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582 Scientific Matches
Ceratium (Euceratium)
Ceratium (Orthoceratium) limulus
Ceratium (Orthoceratium) pavillardii
Ceratium (Tripoceratium) horridum (Cl.)
Ceratium (Tripoceratium) inclinatum Kofoid 1907
Ceratium (Tripoceratium) tenue Ostenfeld & Schmidt 1901
Ceratium (Tripoceratium) tripos
Ceratium (Tripoceratium) vultur
Ceratium Agassiz 1846
Ceratium Alb. & Schwein. 1805
Ceratium Albertini & Schweinitz 1805
Ceratium Blume
Ceratium Blume, 1825
Ceratium F. Schrank, 1793
Ceratium Gistl 1848
Ceratium Schrank, 1793
Ceratium Thienemann 1828
Ceratium arbuscula
Ceratium arbuscula Berk. & Broome
Ceratium arbuscula Berk. & Broome 1873
Ceratium arcticum
Ceratium arcticum (Ehrenberg) Cleve
Ceratium arcuatum
Ceratium arcuatum (Gourret) Cleve
Ceratium arcus
Ceratium arietinum
Ceratium arietinum Cleve
Ceratium arietinum Cleve, 1900
Ceratium armatum
Ceratium articum longipes
Ceratium articum longipes (Bailey) Graham & Bronikovsky
Ceratium articum var. longipes
Ceratium articum var. longipes (Bailey) Graham & Bronikovsky
Ceratium aureum
Ceratium aureum Link 1816
Ceratium aureum Link, 1815
Ceratium axiale
Ceratium axiale Kofoid 1907
Ceratium azoricum
Ceratium azoricum Cleve
Ceratium azoricum Cleve, 1900
Ceratium batavum
Ceratium batavum Paulsen
Ceratium belone
Ceratium belone Cleve
Ceratium belone Cleve 1900
Ceratium biceps
Ceratium biceps Claparède & Lachmann 1859
Ceratium biceps Kofoid, 1908
Ceratium biconicum
Ceratium biconicum Murray and Whitting
Ceratium bigelowi
Ceratium bigelowi Kofoid, 1907
Ceratium bipes
Ceratium boehmii
Ceratium boehmii Graham and Bronikovsky, 1944
Ceratium brachyceros
Ceratium brachyceros Daday
Ceratium brachyceros Daday, 1907
Ceratium breve
Ceratium breve (Ostenfeld & Schmidt 1901) Schröder 1906
Ceratium breve (Ostenfeld & Schmidt)
Ceratium breve (Ostenfeld & Schmidt) Schrdder
Ceratium breve (Ostenfeld & Schmidt) Schröder
Ceratium breve (Ostenfeld and Schmidt) Schröder, 1906
Ceratium breve (Ostenfeld and Schmidt) Schröder, 1906
Ceratium breve parallelum
Ceratium breve parallelum (Schmidt) Jörgensen, 1911
Ceratium breve var. parallelum (Schmidt) Jörgensen, 1911
Ceratium breve var. parallelum (Schmidt) Jörgensen, 1911
Ceratium brevicorne
Ceratium brevicorne Zacharias
Ceratium brunellii
Ceratium brunellii Rampi
Ceratium bucephalum
Ceratium bucephalum (Cleve 1897) Cleve 1901
Ceratium bucephalum Cleve
Ceratium buceros
Ceratium buceros (Zacharias 1906) Schiller 1937
Ceratium buceros (Zacharias) Schiller
Ceratium buceros buceros
Ceratium buceros tenue
Ceratium candelabrum
Ceratium candelabrum (Ehrenberg 1859) Stein 1883
Ceratium candelabrum (Ehrenberg) Stein
Ceratium candelabrum (Ehrenberg) Stein, 1883
Ceratium carolinianum
Ceratium carolinianum (Bailey) E. G. Jørgensen
Ceratium carriense
Ceratium carriense Gourret
Ceratium carriense Gourret, 1883
Ceratium carriense carriense
Ceratium carriense carriense Gourret 1883
Ceratium carriense masiliense
