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113 Scientific Matches
Ardea alba egretta
Ardea alba egretta Gmelin, 1789
Ardeadoris egretta
Ardeipeda egretta
Ardeipeda egretta Panin & Avram 1962
Bellator egretta
Bellator egretta (Goode and Bean, 1896)
Casmerodius albus egretta
Casmerodius albus egretta (Gmelin, 1789)
Casmerodius albus subsp. egretta
Egretta Brisson 1760
Egretta Forster
Egretta Forster, 1817
Egretta Forster, T 1817
Egretta T. Forster 1817
Egretta alba
Egretta alba (Linnaeus, 1758)
Egretta alba Linnaeus
Egretta alba Linnaeus 1758
Egretta alba alba
Egretta alba egretta
Egretta alba melanorhynchos
Egretta alba modesta
Egretta ardesiaca
Egretta ardesiaca (Wagler) 1827
Egretta ardesiaca (Wagler, 1827)
Egretta caerulea
Egretta caerulea (Linnaeus) 1758
Egretta caerulea (Linnaeus, 1758)
Egretta caerules
Egretta dimorpha
Egretta dimorpha Hartert 1914
Egretta egretta
Egretta eulophotes
Egretta eulophotes (Swinhoe) 1860
Egretta eulophotes (Swinhoe, 1860)
Egretta garzetta
Egretta garzetta (Linnaeus) 1766
Egretta garzetta (Linnaeus, 1766)
Egretta garzetta garzetta
Egretta garzetta garzetta (Linnaeus, 1766)
Egretta garzetta gularis
Egretta garzetta nigripes
Egretta garzetta schistacea
Egretta garzetta subsp. garzetta
Egretta garzetta subsp. garzetta (Linnaeus, 1766)
Egretta gularis
Egretta gularis (Bosc) 1792
Egretta gularis (Bosc, 1792)
Egretta gularis Hemprich & Ehrenberg 1833
Egretta gularis gularis
Egretta gularis schistacea
Egretta ibis
Egretta ibis ibis
Egretta intermedia
Egretta intermedia (Wagler, 1829)
Egretta intermedia brachyrhyncha
Egretta intermedia brachyrhyncha (Brehm 1854)
Egretta intermedia intermedia
Egretta intermedia intermedia (Wagler 1829)
Egretta intermedia plumifera
Egretta novaehollandiae
Egretta novaehollandiae (Latham) 1790
Egretta novaehollandiae (Latham, 1790)
Egretta novaehollandiae novaehollandiae
Egretta picata
Egretta rufescens
Egretta rufescens (Gmelin) 1789
Egretta rufescens (Gmelin, 1789)
Egretta rufescens (J. F. Gmelin, 1789)
Egretta rufescens dickeyi
Egretta rufescens dickeyi (Van Rossem, 1926)
Egretta rufescens rufescens
Egretta rufescens rufescens (Gmelin, 1789)
Egretta sacra
Egretta sacra (Gmelin) 1789
Egretta sacra (J. F. Gmelin, 1789)
Egretta sacra albolineata
Egretta sacra sacra
Egretta sacra sacra (Gmelin 1789)
Egretta subfluvia
Egretta thula
Egretta thula (Molina) 1782
Egretta thula (Molina, 1782)
Egretta thula arileuca
Egretta thula arileuca Oberholser 1974
Egretta thula brewsteri
Egretta thula subsp. brewsteri
Egretta thula subsp. thula
Egretta thula subsp. thula (Molina, 1782)
Egretta thula thula
Egretta thula thula (Molina, 1782)
Egretta tricolor
Egretta tricolor (Muller, 1776)
Egretta tricolor (Statius Muller) 1776
Egretta tricolor occidentalis
Egretta tricolor occidentalis (Huey, 1927)
Egretta tricolor ruficollis
Egretta tricolor ruficollis Gosse, 1847
Egretta tricolor tricolor
Egretta tricolor tricolor (Statius Muller, 1776)
Egretta vinaceigula
Egretta vinaceigula (Sharpe) 1895
Egretta vinaceigula (Sharpe, 1895)
Egretta yarzetta
Mopalia egretta
Mopalia egretta S. S. Berry, 1919
Prionotus egretta
Prionotus egretta Goode & Bean, 1896
Puellina egretta
Strigea egretta Yang Fu hsi 1962
Strigea egretta hsi

1 Other Matches
Egretta albus

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