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1480 Scientific Matches
Abies conica
Acacidiplosis conica
Acacidiplosis conica Gagne
Acacidiplosis conica Gagne, 1993
Acanalonia conica
Acanalonia conica (Say)
Acanalonia conica (Say, 1830)
Acanolonia conica
Acanolonia conica Neiswander, 1931
Acanthoprocta conica
Acervularoides conica
Acervularoides conica Cao 1982
Acraspis conica
Acraspis conica (Kinsey 1930)
Acrida conica
Acrida conica (Fabricius, 1781)
Acrida conica Dirsh & Uvarov, 1953
Acrida conica Key, 1986
Acrida conica Kirby, 1910
Acrochordonoposthia conica
Acrochordonoposthia conica Reisinge 1924
Adeorbisina conica
Aequorea conica
Aequorea conica Browne, 1905
Agglutisolena conica
Aglantha conica
Aglantha conica Hargitt, 1902
Agyneta conica
Agyneta conica Kronestedt, 2000
Alafia conica
Alafia conica Pichon
Allochroa conica
Allochroa conica (Pease 1863)
Alpaida conica
Alpaida conica Levi, 1988
Alpaida conica O. P.-Cambridge, 1889
Amobia conica
Amobia conica Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830
Amphisphaeria conica
Amphisphaeria conica (Lév.) Ces. & De Not.
Amphorellopsis conica
Ampullaria effusa conica
Ampullaria effusa var. conica Guppy 1866
Ampullina conica
Ampullina conica Malaroda
Amsinckia conica
Amsinckia conica Suksd.
Anapausis conica
Anapausis conica Haenni
Anapausis conica Haenni, 1984
Anarsia conica
Anatoma conica
Anellaria conica
Anellaria conica Velen. 1921
Anisicyrtis conica
Annona conica
Annona conica Ruiz & Pav. ex E.A. López
Annona conica Ruiz & Pav. ex G. Don
Anona conica
Anona conica Ruiz & Pav. ex G. Don
Anthomyia conica
Anthomyia conica Wiedemann
Anthomyia conica Wiedemann, 1817
Anthophora conica Smith
Antonigeppia conica
Antonigeppia conica (Pers.) Kuntze
Antonigeppia conica (Pers.) Kuntze 1898
Aphaenogaster conica
Aphaenogaster conica Viehmeyer 1913
Aphiochaeta conica
Aphiochaeta conica Malloch
Aphiochaeta conica Malloch, 1912
Apiomorpha conica
Apiomorpha conica (Froggatt, 1893)
Apiomorpha conica Cockerell, 1899
Apiomorpha conica Lindinger, 1957
Apiomorpha conica Rübsaamen, 1894
Apiomorpha conica subconica
Apiomorpha conica subconica Fernald, 1903
Apis conica
Apis conica Linnaeus 1758
Aposphaeria conica
Aposphaeria conica Sacc.
Aposphaeria conica Sacc. 1910
Aranea conica
Aranea conica De Geer, 1778
Aranea conica F. O. P.-Cambridge, 1904
Aranea conica Olivier, 1789
Aranea conica Pallas, 1772
Arcella conica
Arcella conica Deflandre 1928
Arcella conica Playfair 1918
Arcella costata conica
Arcella costata conica Playfair 1917
Archaea conica
Archaea conica Koch & Berendt 1854
Arenaria conica
Arenaria conica Boiss.
Ashlockhygia conica
Astasia conica
Astasia conica Matvienko
Asterorotalia rolshauseni conica
Asterorotalia rolshauseni conica Stschedrina 1984
Atheta conica
Atheta conica Cameron 1941
Aulastraea conica
Aymaria conica
Aymaria conica (Banks, 1902)
Barbula conica
Barbula conica Sprengel, 1827
Bartramia conica
Bartramia conica E. B. Bartram, 1942
Belemnitella conica rotunda
Belmnitella conica obesa
Benthamaspis conica
Berriochloa conica M.K. Elias
Berriochloa conica M.K. Elias, 1942
Bicarinella conica
Biclonuncaria conica
Biclonuncaria conica Razowski & Becker 1993
Bicosoeca conica
Bicosoeca conica Lemmermann 1914
Bicuspidatiella conica
Bicuspidatiella conica Maldonaldo 1969
Bigenerina conica
Bigenerina conica Heron Allen & Earland 1909
Boa conica
Boa conica SCHNEIDER 1801
Boa conica SCHNEIDER 1801: 268
Boehmeria conica
Boehmeria conica C.J. Chen, Wilmot-Dear & Friis
Botryopera conica
Botryopera conica Vituchin 1992
Brachycorythis conica
Brachycorythis conica (Summerh.) Summerh.
Brachycorythis conica (Summerh.) Summerh. subsp. transvaalensis Summerh.
Brachycorythis conica conica
Brachycorythis conica longilabris
Brachycorythis conica subsp. conica
Brachycorythis conica subsp. longilabris Summerh.
Brachycorythis conica subsp. transvaalensis Summerh.
Brachycorythis conica transvaalensis
Brachymeria (Pseudobrachymeria) conica (Ashmead 1904)
Brachymeria conica
Brachymeria conica (Ashmead, 1904)
Brachyopa conica
Brachyopa conica Panzer
Brachyscelis conica
Brachyscelis conica Froggatt, 1893
Brachyscelis conica Froggatt, 1894
Brachyscelis conica Froggatt, 1898
Brassaia conica
Brassaia conica (Pav.) Hutch.
Brassica oleracea conica
Brassica oleracea var. conica DC.
Brookula conica
Brookula conica (Watson 1886)
Bunodactis conica
Bunodactis conica (Mc Murrich, 1904)
Bunodactis conica (McMurrich, 1904)
Bursachitina conica
Bursachitina conica (Taugourdeau & de Jekhowsky 1964)
Callodix conica
Callyspongia conica
Callyspongia conica (Brøndsted, 1924)
Callyspongia conica (Keller, 1889)
Callyspongia conica (Lendenfeld, 1887)
Calodipoena conica
Calodipoena conica (Simon, 1895)
Calothrix conica
Calothrix conica Garner
Calyptraea conica
Campbellospira conica
Carex conica
Carex conica Boott
Carex conica Boott, 1857
Carex conica densa
Carex conica forma longirostrata Kük.
Carex conica forma mollis Kük.
Carex conica forma rubens Kük.
Carex conica leucolepis
Carex conica longirostrata
Carex conica mollis
Carex conica rubens
Carex conica var. densa Kük.
Carex conica var. leucolepis Franch. & Sav.
