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3182 Scientific Matches
Amblymerus justicia
Amblymerus justicia Girault 1917
Encarsia justicia
Encarsia justicia Girault
Encarsia justicia Girault, 1913
Euphaedra justicia
Euphaedra justicia Staudinger 1886
Euphaedra themis justicia
Euphaedra themis var. justicia Staudinger 1886
Justicia (Hilsenb.) Hilsenb. sect. Pentaloba
Justicia (Leonard) T.F. Daniel sect. Megalostoma
Justicia (Lindau) V.A.W. Graham sect. Drejerella
Justicia (Nees) Benth. sect. Sarotheca
Justicia (Nees) V.A.W. Graham sect. Chaetothylax
Justicia (Nees) V.A.W. Graham sect. Plagiacanthus
Justicia (Nees) V.A.W. Graham sect. Simonisia
Justicia Immelman sect. Minima
Justicia L.
Justicia Linnaeus, 1753
Justicia T.F. Daniel sect. Mesoamericanae
Justicia abeggii
Justicia abeggii Urb. & Ekman, 1928
Justicia abnormis
Justicia acanthifolia
Justicia acanthoides
Justicia acaulis
Justicia acicularis
Justicia acicularis Sw.
Justicia acinoides
Justicia ackermanni
Justicia aculeolata
Justicia aculeolata C.B. Clarke
Justicia acuminata
Justicia acuminata (Nees) Lindau
Justicia acuminatissima
Justicia acuminatissima (Miq.)
Justicia acuminatissima (Miq.) Bremek.
Justicia acuta
Justicia acutangula
Justicia acutangula H.S. Lo & D. Fang
Justicia acutifolia
Justicia acutifolia Hedrén
Justicia adenostachya
Justicia adenostachya (Nees) Lindau
Justicia adenothyrsa
Justicia adenothyrsa (Lindau) T.F. Daniel
Justicia adhaerens
Justicia adhaerens Wassh. & J.R.I. Wood
Justicia adhatada
Justicia adhatada L.
Justicia adhatoda
Justicia adhatoda L.
Justicia adhatodoides
Justicia adhatodoides (E. Mey. ex Nees) V. A. W. Graham
Justicia adnata
Justicia adscendens
Justicia aequalis
Justicia aequilabris
Justicia aequilabris (Nees) Lindau
Justicia aequilabris (Nees) Lindau subsp. aequilabris
Justicia aequilabris (Nees) Lindau subsp. glabribracteata (Lindau) Wassh. & J.R.I. Wood
Justicia aequilabris aequilabris
Justicia aequilabris glabribracteata
Justicia aequilabris riograndina
Justicia aequilabris subsp. glabribracteata
Justicia aequilabris subsp. riograndina
Justicia aequilabris subsp. riograndina Wassh. & J.R.I. Wood
Justicia aequiloculata
Justicia aequiloculata Benoist
Justicia aequiloculata Benoist var. pseudochloroptera Benoist
Justicia aequiloculata Benoist var. ranohelensis Benoist
Justicia aequiloculata pseudochloroptera
Justicia aequiloculata ranohelensis
Justicia aethes
Justicia aethiopica
Justicia afromontana
Justicia afromontana Hedrén
Justicia agria
Justicia agria Alain & Leonard, 1956
Justicia ajugoides
Justicia alainii
Justicia alainii Stearn
Justicia alata
Justicia alba
Justicia alba Sessé & Moc.
Justicia albadenia
Justicia albadenia (Rusby)
Justicia albadenia (Rusby) Wassh. & J.R.I. Wood
Justicia albiflora
Justicia albobractea
Justicia albobractea Leonard, 1936
Justicia albobracteata
Justicia albobracteata Leonard
Justicia albomarginata
Justicia albomarginata (Lindau) V.A.W. Graham
Justicia alboreticulata
Justicia alboreticulata Lindau
Justicia albovelata
Justicia albovelata W.W. Sm.
