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928 Scientific Matches
Acampe excavata
Acampe excavata Lindl.
Acanalonia excavata
Acanalonia excavata Van Duzee, 1933
Acanthocampa excavata
Acanthocampa excavata Dyar 1905
Acaulospora excavata
Acaulospora excavata Ingleby & C. Walker 1994
Acesta (Acesta) excavata
Acesta excavata
Acesta excavata (Fabricius J.C., 1779)
Acesta excavata (Fabricius, 1779)
Acronia excavata
Acronia excavata (Schltr.) Luer
Aechmea excavata
Aechmea excavata Baker
Aechmea polystachia (Vell.) Mez var. excavata (Baker) Mez
Aechmea polystachia excavata
Aechmea polystachia var. excavata (Baker) Mez
Aethianoplis excavata
Aethianoplis excavata (Roman)
Afretha excavata
Afretha excavata Seyrig
Alexandrium excavata
Alexandrium excavata (Braarud)
Alexandrium tamarense excavata
Alexandrium tamarense form. excavata (Braarud)
Alloactis excavata
Alloactis excavata Hertwig, 1882
Aloe excavata
Aloe excavata Willd.
Alsophila excavata
Amblesthidus excavata
Amblesthidus excavata Breuning, 1942
Amblymora excavata
Amblymora excavata Breuning, 1939
Ampelisca excavata
Ancilla (Baryspira) excavata
Ancilla excavata
Ancistria (Ancistria) excavata Grouvelle 1913
Ancistria excavata
Anilara excavata
Anilara excavata (Fauvel 1891)
Anisodera excavata
Anisodera excavata Baly, 1858
Annectobracon excavata
Anopleta excavata
Anopleta excavata Erichson, 1849
Anoplodera excavata
Anoplodera excavata Gressitt, 1951
Anoploderomorpha excavata
Anoploderomorpha excavata (Bates)
Anoploderomorpha excavata (Bates, 1884)
Anoploderomorpha excavata Chiang & Chen, 2001
Anoploderomorpha excavata Gressitt, 1939
Anthaxia excavata
Anthaxia excavata Fauvel 1891
Anthopleura excavata
Anthopleura excavata (Boveri, 1893)
Anthosactis excavata
Anthosactis excavata (Hertwig, 1882)
Anthosactis excavata Hertwig 1882
Apanthura excavata
Apanthura excavata Mezhov, 1976
Aphaereta excavata McComb
Apochima excavata
Apochima excavata (Dyar 1905)
Apomecyna excavata
Apomecyna excavata Breuning, 1938
Apophylia excavata
Apophylia excavata Bryant, 1954
Arcella excavata
Archisepsis excavata
Archisepsis excavata (Duda 1926)
Artanthe excavata
Artanthe excavata (Ruiz & Pav.) Miq.
Asclera excavata
Asclera excavata LeConte, 1852
Ascogaster excavata
Ascogaster excavata Telenga 1941
Aspicilia excavata
Aspicilia excavata G. Thor & Timdal
Aspicilia excavata G. Thor & Timdal 1986
Aspicilia excavata Thor & Timdal
Auletta excavata
Auletta excavata O. P.-Cambridge, 1882
Ballistura excavata
Ballistura excavata (Folsom 1937
Banasa excavata
Banasa excavata Thomas 1988
Basella excavata
Basella excavata Scott-Elliot
Basella excavata Scott-Elliot fo. pubescens H. Perrier
Basella excavata pubescens
Bathycolpodes excavata
Bathycolpodes excavata Warren 1898
Batrachorhina excavata
Batrachorhina excavata Breuning, 1942
Bentharca excavata
Besseria excavata
Besseria excavata Herting, 1979
Bezzia excavata
Bezzia excavata Tokunaga, 1966
Bothroponera excavata
Bothroponera excavata Emery 1893
Bothroponera excavata acuticostata
Bothroponera excavata acuticostata (Forel 1900)
Bournonia excavata
Bournonia excavata (d'Orbigny 1847)
Briareum excavata
Briareum excavata (Nutting, 1911)
Buathra excavata
Buathra excavata (Cameron)
Cadlina excavata
Cadlina excavata (Pruvot-Fol, 1951)
Cairnsimyia excavata
Cairnsimyia excavata McAlpine
Cairnsimyia excavata McAlpine, 1968
Callista excavata