Caspiohydrobia conica
Celluronta conica
Celluronta? conica
Celyphia conica
Celyphia conica Boiko 1991
Centris conica (Packard, 1869)
Centris conica Smith
Cephalodella conica
Cephalodella conica Nogrady, 1962
Ceratomyiella conica
Ceratomyiella conica Townsend, 1891
Ceratostomella conica
Ceratostomella conica (Ellis & Everh.) M. E. Barr 1993
Cerceris conica
Cerceris conica Shestakov
Cercophora conica
Cercophora conica Fuckel 1870
Ceresa conica
Ceresa conica Sakakibara 1977
Chaetodoria conica
Chaetodoria conica Townsend, 1927
Chalcis conica
Chalcis conica Fabricius 1798
Chancia conica
Chengshanaspis conica
Chengshanaspis conica Yuan & Zhao 1997
Chimarra (Curgia) conica
Chimarra conica
Chimarra conica Flint, 1983
Chlamydomonas conica subconica
Chlamydomonas conica var. subconica
Chlorochara conica
Chlorochara conica Forbes & Hart, 1900
Chrysis conica
Chrysis conica Brulle
Chrysis conica Brulle 1846
Chrysis conica Brullé
Chrysotryphera conica
Chrysotryphera conica Townsend, 1935
Cingula conica
Circinella conica
Circinella conica Moreau 1913
Cladonia coniocraea conica
Cladonia coniocraea f. conica
Cladonia coniocraea f. conica de Lesd. 1948
Clathria conica
Clathria conica Lévi, 1963
Clavatula conica
Cocculina conica
Cocculina conica Verrill, 1884
Codonium conica
Codonium conica Haeckel, 1880
Coenosia conica
Coenosia conica Cui
Coenosia conica Cui & Li, 1996
Conescharellina conica
Conescharellina conica Haswell 1881
Conica Broch, 1910
Conica Motschulsky von V 1845
Conochitina brevis conica
Conochitina brevis conica Taugourdeau & de Jekhowsky 1964
Conocybe huijsmanii conica
Conocybe huijsmanii var. conica Watling 1993
Conodomyra conica
Conopsis conica
Conopsis conica GOYENECHEA 2002
Conopsis conica TAYLOR & SMITH 1942
Conopyge conica
Conopyge conica (Brullé)
Conosilene conica
Conosilene conica (L.) Fourr.
Conosilene conica (L.) Fourr. ssp. conoidea (L.) A.Löve & Kjellq.
Conosilene conica (L.) Fourr. subsp. conica
Conosilene conica (L.) Fourr. subsp. coniflora (Nees ex Otth) Á. Löve & Kjellq.
Conosilene conica (L.) Fourr. subsp. conoidea (L.) Á. Löve & Kjellq.
Conosilene conica (L.) Fourr. var. subconica (Friv.) Á. Löve & Kjellq.
Conosilene conica conica
Conosilene conica coniflora
Conosilene conica conoidea
Conosilene conica conoidea (L.) A. Löve & Kjellq.
Conosilene conica ssp. conoidea (L.) A. Löve & Kjellq.
Conosilene conica ssp. conoidea (L.) A.Löve & Kjellq.
Conosilene conica subconica
Conosilene conica subsp. ammophila
Conosilene conica subsp. amphorina
Conosilene conica subsp. coniflora
Conosilene conica subsp. conoidea
Conosilene conica subsp. conoidea (L.) A.Löve & Kjellq.
Conosilene conica subsp. lydia
Conosilene conica subsp. macrodonta
Conosilene conica var. carpathae
Conosilene conica var. sartorii
Conosilene conica var. subconica
Conospongocyrtis conica
Conusella conica
Conyza conica
Cordiospongia conica
Cordiospongia conica Rigby & Pisera 2001
Corissocnemis conica
Corissocnemis conica Banks, 1902
Cornucopina conica
Cornucopina conica Harmer, 1926
Cornus mas f. conica
Coryssocnemis conica
Coryssocnemis conica Banks 1902
Coryssocnemis conica Gertsch & Peck, 1992
Coryssocnemis conica Peck & Finston, 1993
Costulatostyliolina conica
Costulatostyliolina conica Xian 1980
Cotula conica
Crassicalpionella conica
Creseis conica
Creseis conica (Eschscholtz 1829)
Creseis conica falciformis
Creseis virgula conica
Creseis virgula conica (Eschscholtz, 1829)
Cryptanura conica
Cryptanura conica Cushman
Cryptodifflugia pusilla conica
Cryptodifflugia pusilla conica Playfair 1917
Cycladophora conica
Cyclosa conica
Cyclosa conica (Pallas, 1772)
Cyclosa conica Azheganova, 1968
Cyclosa conica Bayram & Ünal, 2002
Cyclosa conica Becker, 1896
Cyclosa conica Bösenberg, 1901
Cyclosa conica Chyzer & Kulczynski, 1891
Cyclosa conica Deltshev & Blagoev, 2001
Cyclosa conica Dondale et al., 2003
Cyclosa conica Drensky, 1943
Cyclosa conica Emerton, 1884
Cyclosa conica Emerton, 1902
Cyclosa conica F. O. P.-Cambridge, 1904
Cyclosa conica Heimer & Nentwig, 1991
Cyclosa conica Kaston, 1948
Cyclosa conica Keyserling, 1893
Cyclosa conica Kulczynski, 1907
Cyclosa conica Levi, 1977
Cyclosa conica Levi, 1999
Cyclosa conica Levi, 2002
Cyclosa conica Locket & Millidge, 1953
Cyclosa conica Loksa, 1972
Cyclosa conica Mcheidze, 1997
Cyclosa conica Menge, 1866
Cyclosa conica Miller, 1971
Cyclosa conica O. P.-Cambridge, 1881
Cyclosa conica Pallas 1772
Cyclosa conica Palmgren, 1974
Cyclosa conica Paquin & Dupérré, 2003
Cyclosa conica Punda, 1975
Cyclosa conica Reimoser, 1930
Cyclosa conica Roberts, 1985
Cyclosa conica Roberts, 1995
Cyclosa conica Roberts, 1998
Cyclosa conica Simon, 1929
Cyclosa conica Song, Zhu & Chen, 1999
Cyclosa conica Trotta, 2005
Cyclosa conica Wiehle, 1931
Cyclosa conica Yin et al., 1997
Cyclosa conica Zamaraev, 1964
Cyclosa conica albifoliata
Cyclosa conica albifoliata Strand, 1907
Cyclosa conica canadensis
Cyclosa conica canadensis Simon, 1929
Cyclosa conica defoliata
Cyclosa conica defoliata Strand, 1907
Cyclosa conica dimidiata
Cyclosa conica dimidiata Simon, 1929
Cyclosa conica leucomelas
Cyclosa conica leucomelas Strand, 1907
Cyclosa conica pyrenaica
Cyclosa conica pyrenaica Strand, 1907
Cyclosa conica rubricauda
Cyclosa conica rubricauda Simon, 1929
Cyclosa conica triangulifera
Cyclosa conica triangulifera Simon, 1929
Cyclosa conica zamezai
Cyclosa conica zamezai Franganillo, 1909
Cyclotoma conica
Cynips conica
Cynips conica Kinsey 1930
Cyrtarachne conica
Cyrtarachne conica O. P.-Cambridge, 1901
Cyrtophora conica
Cyrtophora conica Hansen, 1882
Cyrtophora conica Thorell, 1870
Cystothalamia conica
Cystothalamia conica (Termier & Termier 1977)
Dactylochalina conica
Dactylochalina conica Lendenfeld, 1887
Damalis conica
Damalis conica Shi, 1995
Dasynemella conica
Dasynemella conica Gerlach, 1956
Deflandrea conica
Deflandrea conica Vozzhennikova 1960
Dendronephthya conica
Dendronephthya conica Henderson, 1909
Desmodora conica
Desmodora conica Vitiello, 1971
Dexodes conica
Dexodes conica Reinhard, 1934
Diacanthaspis (Diacanthaspis) conica
Diacanthaspis conica
Dianaea conica
Dianaea conica Quoy and Gaimard, 1827
Diapria conica (Fabricius)
Diplacorchis conica
Diplacorchis conica Summerh.
