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206 Scientific Matches
Anguilla conger
Anguilla conger (Linnaeus, 1758)
Conger Bosc (ex Cuvier), 1817
Conger Bosc, 1817
Conger Cuvier 1829
Conger Oken, 1817
Conger Schaeffer 1760
Conger altipinnis
Conger altipinnis Kaup, 1856
Conger anago
Conger anago Temminck & Schlegel, 1846
Conger anagoides
Conger anagoides Bleeker, 1853
Conger anagoides Bleeker, 1854
Conger analis
Conger analis Poey, 1860
Conger auratus
Conger auratus Costa, 1844
Conger balearicus
Conger balearicus (Delaroche, 1809)
Conger brunneus
Conger brunneus Commerson in Lacepède 1803
Conger cassini
Conger cassini (Risso, 1810)
Conger caudicula
Conger caudicula Bean in Goode & Bean 1882
Conger chilensis
Conger chilensis Guichenot 1849
Conger chilensis Guichenot, 1848
Conger cinereus
Conger cinereus Rueppell, 1928
Conger cinereus Rüppell, 1830
Conger cinereus Rüppell, 1830
Conger cinereus cinereus
Conger cinereus cinereus Rueppell, 1928
Conger cinereus cinereus Rüppell, 1830
Conger cinereus cinereus Rüppell, 1830
Conger cinereus marginatus
Conger cinereus marginatus Valenciennes in Eydoux and Souleyet, 1850
Conger cinereus marginatus Valenciennes, 1850
Conger cinereus subsp. cinereus
Conger cinereus subsp. cinereus Rüppell, 1830
Conger cinereus subsp. marginatus
Conger cinereus subsp. marginatus Valenciennes, 1850
Conger communis
Conger communis Costa, 1844
Conger conger
Conger conger ((artedi, 1738) Linnaeus, 1758)
Conger conger (Artedi 1738)
Conger conger (Linnaeus, 1758)
Conger conger (non Linnaeus, 1758)
Conger cylindroideus
Conger cylindroideus Ranzani, 1839
Conger cylindroideus Ranzani, 1840
Conger erebennus
Conger erebennus (Jordan & Snyder, 1901)
Conger esculentus
Conger esculentus Poey, 1861
Conger flava
Conger flava (Goode and Bean, 1896)
Conger flava Goode Bean
Conger flavipinnatus
Conger flavipinnatus Bennett, 1832
Conger gracilior
Conger gracilior (Ginsburg, 1951)
Conger gracilior Ginsburg
Conger guttulata
Conger guttulata (Günther, 1887)
Conger hamo
Conger hamo Temminck & Schlegel 1846
Conger harringtonensis
Conger harringtonensis (Mowbray)
Conger harringtonensis (Mowbray, 1931)
Conger illaesus
Conger impressus
Conger impressus Poey, 1860
Conger japonicus
Conger japonicus (Bleeker)
Conger japonicus Bleeker
Conger japonicus Bleeker, 1879
Conger jordani
Conger jordani Kanazawa 1958
Conger labiata
Conger labiata Castelnau 1879
Conger labiatus
Conger labiatus Castelnau
Conger labiatus Castelnau, 1879
Conger leptognathus
Conger leptognathus Bleeker, 1858
Conger lepturus
Conger lepturus (Richardson, 1845)
Conger limbatus
Conger limbatus Castelnau 1855
Conger linnei
Conger linnei Malm 1877
Conger longirostris
Conger longirostris Anonymous [Bennett] 1830
Conger macrocephalus
Conger macrocephalus Kanazawa, 1958
Conger macrops
Conger macrops (non Günther, 1870)
Conger macrops Gunther, 1870
Conger macrops Günther, 1870
Conger macrops Günther, 1870
Conger maldivensis
Conger maldivensis Norman, 1939
Conger marginalis
Conger marginalis Valenciennes
Conger marginalis Valenciennes in Eydoux and Souleyet, 1850
Conger marginatus
Conger marginatus Valenciennes in Eydoux and Souleyet, 1850
Conger marginatus Valenciennes, 1850
Conger microstoma
Conger microstoma Eydoux & Souleyet, 1850
Conger microstomus
Conger microstomus Castelnau 1855
Conger moniliger
Conger moniliger Bleeker 1865
Conger mordax
Conger mordax Poey, 1860
Conger multidens
Conger multidens Castelnau, 1855
Conger myriaster
Conger myriaster (Brevoort, 1856)
Conger mystax
Conger mystax (Delaroche, 1809)
Conger neoguinaicus
Conger neoguinaicus Bleeker 1859
Conger niger
Conger niger (Risso, 1810)
Conger noordziekii
Conger noordziekii Bleeker 1857
Conger occidentalis
Conger occidentalis DeKay 1842
Conger oceanica
Conger oceanica (Mitchill, 1818)
