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250 Scientific Matches
Chaetomorpha Kuetzing, 1845
Chaetomorpha Kützing, 1843
Chaetomorpha adriani
Chaetomorpha adriani Feldmann
Chaetomorpha adriani Feldmann 1937
Chaetomorpha aerea
Chaetomorpha aerea (Dill.) Kuetz
Chaetomorpha aerea (Dillwyn) Kützing
Chaetomorpha aerea (Dillwyn) Kützing, 1849
Chaetomorpha akineta
Chaetomorpha akineta M. A. Sahito, Z. A. Nizamani & S. M. Leghari
Chaetomorpha antennina
Chaetomorpha antennina (Bory de Saint-Vincent) Kützing
Chaetomorpha antennina (Bory) Kuetz.
Chaetomorpha antennina (Bory) Kützing, 1849
Chaetomorpha antennina stolonifera
Chaetomorpha antennina stolonifera (W. R. Taylor) M. J. Wynne
Chaetomorpha antennina var. stolonifera
Chaetomorpha antennina var. stolonifera (W.R.Taylor) M.J.Wynne
Chaetomorpha atrovirens
Chaetomorpha atrovirens W. R. Taylor
Chaetomorpha atrovirens W. R. Taylor 1937
Chaetomorpha auricoma
Chaetomorpha auricoma (Suhr) Kjellman
Chaetomorpha baltica
Chaetomorpha baltica Kützing
Chaetomorpha basiretrorsa
Chaetomorpha basiretrorsa Setchell
Chaetomorpha basiretrorsa Setchell 1926
Chaetomorpha billardierii
Chaetomorpha billardierii Kützing
Chaetomorpha billardierii Kützing 1847
Chaetomorpha brachygona
Chaetomorpha brachygona Harvey
Chaetomorpha brachygona crassipellita
Chaetomorpha brachygona crassipellita W. R. Taylor
Chaetomorpha brachygona var. crassipellita
Chaetomorpha brachygona var. crassipellita W.R. Taylor
Chaetomorpha breviarticulata
Chaetomorpha breviarticulata (Zanardini) Frauenfeld
Chaetomorpha breviarticulata Hauck, nom. illeg.
Chaetomorpha californica
Chaetomorpha californica Coll.
Chaetomorpha californica F. S. Collins
Chaetomorpha cannabina
Chaetomorpha cannabina (Areschoug) Kjellman
Chaetomorpha capillaris
Chaetomorpha capillaris (Kützing) Børgesen
Chaetomorpha capillaris (Kützing) Børgesen 1925
Chaetomorpha capillaris crispa
Chaetomorpha capillaris crispa Feldmann
Chaetomorpha capillaris crispa Schousboe ex Feldmann
Chaetomorpha capillaris f. crispa Feldmann
Chaetomorpha capillaris forma crispa
Chaetomorpha capillaris forma crispa Feldmann
Chaetomorpha chelonum
Chaetomorpha chelonum F. S. Collins
Chaetomorpha chlorotica
Chaetomorpha chlorotica (Montagne) Kützing
Chaetomorpha clavata
Chaetomorpha clavata (C. Agardh) Kuetzing
Chaetomorpha clavata Kützing
Chaetomorpha clavata torta
Chaetomorpha clavata torta Farlow ex Collins
Chaetomorpha clavata torta Farlow ex Collins 1909
Chaetomorpha clavata var. torta
Chaetomorpha clavata var. torta Farlow ex Collins
Chaetomorpha coliformis
Chaetomorpha coliformis (Montagne) Kützing
Chaetomorpha crassa
Chaetomorpha crassa (C. Agardh) Kützing
Chaetomorpha crassa (C. Agardh) Kützing, 1845
Chaetomorpha darwinii
Chaetomorpha darwinii (J. D. Hooker & Harvey) Kützing
Chaetomorpha dubyana
Chaetomorpha dubyana Kützing
Chaetomorpha exposita
Chaetomorpha exposita (Børgesen) E. Y. Dawson
Chaetomorpha fibrosa
Chaetomorpha fibrosa (Kützing) Kützing
Chaetomorpha fibrosa Kützing
Chaetomorpha firma
Chaetomorpha firma Levring
Chaetomorpha firma Levring 1941
Chaetomorpha geniculata
Chaetomorpha geniculata Montagne
Chaetomorpha gracilis
Chaetomorpha gracilis Kützing
Chaetomorpha gracilis Kützing, 1845
Chaetomorpha implexa
Chaetomorpha implexa (Harvey) Feldmann
Chaetomorpha implexa Kützing, nom. illeg.