Justicia alboviridis
Justicia alexandri
Justicia alexandri R.Atkinson
Justicia allenii
Justicia allenii (Leonard) Durkee
Justicia allocota
Justicia allocota Leonard
Justicia almedae
Justicia almedae T.F. Daniel
Justicia alopecuroidea
Justicia alopecuroidea T.F. Daniel
Justicia alopecuroides
Justicia alopecuroides T. F. Daniel, 1990
Justicia alpina
Justicia alpina Lindau
Justicia alsinoides
Justicia alsophila
Justicia alsophila Standl. & Leonard
Justicia alternifolia
Justicia amabilis
Justicia amabilis (Mildbr.) V.A.W. Graham
Justicia amanda
Justicia amanda Hedrén
Justicia amanda subsp. saxatilis
Justicia amazonica
Justicia amazonica (Nees) Lindau
Justicia amblyosepala
Justicia amblyosepala D. Fang & H.S. Lo
Justicia americana
Justicia americana (L.) Vahl
Justicia americana (L.) Vahl var. americana
Justicia americana (L.) Vahl var. subcoriacea Fern.
Justicia americana (L.) Vahl var. subcoriacea Fernald
Justicia americana L.
Justicia americana americana
Justicia americana subcoriacea
Justicia americana subcoriacea Fern.
Justicia americana var. subcoriacea
Justicia americana var. subcoriacea Fern.
Justicia amherstia
Justicia amherstia Bennet
Justicia amieuensis
Justicia amoena
Justicia amygdalina
Justicia anabasa
Justicia anabasa Leonard, 1958
Justicia anagallis
Justicia anagallis Lindau
Justicia anagalloides
Justicia anagalloides (Nees) T. Anderson
Justicia andamanica
Justicia andamanica (Vasudeva Rao) Vasudeva Rao
Justicia andersonii
Justicia andersonii Wassh.
Justicia andersonii Wassh., 1992
Justicia andongensis
Justicia andrographioides
Justicia androsaemifolia
Justicia androsaemifolia (Nees) Lindau
Justicia androsaemifolia Lindau
Justicia anfractuosa
Justicia angusta
Justicia angusta (Chapm.)
Justicia angusta (Chapm.) Small
Justicia angusta (Chapman) Small
Justicia angustata
Justicia angustibracteata
Justicia angustibracteata Leonard
Justicia angustiflora
Justicia angustiflora D.N. Gibson
Justicia angustifolia
Justicia angustifolia (Nees)
Justicia anisacanthus
Justicia anisophylla
Justicia anisophylla (Mildbr.) Brummitt
Justicia anisotoides
Justicia ankaratrensis
Justicia ankaratrensis Benoist
Justicia ankazobensis
Justicia ankazobensis Benoist
Justicia annua
Justicia anselliana
Justicia anselliana (Nees) T. Anderson
Justicia antidota
Justicia antirrhina
Justicia antsingensis
Justicia antsingensis Benoist
Justicia antsingensis Benoist var. obtusa Benoist
Justicia antsingensis obtusa
Justicia aphelandroides
Justicia aphelandroides (Mildbr.) Wassh.
Justicia appendiculata
Justicia appendiculata (Ruiz & Pav.) Vahl
Justicia appendiculata (Ruiz & Pav.) Wassh.
Justicia appendiculata Ruiz & Pav.
Justicia appressa
Justicia aquatica
Justicia aquatica Benoist
Justicia aquatica Benoist var. exigua Benoist
Justicia aquatica exigua
Justicia arborea
Justicia arborescens
Justicia arborescens Durkee & McDade
Justicia arboreticula
Justicia arboreticula Lindau
Justicia arbuscula
Justicia arbuscula Benoist
Justicia archeri
Justicia archeri Leonard
Justicia arcuata
Justicia arcuata Wassh. & J.R.I. Wood
Justicia ardens
Justicia ardens T.F. Daniel
Justicia arenicola
Justicia argyrostachya
Justicia arida
Justicia arida Scott-Elliot
Justicia aridicola
Justicia aristata
Justicia aristata Vahl
Justicia aristeguietae
Justicia aristeguietae Leonard
Justicia aristeguietae Leonard, 1959
Justicia armata
Justicia armata Sw.
Justicia arrabidae
Justicia arvensis
Justicia ascendens
Justicia ascendens Bridar.
Justicia asclepiadea
Justicia asclepiadea (Nees) Wassh. & C. Ezcurra
Justicia aspera
Justicia asperula
Justicia assamica
Justicia assurgens
Justicia assurgens L.
Justicia asymetrica
Justicia asymetrica Lindau
Justicia asystasioides
Justicia asystasioides (Lindau) M.E. Steiner
Justicia atacta
Justicia atherstonei
Justicia atkinsonii
Justicia atramentaria
Justicia atramentaria Benth.