Callista excavata (Blume) Kuntze
Callista excavata (Miq.) Kuntze
Calvarula excavata
Calvarula excavata Zeller 1939
Camisia excavata
Camisia excavata Willmann 1919
Campoletis excavata
Campoletis excavata (Smits van Burgst)
Camptochaete excavata
Camptochaete excavata (Taylor) Jaeger, 1877
Camptochaete excavata Jaeger, 1877
Campylaspis excavata
Campylaspis excavata Ledoyer 1993
Cantharis excavata
Cantharis excavata Leclerc, 1851
Capnia excavata
Capnia excavata Claassen
Capnia excavata Claassen, 1924
Cassida excavata
Catabomba excavata
Catabomba excavata Matsumura
Catabomba excavata Matsumura, 1918
Cecidomyia excavata
Cecidomyia excavata Felt, 1907
Celaenia excavata
Celaenia excavata (L. Koch, 1867)
Celaenia excavata Butler, 1933
Celaenia excavata Dunn & Dunn, 1946
Celaenia excavata Hickman, 1967
Celaenia excavata L. Koch, 1872
Celaenia excavata Levi, 1996
Celaenia excavata Simon, 1895
Cephaloglypta excavata
Cephaloglypta excavata Obrtel 1956
Ceratina excavata Cockerell, 1937
Ceratopsyche excavata
Ceratopsyche excavata Gui & Yang, 1999
Cerceris excavata
Cerceris excavata Cameron
Cerceris excavata Cameron 1902
Cetonia excavata
Cetonia excavata FALDERMANN, 1835
Chaetocnema (Tlanoma) excavata
Chaetocnema excavata
Chalicorophasis excavata
Cheiridopsis excavata
Cheiridopsis excavata L. Bolus
Chimarra excavata
Chimarra excavata Kimmins, 1957
Chionea excavata
Chionea excavata Byers
Chionea excavata Byers, 1983
Chiridotea excavata
Chiridotea excavata Harper, 1974
Chlamydopsis excavata
Chlamydopsis excavata Lea 1910
Chorisquilla excavata
Chorisquilla excavata (Miers 1880)
Chrysallida (Ividella) excavata (Philippi 1836)
Chrysallida (Ividella) excavata harveyi
Chrysallida (Ividella) excavata harveyi (Thompson 1840)
Chrysallida excavata
Chrysallida excavata (Philippi, 1836)
Chrysallida excavata harveyi
Chrysis excavata Brullé
Chrysis ignita excavata
Chrysis ignita excavata Haupt 1956
Chrysogorgia excavata
Chrysogorgia excavata Kukenthal, 1908
Chrysogorgia excavata Kükenthal, 1908
Cirrhochrista excavata
Cirrhochrista excavata Gaede 1916
Clausena excavata
Clausena excavata Burm.
Clausena excavata Burm. f. var. excavata
Clausena excavata Burm. f. var. lunulata Tanaka
Clausena excavata Burm. f. var. quadrangulata Z.J. Yu & C.Y. Wong
Clausena excavata Burm. f. var. villosa Hook. f.
Clausena excavata Burm.f.
Clausena excavata H. Lév.
Clausena excavata excavata
Clausena excavata lunulata
Clausena excavata quadrangulata
Clausena excavata tomentosa
Clausena excavata tomentosa (Nutt. ex Torr. & A. Gray)
Clausena excavata villosa
Clausena excavata villosa Nutt. ex Torr. & A. Gray, 1936
Clematostigma excavata
Clematostigma excavata Li 2002
Cleonis excavata
Cleonis excavata Zubkov, 1833
Clitiga excavata
Clitiga excavata Cameron
Clubiona excavata
Clubiona excavata (Rainbow, 1920)
Cnemomis excavata
Coelorrhina excavata
Coelorrhina excavata HAROLD, 1879
Copris excavata
Copris excavata KLUG, 1855
Corallopsis excavata
Corallopsis excavata Setchell & Gardner
Cordylomyia excavata
Cordylomyia excavata Yukawa, 1967
Corticarina excavata
Corticarina excavata Johnson 1977
Corythalia excavata
Corythalia excavata (F. O. P.-Cambridge, 1901)
Cossonus excavata
Cossonus excavata Dejean, 1835
Crepidula excavata
Crepidula excavata Broderip, 1834
Criorhina excavata
Criorhina excavata Curran
Criorhina excavata Curran, 1929
Cryptantha excavata
Cryptantha excavata Brandeg.
