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105 Scientific Matches
Halicyclops Norman, 1903
Halicyclops aberrans
Halicyclops aberrans Rocha, 1983
Halicyclops ambiguus
Halicyclops ambiguus Kiefer 1967
Halicyclops antiguaensis
Halicyclops antiguaensis Herbst, 1983
Halicyclops bowmani
Halicyclops bowmani Rocha and Iliffe, 1993
Halicyclops brevispinosus
Halicyclops brevispinosus Herbst, 1951
Halicyclops brevispinosus Herbst, 1952
Halicyclops brevispinosus brevispinosus
Halicyclops brevispinosus brevispinosus Herbst, 1952
Halicyclops brevispinosus meridionalis
Halicyclops brevispinosus meridionalis Herbst, 1953
Halicyclops caneki
Halicyclops caneki Fiers, 1995
Halicyclops cenoticola
Halicyclops cenoticola Rocha 1998
Halicyclops cenoticola Rocha in Rocha et al., 1998
Halicyclops cf. clarkei
Halicyclops clarkei
Halicyclops clarkei H.-V. Herbst, 1982
Halicyclops clarkei Herbst, 1982
Halicyclops coulli
Halicyclops coulli H.-V. Herbst, 1977
Halicyclops coulli Herbst, 1977
Halicyclops cryptus
Halicyclops cryptus (Monchenko 1979)
Halicyclops cryptus secundus
Halicyclops dalmatinus
Halicyclops dalmatinus Petkovski, 1955
Halicyclops dedeckeri
Halicyclops dussarti
Halicyclops eberhardi
Halicyclops exiguus
Halicyclops exiguus Kiefer, 1934
Halicyclops fosteri
Halicyclops fosteri M. S. Wilson, 1958
Halicyclops fosteri Wilson 1958
Halicyclops herbsti
Halicyclops herbsti Rocha and Iliffe, 1993
Halicyclops hurlberti
Halicyclops hurlberti Rocha, 1991
Halicyclops incognitus
Halicyclops incognitus Herbst, 1962
Halicyclops japonicus
Halicyclops kieferi
Halicyclops laciniatus
Halicyclops laciniatus Herbst, 1987
Halicyclops laminifer
Halicyclops laminifer H.-V. Herbst, 1982
Halicyclops laminifer Herbst, 1982
Halicyclops lindbergi
Halicyclops longifurcatus
Halicyclops longispinosus
Halicyclops longispinosus Monchenko 1974
Halicyclops maculatus
Halicyclops maculatus Rocha and Hakenkamp, 1993
Halicyclops magniceps
Halicyclops magniceps (Lilljeborg, 1853)
Halicyclops neglectus
Halicyclops neglectus Kiefer, 1935
Halicyclops oryzanus
Halicyclops oryzanus Defaye and Dussart, 1988
Halicyclops ovatus
Halicyclops paradenticulatus
Halicyclops pescei
Halicyclops pilosus
Halicyclops reidae
Halicyclops reidae Rocha and Hakenkamp, 1993
Halicyclops rochai
Halicyclops rotundipes
Halicyclops rotundipes Kiefer, 1935
Halicyclops rotundipes aralensis
Halicyclops rotundipes putealis
Halicyclops rotundipes putealis Kiefer 1938
Halicyclops rotundipes rotundipes
Halicyclops rotundipes rotundipes Kiefer, 1935
Halicyclops septentrionalis
Halicyclops septentrionalis (Kiefer 1935)
Halicyclops setifer
Halicyclops setifer Lindberg
Halicyclops similis
Halicyclops similis Kiefer, 1935
Halicyclops soqotranus
Halicyclops spinifer
Halicyclops spinifer (Kiefer 1935)
Halicyclops spinifer Kiefer 1935
Halicyclops tageae
Halicyclops tetracanthus
Halicyclops tetracanthus Rocha, 1995
Halicyclops thermophilus
Halicyclops thermophilus Kiefer 1929
Halicyclops troglodytes
Halicyclops troglodytes Kiefer
Halicyclops troglodytes Kiefer 1954
Halicyclops venezuelaensis
Halicyclops venezuelaensis Lindberg, 1954
Halicyclops verae
Halicyclops wilsoni
Halicyclops ytororoma
Halicyclops ytororoma Lotufo and Rocha, 1993

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