Justicia atropurpurea
Justicia atrosanguinea
Justicia aurantiaca
Justicia aurantiaca Leonard, 1958
Justicia aurantiimutata
Justicia aurantiimutata Hammel & Gómez-Laur.
Justicia aurea
Justicia aurea (Rose) Lindau
Justicia aurea Schltdl.
Justicia aurea Schltdl. fo. aurea
Justicia aurea Schltdl. fo. erythrina (Standl. & Steyerm.) D.N. Gibson
Justicia aurea aurea
Justicia aurea erythrina
Justicia aurea f. erythrantha
Justicia auriculata
Justicia australis
Justicia austrocapensis
Justicia austrocapensis T.F. Daniel
Justicia austroguangxiensis
Justicia austroguangxiensis H.S. Lo & D. Fang
Justicia austroguangxiensis H.S. Lo & D. Fang fo. albinervia D. Fang & H.S. Lo
Justicia austroguangxiensis H.S. Lo & D. Fang fo. austroguangxiensis
Justicia austroguangxiensis albinervia
Justicia austroguangxiensis austroguangxiensis
Justicia austroguangxiensis f. albinervia
Justicia austrosinensis
Justicia austrosinensis H.S. Lo & D. Fang
Justicia axillaris
Justicia axillaris (Nees) Lindau
Justicia aymardii
Justicia aymardii Wassh.
Justicia baenitzii
Justicia baenitzii (H. Winkl.) C. Ezcurra
Justicia bagshawei
Justicia bagshawei S. Moore
Justicia bailloni
Justicia baillonii
Justicia baillonii Scott-Elliot
Justicia bakeri
Justicia bakeri Scott-Elliot
Justicia balansae
Justicia balansae Lindau
Justicia bankaoensis
Justicia baphica
Justicia baravansis
Justicia baravansis C.B. Clarke
Justicia baravensis
Justicia barbata
Justicia barbata Bertol.
Justicia barlerioides
Justicia baronii
Justicia baronii V.A.W. Graham
Justicia barteri
Justicia barteri T. Anderson
Justicia bartletti
Justicia bartlettii
Justicia bartlettii (Leonard)
Justicia bartlettii (Leonard) D.N. Gibson
Justicia baumii
Justicia baumii S. Moore
Justicia beckii
Justicia beckii Wassh. & J.R.I. Wood
Justicia beddomei
Justicia beguinotii
Justicia beloperonoides
Justicia beloperonoides Lindau
Justicia bengalensis
Justicia bengalensis Spreng.
Justicia bentii
Justicia bequaertii
Justicia betonia
Justicia betonia L.
Justicia betoniba
Justicia betonica
Justicia betonica L.
Justicia betonicaefolia
Justicia betonicoides
Justicia betonicoides C.B. Clarke
Justicia beyrichii
Justicia beyrichii (Nees) Lindau
Justicia beyrichii Nees
Justicia bibracteata
Justicia bicalcarata
Justicia bicalyculata
Justicia bicolor
Justicia biflora
Justicia biokoensis
Justicia biokoensis V.A.W. Graham
Justicia bispinosa
Justicia bitarkarae
Justicia bitarkarae Gómez-Laur.
Justicia bivalvis
Justicia bizuneshiae
Justicia blackii
Justicia blackii Leonard
Justicia blechnoides
Justicia blechoides
Justicia blechoides (Lindau) Stearn
Justicia blepharophylla
Justicia blepharostegia
Justicia blumeana
Justicia boaleri
Justicia boaleri Hedrén
Justicia boerhaaviaefolia
Justicia boerhaviaefolia
Justicia boerhaviaefolia (Nees) Baron
Justicia boerhaviaefolia (Nees) Baron var. crumenata Benoist
Justicia boerhaviaefolia crumenata
Justicia bojeri
Justicia bojeri (Nees) Baron
Justicia bojeriana
Justicia bojeriana (Nees) Baron
Justicia boliviana
Justicia boliviana Rusby
Justicia boliviana Rusby subsp. boliviana
Justicia boliviana Rusby, 1896
Justicia boliviana boliviana
Justicia boliviana subintegrifolia
Justicia boliviana subsp. subintegrifolia
Justicia boliviana subsp. subintegrifolia (Rusby) Wassh. & J.R.I. Wood
Justicia boliviensis
Justicia boliviensis (Bremek.)