Conger oceanicus
Conger oceanicus (Mitchill, 1814)
Conger oceanicus (Mitchill, 1818)
Conger oligoporus
Conger oligoporus Kanazawa, 1958
Conger olivaceovirens
Conger olivaceovirens Commerson in Lacepède 1803
Conger opistophthalmus
Conger opistophthalmus Ranzani 1840
Conger opistophthalmus Ranzani, 1839
Conger orbignianus
Conger orbignianus Valenciennes, 1837
Conger orbignianus Valenciennes, 1842
Conger orbignianus Valenciennes, 1847
Conger orbignyanus
Conger orbignyanus Valenciennes, 1837
Conger orbignyanus Valenciennes, 1842
Conger orbignyanus Valenciennes, 1847
Conger oxyrhynchus
Conger oxyrhynchus Eydoux & Souleyet 1850
Conger oxyurus
Conger oxyurus Bleeker (ex Kuhl & van Hasselt) 1864-65
Conger philippinus
Conger philippinus Kanazawa, 1958
Conger punctus
Conger punctus Jenyns, 1842
Conger rubescens
Conger rubescens Ranzani, 1840
Conger savanna
Conger savanna Bancroft, 1831
Conger simulatus
Conger simulatus Facciolà 1913
Conger singaporensis
Conger singaporensis Bleeker 1853
Conger talabon
Conger talabon Cuvier, 1829
Conger talabonoides
Conger talabonoides Bleeker, 1853
Conger telabon
Conger telabon Cuvier, 1829
Conger triporiceps
Conger triporiceps Kanazawa, 1958
Conger urolophus
Conger urolophus Temminck & Schlegel, 1846
Conger uropterus
Conger uropterus Temminck & Schlegel, 1846
Conger verreauxi
Conger verreauxi Kaup
Conger verreauxi Kaup, 1856
Conger verus
Conger verus Risso, 1827
Conger vulgaris
Conger vulgaris Yarell, 1832
Conger vulgaris Yarrell, 1832
Conger wilsoni
Conger wilsoni (Bloch & Schneider, 1801)
Conger wilsoni Bloch and Schneider
Ctenophthalmus conger conger
Leptocephalus conger
Leptocephalus conger (Linnaeus, 1758)
Leptocephalus conger Eigenman, 1902
Leptocephalus conger Eigenmann, 1902
Muraena conger
Muraena conger ((artedi, 1738) Linnaeus, 1758)
Muraena conger Linnaeus, 1758
Potamarcha conger
Thalassiophysa Conger 1954
Thalassiophysa P.S. Conger 1954
Thalassiophysa rhipidis Conger

128 Other Matches
Common pike conger (Muraenesox bagio)Common name
Conger eel (Conger myriaster)Common name
Daggertooth pike conger (Muraenesox cinereus)Common name
Shorttail pike conger (Oxyconger leptognathus)Common name
Silvery conger (Anago anago)Common name
Slender conger (Uroconger lepturus)Common name
bandtooth conger (Ariosoma balearicum)Common name
beach conger (Conger japonicus)Common name
Pacifische conger (Conger myriaster)Dutch
American conger (Conger oceanicus)English
Antillean conger (Conger esculentus)English
Argentine conger (Conger orbignyanus)English
Ash-colored conger eel (Conger cinereus)English
Ashen conger eel (Conger cinereus)English
Baleares conger (Ariosoma balearicum)English
Balearic conger (Ariosoma balearicum)English
Barred conger (Poeciloconger fasciatus)English
Barred sand conger (Poeciloconger fasciatus)English
Big-eye conger (Ariosoma anagoides)English
Bignose conger (Rhynchoconger nitens)English
Bird-eye conger (Enchelycore anatina)English
Black tailed conger (Gnathophis mystax)English
Black-edged conger (Conger cinereus)English
Blackedged conger (Conger cinereus)English
Blacklip conger (Conger cinereus)English
Blackspot conger (Paraconger macrops)English
Blacktailed conger (Gnathophis mystax)English
Blunt-tooth conger (Ariosoma mauritianum)English
Blunttooth conger (Ariosoma mauritianum)English
Brown conger (Gymnothorax vicinus)English
Brown pike conger (Muraenesox bagio)English
Californian conger (Paraconger californiensis)English
Carpet conger blenny (Congrogadus subducens)English
Catalina conger (Gnathophis catalinensis)English
Common conger (Conger wilsoni)English
Conger (Conger oceanicus)English
Conger eel (Anguilla reinhardtii)English
Conger pike (Muraenesox cinereus)English
Deepwater conger (Xenomystax atrarius)English
European conger (Conger conger)English