Cryptantha excavata Brandegee
Cryptanthe excavata
Cryptoxylomyia excavata
Cryptoxylomyia excavata (Mamaev 1964)
Cryptoxylomyia excavata Mamaev, 1964
Culicia excavata
Culicia excavata (Milne Edwards & Haime, 1849)
Culicia excavata (Milne-Edwards and Haime, 1849)
Culicia excavata Milne Edwards & Haime, 1849
Cupila excavata
Cupila excavata Park and Wagner, 1962
Curreya excavata
Curreya excavata (Cooke & Ellis) Sacc.
Curreya excavata (Cooke & Ellis) Sacc. 1883
Cyathea excavata
Cyathea excavata Holttum
Cyrtacanthacris excavata
Cyrtacanthacris excavata (Stal 1860)
Cyrtogaster excavata
Cyrtogaster excavata L. Koch, 1867
Cytherelloidea excavata
Delomerista excavata
Delomerista excavata Ulbricht
Dethieridris excavata
Dethieridris excavata (Shelford 1906)
Dichomeris excavata
Dichomeris excavata Busck 1914
Dictyodothis excavata
Dictyodothis excavata (Cooke & Ellis) Theiss. & Syd.
Diloma excavata
Diphytaxis excavata
Diphytaxis excavata Horn 1890
Diploneis crabro excavata
Diploneis crabro excavata Hustedt
Diploneis crabro var. excavata
Diploneis crabro var. excavata Hustedt
Diplotaxis excavata
Diplotaxis excavata LeConte, 1856
Dothidea excavata
Dothidea excavata Cooke & Ellis
Dothidea excavata Cooke & Ellis 1877
Dothiorella excavata
Dothiorella excavata (Preuss) Sacc.
Drosophila (Scaptodrosophila) excavata
Drosophila excavata
Drosophila excavata Okada
Drosophila excavata Okada, 1988
Drynaria excavata
Dysidea dubia excavata
Dysidea dubia excavata (Hyatt, 1877)
Dysidea dubia subsp. excavata
Dysidea dubia subsp. excavata (Hyatt, 1877)
Echeta excavata
Echeta excavata Schaus 1910
Elodiamea excavata
Elphidium excavatum excavata
Elphidium excavatum form. excavata (Terquem 1876)
Eria excavata
Eria excavata Lindl.
Erica excavata
Erica excavata L. Bolus
Erigone excavata
Erigone excavata Kulczynski, 1882
Eriopyga excavata
Eriopyga excavata Hampson 1905
Escharoides excavata
Escharoides excavata (Macgillivray, 1860)
Euglena excavata
Euglena excavata Schiller
Euglena excavata Schiller 1951
Eulophia excavata
Eulophia excavata Butzin
Eurema excavata
Eurema excavata Moore 1882
Eusandalum excavata (Hedqvist)
Euspongia excavata
Euspongia excavata Lendenfeld, 1889
Evania excavata
Evania excavata Szépligeti, 1908
Evania excavata Szépligeti
Evania excavata Szépligeti, 1908
Excavata Hust.
Excavata Wagner 1907
Exoneura excavata Cockerell
Exoneura excavata Cockerell, 1922
Falcigammaropsis excavata
Fenella excavata
Ficus excavata
Folinella excavata
Folinella excavata (Phillippi, 1836)
Fossacypraea excavata
Fossacypraea excavata (Schilder 1932)
Gasteria excavata
Gasteria excavata (Willd.) Haw.
Glauconiella excavata
Glauconiella excavata (d'Orbigny 1847)
Glyptothea excavata
Glyptothea excavata JANSON, 1912
Gongyaulax tamarensis excavata
Gongyaulax tamarensis var. excavata Braarud 1945
Goniocamax lundgreni excavata
Goniocamax lundgreni excavata (Sinzow 1915)
Gonionota excavata
Gonionota excavata Clarke 1964
Goniophila excavata
Goniophila excavata Swinhoe 1905
Gonipterus excavata
Gonipterus excavata Boisduval, J.B.A., 1835
Gonyaulax excavata
Gonyaulax excavata (Braarud)
Gonyaulax excavata (Braarud) Balech
Gonyaulax excavata Braarud
Gonyaulax tamarensis excavata
Gonyaulax tamarensis excavata T. Braarud
Gonyaulax tamarensis var. excavata
Gonyaulax tamarensis var. excavata Braarud
Gonyaulax tamarensis var. excavata T. Braarud
Gyractis excavata
Gyractis excavata Boveri
Gyractis excavata Boveri, 1893
Haliotis excavata
Haplophragmoides excavata
Haplophragmoides excavata Cushamn & Waters 1927
Harpinia excavata
Harpinia excavata Chevreux, 1900
Harpiniopsis excavata
Hartemita excavata
Heikertingerella excavata
Heliospongia excavata
Heliura excavata
Heliura excavata Dognin 1910
Herbertorossia excavata
Herbertorossia excavata Kimmins, 1962
Here excavata
Here excavata (Carpenter, 1857)
Herrea excavata
Herrea excavata L. Bolus
Hespera excavata
Hispa excavata
Hispa excavata Oliver 1808
Holotrichia excavata
Hoya excavata
Hoya excavata Teijsm. & Binn.