Justicia boliviensis (Bremek.) V.A.W. Graham
Justicia bolomboensis
Justicia bolomboensis De Wild.
Justicia bolusii
Justicia bolusii C.B. Clarke
Justicia bonariensis
Justicia bonneyana
Justicia borinquensis
Justicia borinquensis Britt.
Justicia borinquensis Britton
Justicia borinquensis Britton, 1925
Justicia borrerae
Justicia borrerae (Hemsl.) T.F. Daniel
Justicia bowiei
Justicia bowiei C.B. Clarke
Justicia brachiata
Justicia brachiata Pursh
Justicia brachiata Rich.
Justicia brachiides
Justicia brachionodes
Justicia brachystachya
Justicia brachystachya (Nees) Baker
Justicia bracteata
Justicia bracteolata
Justicia bracteolata Jacq.
Justicia bracteosa
Justicia bracteosa (Mildbr.) Leonard
Justicia brandegeana
Justicia brandegeana Wassh. & L. B. Sm.
Justicia brandegeeana
Justicia brandegeeana Wasshausen & L. B. Sm.
Justicia brandisii
Justicia brasiliana
Justicia brasiliana Roth
Justicia brasiliensis
Justicia breedlovei
Justicia breedlovei T.F. Daniel
Justicia bremekampii
Justicia brenesii
Justicia brenesii (Leonard) D.N. Gibson
Justicia breteleri
Justicia breteleri Wassh.
Justicia breteleri Wassh., 1992
Justicia brevicaulis
Justicia breviflora
Justicia breviflora (Nees) Rusby
Justicia breviflora Nees
Justicia breviflos
Justicia brevifolia
Justicia brevifolia Lindau ex R. Knuth
Justicia brevipedunculata
Justicia brevipedunculata Ensermu
Justicia brevipila
Justicia brevipila Hedrén
Justicia brevispica
Justicia brevispica Benoist
Justicia brevispica Benoist var. ampla Benoist
Justicia brevispica ampla
Justicia bruneelii
Justicia bruneelii De Wild.
Justicia brunelloides
Justicia brunelloides Lam.
Justicia brycei
Justicia buchholzii
Justicia buchii
Justicia buchii Urb.
Justicia buettneri
Justicia buettneri Lindau
Justicia burchellii
Justicia burchellii Hiern
Justicia burchellii Hieron.
Justicia burkilliana
Justicia burmanica
Justicia buxifolia
Justicia buxifolia H.S. Lo & D. Fang
Justicia cabrerae
Justicia caerulea
Justicia calcarata
Justicia calcarata Hochst.
Justicia calcicola
Justicia calcicola Benoist
Justicia calcicola Benoist var. maestrensis (Urb.) Borhidi
Justicia calcicola maestrensis
Justicia calcicola var. maestrensis
Justicia californica
Justicia californica (Benth.) D. Gibson
Justicia californica (Benth.) D. N. Gibson
Justicia californica (Benth.) D.N. Gibson var. californica
Justicia californica (Benth.) D.N. Gibson var. conferta (Brandegee) D.N. Gibson
Justicia californica Benth.
Justicia californica californica
Justicia californica conferta
Justicia californica var. conferta
Justicia calliantha
Justicia calliantha Leonard
Justicia callistachya
Justicia callistachya ((Schldl. & Cham.)) Kuntze
Justicia callistachya Schltdl. & Cham.
Justicia callitricha
Justicia caloneura
Justicia calycina
Justicia calycina (Nees) V.A.W. Graham
Justicia calycina Nees
Justicia calycotricha
Justicia calycotricha Link & Otto
Justicia calyculata
Justicia calyculata Deflers
Justicia calytricha
Justicia camerunensis
Justicia camerunensis (Heine) B.J.Pollard
Justicia campanulata
Justicia campanulata Benoist
Justicia campechiana
Justicia campechiana Standl. ex Lundell
Justicia campenonii
Justicia campenonii Benoist
Justicia campestris
Justicia campestris (Nees) Lindau
Justicia campestris Griseb.
Justicia campylostemon
Justicia campylostemon (Nees) T. Anders.
Justicia canaliculata
Justicia canbyi
Justicia canbyi Greenm.