Ceratium carriense masiliense Gourret 1883
Ceratium carriense massiliense
Ceratium carriense massiliense (Gourret) Huisman
Ceratium carriense massiliense (Gourret) J. M. Huisman
Ceratium carriense var. massiliense
Ceratium carriense var. massiliense (Gourret) Huisman
Ceratium cephalotum
Ceratium cephalotum (Lemmermann 1900) Jörgensen 1911
Ceratium cephalotum (Lemmermann) Jörgensen
Ceratium cephalotum (Lemmermann, 1899) Jörgensen, 1911
Ceratium cephalotum (Lemmermann, 1899) Jörgensen, 1911
Ceratium clavicornis
Ceratium coarctatum
Ceratium coarctatum Pavillard
Ceratium compressum
Ceratium compressum Blume
Ceratium compressum Gran
Ceratium compressum Gran 1902
Ceratium compressum divergens
Ceratium compressum form. divergens Elenkin 1915
Ceratium concilians
Ceratium concilians E. G. Jørgensen
Ceratium concilians Jörgensen
Ceratium concilians Jörgensen 1920
Ceratium contortum
Ceratium contortum (Gourret 1883) Cleve 1900
Ceratium contortum (Gourret) Cleve
Ceratium contortum karsteni
Ceratium contrarium
Ceratium contrarium (Gourret) Pavillard
Ceratium contrarium (Gourret, 1883) Pavillard, 1905
Ceratium cornutum
Ceratium cornutum (Ehrenberg) Clap. and Lachm.
Ceratium cornutum (Ehrenberg) Claparède & J. Lachmann
Ceratium crustosum
Ceratium crustosum Berk. & M. A. Curtis
Ceratium crustosum Berk. & M.A.Curtis, 1874
Ceratium cumaonense
Ceratium cumaonense Carter
Ceratium curvirostre
Ceratium curvirostre Huitfeld-Kaas
Ceratium declinatum
Ceratium declinatum (Gourret 1883) Cleve 1900
Ceratium declinatum (Karsten) Joergensen
Ceratium declinatum (Karsten) Jörgensen
Ceratium deflexum
Ceratium deflexum (Kofoid 1907) Jörgensen 1911
Ceratium deflexum (Kofoid) E. G. Jørgensen
Ceratium deflexum (Kofoid) Joergensen
Ceratium deflexum (Kofoid) Jörgensen
Ceratium dens
Ceratium dens Ostenfeld and Schmidt, 1901
Ceratium depressum
Ceratium digitatum
Ceratium digitatum Schatt
Ceratium digitatum Schütt
Ceratium digitatum Schütt 1895
Ceratium divaricatum
Ceratium divaricatum (Lemmermann 1908)
Ceratium egyptiacum
Ceratium egyptiacum form. libanum
Ceratium egyptiacum form. suezensis
Ceratium egyptiacum libanum
Ceratium egyptiacum suezensis
Ceratium ehrenbergi
Ceratium euarcuatum
Ceratium euarcuatum E. G. Jørgensen
Ceratium euarcuatum Jörgensen
Ceratium euarcuatum Jörgensen 1920
Ceratium evarcuatum
Ceratium extensum
Ceratium extensum (Gourret 1883) Cleve 1901
Ceratium extensum (Gourret) Cleve
Ceratium extensum (Gourret) Cleve, 1901
Ceratium falcatiforme
Ceratium falcatiforme E. G. Jørgensen
Ceratium falcatiforme Jörgensen
Ceratium falcatiforme Jörgensen 1920
Ceratium falcatum
Ceratium falcatum (Kofoid) E. G. Jørgensen
Ceratium falcatum (Kofoid) Jörgensen, 1920
Ceratium falcatum (Kofoid) Jörgensen
Ceratium falcatum (Kofoid) Jörgensen, 1920
Ceratium ferrugineum
Ceratium ferrugineum Wallr. 1833
Ceratium filiforme
Ceratium filiforme Berk. & Broome
Ceratium filiforme Berk. & Broome, 1873
Ceratium floccosum
Ceratium floccosum Wallr.
