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148 Scientific Matches
Geophagus (Mesops) agassizii Steindachner 1875
Geophagus (Satanoperca)
Geophagus (Satanoperca) crassilabris Steindachner 1876
Geophagus Attems 1897
Geophagus Heckel 1940
Geophagus Heckel, 1840
Geophagus Kell. 1885
Geophagus Keller 1887
Geophagus abalios
Geophagus abalios López-Fernández and Taphorn, 2004
Geophagus abalios López-Fernández and Taphorn, 2004
Geophagus acuticeps
Geophagus acuticeps Heckel, 1840
Geophagus agassizii
Geophagus agassizii Steindachner, 1875
Geophagus altifons
Geophagus altifrons
Geophagus altifrons Heckel, 1840
Geophagus amoenus
Geophagus amoenus Cope 1872
Geophagus argyrostictus
Geophagus argyrostictus Kullander, 1991
Geophagus australe
Geophagus australe Eigenmann, 1907
Geophagus australis
Geophagus australis Eigenmann, 1907
Geophagus badiipinnis
Geophagus badiipinnis Cope, 1872
Geophagus balzanii
Geophagus balzanii Perugia, 1891
Geophagus brachybranchus
Geophagus brachybranchus Kullander & Nijssen, 1989
Geophagus brachyurus
Geophagus brachyurus Cope, 1894
Geophagus brasiliensis
Geophagus brasiliensis (Quoy and Gaimard, 1824)
Geophagus brasiliensis Kner, 1865
Geophagus brasiliensis iporangensis
Geophagus brasiliensis iporangensis Haseman, 1911
Geophagus brasiliensis itapicuruensis
Geophagus brasiliensis itapicuruensis Haseman, 1911
Geophagus brasiliensis subsp. iporangensis
Geophagus brasiliensis subsp. iporangensis Haseman, 1911
Geophagus brasiliensis subsp. itapicuruensis
Geophagus brasiliensis subsp. itapicuruensis Haseman, 1911
Geophagus brokopondo
Geophagus brokopondo Kullander & Nijssen, 1989
Geophagus bucephalus
Geophagus bucephalus Hensel, 1870
Geophagus camarus
Geophagus camarus Cope 1894
Geophagus camopiensis
Geophagus camopiensis Pellegrin, 1903
Geophagus camurus
Geophagus camurus Cope, 1894
Geophagus crassilabris
Geophagus crassilabris Steindachner, 1876
Geophagus cupido
Geophagus cupido Heckel, 1840
Geophagus daemon
Geophagus daemon Heckel, 1840
Geophagus darwini
Geophagus darwini Keller
Geophagus dicrozoster
Geophagus dicrozoster López-Fernández and Taphorn, 2004
Geophagus dicrozoster López-Fernández and Taphorn, 2004
Geophagus duodecimspinosus
Geophagus duodecimspinosus Boulenger, 1895
Geophagus grammepareius
Geophagus grammepareius Kullander & Taphorn, 1992
Geophagus grammepareius Kullander and Taphorn in Kullander, Royero and Taphorn, 1992
Geophagus gymnogenys
Geophagus gymnogenys Hensel, 1870
Geophagus harreri
Geophagus harreri Gosse, 1976
Geophagus hondae
Geophagus hondae Regan, 1912
Geophagus hondei
Geophagus hondei Regan
Geophagus iporangensis
Geophagus iporangensis Haseman, 1911
Geophagus itapicuruensis
Geophagus itapicuruensis Haseman, 1911
Geophagus jurupari
Geophagus jurupari Heckel, 1840
Geophagus labiatus
Geophagus labiatus Hensel, 1870
Geophagus lapidifera
Geophagus lapidifera (Castelnau, 1855)
Geophagus leucostictus
Geophagus leucostictus (non Müller & Troschel, 1848)
Geophagus leucostictus Müller & Troschel, 1848
Geophagus leucostictus Müller & Troschel, 1849
Geophagus magdalena
Geophagus magdalena Brind, 1943
Geophagus magdalenae
Geophagus magdalenae (non Brind, 1943)
Geophagus magdaleni
Geophagus magdaleni Brind
Geophagus mapiritensis
Geophagus mapiritensis Fernández-Yépez, 1950
Geophagus megasema
Geophagus megasema Heckel, 1840
Geophagus obscurus
Geophagus obscurus (Castelnau, 1855)
Geophagus olfersi
Geophagus olfersi Gosse, 1976
Geophagus pappaterra
Geophagus pappaterra Heckel, 1840
Geophagus parnaibae
Geophagus parnaibae Staeck & Schindler, 2006
Geophagus pellegrini
Geophagus pellegrini Regan, 1912
Geophagus pellerini
Geophagus proximus
Geophagus proximus (Castelnau, 1855)
Geophagus proximus De Castelnau 1855
Geophagus pygmaeus
Geophagus pygmaeus Hensel, 1870
Geophagus rhabdotus
Geophagus rhabdotus Hensel, 1870
Geophagus scymnophilus
Geophagus scymnophilus Hensel, 1870
Geophagus steindachneri
Geophagus steindachneri Eigenmann & Hildebrand, 1910
Geophagus steindachneri Eigenmann & Hildebrand, 1922
Geophagus steindachneri Eigenmann and Hildebrand in Eigenmann, 1922
Geophagus steindachneri Eigenmann and Hildebrandt, 1910
Geophagus surinamensis
Geophagus surinamensis (Bloch, 1791)
Geophagus surinamensis Bloch 1791
Geophagus swinamensis
Geophagus taeniopareius
Geophagus taeniopareius Kullander & Royero, 1992
Geophagus taeniopareius Kullander and Royero in Kullander, Royero and Taphorn, 1992
Geophagus thayeri
Geophagus thayeri Steindachner, 1875
Geophagus tuberosus
Geophagus tuberosus Gosse, 1976
Geophagus vittatus
Geophagus wavrini
Geophagus wavrini Gosse, 1963
Geophagus winemilleri
Geophagus winemilleri López-Fernández and Taphorn, 2004
Geophagus winemilleri López-Fernández and Taphorn, 2004
Metopius geophagus
Metopius geophagus Gauld & Sithole 2002

5 Other Matches
Redhump geophagus (Geophagus steindachneri)English
Geophagus de Harrer (Geophagus harreri)French
Geophagus cf. proximus
Geophagus sp. 1-JSR-2000
Geophagus sp. Farias 100

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