Hyadina excavata
Hyadina excavata Sturtevant
Hyadina excavata Sturtevant and Wheeler, 1954
Hyadina gravida excavata
Hyadina gravida ssp. excavata Sturtevant & Wheeler, 1954
Hyalomma aegyptium excavata
Hyalomma aegyptium f. excavata
Hyalomma aegyptium f. excavata Schulze, 1919
Hydnobolites excavata
Hydnobolites excavata Harkn.
Hydnobolites excavata Harkn. 1899
Hydropsyche (Ceratopsyche) excavata
Hydropsyche excavata
Hyllisia excavata
Hyllisia excavata Breuning, 1940
Hypermaepha excavata
Hyposidra excavata
Hyposidra excavata Herbulot 1954
Idunella excavata
Idunella excavata (Schecke, 1973)
Ihlenfeldtia excavata
Ihlenfeldtia excavata (L. Bolus) H.E.K. Hartmann
Ilex excavata
Inquilina excavata
Inquilina excavata (Cockerell 1922)
Ischnoptera excavata
Ischnoptera excavata Shelford 1906
Isomira (Isomira) excavata
Isomira (Isomira) excavata Dubrovina M.I. 1979
Isomira excavata
Jacobsonina excavata
Jacobsonina excavata Roth, L. M. 1999
Kochia excavata
Kochia excavata J. M. Black
Kochia excavata J. M. Black var. trichoptera J. Black
Kochia excavata trichoptera
Kochia excavata var. excavata
Kochia excavata var. trichoptera
Kophosphaera excavata
Kophosphaera excavata (Butler, 1874)
Kophosphaera excavata mammifera
Kophosphaera excavata mammifera Attems, 1936
Kophosphaera excavata subsp. mammifera
Kophosphaera excavata subsp. mammifera Attems, 1936
Laccoptera excavata
Laccoptera excavata Boheman, 1855
Lasiacis excavata
Lasiacis excavata (Henrard) Parodi
Lasiacis excavata (Henrard) Parodi, 1943
Lasiochila excavata
Lasiochila excavata Baly
Lasioptera excavata
Lasioptera excavata Felt
Lasioptera excavata Felt, 1907
Latana excavata Cameron
Lepanthes excavata
Lepanthes excavata Dod ex Luer
Lepocinclis nayali excavata
Lepocinclis nayali excavata Conrad
Lepocinclis nayali var. excavata
Lepocinclis nayali var. excavata Conrad
Lepralia excavata
Lepralia excavata Macgillivray, 1860
Leptacis excavata
Leptacis excavata (Brues)
Leptacis excavata (Brues, 1910)
Leptocera (Rachispoda) excavata
Leptocera (Rachispoda) excavata Papp 1979
Leptocera excavata
Leptocera excavata Papp
Leptocera excavata Papp, 1979
Leptura excavata
Leptura excavata Matsushita, 1933
Leptura excavata Pic, 1901
Leptura excavata izumii
Leptura excavata izumii Mitono & Tamanuki, 1939
Leptura excavata subsp. izumii
Leptura excavata subsp. izumii Mitono & Tamanuki, 1939
Lima excavata
Lima excavata (Fabricius, 1779)
Linga excavata
Linga excavata (Carpenter, 1857)
Liparis excavata
Liparis excavata (Lindl.) Kuntze
Lonchoptera excavata
Lonchoptera excavata Yang
Lonchoptera excavata Yang & Chen, 1995
Lonchoptera excavata Yang & Yang 1995
Lucina excavata
Lyrella excavata
Lyrella excavata (Greville) D. G. Mann
Lytogaster excavata
Lytogaster excavata (Sturtevant & Wheeler)
Lytogaster excavata (Sturtevant and Wheeler, 1954)
Lytogaster excavata Sturtevant & Wheeler, 1954
Maera excavata
Maireana excavata
Maireana excavata (J. M. Black) P. G. Wilson
Malaxis excavata
Malaxis excavata (Lindl.)