Ceratium furca
Ceratium furca (Ehrenberg 1833) Claparède & Lachmann 1859
Ceratium furca (Ehrenberg) Claparède & Lachmann, 1859
Ceratium furca (Ehrenberg) Claparéde & Lachmann
Ceratium furca berghii
Ceratium furca berghii Lemmermann 1900
Ceratium furca eugrammum
Ceratium furca eugrammum (Ehrenberg 1859) Jörgensen 1911
Ceratium furca furca
Ceratium furca hircus
Ceratium furca hircus (Schröder) Margalef
Ceratium furca var. hircus
Ceratium furca var. hircus (Schröder) Margalef
Ceratium furca var. hircus Schroder
Ceratium furcoides
Ceratium furcoides (Levander)
Ceratium furcoides (Levander) Langhans
Ceratium furcoides Levander
Ceratium furcoides f. gracile Entz
Ceratium furcoides forma gracile
Ceratium furcoides forma gracile Entz
Ceratium furcoides gracile
Ceratium furcoides gracile Entz
Ceratium fuscum
Ceratium fuscum Cooke 1879
Ceratium fusus
Ceratium fusus (Ehrenberg) Dujardin
Ceratium fusus (Ehrenberg) Dujardin, 1841
Ceratium fusus gallicum
Ceratium fusus gallicum Kofoid
Ceratium fusus schuttii
Ceratium fusus schuttii Lemmermann 1900
Ceratium fusus seta
Ceratium fusus seta (Ehrenberg 1859) Jorgensen 1911
Ceratium gallicum
Ceratium gallicum Kofoid
Ceratium geniculatum
Ceratium geniculatum (Lemmermann 1900) Cleve 1901
Ceratium geniculatum (Lemmermann) Cleve
Ceratium gibberum
Ceratium gibberum Gourret
Ceratium gibberum Gourret, 1883
Ceratium gracile
Ceratium gracile symmetricum
Ceratium gravidum
Ceratium gravidum Gourret
Ceratium gravidum Gourret, 1883
Ceratium gravidum praelongum
Ceratium gravidum praelongum Lemmermann
Ceratium gravidum var. praelongum
Ceratium gravidum var. praelongum Lemmermann
Ceratium handelii
Ceratium handelii Skuja
Ceratium hexacanthum
Ceratium hexacanthum Gourret
Ceratium hexacanthum Gourret, 1883
Ceratium hexacanthum Gourrett 1883
Ceratium hircus
Ceratium hircus Schroder
Ceratium hircus Schröder
Ceratium hirudinella
Ceratium hirudinella (Muller 1773)
Ceratium hirundella brachyceros
Ceratium hirundella brachyceros (Daday) Ostenfeld
Ceratium hirundella var. brachyceros
Ceratium hirundella var. brachyceros (Daday) Ostenfeld
Ceratium hirundinella
Ceratium hirundinella (Mull)
Ceratium hirundinella (Muller 1773)
Ceratium hirundinella (Muller)
Ceratium hirundinella (O. F. Müller) Bergh
Ceratium hirundinella Dujardin
Ceratium hirundinella brachyceroides
Ceratium hirundinella f. gracile ?Bachm.
Ceratium hirundinella f. robustum (Amberg) ?Bachm.
Ceratium hirundinella form. brachyceroides
Ceratium hirundinella form. gracile
Ceratium hirundinella forma gracile
Ceratium hirundinella forma gracile ?Bachm.
Ceratium hirundinella forma robustum
Ceratium hirundinella forma robustum (Amberg) ?Bachm.
