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109 Scientific Matches
Boreomysis G. O. Sars, 1869
Boreomysis Sars 1869
Boreomysis acuminata
Boreomysis acuminata O. Tattersall, 1955
Boreomysis acuminata Tattersall 1955
Boreomysis arctica
Boreomysis arctica (Krøyer, 1861)
Boreomysis arctica (Krøyer, 1861)
Boreomysis arctica Kroyer 1861
Boreomysis arctica Krøyer, 1861
Boreomysis atlantica
Boreomysis atlantica Nouvel, 1942
Boreomysis bispinosa
Boreomysis bispinosa O. Tattersall, 1955
Boreomysis bispinosa Tattersall 1955
Boreomysis brucei
Boreomysis brucei Tattersall 1913
Boreomysis brucei W. Tattersall, 1913
Boreomysis caeca
Boreomysis caeca Birstein and Tchindonova, 1958
Boreomysis californica
Boreomysis californica Ortmann, 1894
Boreomysis chelata
Boreomysis chelata Birstein and Tchindonova, 1958
Boreomysis curtirostris
Boreomysis curtirostris Birstein and Tchindonova, 1958
Boreomysis dubia
Boreomysis dubia Coifmann, 1937
Boreomysis fragilis
Boreomysis fragilis Hansen, 1912
Boreomysis hanseni
Boreomysis hanseni Holmquist, 1956
Boreomysis illigi
Boreomysis illigi O. Tattersall, 1955
Boreomysis illigi Tattersall 1955
Boreomysis incisa
Boreomysis incisa Nouvel, 1942
Boreomysis inermis
Boreomysis inermis (Willemoes-Suhm, 1874)
Boreomysis inermis Willemoes-Suhm 1874
Boreomysis insolita
Boreomysis insolita O. Tattersall, 1955
Boreomysis insolita Tattersall 1955
Boreomysis intermedia
Boreomysis intermedia Ii, 1964
Boreomysis jacobi
Boreomysis jacobi Holmquist, 1956
Boreomysis kincaidi
Boreomysis kincaidi Banner, 1948
Boreomysis kistnae
Boreomysis kistnae Pillai, 1973
Boreomysis latipes
Boreomysis latipes Birstein and Tchindonova, 1958
Boreomysis longispina
Boreomysis longispina Birstein and Tchindonova, 1958
Boreomysis macrophthalma
Boreomysis macrophthalma Birstein and Tchindonova, 1958
Boreomysis macrophthalmus
Boreomysis megalops
Boreomysis megalops G. O. Sars, 1872
Boreomysis megalops Sars 1872
Boreomysis microps
Boreomysis microps G. O. Sars, 1884
Boreomysis microps G.O. Sars, 1883
Boreomysis microps Sars 1883
Boreomysis nobilis
Boreomysis nobilis G. O. Sars, 1879
Boreomysis nobilis G.O. Sars, 1885
Boreomysis nobilis Sars 1885
Boreomysis obtusata
Boreomysis obtusata G. O. Sars, 1884
Boreomysis obtusata Sars 1884
Boreomysis oparva
Boreomysis oparva Saltzman and Bowman, 1993
Boreomysis pearcyi
Boreomysis pearcyi Murano and Krygier, 1985
Boreomysis plebeja
Boreomysis plebeja Hansen, 1910
Boreomysis richardi
Boreomysis richardi Nouvel, 1942
Boreomysis rostrata
Boreomysis rostrata Illig, 1906
Boreomysis scyphops
Boreomysis scyphops G.O. Sars, 1879
Boreomysis semicaeca
Boreomysis semicaeca Hansen, 1905
Boreomysis semicoeca
Boreomysis semicoeca Hansen, 1905
Boreomysis sibogae
Boreomysis sibogae Hansen, 1910
Boreomysis sphaerops
Boreomysis sphaerops Ii, 1964
Boreomysis sphaeropsis
Boreomysis sphaeropsis Ii 1964
Boreomysis tanakai
Boreomysis tanakai Ii, 1964
Boreomysis tattersalli
Boreomysis tattersalli O. Tattersall, 1955
Boreomysis tattersalli Tattersall 1955
Boreomysis tregouhoffi
Boreomysis tridens
Boreomysis tridens G. O. Sars, 1870
Boreomysis tridens Sars 1870
Boreomysis vanhoeffeni
Boreomysis vanhoeffeni Zimmer, 1914
Boreomysis verrucosa
Boreomysis verrucosa Tattersall 1939
Boreomysis verrucosa W. M. Tattersall, 1939

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