Malaxis excavata (Lindl.) Kuntze
Maoraxia excavata
Maoraxia excavata (Fauvel 1891)
Marattia excavata
Marattia excavata Underw.
Medetera excavata
Medetera excavata Becker, 1922
Megachile excavata Cockerell, 1937
Megaselia (Aphiochaeta) excavata
Megaselia excavata
Megaselia excavata Schmitz
Megaselia excavata Schmitz, 1927
Megasema excavata
Megasema excavata Matsumura 1925
Melita excavata
Melita? excavata
Merceyopsis excavata
Merceyopsis excavata Sakurai, 1952
Mesembrius excavata
Mesembrius excavata Hull 1940
Mesogenea excavata
Mesogenea excavata Hampson 1926
Metatacha excavata
Metatacha excavata Bethune-Baker 1909
Micippa excavata
Micippa excavata Lanchester 1900
Micrathena excavata
Micrathena excavata (C. L. Koch, 1836)
Micrathena excavata (Koch 1836)
Micrathena excavata Levi, 1985
Micrathena excavata Reimoser, 1917
Microdera (Microdera) excavata Motschulsky von V 1870
Microdera excavata
Microrhopala excavata
Microrhopala excavata (Olivier, 1808)
Microrhopala excavata cyanea
Microrhopala excavata cyanea (Say 1823)
Microrhopala excavata cyanea (Say, 1824)
Microrhopala excavata excavata
Microrhopala excavata excavata (Olivier, 1808)
Microstylis excavata
Microstylis excavata Lindl.
Mimopacha excavata
Mimopacha excavata Hering 1935
Miota excavata (Kieffer)
Monocelis excavata
Monocelis excavata Diesing 1862
Mycerinopsis excavata
Mycerinopsis excavata Breuning, 1948
Mycerinopsis excavata Cools, 1993
Mylothris excavata
Mylothris excavata Strand 1913
Natica excavata
Nauarchia excavata
Nauarchia excavata Matile
Nauarchia excavata Matile, 1990
Navicula excavata
Navicula excavata Greville
Nedusia excavata
Nedusia excavata Möschler 1890
Neodiostrombus excavata
Neodiostrombus excavata Van Stalle, 1990
Neoplasta excavata
Neoplasta excavata Collin
Neoplasta excavata Collin, 1933
Nephodia excavata
Nephodia excavata Warren 1905
Nepotilla excavata
Netocia excavata
Netocia excavata (Gory & Percheron 1833)
Netocia excavata Gory & Percheron, 1833
Neurolyga excavata
Neurolyga excavata (Yukawa 1967)
Neurolyga excavata Yukawa, 1967
Nigeriella excavata
Nigeriella excavata Compton
Nigeriella excavata Compton 1990
Niphona fuscatrix excavata
Niphona fuscatrix m. excavata
Nonionella excavata
Nummularia excavata
Nummularia excavata (Schwein.) Ellis & Everh. 1889
Ocellularia excavata
Ocellularia excavata (Vain.) Zahlbr. 1923
Ocellularia excavata (Vain.) Zahlbr. 1924
Ocellularia excavata excavata
Ocellularia excavata impressula
Ocellularia excavata var. excavata
Ocellularia excavata var. impressula
Ocellularia excavata var. impressula (Vain.) Zahlbr. 1923
Octomeria excavata
Octomeria excavata (Lindl.) Wall. ex Hook. f.
Octomeria excavata Wall. ex Hook.f.