European conger eel (Conger wilsoni)English
Evermann's conger (Congrosoma evermanni)English
Flat-nosed conger eel (Chilorhinus platyrhynchus)English
Green conger (Gymnothorax funebris)English
Grey conger (Conger esculentus)English
Guinea pike conger (Cynoponticus ferox)English
Guinean conger (Paraconger notialis)English
Guinean pike conger (Cynoponticus ferox)English
Hairy conger (Bassanago albescens)English
Hardtail conger (Gnathophis cinctus)English
Head-band conger (Diploconger polystigmatus)English
Indian conger eel (Conger cinereus)English
Indian pike conger (Congresox talabonoides)English
Indo-Pacific shorttail conger (Coloconger scholesi)English
Large-eye conger (Ariosoma marginatum)English
Large-toothed conger (Bathyuroconger vicinus)English
Largehead conger (Bathycongrus varidens)English
Liitle conger eel (Gnathophis habenatus)English
Little conger eel (Gnathophis habenatus)English
Longfin African conger (Conger cinereus)English
Longnose conger (Bathycongrus wallacei)English
Longtail conger (Uroconger lepturus)English
Maputo conger (Bathymyrus smithi)English
Melliss's Conger (Ariosoma mellissii)English
Mottled conger moray (Enchelycore nigricans)English
Moustache conger (Conger cinereus)English
Mulatto conger (Enchelycore nigricans)English
Mustache conger (Conger cinereus)English
Northern conger (Conger wilsoni)English
Pike conger (Muraenesox bagio)English
Purple pike conger (Muraenesox cinereus)English
Purplemouthed conger (Pseudophichthys splendens)English
Scheele's conger (Ariosoma scheelei)English
Sea conger (Ariosoma anagoides)English
Shorthead conger (Bathycongrus macrurus)English
Shortsnout conger (Chiloconger dentatus)English
Shorttail conger (Chiloconger similis)English
Silver conger (Gnathophis habenatus)English
Silvery conger (Ariosoma anago)English
Slender conger eel (Uropterygius marmoratus)English
Slope conger (Ariosoma prorigerum)English
Southern conger (Conger verreauxi)English
Strap conger (Gnathophis habenatus)English
Swollen-headed conger (Bassanago bulbiceps)English
Swollen-headed conger eel (Bassanago bulbiceps)English
Swollenheaded conger (Bassanago bulbiceps)English
Thicklip conger (Chiloconger labiatus)English
Thinlip conger (Gnathophis mystax)English
Tropical conger (Ariosoma scheelei)English
Umbrella conger (Gnathophis umbrellabius)English
Whiptail conger (Rhynchoconger gracilior)English
White-spotted conger (Conger myriaster)English
Whitespotted conger (Conger myriaster)English
Wilson's conger eel (Conger wilsoni)English
Yellow pike conger (Congresox talabon)English
australian conger eel (Conger labiatus)English
bermuda conger eel (Conger harringtonensis)English
blackgut conger (Gnathophis bathytopos)English
bristletooth conger (Xenomystax congroides)English
bullish conger (Bathycongrus bullisi)English
cape conger (Conger wilsoni)English
conger eels (Congridae)English
conger moray (Gymnothorax miliaris)English
dubious conger (Bathycongrus dubius)English
false conger eels (Muraenesocidae)English
flapnose conger (Parabathymyrus oregoni)English
longeye conger (Gnathophis bracheatopos)English
longfin conger (Conger cinereus)English
longtrunk conger (Ariosoma anale)English
manytooth conger (Conger triporiceps)English
margintail conger (Paraconger caudilimbatus)English
needletail conger (Rhynchoconger nitens)English
neighbor conger (Bathycongrus vicinalis)English
ringeye conger (Paraconger californiensis)English
sharpnose conger (Ariosoma gilberti)English
swarthy conger (Conger japonicus)English
swathy conger (Conger japonicus)English
threadtail conger (Uroconger syringinus)English
yellow conger (Rhynchoconger flava)English
Conger (Conger conger)German
Conger eel (Conger cinereus)informal latinized name (vernacular concept only)

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