Diplectria conica
Dipoena conica
Dipoena conica Chickering, 1943
Dipoena conica Levi, 1963
Dipoenata conica
Dipoenata conica (Chickering, 1943)
Discodermia conica
Discodermia conica Kieschnick, 1896
Discorbis conica
Dissochaeta conica
Dohrniphora conica
Dohrniphora conica Borgmeier
Dohrniphora conica Borgmeier, 1960
Draba incana L. var. conica O.E. Schulz
Draba incana conica
Draba incana var. conica
Drepanosticta conica
Drepanosticta conica (Martin, 1909)
Drepanosticta conica Martin 1909
Dukhania conica
Dukhania conica Henson 1948
Dynamenella conica
Dynamenella conica Boone, 1923
Dysidea conica
Dysidea conica Bowerbank, 1873
Elaeosticta conica
Elaeosticta conica Korovin
Elegestolepis conica
Elegestolepis conica Karatajute Talimaa 1986
Eleocharis conica
Eleocharis conica J.Presl & C.Presl
Emarginula conica
Emarginula conica Lamarck. 1801
Entomophthora conica
Entomophthora conica Nowak. 1883
Eoannularia conica
Eomalungia conica
Eomalungia? conica
Eosoptychoparia conica
Eosoptychoparia conica Yuan 1980
Epeira conica
Epeira conica Blackwall, 1864
Epeira conica Dufour, 1824
Epeira conica Hahn, 1834
Epeira conica Walckenaer, 1802
Epicharis (Epicharana) conica Smith, 1874
Epicharis conica
Epicharis conica Smith
Epicharis conica Smith, 1874
Epistenia conica
Epistenia conica Brèthes
Epitonium conica
Eria conica
Eria conica Summerh.
Erica conica
Erica conica Lodd.
Erigone conica
Erigone conica Westring, 1851
Eriocaulon conica
Eriocaulon conica Fischer
Erioptera (Mesocyphona) conica
Erioptera (Mesocyphona) conica Savchenko, 1972
Erioptera conica
Erioptera conica (Savchenko, 1972)
Erlangea conica
Erlangea conica Chiov.
Erycia conica
Erycia conica Herting, 1967
Erynia conica
Erynia conica (Nowak.) Remaud. & Hennebert 1980
Eucalyptus baueriana conica
Eucalyptus baueriana conica Maiden
Eucalyptus baueriana var. conica
Eucalyptus baueriana var. conica Maiden
Eucalyptus conica
Eucalyptus conica Deane & Maiden
Eucta conica
Eucta conica Wesolowska, 1988
Euginoma conica
Euglypha loevis conica
Euglypha loevis form. conica
Eulima conica
Eulima conica Zekeli 1852
Eumenes conica
Eumenes conica Fabricius, 1787
Eurytoma conica
Eurytoma conica Provancher
Eurytoma conica Provancher, 1887
Eutrixopsis conica
Eutrixopsis conica Zeegers, 2007
Fistulinella conica
Fistulinella conica (Ravenel) Pegler & T. W. K. Young 1981
Fistulinella conica belizensis
Fistulinella conica conica
Fistulinella conica reticulata
Fistulinella conica var. belizensis
Fistulinella conica var. belizensis Singer & M. H. Ivory 1983
Fistulinella conica var. conica
Fistulinella conica var. reticulata
Fistulinella conica var. reticulata (Wolfe) Singer 1983
Fistulinella conica var. reticulatus
Flata conica
Flata conica Say, 1830
Fonscochlea (Fonscochlea) conica
Fonscochlea conica
Formica conica
Formica conica Fabricius
Formica conica Fabricius, 1798
Fritillaria conica
Fritillaria conica Boiss.
Fuchsia conica
Fuchsia conica Lindl.
Fuchsia macrostema Ruiz & Pav. var. conica (Lindl.) Sweet
Fuchsia macrostema conica
Fuchsia macrostema var. conica
Fuchsia magellanica Lam. var. conica (Lindl.) Bailey
Fuchsia magellanica conica
Fuchsia magellanica var. conica
Fulgora conica
Fulgora conica Olivier, 1791
Fuquania conica
Fuquania conica Zhao 1981
Gadinia conica
Gadinia conica Angas, 1867
Galeraicta conica
Galeraicta conica Preuss 1852
Gallatinospongia conica
Gallatinospongia conica Okulitch & Bell 1955
Gamizyga (Plocezyga) conica
Gamizyga conica
Ganesa conica
Ganesa conica (Dall, 1927)
Gastrocopta (Vertigopsis) conica Pierce 1992
Gastrocopta conica
Gaudryina conica
Gavrana conica
Gavrana conica Gauld
Genipa conica
Globotruncana conica
Globotruncana conica White 1928
Globotruncana conica plicata
Globotruncana conica var. plicata White 1928
Globotruncanita conica
Globotruncanita conica (White 1928)
Gomphrena conica
Gudeoconcha sophiae conica
Gudeoconcha sophiae conica (Brazier, 1889)
Gudeoconcha sophiae conica Brazier, 1889
Gussonea conica
Gussonea conica (Schltr.) Schltr.
Gymnadenia conica
Gymnadenia conica Lindl.
Haliclona conica
Haliclona conica (Thiele, 1905)
Haliscera conica
Haliscera conica Vanhoeffen, 1902
Haliscera conica Vanhoffen, 1902
Haliscera conica Vanhöffen, 1902
Haliscera conica Vanhöffen 1902
Hebeia conica
Hela conica
Hela conica Seguenza 1876
Helina conica
Helina conica Stein, 1920
Helix sophiae conica
Helix sophiae conica Brazier, 1889
Heminectere conica
Heminectere conica (Rigby & Harris 1979)
Hepatica conica
Heufleria conica
Heufleria conica (Eschw.) Trevis.
Heufleria conica (Eschw.) Trevis. 1853
Hexactinella conica
Hexactinella? conica
Himellastella conica
Hipponix conica
Hornstedtia conica
Hornstedtia conica Ridl.