Ceratium hirundinella furcoides
Ceratium hirundinella furcoides Levander
Ceratium hirundinella gracile
Ceratium hirundinella gracile ?Bachm.
Ceratium hirundinella gracile Bachm.
Ceratium hirundinella robustum
Ceratium hirundinella robustum (Amberg) ?Bachm.
Ceratium hirundinella robustum (Amberg) Bachmann
Ceratium hirundinella var. furcoides
Ceratium hirundinella var. furcoides Levander
Ceratium horridum
Ceratium horridum (Cleve)
Ceratium horridum (Cleve) Gran
Ceratium horridum (Cleve) Gran, 1902
Ceratium horridum Gran, 1902
Ceratium horridum molle
Ceratium horridum molle (Kofoid, 1907) Jörgensen
Ceratium horridum ssp. molle (Kofoid, 1907) Jörgensen
Ceratium horridum ssp. molle (Kofoid, 1907) Jörgensen
Ceratium humile
Ceratium humile Jörgensen 1911
Ceratium hydnoides
Ceratium hydnoides (Jacq.) Alb. & Schwein. 1805
Ceratium hydnoides hydnoides
Ceratium hydnoides rubicundum
Ceratium hydnoides subsp. hydnoides
Ceratium hydnoides subsp. rubicundum
Ceratium hydnoides subsp. rubicundum Ehrenb.
Ceratium hydnoideum
Ceratium hydnoideum (Jacq.) Alb.& Schwein., 1805
Ceratium incisum
Ceratium incisum (Karsten 1906) Jörgensen 1911
Ceratium incisum (Karsten) E. G. Jørgensen
Ceratium incisum (Karsten) Jörgensen
Ceratium inclinatum
Ceratium inflatum
Ceratium inflatum (Kofoid 1907) Jörgensen 1911
Ceratium inflatum (Kofoid) E. G. Jørgensen
Ceratium inflatum (Kofoid) Joergensen
Ceratium inflatum (Kofoid) Jörgensen
Ceratium inflexum
Ceratium intermedium
Ceratium intermedium (Cleve) Jørgensen, 1911
Ceratium intermedium (Jorgensen) Jorgensen
Ceratium jusus
Ceratium jusus (Ehrenberg) Dujardin
Ceratium karsteni
Ceratium karstenii
Ceratium karstenii Pavillard
Ceratium karstenii Pavillard, 1907
Ceratium karstenii f. robustum (Karsten) Jörgensen, 1911
Ceratium karstenii f. robustum (Karsten) Jörgensen, 1911
Ceratium karstenii robustum
Ceratium karstenii robustum (Karsten) Jörgensen, 1911
Ceratium kofoidi
Ceratium kofoidii
Ceratium kofoidii E. G. Jørgensen
Ceratium kofoidii Jörgensen
Ceratium kofoidii Jörgensen 1911
Ceratium lamellicorne
Ceratium lamellicorne Kofoid
Ceratium leptoceras
Ceratium leptoceras Zacharias
Ceratium limulus
Ceratium limulus (Gourret) Gourret
Ceratium limulus (Gourret) Gourret 1883
Ceratium limulus Gourret
Ceratium limulus Gourret, 1883
Ceratium lineatum
Ceratium lineatum (Ehrenb.) Cleve, 1899
Ceratium lineatum (Ehrenberg 1854) Cleve 1899
Ceratium lineatum (Ehrenberg) Cleve
Ceratium longicorne
Ceratium longicorne Perty
Ceratium longinum
Ceratium longipes
Ceratium longipes (Bailey 1855) Gran 1902
Ceratium longipes (Bailey) Gran
Ceratium longipes (Bailey) Gran, 1902
Ceratium longirostrum
Ceratium longirostrum Gourret
Ceratium longirostrum Gourret, 1883
Ceratium longissimum
Ceratium longissimum (Schröder 1900) Kofoid 1907
Ceratium longissimum (Schröder) Kofoid
Ceratium longium
Ceratium longium Karsten 1906
Ceratium lunula
Ceratium lunula (Schimper 1900) Jörgensen
Ceratium lunula (Schimper) Jörgensen
Ceratium lunula (Schimper, 1910) Jörgensen, 1911
Ceratium lunula (Schimper, 1910) Jörgensen, 1911
Ceratium lunula (Schütt) Jörgensen
Ceratium lunula brachyceros
Ceratium lunula brachyceros Jörgensen, 1911
Ceratium lunula f. brachyceros Jörgensen, 1911