Oecleus excavata
Oecleus excavata Ball, 1902
Oikomonas excavata
Oikomonas excavata Schewiakoff 1893
Olgania excavata
Olgania excavata Hickman, 1979
Oncidium Kraenzl. sect. Excavata
Oopsis excavata
Oopsis excavata Breuning, 1939
Ophidascaris excavata
Ophidascaris excavata Hsu & Hoeppli 1931
Oraesia excavata
Oraesia excavata (Butler, 1878)
Oraesia excavata Butler 1878
Oribatula (Zygoribatula) excavata Berlese 1916
Oribatula excavata
Oribatula excavata Berlese, 1916
Oripoda excavata
Oripoda excavata Mahunka, 1988
Osmia excavata
Osmia excavata Alfken, 1903
Ouratea excavata
Oxyops excavata
Oxyops excavata Boisduval, 1835
Oxyops excavata Schenkling, S. & Marshall, G.A.K., 1931
Ozarkodina excavata
Ozarkodina excavata emaciata
Ozarkodina excavata eosilurica
Ozarkodina excavata eosilurica Bischoff 1986
Ozarkodina excavata excavata
Ozarkodina excavata excavata (Branson & Mehl 1933)
Ozarkodina excavata puskuensis
Ozarkodina excavata tuma
Ozarkodina excavata tuma Murphy & Matti 1983
Pachycondyla excavata
Pachycondyla excavata (Emery)
Pachycondyla excavata (Emery, 1893)
Pachycondyla excavata acuticostata
Pachycondyla excavata acuticostata (Forel, 1900)
Pachycondyla excavata acuticostata Forel 1900
Pachycondyla excavata excavata
Pachycondyla excavata excavata (Emery, 1893)
Palaeorhiza (Palaeorhiza) excavata
Palaeorhiza excavata
Palaeorhiza excavata Hirashima & Abe, 1996
Palaeosepsis excavata
Palaeosepsis excavata (Duda 1926)
Paleosepharia excavata
Paractis excavata
Paractis excavata Hertwig, 1882
Paradexamine excavata
Parbattia excavata
Paridea (Paraulaca) excavata
Paridea excavata
Parischnolea excavata
Parischnolea excavata BREUNING Stephan, 1942
Parischnolea excavata Breuning 1942
Parischnolea excavata Breuning, 1963
Parischnolea excavata Breuning, 1974
Parischnolea excavata Martins & Galileo, 1995
Parischnolea excavata Monné & Giesbert, 1994
Parischnolea excavata Monné, 1994
Patellaria excavata
Patellaria excavata Hoffm. 1790
Pelecopsis excavata
Pelecopsis excavata Crosby & Bishop, 1931
Perissocytheridea excavata
Perissocytheridea excavata Swain, 1955
Perissogaster excavata
Perissogaster excavata Fletcher 1887
Petalomonas excavata
Petalomonas excavata Skuja
Petalomonas excavata Skuja 1939
Petalotrypa excavata
Petalotrypa excavata Yang & Hu 1965
Peziza excavata
Peziza excavata Saut.
Pezizella excavata
Pezizella excavata (Saut.) Sacc.
Phalacrosepsis excavata
Phalacrosepsis excavata (Duda 1926)
Phyllocolpa excavata
Phyllocolpa excavata (Mariatt)
Phyllosticta excavata
Phyllosticta excavata Sacc.
Phyllosticta excavata Sacc. 1920
Phymatodes excavata
Phymatodes excavata (Bory ex Willd.) C. Presl
Pilomecyna excavata
Pilomecyna excavata Breuning, 1940
Pilotrichella excavata
Pilotrichella excavata (Mitten) Jaeger, 1877
Pinalia excavata
Pinalia excavata (Lindl.) Kuntze
Platydema excavata
Platydema excavata Say T 1823
Platygenia excavata
Platygenia excavata LACORDAIRE, 1856
Pleopeltis excavata
Pleopeltis excavata (Bory ex Willd.) Sledge
Pleopeltis excavata T. Moore
Pleopeltis excavata var. himalayensis
Pleopeltis excavata var. mortonianus
Pleospora excavata
Pleospora excavata (Fr.) Sacc.
Pleospora excavata basitricha
Pleospora excavata excavata
Pleospora excavata var. basitricha
Pleospora excavata var. basitricha (Durieu & Mont.) Sacc.
Pleospora excavata var. excavata
Pleurothallis excavata
Pleurothallis excavata Schltr.