Hydrocybe conica
Hydrocybe conica Velen. 1921
Hydrophoria conica alpicola
Hydrophoria conica var. alpicola Strobl, 1898
Hygrocybe conica
Hygrocybe conica (Scop.) P. Kumm. 1871
Hygrocybe conica brevispora
Hygrocybe conica chloroides
Hygrocybe conica chloroides (Malençon) Bon 1985
Hygrocybe conica conica
Hygrocybe conica conica (Schaeff.) P. Kumm. 1871
Hygrocybe conica conicoides
Hygrocybe conica conicoides (P. D. Orton) Boertm. 1995
Hygrocybe conica conicopalustris
Hygrocybe conica f. carbonaria
Hygrocybe conica f. conica
Hygrocybe conica f. pseudoconica
Hygrocybe conica f. pseudoconica (J. E. Lange) Arnolds 1985
Hygrocybe conica foliirubens
Hygrocybe conica forma pseudoconica
Hygrocybe conica forma pseudoconica (J.E. Lange) Arnolds 1985
Hygrocybe conica minor
Hygrocybe conica olivaceonigra
Hygrocybe conica olivaceonigra (P. D. Orton) Arnolds 1974
Hygrocybe conica pallidipes
Hygrocybe conica peradenyca
Hygrocybe conica pseudoconica
Hygrocybe conica pseudoconica (J. E. Lange) Arnolds 1985
Hygrocybe conica tierneyi
Hygrocybe conica tristis
Hygrocybe conica tristis (Pers.) Heinem. 1963
Hygrocybe conica var. brevispora
Hygrocybe conica var. brevispora (Dennis) S. A. Cantrell & Lodge 2000
Hygrocybe conica var. chloroides
Hygrocybe conica var. chloroides (Malençon) Bon 1985
Hygrocybe conica var. conica
Hygrocybe conica var. conica (Schaeff.) P. Kumm. 1871
Hygrocybe conica var. conica (Scop.) P. Kumm. 1871
Hygrocybe conica var. conicoides
Hygrocybe conica var. conicoides (P. D. Orton) Boertm. 1995
Hygrocybe conica var. conicopalustris
Hygrocybe conica var. conicopalustris (Bon) Arnolds 1986
Hygrocybe conica var. conicopalustris (R. Haller Aar. ex Bon) Arnolds 1986
Hygrocybe conica var. conicopalustris (R. Haller Aar.) Heinem. 1963
Hygrocybe conica var. foliirubens
Hygrocybe conica var. foliirubens (Murrill) Heinem. 1963
Hygrocybe conica var. minor
Hygrocybe conica var. minor Monthoux & Röllin 1993
Hygrocybe conica var. olivaceonigra
Hygrocybe conica var. olivaceonigra (P. D. Orton) Arnolds 1974
Hygrocybe conica var. pallidipes
Hygrocybe conica var. pallidipes Heinem. 1963
Hygrocybe conica var. peradenyca
Hygrocybe conica var. peradenyca (Sacc.) Pegler 1986
Hygrocybe conica var. tierneyi
Hygrocybe conica var. tierneyi A. M. Young 1997
Hygrocybe conica var. tristis
Hygrocybe conica var. tristis (Pers.) Heinem. 1963
Hymeniacidon conica
Hymeniacidon conica (Kirk, 1910)
Hymenogyne conica
Hymenogyne conica L. Bolus
Hymenopsis conica
Hymenopsis conica (Fuckel) Sacc.
Hymenopsis conica (Fuckel) Sacc. 1886
Ichangia conica
Ichangia conica Zhou 1978
Imbricaria conica
Indokutara conica
Inocybe conica
Inocybe conica P. Larsen 1931
Ipomoea conica
Iresine conica
Ixia conica
Jacaratia conica
Jacaratia conica Kerber
Jaracatia conica
Jimaoshania conica
Jimaoshania conica Qiu 1983
Kailiella conica
Kailiella conica Zhang & Zhou 1980
Kaira conica
Kaira conica Gerschman & Schiapelli, 1948
Kerbinella conica
Kerbinella conica Jegorova 1984
Kingdonella conica
Kingdonella conica Yin, X., 1984
Kirschsteiniella conica
Kirschsteiniella conica (Lév.) Petr. 1953
Kleidotoma conica
Knema conica
Knema conica de Wilde
Labatia conica
Labatia conica Vell.
Laboea conica
Laboea conica Lohmann
Laboea conica Lohmann, 1908
Laimodonta conica
Laimodonta conica Pease, 1863
Lamellaria conica
Lamellaria conica Smith 1902
Laminaria conica
Laminaria conica Bory de St. -Vincent
Lasiosphaeria conica
Lasiosphaeria conica Höhn.
Laurera megasperma conica
Laurera megasperma f. conica
Laurera megasperma f. conica Cew-G{?} 1958
Lecanora conica
Lecanora conica Lynge 1940
Lemonea conica
Leotia conica
Leotia conica Pers.
Lepocinclis ovum conica
Lepocinclis ovum conica Allorge & Lefèvre
Lepocinclis ovum var. conica
Lepocinclis ovum var. conica Allorge & Lefèvre
Lepocinclis wangi conica
Lepocinclis wangi var. conica Chu 1936
Leptomitella conica
Leptonia conica
Leptonia conica (Murrill) Sacc. & Trotter
Leptonia conica Velen. 1921
Leptoniella conica
Leptoniella conica Murrill
Leptophobia conica
Leptophobia conica Fruhstorfer 1907
Leptopsammia conica
Leptopsammia conica van der Horst 1922
Leptopsammia conica van der Horst 1922 (preoccupied)
Leucandra conica
Leucandra conica Lendenfeld 1885
Limnia conica
Limnia conica Steyskal
Limnia conica Steyskal, 1978
Limnophora conica
Limnophora conica Stein
Limnophora conica Stein, 1915
Limonia (Rhipidia) conica
Limonia (Rhipidia) conica Alexander, 1914
Limonia conica
Linguchuangia conica
Linguchuangia conica (Endo)
Linyphia conica
Linyphia conica Locket, 1968
Liodiplosis conica
Liodiplosis conica Gagne 2001
Liodiplosis conica Gagne, Oda & Monteiro, 2001
Lipmanella japonica conica
Lipmanella japonica conica Petrushevskaya 1979
Lithochela conica
Lithochela conica Burton 1929
Lithomitrissa conica
Lithomitrissa conica Vituchin 1993
Littoraria conica
Littoraria conica (Philippi 1846)
Littorina conica var. subintermedia Nevill 1885
Liuopsylla conica
Liuopsylla conica Zhang Jintong, Wu Houyoung et Liu Quan, 1985
Longchaeus conica
Lulworthia conica
Lulworthia conica T. W. Johnson 1958
Lychnis conica
Lychnocanoma conica
Lychnocanoma conica (Clark & Campbell 1942)
Lycogala conica
Lycogala conica Pers.
Macrophoma conica
Macrophoma conica Pass.
Macropterna convexa conica
Macropterna convexa var. conica Rey 1888
Macropternella bicolor conica
Macropternella bicolor conica (Rey 1888)
Macropternella conica
Macropternella conica (Rey 1888)
Madonia conica
Mammillaria conica
Mammillaria conica Haw.
Manningiella conica
Marchantia conica
Marchantia conica L.