Ceratium lunula f. brachyceros Jörgensen, 1911
Ceratium lunula f. megaceros Jörgensen, 1911
Ceratium lunula f. megaceros Jörgensen, 1911
Ceratium lunula megaceros
Ceratium lunula megaceros Jörgensen, 1911
Ceratium macroceras
Ceratium macroceras Schrank
Ceratium macroceros
Ceratium macroceros (Ehrenberg 1840) Cleve 1900
Ceratium macroceros (Ehrenberg) Vanhöffen
Ceratium macroceros (Ehrenberg) Vanhöffen, 1897
Ceratium macroceros atlantica f. neglecta
Ceratium macroceros atlantica f. neglecta Ostenfeld
Ceratium macroceros atlantica neglecta
Ceratium macroceros gallicum
Ceratium macroceros var. atlantica f. neglecta
Ceratium macroceros var. atlantica f. neglecta Ostenfeld
Ceratium massiliense
Ceratium massiliense (Gourret)
Ceratium massiliense (Gourret) E. G. Jørgensen
Ceratium massiliense (Gourret) Jörgensen
Ceratium massiliense (Gourret) Karsten
Ceratium massiliense Karsten 1906
Ceratium minutum
Ceratium minutum E. G. Jørgensen
Ceratium minutum Jörgensen
Ceratium minutum Jörgensen 1920
Ceratium molle
Ceratium mollis
Ceratium mollis Kofoid, 1907
Ceratium monoceras
Ceratium monoceras Temponeras 2000
Ceratium mucidum
Ceratium mucidum (Pers.) J. Schröt.
Ceratium mucidum (Pers.) J. Schröt. 1885
Ceratium pacificum
Ceratium pacificum Wood 1963
Ceratium palmatum
Ceratium palmatum (Schröder, 1900) Karsten, 1907
Ceratium palmatum (Schröder, 1900) Karsten, 1907
Ceratium palmatum Schroeder
Ceratium paradoxides
Ceratium paradoxides Cleve
Ceratium paradoxides Cleve, 1900
Ceratium pavillardii
Ceratium pavillardii E. G. Jørgensen
Ceratium pavillardii Jörgensen
Ceratium pavillardii Jörgensen 1911
Ceratium pavillardii hundhausenii
Ceratium pavillardii var. hundhausenii Guo & Ye
Ceratium pennatum
Ceratium pennatum Cleve, 1900
Ceratium pennatum inflata
Ceratium pennatum inflata Kofoid
Ceratium pennatum var. inflata
Ceratium pennatum var. inflata Kofoid
Ceratium pentagonum
Ceratium pentagonum Gourret
Ceratium pentagonum Gourret 1883
Ceratium pentagonum robustum
Ceratium pentagonum robustum (Cleve) Jörgensen
Ceratium pentagonum tenerum
Ceratium petersii
Ceratium petersii Nielsen
Ceratium petersii Steemann Nielsen, 1934
Ceratium platycorne
Ceratium platycorne Daday
Ceratium platycorne Von Daday 1888
Ceratium platycorne von Daday
Ceratium pleuroceras
Ceratium pleuroceras Schrank
Ceratium pleuroceras Schrank 1793
Ceratium porioides
Ceratium porioides Alb. & Schwein. 1805
Ceratium porioides flavum
Ceratium porioides lacteum
Ceratium porioides porioides
Ceratium porioides var. flavum
Ceratium porioides var. flavum Alb. & Schwein. 1805
Ceratium porioides var. lacteum
Ceratium porioides var. lacteum Alb. & Schwein. 1805
Ceratium porioides var. porioides
Ceratium porrectum
Ceratium porrectum Karsten, 1907
Ceratium praelongum
Ceratium praelongum (Lemmermann) Kofoid
Ceratium praelongum (Lemmermann, 1900) Kofoid, 1907
Ceratium pulchellum
Ceratium pulchellum Schröder
Ceratium pulchellum Schröder 1906
Ceratium pulchellum eupulchellum
Ceratium pulchellum eupulchellum Jörgensen, 1920
Ceratium pulchellum f. eupulchellum Jörgensen, 1920
Ceratium pulchellum f. eupulchellum Jörgensen, 1920
Ceratium pumilum
Ceratium pumilum Zacharias
Ceratium pyxidatum
Ceratium pyxidatum Alb. & Schwein.