Plumularia excavata
Plumularia excavata Mulder & Trebilcock
Plumularia excavata Mulder & Trebilcock 1911
Plusiodonta excavata
Plusiodonta excavata Guenée 1862
Podoceropsis excavata
Podoceropsis excavata Sars, 1894
Poecilotiphia excavata
Polycesta (Polycesta) excavata episcopalis
Polycesta excavata episcopalis
Polyedriopsis spinulosa excavata
Polyedriopsis spinulosa excavata (Playfair) G. M. Smith
Polystomella excavata
Polystomella excavata Terquem, 1875
Popenella excavata
Popenella excavata (Laube 1868)
Potosia excavata
Potosia excavata FALDERMANN, 1835
Premolis excavata
Premolis excavata Forbes 1939
Prioniodina excavata
Prioniodina excavata Mosher
Proisotoma excavata
Proisotoma excavata Folsom, 1037
Proisotoma excavata Folsom, 1937
Promyrmecia excavata
Promyrmecia excavata Clark 1951
Prosmidia excavata
Prosmidia excavata Weise, 1909
Protaetia excavata
Protaetia excavata Gory & Percheron, 1833
Protogonyaulax tamarensis excavata
Protogonyaulax tamarensis var. excavata
Protonemura excavata
Pseudharpinia excavata
Pseudharpinia excavata (Chevreux, 1887)
Pseudosiobla excavata
Pseudosiobla excavata (Norton)
Pseudosiobla excavata (Norton, 1862)
Pseudozarba excavata
Pseudozarba excavata Walker 1865
Pterolophia excavata
Pterolophia excavata Breuning, 1938
Pyramichlamys excavata
Pyrinioides excavata
Pyrinioides excavata Gaede 1917
Rachispoda excavata
Rachispoda excavata (Papp 1979)
Reticulofenestra excavata
Rhabdotis excavata
Rhabdotis excavata Gory & Percheron, 1833
Rhinaria excavata
Rhinaria excavata Boisduval, 1835
Rhinaria excavata Boisduval, J.B.A., 1835
Rhipidoxylomyia excavata
Rhipidoxylomyia excavata Mamaev, 1964
Rhyacophila excavata
Rhyacophila excavata Martynov, 1909
Rickia excavata
Rickia excavata Thaxt. 1912
Ropalidia excavata
Ropalidia excavata Giordani Soika
Ropalidia excavata Giordani Soika, 1977
Rosema excavata
Rosema excavata Schaus 1892
Sabaria excavata
Sabaria excavata Warren 1896
Saccopheronta excavata
Saccopheronta excavata (Becker 1922)
Saurauja excavata
Saxifraga excavata
Scaptodrosophila excavata
Scaptodrosophila excavata Okada, 1988
Sepsis (Palaeosepsis) excavata Duda 1926
Sepsis excavata
Serapias excavata
Serapias excavata Schltr.
Sidusa excavata
Sidusa excavata F. O. P.-Cambridge, 1901
Slehoferia excavata
Slehoferia excavata (Barrande in Perner 1903)
Sphaenomonas excavata
Sphaenomonas excavata Playfair
Sphaeria excavata
Sphaeria excavata Fr.
Sphaeria excavata Fr. 1828
Sphaeria excavata Schwein. 1832
Sphaerocista excavata
Sphaerocista excavata Preuss
Sphaerozosma excavata
Sphaerozosma excavata J. Ralfs
Sphaerozosma excavata subquadratum
Sphaerozosma excavata subquadratum West and West
Sphenomonas excavata
Sphenomonas excavata Playfair
Sphenomonas excavata Playfair 1921
Sphingomima excavata
Sphingomima excavata Herbulot 1979
Spinipochira excavata
Spinipochira excavata Breuning, 1963
Spinovelleda excavata
Spinovelleda excavata Breuning, 1942
Spiroloculina excavata
Spiroloculina excavata d'Orbigny 1846
Spiroloculina excavata d´Orbigny, 1846
Spongelia dubia excavata
Spongelia dubia excavata Hyatt, 1877
Spongelia dubia subsp. excavata
Spongelia dubia subsp. excavata Hyatt, 1877
Spongia excavata
Spongia excavata (Lendenfeld, 1889)
Stegana (Steganina) excavata Okada 1971
Stegana excavata
Stegana excavata Okada
Stegana excavata Okada, 1971
Stelis excavata
Stelis excavata Luer & Hirtz
Stenidea excavata
Stenidea excavata Breuning, 1942
Stereodontopsis excavata
Stereodontopsis excavata (Brotherus in Rechinger) Ando, 1971
Stereodontopsis excavata Ando, 1971
Stigmatogaster excavata
Stigmatogaster excavata Verhoeff (1924)
Strophipora excavata
Strophipora excavata Maplestone, 1899
Stylonichia excavata
Stylospongia excavata
Suctobelbila excavata