Marseniopsis conica
Marseniopsis conica (Smith 1902)
Mastophora conica
Mastophora conica Levi, 2006
Matanzioides conica
Matanzioides conica Zheng 2001
Mazosia conica
Mazosia conica Sérus. 1997
Mazzalina conica
Medicago conica
Medicago conica Schkuhr
Megastomella kleinpelli conica
Megastomella kleinpelli var. conica
Melanesthes (Melanesthes) conica Kaszab Z 1965
Melanesthes conica
Melanomma conica
Melanomma conica Fuckel
Meliola conica
Meliola conica F. Stevens 1928
Mellicta conica
Mellicta conica Matsumura 1929
Menegazzia conica
Menegazzia conica P. James 1992
Meroscinis conica
Meroscinis conica Becker
Meroscinis conica Becker, 1911
Mesocyphona conica
Mesocyphona conica Savchenko
Mesocyphona conica Savchenko, 1972
Messinea conica
Messinea conica De Lotto, 1966
Metagonia conica
Metagonia conica (Simon, 1893)
Metaporana conica
Metaporana conica Verdc.
Microcampana conica
Microcampana conica Dendy, 1902
Microcampana conica Fewkes 1889
Microcoelia conica
Microcoelia conica (Schltr.) Summerh.
Microdrosophila (Oxystyloptera) conica
Microdrosophila conica
Microdrosophila conica Okada
Microdrosophila conica Okada, 1985
Micromerys conica
Micromerys conica Simon, 1893
Milesia conica
Milesia conica Fabricius
Milesia conica Fabricius, 1805
Monhystera conica
Monhystera conica Filipev 1922
Monhystera conica Filipjev, 1922
Morchella conica
Morchella conica Krombh.
Morchella conica Pers. 1818
Morchella conica acuminata
Morchella conica angusticeps
Morchella conica conica
Morchella conica cylindrica
Morchella conica deliciosa
Morchella conica deliciosa (Fr.) Cetto 1988
Morchella conica f. conica
Morchella conica f. cylindrica
Morchella conica f. cylindrica (Velen.) Svrcek 1977
Morchella conica nigripes
Morchella conica purpurascens
Morchella conica rigida
Morchella conica serotina
Morchella conica subsp. acuminata
Morchella conica subsp. acuminata J. Kickx f.
Morchella conica subsp. conica
Morchella conica var. angusticeps
Morchella conica var. angusticeps Peck
Morchella conica var. conica
Morchella conica var. deliciosa
Morchella conica var. deliciosa (Fr.) Cetto 1988
Morchella conica var. nigripes
Morchella conica var. nigripes M. M. Moser 1949
Morchella conica var. purpurascens
Morchella conica var. purpurascens Boud.
Morchella conica var. rigida
Morchella conica var. rigida Krombh.
Morchella conica var. serotina
Morchella conica var. serotina Peck
Morchella esculenta conica
Morchella esculenta conica (Pers.) anon.
Morchella esculenta var. conica
Morchella esculenta var. conica (Pers.) anon. ined.
Morchella esculenta var. conica (Pers.) anon. {?}
Musca conica
Musca conica Fallen, 1810
Musca conica Fallén, 1810
Musca conica Gmelin, 1790
Musca conica Panzer, 1798
Mycetophila conica
Mycetophila conica Tonnoir
Mycetophila conica Tonnoir & Edwards, 1927
Mycetophila conica Tonnoir, 1927
Mycteromyia conica
Mycteromyia conica Bigot, 1857
Mydaea conica
Mydaea conica Stein
Mydaea conica Stein, 1920
Myliusia conica
Myliusia conica Schmidt, 1880
Myophora conica
Myophora conica Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830
Mysmena conica
Mysmena conica Brignoli, 1970
Mysmena conica Simon, 1895
Mysmena conica Wunderlich, 1980
Nadezhdiella conica
Nadezhdiella conica Chiang, 1942
Naemospora conica
Naemospora conica Preuss
Nannopyrgula conica
Nannopyrgula conica Youlou 1978
Neoascia conica
Neoascia conica Curran
Neoascia conica Curran, 1925
Neohedinaspis conica
Neoprimitiella conica
Neotinea conica
Neotinea conica (Willd.) R.M.Bateman
Neotinea tridentata conica
Neotinea tridentata subsp. conica (Willd.) R.M.Bateman, Pridgeon & M.W.Chase
Neriene conica
Neriene conica (Locket, 1968)
Nezzazata convexa conica
Nezzazata convexa conica Ismail 1997
Nilsia conica
Nolanea conica
Nolanea conica Peck
Nuchata conica
Nuchata conica Boucek
Nuchata conica Boucek, 1988
Nyctemera conica
Nyctemera conica Kirby 1892
Oligoptyxis undulata conica
Ophionectria conica
Ophionectria conica Penz. & Sacc.
Ophionectria conica Penz. & Sacc. 1904
Opisthoscelis conica
Opisthoscelis conica Fuller, 1897
Orbitolina (Conicorbitolina) conica (d'Archiac 1837)
Orbitolina (Conicorbitolina) conica var. corbarica Bilotte 1985
Orbitolina conica
Orbitolina conica corbarica
Orchis conica
Orchis conica Willd.
Orchis lactea conica
Orchis lactea subsp. conica
Orchis lactea subsp. conica (Willd.) Kreutz
Orchis lactea var. conica
Orchis lactea var. conica (Willd.) H.Baumann & R.Lorenz
Orchis tridentata conica
Orchis tridentata subsp. conica
Orchis tridentata subsp. conica (Willd.) O.Bolòs & Vigo
Orcula conica
Orcula conica (Rossmassler 1837)
Orthoskrjabinia conica
Orthoskrjabinia conica (Fuhrmann 1908)
Oswaldia (Oswaldia) conica
Oswaldia (Oswaldia) conica Reinhard, 1934
Oswaldia conica
Oswaldia conica (Reinhard, 1934)
Oswaldia conica Reinhard, 1934
Oxyrhina conica
Oxyrhina conica Davis 1890
Pachychalina conica
Pachychalina conica Brøndsted, 1924
Pachycordyle conica
Pachycordyle conica Kramp, 1959
Palaeorhiza (Ceratorhiza) conica Michener 1965
Palaeorhiza (Ceratorhiza) conica rufa
Palaeorhiza (Palaeorhiza) conica Michener 1965
Palaeorhiza conica
Palaeorhiza conica Michener
Palaeorhiza conica Michener, 1965
Palaeorhiza conica rufa
Palpada conica
Palpada conica Fabricius, 1805
Paludinella conica
Pandea conica
Pandea conica (Quoy and Gaimard, 1827)
Pandea conica Quoy & Gaimard 1827
Panesthia conica
Panesthia conica Walker 1868
Pangonia conica
Pangonia conica Bigot
Pangonia conica Bigot 1857
Parabadiella conica
Paradidyma conica
Paradidyma conica (Townsend, 1891)
Paradidyma conica Townsend, 1891
Parapyrenis conica
Parapyrenis conica Aptroot 1991
Pedicularis conica
Pedicularis flava Pall. var. conica Bunge
Pedicularis flava conica
Pellinella conica
Pellinella conica Thiele, 1905
Pelodera conica
Peridinium divergens conica
Peridinium divergens conica Gran
Peridinium divergens var. conica
Peridinium divergens var. conica Gran
Permundaria conica
Pfenderina conica
Phasganophora conica
Phasganophora conica (Fabricius, 1798)
Philopota conica
Philopota conica Wiedemann
Philopota conica Wiedemann, 1830
Philopota conica nitida
Philopota conica var. nitida Westwood, 1848
Pholiota conica
Pholiota conica A. H. Sm. & Hesler 1968
Phrantela conica
Phrantela conica Ponder & Clark 1993
Phreatodrobia conica
Phreatodrobia conica Hershler and Longley, 1986
Phyllachora conica
Phyllachora conica (Chardón) Petr. 1931
Phylloporina conica
Phylloporina conica (R. Sant.) Szatala 1956
Phylosiphonia conica
Phylosiphonia conica Keller, 1889
Physa conica
Physa conica Clessin, 1886
Physalospora conica
Physalospora conica Ellis & Everh.
