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148 Scientific Matches
Armascirus bison
Armascirus bison (Berlese 1888)
Aspicottus bison
Aspicottus bison Girard, 1854
Belus bison
Belus bison Blackburn 1893
Belus bison Blackburn, T., 1893
Bison "Smith, H." 1827
Bison (Bison) schoetensacki cf. B. (B.) voigtstedtensis
Bison (Bison) schoetensacki cf. B.(B.) voigtstedtensis Fischer 1965
Bison (Eobison)
Bison Hamilton Smith, 1827
Bison Smith 1817
Bison Smith 1827
Bison alaskensis
Bison americanus
Bison americanus Brisson, 1762
Bison americanus pennsylvanicus
Bison americanus pennsylvanicus Shoemaker, 1915
Bison americanus subsp. pennsylvanicus
Bison americanus subsp. pennsylvanicus Shoemaker, 1915
Bison antiquus
Bison antiquus occidentalis
Bison bison
Bison bison (Linnaeus, 1758)
Bison bison Rhoads, 1898 athabascae
Bison bison athabasacae
Bison bison athabasacae Rhoads, 1898
Bison bison athabasca
Bison bison athabascae Rhoads 1897
Bison bison athabascae Rhoads 1898
Bison bison athabascea
Bison bison bison
Bison bison bison (Linnaeus, 1758)
Bison bison bonasus
Bison bison haningtoni
Bison bison haningtoni  
Bison bison occidentalis
Bison bison oregonus
Bison bison oregonus  
Bison bison orientalis
Bison bison pennsylvanicus
Bison bison pennsylvanicus  
Bison bison septemtrionalis
Bison bison septemtrionalis Figgins, 1933
Bison bison septentrionalis
Bison bison septentrionalis  
Bison bison subsp. athabasacae
Bison bison subsp. athabasacae Rhoads, 1898
Bison bison subsp. bison
Bison bison subsp. bison (Linnaeus, 1758)
Bison bison subsp. septemtrionalis
Bison bison subsp. septemtrionalis Figgins, 1933
Bison bonasus
Bison bonasus (Linnaeus, 1758)
Bison bonasus Linnaeus 1758
Bison bonasus bonasus
Bison bonasus caucasicus
Bison bonasus caucasicus Turkin & Satunin, 1904, Gréve, 1906
Bison bonasus hungarorum
Bison bonasus hungarorum  
Bison bonasus montanus
Bison latifrons
Bison menneri
Bison occidentalis
Bison priscus
Bison priscus (Flerov 1979)
Bison priscus bojanus
Bison priscus deminutus
Bison priscus gigas
Bison priscus mediator
Bison priseus
Bison schoetensacki
Bison schoetensacki (Freudenberg 1910)
Bison schoetensacki (Sala 1986)
Bison schoetensacki voigtstedtensis
Bison sivalensis
Bison sylvestris
Bison sylvestris Hay, 1915
Bison voigtstedtensis
Bisonicola sedecimdecembrii bison
Bisonicola sedecimdecembrii bison (Blagoveshtchenski 1967)
Bos bison
Bos bison Linnaeus, 1758
Bovicola sedecimdecembrii bison
Bovicola sedecimdecembrii bison Blagov 1967
Bovicola sedecimdecembrii bison Blagoveshtchenski 1967
Bubas bison
Bubas bison (Linnaeus 1767)
Bubas bison LINNE, 1767
Bubas bison Linnaeus, 1767
Carpiodes bison
Carpiodes bison Agassiz 1854
Colobonthophagus bison
Colobonthophagus bison BOUCOMONT, 1919
Cratosomus bison
Cratosomus bison Chevrolat in Guérin-Méneville, 1844
Cratosomus bison Chevrolat, 1829
Crematogaster bison
Crematogaster bison Forel
Crematogaster bison Forel, 1913
Dactyloscirus bison
Dactyloscirus bison (Berlese 1888)
Edwardsina bison
Edwardsina bison Zwick, 2006
Enophrys bison
Enophrys bison (Girard)
Enophrys bison (Girard, 1854)
Etheostoma bison
Etheostoma bison Ceas & Page, 1997
Lepidosteus bison
Lepidosteus bison DeKay, 1842
Mecynotarsus bison
Mecynotarsus bison Olivier, 1811
Metapodonotus bison
Metopodontus bison
Metopodontus bison (Fabricius, 1793)
Metopodontus bison Olivier 1789
Myrmilla erythrocephala bison
Myrmilla erythrocephala form. bison (Costa 1887)
Onthophagus bison
Onthophagus bison Boucomont, 1919
Ophiogomphus bison
Ophiogomphus bison (Selys, 1873)
Ophiogomphus bison Selys, 1873
Ozyptila bison
Ozyptila bison Gertsch, 1953
Pheidole bison
Pheidole bison Wilson
Prosopocoilus bison
Prosopocoilus bison (Olivier 1789)
Prosopocoilus bison buruensis
Prosopocoilus bison buruensis (Kriesche 1924)
Prosopocoilus bison cinctus
Prosopocoilus bison cinctus (Montrouzier 1857)
Prosopocoilus bison hortensis
Prosopocoilus bison hortensis (Kriesche 1924)
Prosopocoilus bison magnificus
Prosopocoilus bison magnificus (Mollenkamp 1906)
Sarcophaga bison
Sarcophaga bison Aldrich, 1916
Scarabaeus bison
Scarabaeus bison Linnaeus, 1767
Trichacis bison
Trichacis bison Masner
Trichacis bison Masner, 1983
bison bison athabascae

28 Other Matches
European Bison (Bison bison bonasus)Common name
bison bison athabascae (Bison bison bison)Common name
steppe bison (Bison priscus)Common name
American Bison (Bison bison)English
Bison Snaketail (Ophiogomphus bison)English
European Bison (Bison bonasus)English
European wood bison (Bison bonasus caucasicus)English
Indian bison (Bos frontalis)English
Mountain Bison (Bison bison haningtoni)English
Northern Bison (Bison bison septentrionalis)English
Oregon bison (Bison bison oregonus)English
Pennsylvanian bison (Bison bison pennsylvanicus)English
bison (Bison)English
plains bison (Bison bison bison)English
wood bison (Bison bison bison)English
Bison de Pennsylvanie (Bison bison pennsylvanicus)French
Bison de l'Oregon (Bison bison oregonus)French
Bison de montagne (Bison bison haningtoni)French
Bison des bois d'Europe (Bison bonasus caucasicus)French
Bison nordique (Bison bison septentrionalis)French
American bison gammaherpesvirus
Bison sp. BBS-2002
Bison sp. CRS-DY-42
Bos taurus X Bison bison
Type 2 ruminant rhadinovirus of bison
ancient bison

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