Suctobelbila excavata Mahunka, 1974
Symploce excavata
Symploce excavata (Shelford 1906)
Tachina excavata
Tachina excavata Zetterstedt, 1844
Taizonia excavata
Taizonia excavata Wang 1993
Taperinha excavata
Taygetis excavata
Taygetis excavata Butler 1868
Taygetis mermeria excavata
Taygetis mermeria excavata Butler, 1868
Tedania excavata
Tedania excavata Thiele 1905
Tegula excavata
Tegula excavata (Lamarck, 1822)
Teilingia excavata
Teilingia excavata (J. Ralfs) P. Bourrelly
Teilingia excavata (Ralfs) Bourrelly
Teilingia excavata excavata
Teilingia excavata excavata (J. Ralfs) P. Bourrelly
Teilingia excavata subquadratum
Teilingia excavata subquadratum (W. West & G.S. West) W. West, G.S. West & N. Carter
Teilingia excavata subquadratum (West and West) J. Stein
Teilingia excavata var. subquadratum
Teilingia excavata var. subquadratum (W. West & G.S. West) W. West, G.S. West & N. Carter
Tentyria excavata
Tentyria excavata Solier AJJ 1835
Tentyria excavata Solier, 1835
Terebratula excavata
Terebratula excavata Deslongchamps 1856
Teredothyra excavata
Teredothyra excavata (Jeffreys, 1860)
Tetraedron quadratum excavata
Tetraedron quadratum excavata Playfair
Tetraedron quadratum f. excavata Playfair
Tetraedron quadratum forma excavata
Tetraedron quadratum forma excavata Playfair
Thagria excavata
Thyanta (Argosoma) excavata Rider 1991
Thyanta excavata
Thylodelphus excavata
Thylodelphus excavata (Rudolphi 1803)
Tillandsia excavata
Tillandsia excavata L.B. Sm.
Tinea excavata
Tinea excavata Meyrick
Tinea excavata Meyrick, 1914
Toxonprucha excavata
Toxonprucha excavata Walker 1865
Trachyuropoda excavata
Tricimba excavata
Tricimba excavata Ismay
Tricimba excavata Ismay, 1993
Trigonoscuta clemente excavata
Trigonoscuta clemente excavata Pierce
Trigonoscuta excavata
Trigonoscuta excavata Pierce, 1975
Trinacria excavata
Trinacria excavata Heiberg
Trinacria excavata f. inflata A.M. Gombos, Jr.
Trinacria excavata forma inflata
Trinacria excavata forma inflata A.M. Gombos, Jr.
Trinacria excavata inflata
Trinacria excavata inflata A. M. Gombos, Jr.
Triznotrypa excavata
Triznotrypa excavata (Yang & Hu, 1965)
Trogoptera excavata
Trogoptera excavata Walker 1855
Tropimeris excavata
Tropimeris excavata Steffan
Tropimeris excavata Steffan, 1948
Trypocella excavata
Trypocella excavata Maplestone, 1902
Turritella excavata
Turritella excavata d'Orbigny 1847
Tylodelphys excavata
Uclesia excavata
Uclesia excavata Herting, 1973
Undularia (Protorcula) excavata (Laube 1868)
Undularia excavata
Urceolaria excavata
Urceolaria excavata (Thunb.) Ach. 1803
Uredo excavata
Uredo excavata DC.
Uredo excavata DC. 1806
Uredo excavata euphorbiae-serratae
Uredo excavata excavata
Uredo excavata var. euphorbiae-serratae
Uredo excavata var. euphorbiae-serratae DC.
Uredo excavata var. excavata
Uromycopsis excavata
Uromycopsis excavata (DC.) Arthur
Uroplatopsis excavata
Uroplatopsis excavata Champion GC 1889
Vadonimyia excavata
Vadonimyia excavata (Hull 1940)
Valanga excavata
Valanga excavata (Stål, 1861)
Venus excavata
Venus excavata Carpenter, 1857
Xiphidiopsis excavata
Xiphidiopsis excavata Hsia & H. Liu 1993
Xiphidiopsis excavata Xia & Liu, H., 1993
Yoldia excavata
Zamacra excavata
Zamacra excavata Dyar 1905
Zamarada excavata
Zamarada excavata Bethune-Baker 1913
Zephronia excavata
Zephronia excavata Butler, 1874
Zygoribatula excavata
Zygoribatula excavata (Berlese 1916)
Zygota excavata (Fouts)

6 Other Matches
Excavata fraternumOperational Taxonomic Unit
Excavata parvulumOperational Taxonomic Unit
Excavata scabriusculaOperational Taxonomic Unit
Excavata tuberculatumOperational Taxonomic Unit
Diploneis crabro var. excavata Hust.
Phyllocolpa excavata Marlatt

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