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122 Scientific Matches
Cirrhilabrus Schlegel
Cirrhilabrus Temminck & Schlegel (1845)
Cirrhilabrus Temminck & Schlegel 1846
Cirrhilabrus Temminck and Schlegel, 1845
Cirrhilabrus adornatus
Cirrhilabrus adornatus Randall and Kunzmann, 1998
Cirrhilabrus aurantidorsalis
Cirrhilabrus aurantidorsalis Allen and Kuiter, 1999
Cirrhilabrus balteatus
Cirrhilabrus balteatus Randall, 1988
Cirrhilabrus balteatus Springer and Randall, 1974
Cirrhilabrus bathyphilus
Cirrhilabrus bathyphilus Randall & Nagareda, 2002
Cirrhilabrus blatteus
Cirrhilabrus blatteus Springer and Randall, 1974
Cirrhilabrus claire
Cirrhilabrus claire Randall & Pyle, 2001
Cirrhilabrus condei
Cirrhilabrus condei Allen and Randall, 1996
Cirrhilabrus cyanopleura
Cirrhilabrus cyanopleura (Bleeker, 1851)
Cirrhilabrus cyanopleurus
Cirrhilabrus cyanopleurus (Bleeker, 1851)
Cirrhilabrus earlei
Cirrhilabrus earlei Randall & Pyle, 2001
Cirrhilabrus exquisitus
Cirrhilabrus exquisitus Smith, 1957
Cirrhilabrus exquistitus
Cirrhilabrus exquistitus Smith 1957
Cirrhilabrus exquistius
Cirrhilabrus exquistius Smith, 1957
Cirrhilabrus filamentosus
Cirrhilabrus filamentosus (Klausewitz, 1976)
Cirrhilabrus flavidorsalis
Cirrhilabrus flavidorsalis Randall and Carpenter, 1980
Cirrhilabrus heterodon
Cirrhilabrus heterodon Bleeker, 1871
Cirrhilabrus joanallenae
Cirrhilabrus joanallenae Allen, 2000
Cirrhilabrus johnsoni
Cirrhilabrus johnsoni Randall, 1988
Cirrhilabrus jordani
Cirrhilabrus jordani Snyder, 1904
Cirrhilabrus katherinae
Cirrhilabrus katherinae Randall, 1992
Cirrhilabrus katoi
Cirrhilabrus katoi Senou and Hirata, 2000
Cirrhilabrus laboutei
Cirrhilabrus laboutei Randall and Lubbock, 1982
Cirrhilabrus labouti
Cirrhilabrus labouti Randall & Lubbock, 1982
Cirrhilabrus lanceolatus
Cirrhilabrus lanceolatus Randall and Masuda, 1991
Cirrhilabrus lineatus
Cirrhilabrus lineatus Randall and Lubbock, 1982
Cirrhilabrus lubbocki
Cirrhilabrus lubbocki Randall and Carpenter, 1980
Cirrhilabrus lunatus
Cirrhilabrus lunatus Randall and Masuda, 1991
Cirrhilabrus luteovittatus
Cirrhilabrus luteovittatus Randall, 1988
Cirrhilabrus lyukyuensis
Cirrhilabrus lyukyuensis Ishikawa, 1904
Cirrhilabrus marjorie
Cirrhilabrus marjorie Allen, Randall & Carlson, 2003
Cirrhilabrus melanomarginatus
Cirrhilabrus melanomarginatus Randall and Shen, 1978
Cirrhilabrus morrisoni
Cirrhilabrus morrisoni Allen, 1999
Cirrhilabrus n. sp. 1 Not applicable
Cirrhilabrus piscilineatus
Cirrhilabrus piscilineatus Cornic, 1987
Cirrhilabrus punctatus
Cirrhilabrus punctatus Randall and Kuiter, 1989
Cirrhilabrus pylei
Cirrhilabrus pylei Allen and Randall, 1996
Cirrhilabrus randalli
Cirrhilabrus randalli Allen, 1995
Cirrhilabrus rhomboidalis
Cirrhilabrus rhomboidalis Randall, 1988
Cirrhilabrus roseafascia
Cirrhilabrus roseafascia Randall and Lubbock, 1982
Cirrhilabrus rubimarginatus
Cirrhilabrus rubimarginatus Randall, 1992
Cirrhilabrus rubiventralis
Cirrhilabrus rubiventralis Springer & Randall, 1974
Cirrhilabrus rubrimarginatus
Cirrhilabrus rubrimarginatus Randall, 1992
Cirrhilabrus rubripinnis
Cirrhilabrus rubripinnis Randall and Carpenter, 1980
Cirrhilabrus rubrisquamis
Cirrhilabrus rubrisquamis Randall and Emery, 1983
Cirrhilabrus rubriventralis
Cirrhilabrus rubriventralis Springer and Randall, 1974
Cirrhilabrus ryukyuensis
Cirrhilabrus ryukyuensis Ishikawa, 1904
Cirrhilabrus sanguineus
Cirrhilabrus sanguineus Cornic, 1987
Cirrhilabrus scottorum
Cirrhilabrus scottorum Randall and Pyle, 1989
Cirrhilabrus solorensis
Cirrhilabrus solorensis (non Bleeker, 1853)
Cirrhilabrus solorensis Bleeker, 1853
Cirrhilabrus sp.
Cirrhilabrus sp. 1
Cirrhilabrus sp. 1 Not applicable
Cirrhilabrus sp. A
Cirrhilabrus sp. Not applicable
Cirrhilabrus sp. a Not applicable
Cirrhilabrus temmincki
Cirrhilabrus temmincki Bleeker, 1853
Cirrhilabrus temminckii
Cirrhilabrus temminckii Bleeker, 1853
Cirrhilabrus temminki
Cirrhilabrus temminki Bleeker, 1853
Cirrhilabrus tonozukai
Cirrhilabrus tonozukai Allen and Kuiter, 1999
Cirrhilabrus walindi
Cirrhilabrus walindi Allen and Randall, 1996
Cirrhilabrus walshi
Cirrhilabrus walshi Randall & Pyle, 2001

3 Other Matches
Cirrhilabrus sp.Operational Taxonomic Unit
Cirrhilabrus sp. 1Operational Taxonomic Unit
Cirrhilabrus sp. AOperational Taxonomic Unit

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