Picea abies Conica Sternb.
Picea abies conica
Picea glauca conica
Picea glauca f. conica
Picea glauca var. conica Rehder
Pila conica
Pilus conica
Pilus conica (Verrill 1884)
Pinus uliginosa Neuman ex Wimm. var. conica (Beck) Beck
Pinus uliginosa conica
Pinus uliginosa var. conica
Pinus uliginosa var. conica (Beck) Beck
Pinus ulignosa conica
Pinus ulignosa forma conica
Pinus ulignosa forma conica Beck
Pirenella conica
Pirenella conica (Blainville 1826)
Placentulina conica
Platysticta conica
Platysticta conica Martin 1909
Pleconax conica
Pleconax conica (L.) Sourikova
Pleconax conica (L.) Sourikova subsp. conica (Friv.) Á. Löve & Kjellq.
Pleconax conica (L.) Sourikova subsp. coniflora (Ness & Otth) Á. Löve & Kjellq.
Pleconax conica (L.) Sourikova subsp. conoidea (L.) Á. Löve & Kjellq.
Pleconax conica (L.) Sourikova var. subconica (Friv.) Á. Löve & Kjellq.
Pleconax conica (L.) Sourkova
Pleconax conica (L.) Á. Löve & Kjellq.
Pleconax conica conica
Pleconax conica coniflora
Pleconax conica conoidea
Pleconax conica subconica
Pleconax conica subsp. ammophila
Pleconax conica subsp. amphorina
Pleconax conica subsp. coniflora
Pleconax conica subsp. conoidea
Pleconax conica subsp. conomaritima
Pleconax conica subsp. lydia
Pleconax conica subsp. macrodonta
Pleconax conica var. carpathae
Pleconax conica var. sartorii
Pleconax conica var. subconica
Pnorisa conica
Pnorisa conica Uvarov 1953
Pnorisa conica Uvarov, B. P., 1953
Podospora conica
Podospora conica (Fuckel) A. E. Bell & Mahoney 1995
Porina conica
Porina conica R. Sant. 1952
Potamides conica
Pottia conica
Pottia conica (Schwaegr.) Fürnr. ex Par.
Pottia conica (Schwaegr.) Fürnr. ex Par.
Primula conica
Primula conica Balf. f. & Forrest
Primula muscarioides Hemsl. subsp. conica (Balf. f. & Forrest) W.W. Sm. & Forrest
Primula muscarioides conica
Proboscidactyla conica
Proboscidactyla conica Menon
Proboscidactyla conica Menon 1932
Prosena conica
Prosena conica Guerin-Meneville, 1831
Protea conica
Protolenella conica latilimbata
Protolenella conica var. latilimbata Zhu 1980
Protospongia conica
Protospongia conica (Rigby & Harris 1979)
Protospongia conica Rigby & Harris 1979
Psathyra conica
Psathyra conica Peck
Psathyra conica Peck 1900
Pseudamnicola (Limnidia) skhiadica conica
Pseudamnicola skhiadica conica
Pseudochalcis conica
Pseudochalcis conica Ashmead, 1904
Pseudofagotia conica
Pseudoglandulina conica
Pseudoglandulina conica Miklukho Maklay 1954
Pseudolangella conica
Pseudolangella conica (Miklukho Maklay 1954)
Pseudolituonella conica
Pseudopyrenula conica
Pseudopyrenula conica (Müll. Arg.) Müll. Arg. 1883
Pseudozygoneura conica
Pseudozygoneura conica Hippa
Pseudozygoneura conica Hippa, Vilkamaa & Heinakroon, 1998
Ptilocera conica
Ptilocera conica Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830
Ptiloporina conica
Ptiloporina conica (Hall & Simpson, 1887)
Puncturella conica
Pyrenula conica
Pyrenula conica Müll. Arg. 1880
Pyrgomorpha conica
Pyrgomorpha conica (Olivier, 1791)
Pyrgomorpha conica Johnston, H. B., 1956
Pyrgomorpha conica Kirby, 1910
Pyrgomorpha conica conica
Pyrgomorpha conica conica (Olivier, 1791)
Pyrgomorpha conica deserti
Pyrgomorpha conica deserti Bei-Bienko & Mishchenko 1951
Pyrgomorpha conica fusca
Pyrgomorpha conica fusca (Beauvois, 1870)
Pyrgomorpha conica grylloides
Pyrgomorpha conica grylloides (Latreille, 1804)
Pyrgomorpha conica kurii
Pyrgomorpha conica kurii Hsiung & D.K.M. Kevan 1975
Pyrgomorpha conica kurii Hsiung & Kevan, 1975
Pyrgomorpha conica linearis
Pyrgomorpha conica linearis (Charpentier, 1825)
Pyrgomorpha conica mideltica
Pyrgomorpha conica mideltica Werner, 1931
Pyrgomorpha conica pyrga
Pyrgomorpha conica pyrga Steinmann, 1967
Pyrgomorpha conica rhodoptila
Pyrgomorpha conica rhodoptila (Sherborn, 1930)
Pyrgomorpha conica rosea
Pyrgomorpha conica rosea (Charpentier, 1825)
Pyrgomorpha conica subsp. Kevan, 1963
Pyrgomorpha conica subsp. Kevan, 1971
Pyrgomorpha conica subsp. Kevan, 1972
Pyrgomorpha conica subsp. Kevan, 1974
Pyrgomorpha conica subsp. Kevan, 1977
Pyrgomorpha conica subsp. conica
Pyrgomorpha conica subsp. conica (Olivier 1791)
Pyrgomorpha conica subsp. deserti
Pyrgomorpha conica subsp. deserti Bei-Bienko & L.L. Mishchenko 1951
Pyrgomorpha conica subsp. fusca
Pyrgomorpha conica subsp. fusca (Beauvois 1870)
Pyrgomorpha conica subsp. kurii
Pyrgomorpha conica subsp. kurii Hsiung & D.K.M. Kevan 1975
Pyrgomorpha conica subsp. pyrga
Pyrgomorpha conica subsp. pyrga Steinmann 1967
Pyrgomorpha conica subsp. tereticornis
Pyrgomorpha conica subsp. tereticornis (Brullé 1840)
Pyrgomorpha conica tereticornis
Pyrgomorpha conica tereticornis (Brullé, 1840)
Pyrgulopsis conica
Pyrgulopsis conica Hershler, 1988
Pyrois conica
Pyrois conica Esper 1791
Quarticella conica
Rabenhorstia conica
Rabenhorstia conica (Preuss) Sacc.
