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176 Scientific Matches
Amphionycha cirrata
Amphionycha cirrata DEJEAN Pierre François Marie Auguste, 1835
Amphionycha cirrata Dejean, 1835
Amphitrite cirrata
Amphitrite cirrata (O. F. Müller, 1771 in 1776)
Amphitrite cirrata Muller
Australonura cirrata
Australonura cirrata (Schott 1917)
Australonura cirrata (Schött 1917) Greenslade & Deharveng 1990
Botryodontia cirrata
Botryodontia cirrata (Hjortstam & Ryvarden) Hjortstam 1987
Campalecium cirrata
Candelabrochaete cirrata
Candelabrochaete cirrata Hjortstam & Ryvarden 1986
Centaurea cirrata
Chelifera cirrata
Chelifera cirrata Melander
Chelifera cirrata Melander, 1947
Chetogena cirrata
Chetogena cirrata Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830
Clavaria cirrata
Clavaria cirrata Berk.
Clavulinopsis cirrata
Clavulinopsis cirrata (Pat.) Corner 1970
Clymenura cirrata
Cnemidocarpa cirrata
Cnemidocarpa cirrata Ärnbäck, 1922
Crataegus cirrata
Crataegus cirrata Ashe
Crataegus cirrata Beadle
Crataegus cirrata Beadle, 1902
Cyrbasiotreta cirrata
Danthonia cirrata
Danthonia cirrata Hack. & Arechav.
Danthonia cirrata Hack. & Arechav. var. cirrata
Danthonia cirrata Hack. & Arechav. var. melanathera Hack.
Danthonia cirrata Hack. & Arechav., 1896
Danthonia cirrata cirrata
Danthonia cirrata var. melanathera
Danthonia cirrata var. melanathera Hack., 1911
Danthonia cirrata var. melanthera
Dasylabris mixta cirrata
Dasylabris mixta var. cirrata Skorikov 1935
Dicranoweisia cirrata
Dicranoweisia cirrata (Hedw.) Lindb. ex Milde
Dicranoweisia cirrata Hedw.
Dicranoweisia cirrata Lindberg in Milde, 1869
Enipo cirrata
Enipo cirrata Treadwell, 1925
Euphrosine cirrata
Euphrosyne cirrata
Euphrosyne cirrata M. Sars, 1851
Flabelligella cirrata
Flabelligella cirrata Hartman & Fauchald 1971
Flabelligena cirrata
Flabelligena cirrata (Hartman & Fauchald 1971)
Fulcrifera cirrata
Fulcrifera cirrata Diakonoff 1987
Grantia cirrata
Grantia cirrata aurorae
Grantia cirrata aurorae Dendy, 1918
Grantia cirrata subsp. aurorae
Grantia cirrata subsp. aurorae Dendy, 1918
Grantia cirrata subsp. tenuipilosa
Grantia cirrata subsp. tenuipilosa Burton, 1932
Grantia cirrata tenuipilosa
Grantia cirrata tenuipilosa Burton, 1932
Grimmia cirrata
Grimmia cirrata Smith, 1804
Jacea cirrata
Jenkina cirrata
Kefersteinia cirrata
Kefersteinia cirrata (Keferstein 1862)
Kefersteinia cirrata hibernica
Kefersteinia cirrata hibernica (Southern, 1914)
Lacydonia cirrata
Laonice cirrata
Laonice cirrata (M. Sars, 1851)
Laonice cirrata (Sars 1851)
Laonice cirrata (Sars, 1850)
Leucandra cirrata
Leucandra cirrata Jenkin, 1908
Lovenella cirrata
Lovenella cirrata (Haeckel, 1879)
Lovenella cirrata Haeckel 1879
Malacoscylus cirrata
Malacoscylus cirrata THOMSON James, 1868
Malacoscylus cirrata Thomson, 1868
Malacoscylus cirrata Viana, 1972
Maplestonia cirrata
Maplestonia cirrata MacGillivray, 1885
Mooreonuphis cirrata
Mooreonuphis cirrata (Hartman 1944)
Mopalia cirrata
Mopalia cirrata S. S. Berry, 1919
Neanura cirrata
Neanura cirrata (Schott 1917)
Nemidia cirrata
Nemidia cirrata (Treadwell, 1925)
Neopaiwa cirrata
Nephrotoma cirrata
Nephrotoma cirrata Tangelder
Nephrotoma cirrata Tangelder, 1984
Nerine cirrata
Nerine cirrata Sars, 1850
Nothria cirrata
Nothria cirrata Hartman, 1944 P
Onuphis (Nothria) cirrata Hartman 1944
Onuphis cirrata
Parnassia cirrata
Parnassia cirrata Piper
Parnassia cirrata Piper var. cirrata
Parnassia cirrata Piper var. intermedia (Rydb.) P. & N. Holmgren
Parnassia cirrata Piper var. intermedia (Rydb.) P.K. Holmgren & N.H. Holmgren
Parnassia cirrata cirrata
Parnassia cirrata hoodiana
Parnassia cirrata hoodiana L.
Parnassia cirrata intermedia
Parnassia cirrata intermedia (Rydb.) P. & N. Holmgren
Parnassia cirrata intermedia Greene
Parnassia cirrata var. intermedia
Parnassia cirrata var. intermedia (Rydb.) P. & N. Holmgren
Peziza cirrata
Peziza cirrata P. Crouan & H. Crouan
Phorocera cirrata
Phorocera cirrata Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830
Podalia cirrata
Podalia cirrata Hopp 1935
Pseudozygopleura (Pseudozygopleura) cirrata
Pseudozygopleura cirrata
Rutenbergia cirrata
Rutenbergia cirrata Renauld & Cardot, 1895
Salia cirrata
Salia cirrata Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830
Saperda cirrata
Saperda cirrata GERMAR Ernst Friedrich, 1824
Saperda cirrata Germar, 1824
Spathoptera cirrata
Spathoptera cirrata GERMAR Ernst Friedrich, 1839
Spathoptera cirrata Germar, 1839
Spiophanes cirrata
Stagonospora cirrata
Stagonospora cirrata Pat.
Taranis cirrata
Taranis cirrata (Brugnone, 1862)
Taranis cirrata cirrata
Taranis cirrata cirrata (Brugnone, 1862)
Taranis cirrata tornatus
Taranis cirrata tornatus Verrill, 1884
Tipula (Lunatipula) cirrata
Tipula cirrata
Tipula cirrata De Jong
Tipula cirrata Jong, 1995
Tokoyo cirrata
Trachyleberidea cirrata
Trachyleberidea? cirrata
Trichomyia cirrata
Trichomyia cirrata Coquillett
Trichomyia cirrata Coquillett, 1902
Trichopeziza cirrata
Trichopeziza cirrata (P. Crouan & H. Crouan) Sacc.
Trichopeziza cirrata (P. Crouan & H. Crouan) Sacc. 1889
Turbanella cirrata
Turbanella cirrata Papi, 1957
Ulota cirrata
Ulota cirrata Grout
Ulota cirrata Grout, 1946
Urophycis cirrata
Urophycis cirrata (Goode and Bean, 1896)
Weissia cirrata
Weissia cirrata (Bruch ex Bridel) Hübener, 1833
Weissia cirrata Hedw.
Xylaria cirrata
Xylaria cirrata Pat.
Xylaria cirrata Pat. 1891

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