Chaetomorpha implicata
Chaetomorpha implicata KÉtzing
Chaetomorpha implicata Kützing
Chaetomorpha indica
Chaetomorpha indica (Kützing) Kützing
Chaetomorpha indica (Kützing) Kützing 1849
Chaetomorpha inflata
Chaetomorpha inflata Kützing
Chaetomorpha inflata Kützing 1849
Chaetomorpha intestinalis
Chaetomorpha intestinalis Kützing
Chaetomorpha intestinalis Kützing 1849
Chaetomorpha javanica
Chaetomorpha javanica Kützing
Chaetomorpha javanica Kützing 1849
Chaetomorpha kellersii
Chaetomorpha kellersii M. A. Howe
Chaetomorpha kellersii M. A. Howe 1932
Chaetomorpha kerguelensis
Chaetomorpha kerguelensis Levring
Chaetomorpha kerguelensis Levring 1944
Chaetomorpha ligustica
Chaetomorpha ligustica (Kützing) Kützing
Chaetomorpha ligustica (Kützing) Kützing 1849
Chaetomorpha linoides
Chaetomorpha linoides Kützing
Chaetomorpha linum
Chaetomorpha linum (Muller) Kuetz.
Chaetomorpha linum (O. F. Müller) Kützing
Chaetomorpha linum (O.F.Müller) Kützing, 1845
Chaetomorpha linum brachyarthra
Chaetomorpha linum brachyarthra (KÉtzing) Børgesen
Chaetomorpha linum brachyarthra (Kützing) Børgesen
Chaetomorpha linum f. brachyarthra (Kützing) Børgesen
Chaetomorpha linum forma brachyarthra
Chaetomorpha linum forma brachyarthra (Kützing) Børgesen
Chaetomorpha litorea
Chaetomorpha litorea Harvey
Chaetomorpha litorea Harvey 1858
Chaetomorpha longiarticulata
Chaetomorpha longiarticulata Harvey
Chaetomorpha mawsonii
Chaetomorpha mawsonii A. H. S. Lucas
Chaetomorpha mawsonii Lucas 1919
Chaetomorpha media
Chaetomorpha media (C. Agardh) Kützing
Chaetomorpha media (C. Agardh) Kützing 1849
Chaetomorpha media stolonifera
Chaetomorpha media stolonifera W. R. Taylor
Chaetomorpha media var. stolonifera
Chaetomorpha media var. stolonifera W.R. Taylor
Chaetomorpha mediterranea
Chaetomorpha mediterranea (Kützing) Kützing
Chaetomorpha mediterranea (Kützing) Kützing 1849
Chaetomorpha mediterranea crispa
Chaetomorpha mediterranea crispa (Feldmann) Gallardo et al.
Chaetomorpha mediterranea crispa (J. Feldmann) Gallardo al.
Chaetomorpha mediterranea var. crispa
Chaetomorpha mediterranea var. crispa (Feldmann) Gallardo et al.