Ceratium pyxidatum Alb. & Schwein. 1805
Ceratium ranipes
Ceratium ranipes Cleve
Ceratium ranipes Cleve, 1900
Ceratium reflexum
Ceratium reflexum Cleve, 1900
Ceratium reticulatum
Ceratium reticulatum (Pouchet) Cleve
Ceratium reticulatum f. spiralis Kofoid, 1907
Ceratium reticulatum spiralis
Ceratium reticulatum spiralis Kofoid, 1907
Ceratium rhomvoides
Ceratium rhomvoides Hickel
Ceratium roseum
Ceratium roseum Cooke 1879
Ceratium rubicundum
Ceratium rubicundum Ehrenb.
Ceratium schmidti
Ceratium schmidti Jörgensen 1911
Ceratium schmidtii
Ceratium schrankii
Ceratium schroederi
Ceratium schroederi Nie, 1936
Ceratium schroederi Schröder 1906
Ceratium schroeteri
Ceratium schroeteri Schrder
Ceratium schroeteri Schröder
Ceratium semipulchellum
Ceratium semipulchellum (Jorgensen)
Ceratium seta
Ceratium seta Jörgensen
Ceratium setaceum
Ceratium setaceum E. G. Jørgensen
Ceratium setaceum Jörgensen
Ceratium sphaeroideum
Ceratium sphaeroideum Kalchbr. & Cooke 1880
Ceratium strictum
Ceratium strictum (Kofoid) E. G. Jørgensen
Ceratium strictum (Kofoid) Jörgensen
Ceratium strictum (Okamura and Nishikawa) Kofoid
Ceratium sumatranum
Ceratium sumatranum (Karsten) Jörgensen, 1911
Ceratium sumatranum (Karsten) Jörgensen, 1911
Ceratium symmetricum
Ceratium symmetricum Pavillard
Ceratium symmetricum Pavillard 1905
Ceratium symmetricum coarctatum
Ceratium tasmaniae
Ceratium tasmaniae Wood 1963
Ceratium tenue
Ceratium tenue (Ostenfeld & Schmidt) Jorgensen
Ceratium tenue Ostenfeld and Schmidt
Ceratium tenue f. inclinatum (Kofoid) Jörgensen
Ceratium tenue f. inclinatum (Kofoid) Jörgensen
Ceratium tenue inclinatum
Ceratium tenue inclinatum (Kofoid) Jörgensen
Ceratium teres
Ceratium teres Kofoid
Ceratium teres Kofoid 1907
Ceratium tetraceras
Ceratium tetraceras Schrank 1793
Ceratium tetraceros
Ceratium tetraceros Schrank
Ceratium trichoceros
Ceratium trichoceros (Ehrenberg) Kofoid
Ceratium trichoceros contrarium
Ceratium trichoceros contrarium (Gourret 1883) Schiller 1937
Ceratium trichoceros var. contrarium (Ehrenberg)
Ceratium triops
Ceratium tripos
Ceratium tripos (Muller)
Ceratium tripos (Müller 1781) Nitzsch 1817
Ceratium tripos (O. F. Müller) Nitzsch, 1817
Ceratium tripos (O. F. Müller) Nitzsch
Ceratium tripos (O. F. Müller) Nitzsch, 1817
Ceratium tripos atlanticum
Ceratium tripos atlanticum Ostenfeld 1903
Ceratium tripos balticum
Ceratium tripos balticum Schütt 1892
Ceratium tripos form. balticum
Ceratium tripos horridum
Ceratium tripos horridum Cleve
