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110 Scientific Matches
Cepora eirene
Cepora eirene Doherty 1891
Eirene Eschscholtz, 1829
Eirene S. G. Gorelova, 1973
Eirene alabiatum
Eirene alabiatum Zamponi, Suarez-Moreales & Gasca, 1999
Eirene alabiatum Zamponi, Suárez-Moreales & Gasca, 1999
Eirene brevigona
Eirene brevigona Kramp, 1959
Eirene brevistylis
Eirene brevistylis Huang & Xu
Eirene brevistylis Huang & Xu 1994
Eirene brevistylus
Eirene ceylonensis
Eirene ceylonensis Browne, 1905
Eirene chiaochowensis
Eirene chiaochowensis (Kao et al., 1958)
Eirene chiaochowensis (Kaoetal.,1958)
Eirene chiaochowensis Kao et al
Eirene chiaochowensis Kao et al 1958
Eirene danduensis
Eirene danduensis Bigelow, 1904
Eirene digitale
Eirene digitale (O. F. Mueller, 1776)
Eirene digitale (O. F. Müller, 1776)
Eirene digitale (O. F. Müller, 1776)
Eirene elliceana
Eirene elliceana (Agassiz and Mayer, 1902)
Eirene elliceana Agassiz & Mayer 1902
Eirene gibbosa
Eirene gibbosa (McCrady, 1857)
Eirene gibbosa (Mccrady, 1859)
Eirene gibbosa McCrady 1859
Eirene hexanemalis
Eirene hexanemalis (Goette, 1886)
Eirene hexanemalis Goette 1886
Eirene indicans
Eirene kambara
Eirene kambara Agassiz and Mayer, 1899
Eirene labiatum
Eirene labiatum Zamponi, Suarez-Moreales & Gasca, 1999
Eirene labiatum Zamponi, Suárez-Moreales & Gasca, 1999
Eirene lactea
Eirene lactea (Mayer, 1900)
Eirene lactea Mayer 1900
Eirene lacteoides
Eirene lacteoides Kubota & Horita
Eirene lacteoides Kubota & Horita 1992
Eirene malayensis
Eirene malayensis Stiasny, 1928
Eirene medusifera
Eirene medusifera Bigelow, 1909
Eirene menoi
Eirene menoi Kramp, 1953
Eirene menoni
Eirene menoni Kramp 1936
Eirene menoni Kramp, 1953
Eirene mollis
Eirene mollis (Torrey, 1909)
Eirene mollis Torrey, 1909
Eirene palkensis
Eirene palkensis Browne, 1905
Eirene parvitentaculata
Eirene parvitentaculata Bouillon
Eirene parvitentaculata Bouillon 1984
Eirene proboscidea
Eirene proboscidea Bouillon & Barnett, 1999
Eirene pyramidalis
Eirene pyramidalis (Agassiz, 1862)
Eirene pyramidalis (L. Agassiz, 1862)
Eirene pyramidalis Agassiz 1862
Eirene quadrigatum
Eirene quadrigatum Haeckel, 1879
Eirene tenuis
Eirene tenuis (Browne, 1905)
Eirene tenuis Browne 1905
Eirene teuscheri
Eirene teuscheri (Haeckel, 1879)
Eirene troglodyta
Eirene troglodyta Watson
Eirene troglodyta Watson 1998
Eirene viridula
Eirene viridula (Peron and Lesueur, 1809)
Eirene viridula (Péron and Lesueur, 1809)
Eirene viridula (Péron & Lesueur, 1809)
Eirene viridula Péron & Lesueur 1809
Hekate eirene
Odontocera eirene
Odontocera eirene Gemminger & Harold, 1872
Odontocera eirene Lacordaire, 1869
Odontocera eirene NEWMAN Edward, 1841
Odontocera eirene Newman, 1841
Odontocera eirene White, 1855
Ommata eirene
Ommata eirene (Newman, 1841)
Ommata eirene (ZIKÁN J. F., ZIKÁN Walter, 1944)
Ommata eirene Aurivillius, 1912
Ommata eirene BATES Henry Walter, 1873
Ommata eirene BLACKWELDER Richard Eliott, 1946
Ommata eirene Bates, 1873
Ommata eirene Blackwelder, 1946
Ommata eirene Monné & Giesbert, 1994
Ommata eirene Monné, 1993
Ommata eirene Newman, 1841
Ommata eirene Zajciw, 1958
Ommata eirene Zajciw, 1970
Ommata eirene Zikán & Zikán, 1944
Teasienna eirene
Teasienna eirene Heydon, 2004

1 Other Matches
Eirene sp. EML1

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