Chaetomorpha melagonium
Chaetomorpha melagonium (F. Weber & D. Mohr) Kützing
Chaetomorpha melagonium (F.Weber & D.Mohr) Kützing, 1845
Chaetomorpha melagonium (Weber and Mohr) Kuetzing
Chaetomorpha melagonium f. rupinicola (Areschoug) Kjellman
Chaetomorpha melagonium forma rupinicola
Chaetomorpha melagonium forma rupinicola (Areschoug) Kjellman
Chaetomorpha melagonium rupincola
Chaetomorpha melagonium rupinicola
Chaetomorpha melagonium rupinicola (Areschoug) Kjellman
Chaetomorpha melagonium rupinicola (Areschoug) Kjellman 1889
Chaetomorpha minima
Chaetomorpha minima Collins & Hervey
Chaetomorpha minima F. S. Collins & Hervey
Chaetomorpha moniligera
Chaetomorpha moniligera Kjellman
Chaetomorpha moniligera Kjellman 1897
Chaetomorpha monilina
Chaetomorpha monilina (Zanardini) Zanardini
Chaetomorpha natalensis
Chaetomorpha natalensis (Hering) De Toni
Chaetomorpha natalensis Hering
Chaetomorpha natalensis exposita
Chaetomorpha natalensis exposita Børgesen
Chaetomorpha natalensis f. exposita Børgesen
Chaetomorpha natalensis forma exposita
Chaetomorpha natalensis forma exposita Børgesen
Chaetomorpha nodosa
Chaetomorpha nodosa Kützing
Chaetomorpha obscura
Chaetomorpha obscura Kjellman
Chaetomorpha okamurae
Chaetomorpha okamurai
Chaetomorpha okamurai Ueda
Chaetomorpha olneyi
Chaetomorpha olneyi Harvey
Chaetomorpha pachynema
Chaetomorpha pachynema (Montagne) Kützing
Chaetomorpha pachynema (Montagne) Kützing 1847
Chaetomorpha pacifica
Chaetomorpha pacifica KÉtzing
Chaetomorpha pacifica Kützing
Chaetomorpha paucitatis
Chaetomorpha paucitatis Gilbert
Chaetomorpha peruviana
Chaetomorpha peruviana W. R. Taylor
Chaetomorpha peruviana W. R. Taylor 1947
Chaetomorpha picquotiana
Chaetomorpha picquotiana Montagne ex Kützing
Chaetomorpha picquotiana Montagne ex Kützing 1849
Chaetomorpha princeps
Chaetomorpha princeps (KÉtzing) KÉtzing
Chaetomorpha princeps (Kützing) Kützing
Chaetomorpha prostata
Chaetomorpha prostata P. Anand
Chaetomorpha prostata P. Anand 1938
Chaetomorpha recurva
Chaetomorpha recurva Scagel
Chaetomorpha recurva Scagel 1966
Chaetomorpha restricta
Chaetomorpha restricta (Suhr) Kützing
Chaetomorpha robusta
Chaetomorpha robusta (Areschoug) Papenfuss
Chaetomorpha robusta (Areschoug) Papenfuss 1940
Chaetomorpha saccata
Chaetomorpha saccata (Kützing) Kützing
Chaetomorpha septentrionalis
Chaetomorpha septentrionalis Foslie
Chaetomorpha solitaria
Chaetomorpha solitaria Kraft & Millar
Chaetomorpha spiralis
Chaetomorpha spiralis Okam.
Chaetomorpha spiralis Okamura
Chaetomorpha stricta
Chaetomorpha stricta Schiffner
Chaetomorpha stuhlmannii
Chaetomorpha stuhlmannii Hieronymus
Chaetomorpha surtoria
Chaetomorpha surtoria (Berkeley) Kornmann
Chaetomorpha sutoria
Chaetomorpha sutoria (Berkeley) Kornmann
Chaetomorpha sutoria Rabenhorst
Chaetomorpha tenuissima
Chaetomorpha tenuissima Jao
Chaetomorpha tenuissima P. L. Crouan & H. M. Crouan
Chaetomorpha torta
Chaetomorpha torta (Farlow ex Collins) Yendo 1914
Chaetomorpha torta (Farlow ex F. S. Collins) Yendo
Chaetomorpha tortuosa
Chaetomorpha tortuosa (Dillwyn) Kleen
Chaetomorpha tortuosa Kützing, nom. illeg.
Chaetomorpha torulosa
Chaetomorpha torulosa KÉtzing
Chaetomorpha torulosa Kützing
Chaetomorpha valida
Chaetomorpha valida (J. D. Hooker & Harvey) Kützing
Chaetomorpha zernovii
Chaetomorpha zernovii Woronichin

1 Other Matches
Chaetomorpha sp. WC

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