Ceratium tripos indicum
Ceratium tripos massiliense
Ceratium tripos massiliense Gourret
Ceratium tripos ponticum
Ceratium tripos pulchellum
Ceratium tripos pulchellum (Schröder) López
Ceratium tripos pulchellum (Schröder) Peters
Ceratium tripos reticulata
Ceratium tripos reticulata Pouchet
Ceratium tripos subsp. pulchellum
Ceratium tripos subsp. pulchellum (Schröder) Peters
Ceratium tripos tripodioides
Ceratium tripos tripodioides Jörgensen, 1920
Ceratium tripos typicus
Ceratium tripos typicus Gourret, 1883
Ceratium tripos var. horridum
Ceratium tripos var. horridum Cleve
Ceratium tripos var. massiliense
Ceratium tripos var. massiliense Gourret
Ceratium tripos var. pulchellum
Ceratium tripos var. pulchellum (Schröder) López
Ceratium tripos var. reticulata
Ceratium tripos var. reticulata Pouchet
Ceratium tripos var. tripodioides Jörgensen, 1920
Ceratium tripos var. tripodioides Jörgensen, 1920
Ceratium tripos var. typicus Gourret, 1883
Ceratium virescens
Ceratium virescens Wallr.
Ceratium vultur
Ceratium vultur Cleve
Ceratium vultur Cleve, 1900
Ceratium vultur form. sumatranum
Ceratium vultur productum
Ceratium vultur sumatranum
Ceratium vultur sumatranum (Karsten) Steemann Nielsen, 1934
Ceratium vultur sumatrum
Ceratium vultur sumatrum (Karsten 1907) Steemann Nielsen 1934
Ceratium vultur var. sumatranum (Karsten) Steemann Nielsen, 1934
Closterium ceratium
Closterium ceratium Perty

23 Other Matches
Ceratium arietinumOperational Taxonomic Unit
Ceratium azoricumOperational Taxonomic Unit
Ceratium carrienseOperational Taxonomic Unit
Ceratium declinatumOperational Taxonomic Unit
Ceratium deflexumOperational Taxonomic Unit
Ceratium digitatumOperational Taxonomic Unit
Ceratium euarcuatumOperational Taxonomic Unit
Ceratium extensumOperational Taxonomic Unit
Ceratium falcatumOperational Taxonomic Unit
Ceratium gravidumOperational Taxonomic Unit
Ceratium inflatumOperational Taxonomic Unit
Ceratium karsteniiOperational Taxonomic Unit
Ceratium limulusOperational Taxonomic Unit
Ceratium longirostrumOperational Taxonomic Unit
Ceratium longissimumOperational Taxonomic Unit
Ceratium paradoxidesOperational Taxonomic Unit
Ceratium petersiiOperational Taxonomic Unit
Ceratium platycorneOperational Taxonomic Unit
Ceratium praelongumOperational Taxonomic Unit
Ceratium vulturOperational Taxonomic Unit
Amoebophrya sp. ex Ceratium lineatum
Amoebophrya sp. ex Ceratium tripos
Ceratium sp. HCB-2005

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