Radiella conica
Radiella conica (Hansen, 1885)
Raimondia conica
Raimondia conica (Ruiz & Pav. ex G. Don) Westra
Raimondia conica (Ruiz & Pav.)
Rhabditis (Pelodera) conica Reiter 1928
Rhabditis conica
Rhabdonella conica
Rhaphidophora conica
Rhaphidophora conica Engl.
Rhipidia conica
Rhipidia conica Alexander, 1914
Rhipidia conica conica
Rhipidia conica conica Alexander, 1914
Rhipidia conica turrifera
Rhipidia conica turrifera (Alexander, 1931)
Rhodesiella conica
Rhodesiella conica Becker, 1911
Rhodocybe conica
Rhodocybe conica Singer 1989
Rhopalomyia (Diarthronomyia) conica
Rhopalomyia (Diarthronomyia) conica Gagne 1985
Rhopalomyia conica
Rhopalomyia conica Gagne
Rhopalomyia conica Gagne, 1983
Rhynchospora conica
Rhynchospora conica Desv. ex Ham.
Rhyncophoromyia conica
Rhyncophoromyia conica (Malloch, 1912)
Rhyncophoromyia conica Malloch, 1912
Ripacubana conica
Rosa conica
Rosa conica Chabert ex Cariot
Rosa conica acutifolia
Rosa conica var. acutifolia
Rosa conica var. acutifolia Boullu
Rosa schleicheri conica
Rosa schleicheri var. conica
Rosa schleicheri var. conica (Chabert ex Cariot) Rouy
Rosa sempervirens conica
Rosa sempervirens f. conica R.Keller
Rosa sempervirens forma conica
Rosa sempervirens forma conica R.Keller
Rosa x conica
Rosa x conica Chabert
Rosa x conica acutifolia
Rosa x conica var. acutifolia Boullu
Rosa x schleicheri conica
Rosa x schleicheri var. conica (Chabert ex Cariot) Rouy
Rufodardanula conica
Rugospongia conica
Rugospongia conica Li in Ding et al 1996
Rylstonia conica
Sabia conica
Sabia conica (Schumacher, 1817)
Saemundssonia (Saemundssonia) conica (Denny 1842)
Saemundssonia (Saemundssonia) conica conica (Denny 1842)
Saemundssonia (Saemundssonia) conica naumanni (Giebel 1874)
Saemundssonia conica
Saemundssonia conica conica
Saemundssonia conica naumanni
Sahulia conica
Sahulia conica (d'Orbigny 1839)
Sahulina conica
Sahulina conica (d´Orbigny, 1839)
Salaciola conica
Salganea conica
Salganea conica (Walker 1868)
Samoana conica
Sandvikina conica
Sarsia conica
Sarsia conica (Haeckel, 1880)
Sarsia conica Haeckel 1880
Saussurea conica
Saussurea conica C.B. Clarke
Saussurea uniflora Wall. var. conica (C.B. Clarke) Hook. f.
Saussurea uniflora conica
Scaligeria conica
Scaligeria conica (Korov) Korovin
Schefflera conica
Schefflera conica (Pav.) Harms
Schefflera conica (Ruiz & Pav.) Harms
Scheielloides conica
Schlotheimia conica
Schlotheimia conica Renauld & Cardot in Renauld, 1891
Sciara conica
Sciara conica Grzegorzek, 1884
Scourfieldia conica
Scutella conica
Senotainia conica
Senotainia conica (Fallen 1810)
Senotainia conica (Fallén, 1810 )
Senotainia conica Fallen, 1810
Senowbaridaryana conica
Senowbaridaryana conica (Senowbari Daryan & Schafer 1986)
Serpula conica
Serpula conica Hagenow 1840
Serratula conica
Sertularella conica
Sertularella conica Allman, 1877
Shifangia conica
Shifangia conica Qian & Yao 1980
Shorea conica
Shorea conica van Slooten
Silene conica
Silene conica L.
Silene conica L. subsp. conica
Silene conica L. subsp. sartorii (Boiss. & Heldr.) Chater &
Silene conica L. subsp. subconica (Friv.) Garioli
Silene conica L. subsp. subconica (Friv.) Gavioli
Silene conica conica
Silene conica sartorii
Silene conica subconica
Singa conica
Singa conica C. L. Koch, 1837
Singa conica C. L. Koch, 1844
Sinoditrupa conica
Siparuna conica
Siparuna conica S. S. Renner & Hausner, 1996
Siparuna conica S.S. Renner & Hausner
Siphotextularia conica
Siphotextularia conica (d´Orbigny, 1839)
Skenella conica
Solenangis conica
Solenangis conica (Schltr.) L. Jonsson
Solenangis conica (Schltr.) L.Jonss.
Solenoparia conica
Sphaeria conica
Sphaeria conica Alb. & Schwein.
Sphaeria conica Tode
Sphaeria conica Tode 1790
Sphaeropsis conica
Sphaeropsis conica Lév.
