophilic bacteria (strain 172P1)
halophilic bacteria strain 172P1
human oral bacteria ensemble
hydrocarbon seep bacteria ensemble
low G+C Gram-positive bacteria with Gram-negative walls
maize root bacteria ensemble
manure pit bacteria ensemble
marine bacteria D ensemble
marine bacteria DIL ensemble
marine bacteria HstpL ensemble
marine bacteria MBE ensemble
marine bacteria O/S ensemble
marine snow associated bacteria ensemble
methane-seep sediment bacteria ensemble
methanotrophic bacteria M ensemble
methylotrophic bacteria M ensemble
not Bacteria Haeckel 1894
obligately oligotrophic bacteria KI89C
obligately oligotrophic bacteria POC-111
obligately oligotrophic bacteria POC-112
obligately oligotrophic bacteria POC-114
obligately oligotrophic bacteria POC-115
obligately oligotrophic bacteria POC-121
obligately oligotrophic bacteria POC-122
obligately oligotrophic bacteria POC-8
obligately oligotrophic bacteria POCPN-2
obligately oligotrophic bacteria POCPN-3
obligately oligotrophic bacteria POCPN-5
obligately oligotrophic bacteria POCPN-71
obligately oligotrophic bacteria POCPN-72
obligately oligotrophic bacteria POCPN-73
obligately oligotrophic bacteria POCPN-74
obligately oligotrophic bacteria POCPN-83
obligately oligotrophic bacteria POI-13
obligately oligotrophic bacteria POI-42
obligately oligotrophic bacteria POO-15
obligately oligotrophic bacteria POO-2
obligately oligotrophic bacteria POT-11
obligately oligotrophic bacteria POT-12
obligately oligotrophic bacteria POT-21
potato plant root bacteria ensemble
rape rhizosphere bacteria ensemble
rhizosphere soil bacteria ensemble
temparate forest soil bacteria ensemble
the Ballerup group of bacteria
the Bethesda group of bacteria
type II methanotrophic bacteria
unclassified Ammonia-oxidizing bacteria
unclassified Bacteria (miscellaneous)
unclassified Gram-positive bacteria
unclassified Gram-positive bacteria (miscellaneous)
unclassified Green non-sulfur bacteria
unclassified coryneform bacteria
unclassified green sulfur bacteria
unclassified low G+C gram-positive bacteria
uncultivated soil bacteria clone ensemble
uncultured Bacteria bacterium
uncultured Dermacoccaceae bacteria
uncultured bacteria
uncultured bacteria # ensemble
uncultured bacteria (human infant) ensemble
uncultured bacteria 4-Org ensemble
uncultured bacteria 696 ensemble
uncultured bacteria ARCTIC ensemble
uncultured bacteria Af ensemble
uncultured bacteria BG ensemble
uncultured bacteria BHA/B/C/D ensemble
uncultured bacteria Benz ensemble
uncultured bacteria Beta ensemble
uncultured bacteria Bulk ensemble
uncultured bacteria Car ensemble
uncultured bacteria Ctax ensemble
uncultured bacteria DA ensemble
uncultured bacteria DF ensemble
uncultured bacteria DGGE band ensemble
uncultured bacteria Dw ensemble
uncultured bacteria ECS ensemble
uncultured bacteria GFD ensemble
uncultured bacteria GR-296 ensemble
uncultured bacteria GR-371 ensemble
uncultured bacteria GR-B1-2 ensemble
uncultured bacteria GR-Sh1 ensemble
uncultured bacteria GR-Sh2 ensemble
uncultured bacteria GR-WP33 ensemble
uncultured bacteria GR-WP39 ensemble
uncultured bacteria Geo ensemble
uncultured bacteria KTK ensemble
uncultured bacteria PSBAC ensemble
uncultured bacteria adhufec ensemble
uncultured bacteria anoxSCC ensemble
uncultured bacteria glc ensemble
uncultured bacteria gp ensemble
uncultured marine bacteria
unidentified Anaerocellum group bacteria
unidentified bacteria
unidentified marine bacteria
unidentified nitrogen-fixing bacteria
unidentified soil bacteria
unknown bacteria
Bacteria (Bacteria regnum)informal latinized name (vernacular concept only)

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