Spilochlamys conica
Spilochlamys conica F. G. Thompson, 1968
Spilonota conica
Spilonota conica Meyrick 1911
Spongocapsula conica
Stenosida conica
Stenosida conica Kaszab Z 1981
Stratiomys conica
Stratiomys conica Fabricius
Stratiomys conica Fabricius, 1805
Stratiomys conica Panzer, 1793
Strombomonas conica
Strombomonas conica V. Conforti & G. -J. Joo
Stylionowakia conica
Stylohalina conica
Stylohalina conica Kirk, 1910
Suberites conica
Suberites conica Hansen, 1885
Suctobelbella conica
Suctobelbella conica Zhao & Wen, 1993
Symphysurina conica
Symphysurina? conica Rosova 1985
Sympiesis conica
Sympiesis conica (Provancher, 1887)
Tachina conica
Tachina conica Fallen 1810
Tachygonetria conica
Tachygonetria conica (Drasche 1884)
Tachygonetria conica conica
Tachygonetria conica conica (Drasche 1884)
Tachygonetria conica nicollei
Tachygonetria conica nicollei (Seurat 1918)
Tamdaspis conica
Tamdaspis conica Zhang 1981
Tedania conica
Tedania conica Baer, 1906
Tedania digitata conica
Tedania digitata var. conica Baer, 1906
Telamonia conica
Telamonia conica Velen. 1921
Tephritis conica
Tephritis conica Fabricius, 1805
Tetragnatha conica
Tetragnatha conica Grube, 1861
Tetragnatha conica Keyserling, 1887
Tetragnatha conica L. Koch, 1872
Tetraponera conica
Tetraponera conica Ward
Tetrataxis conica
Tetrataxis conica Ehrenberg 1854
Tettigonia conica
Tettigonia conica (Lichtenstein, 1796)
Textularia conica
Textularia conica (d´Orbigny, 1839)
Textularia conica corrugata
Textularia conica d'Orbigny 1839
Textularia conica var. corrugata Heron Allen & Earland 1915
Thagria conica
Thalmanninella ticinensis conica
Thalotia conica
Thanaria conica
Theonella conica
Theonella conica (Kieschnick, 1896)
Thereva conica
Thereva conica Krober
Thereva conica Krober, 1913
Tintintheca conica
Tipula conica
Tipula conica Geoffroy, 1785
Tipula conica Schrank, 1803
Toluca conica
Toluca conica TAYLOR 1942
Toluca conica Taylor and Smith, 1942
Torinia conica
Torinia conica Pease 1865
Trabutia conica
Trabutia conica Chardón 1921
Trachelomonas australis conica
Trachelomonas australis conica Playfair
Trachelomonas australis conica Playfair 1915
Trachelomonas australis var. conica
Trachelomonas australis var. conica Playfair
Trachelomonas conica
Trachelomonas conica Playfair
Trachelomonas conica australica
Trachelomonas conica australica Conrad 1952
Trachelomonas conica australica Playfair
Trachelomonas conica caudata
Trachelomonas conica caudata Playfair
Trachelomonas conica caudata Playfair 1915
Trachelomonas conica f. granulata Playfair
Trachelomonas conica f. punctata Deflandre
Trachelomonas conica forma granulata
Trachelomonas conica forma granulata Playfair
Trachelomonas conica forma punctata
Trachelomonas conica forma punctata Deflandre
Trachelomonas conica granulata
Trachelomonas conica granulata Playfair
Trachelomonas conica granulata Playfair 1915
Trachelomonas conica oblonga
Trachelomonas conica oblonga Playfair
Trachelomonas conica ovata
Trachelomonas conica ovata Playfair
Trachelomonas conica ovata Playfair 1915
Trachelomonas conica punctata
Trachelomonas conica punctata Deflandre
Trachelomonas conica richmondiae
Trachelomonas conica richmondiae Playfair
Trachelomonas conica richmondiae Playfair 1915
Trachelomonas conica subglobosa
Trachelomonas conica subglobosa Playfair
Trachelomonas conica var. caudata
Trachelomonas conica var. caudata Playfair
Trachelomonas conica var. granulata
Trachelomonas conica var. granulata Playfair
Trachelomonas conica var. ovata
Trachelomonas conica var. ovata Playfair
Trachelomonas conica var. richmondiae
Trachelomonas conica var. richmondiae Playfair
Trefusia conica
Trefusia conica Gerlach, 1957
Tremella conica
Tremella conica R. Hedw.
Trichoplasta conica
Trichotropis conica
Trichotropis conica Moller, 1842
Trimusculus conica
Trimusculus conica Angas, 1867
Tristria conica
Tristria conica Uvarov 1953
Tristria conica Uvarov, B. P., 1953
Tritaxis conica
Tritaxis conica (Parker & Jones, 1865)
Trochus (Margarita) marginulata var. conica Seguenza 1876
Trochus marginulata conica
Trullula conica
Trullula conica (Preuss) Sacc. 1884
Tubulina fragiformis conica
Tubulina fragiformis var. (g.) conica Pers.
Tubulina fragiformis var. conica Pers., 1799
Turbicellepora conica
Turbicellepora conica (Busk, 1884)
Turbinaria conica
Turbinaria conica Klunzinger, 1879
Turritellella conica
Uniclypea conica
Uniclypea conica Boucek
Uniclypea conica Boucek, 1976
Valvulina conica
Valvulina conica Parker & Jones, 1865
Valvulineria tumeyensis conica
Valvulineria tumeyensis conica var.
Vauclusia conica
Velutina conica
Velutina conica Dall, 1887
Verpa conica
Verpa conica (O. F. Müll.) Sw. 1815
Verpa conica conica
Verpa conica conica (O. F. Müll.) Sw. 1815
Verpa conica f. conica
Verpa conica f. macrospora
Verpa conica f. macrospora Häffner 1991
Verpa conica macrospora
Verpa conica relhanii
Verpa conica relhanii (Sowerby) Fr. 1822
Verpa conica var. conica
Verpa conica var. conica (O.F. Müll.) Sw. 1815
Verpa conica var. conica 1815
Verpa conica var. relhanii
Verpa conica var. relhanii (Sowerby) Fr. 1822
Verpa digitaliformis conica
Verpa digitaliformis var. conica
Verpa digitaliformis var. conica S. Imai 1954
Verrucaria conica
Verrucaria conica (Müll. Arg.) Stizenb. 1891
Vespa conica
Vespa conica Fabricius, 1775
Viriatellina conica
Vitreolina conica
Vitreoscilla conica
Vitreoscilla conica Pringsheim 1951
Vorticella conica
Waitzia conica
Waitzia conica B.L. Turner
Winterbergia (Eowinterbergia) conica
Winterbergia (Eowinterbergia) conica conica
Winterbergia (Eowinterbergia) conica exilis
Winterbergia conica
Winterbergia conica conica
Winterbergia conica exilis
Witheringia conica
Witheringia conica Steud.
Xanthopimpla conica
Xanthopimpla conica Cushman
Xenomyza conica
Xenomyza conica Shi Yongshan
Xenomyza conica Shi, 1995
Xeraea conica
Xestospiza conica
Yeharaia conica
Yumbera conica
Yumbera conica Bickel
Yumbera conica Bickel, 1992
Zaninettia conica
Zdicella conica
Zdicella conica Zhang 1983
Zealanapis conica
Zealanapis conica (Forster, 1951)
Zignoëlla conica
Zignoëlla conica (Fuckel) Sacc.
Zilla conica
Zilla conica Song, Zhu & Chen, 1999
Zilla conica Yin, Wang & Zhang, 1987
Zoophthora conica
Zoophthora conica (Nowak.) A. Batko 1964

15 Other Matches
Angustata conicaOperational Taxonomic Unit
Brachymeria (Brachymeria) conica
Brachymeria (Brachymeria) conica (Ashmead, 1904)
Brachymeria (Pseudobrachymeria) conica
Conocybe huijsmanii var. conica
Hafniomonas conica
Hafniomonas reticulata var. conica
Hafniomonas reticulata var. conica (Ettl) Ettl & Moestrup
Musca conica Panzer
Neotinea tridentata subsp. conica
Podospora conica (Fuckel) A.E. Bell & Mahoney
Pyramimonas reticulata var. conica
Pyramimonas reticulata var. conica Ettl
Stratiomys conica Panzer
Wolbachia endosymbiont of Diapria conica

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