Justicia cancellata
Justicia candelariae
Justicia candelariae (Oerst.) Leonard
Justicia candicans
Justicia candicans (Nees)
Justicia candicans (Nees) L. Benson
Justicia candicans (Nees) L.D. Benson
Justicia candicans (Nees) L.D. Benson var. subglabra (S. Watson) L.D. Benson
Justicia candicans (Nees) V.A.W. Graham
Justicia candicans (Nées) L. Benson var. subglabra (S. Wats.) L. Benson
Justicia candicans subglabra
Justicia candicans var. subglabra
Justicia candida
Justicia canescens
Justicia canescens Lam.
Justicia capensis
Justicia capensis Eckl. ex Nees
Justicia capensis Thunb.
Justicia capitata
Justicia caracasana
Justicia caracasana Jacq.
Justicia carayana
Justicia cardiochlamys
Justicia cardiophylla
Justicia cardiophylla D. Fang & H.S. Lo
Justicia careyana
Justicia caripensis
Justicia caripensis Kunth
Justicia carnea
Justicia carnea Lindl.
Justicia carthagenensis
Justicia carthagenensis Jacq.
Justicia carthaginensis
Justicia carthaginensis Jacq.
Justicia carthaginensis Jacquin
Justicia cataractae
Justicia cataractae Leonard
Justicia cataractae Leonard, 1961
Justicia catharinensis
Justicia catharinensis Lindau
Justicia caudata
Justicia caudata A. Gray
Justicia cauliflora
Justicia cauliflora Durkee
Justicia caulopsila
Justicia cavernarum
Justicia cayennensis
Justicia cayennensis (Nees) Lindau
Justicia cayennensis (Nees) Lindau var. cayennensis
Justicia cayennensis (Nees) Lindau var. parvifolia Bremek.
Justicia cayennensis Nees
Justicia cayennensis cayennensis
Justicia cayennensis parvifolia
Justicia cayennensis var. parvifolia
Justicia cephalotes
Justicia ceylanica
Justicia chachapoyasensis
Justicia chachapoyasensis Wassh.
Justicia chacoensis
Justicia chacoensis Wassh. & C. Ezcurra
Justicia chaetocephala
Justicia chaetocephala (Mildbr.) Leonard
Justicia chalmersi
Justicia chamaephyton
Justicia chamaephyton D. N. Gibson
Justicia chamaeranthemodes
Justicia chamaeranthemodes (Kuntze) T.F. Daniel
Justicia chamaeranthemondes
Justicia chamaeranthemondes (Kuntze)
Justicia championii
Justicia championii T. Anderson ex Benth.
Justicia championii T. Anderson ex Benth., 1861
Justicia chapadensis
Justicia chapadensis S. Moore
Justicia chapadensis S. Moore, 1895
Justicia chapadensis var. nudicaulis
Justicia chapana
Justicia chapana Wassh.
Justicia chapareensis
Justicia chapareensis Wassh. & J.R.I. Wood
Justicia chaponensis
Justicia chaponensis Leonard
Justicia chaponensis Leonard, 1958
Justicia charadrophila
Justicia charthaginensis
Justicia cheiranthifolia
Justicia cheiranthifolia (Nees) C.B. Clarke
Justicia chelionida
Justicia chiapensis
Justicia chiapensis Brandegee
Justicia chiapensis Brandegee, 1914
Justicia chiengmaiensis
Justicia chimalapensis
Justicia chimalapensis T.F. Daniel
Justicia chinensis
Justicia chinensis L.
Justicia chiriquiensis
Justicia chiriquiensis Durkee
Justicia chloanantha
Justicia chloanantha Leonard
Justicia chlorantha
Justicia chloroptera
Justicia chloroptera Baker
Justicia chlorostachya
Justicia chlorostachya Leonard
Justicia chol
Justicia chol T.F. Daniel
Justicia chrysea
Justicia chrysocoma
Justicia chrysocoma Leonard, 1958
Justicia chrysotricha
Justicia chrysotrichoma
Justicia chrysotrichoma Pohl
Justicia chrysotrichoma var. albiflora
Justicia chuquisacensis
Justicia chuquisacensis Wassh. & J.R.I. Wood
Justicia ciliaris
Justicia ciliata
Justicia ciliata (Ruiz & Pav.) Pers.
Justicia ciliata Jacq.
Justicia ciliata Nees
Justicia cinerascens
Justicia circulibracteata
Justicia circulibracteata Durkee & McDade
Justicia ciriloi
Justicia ciriloi T.F. Daniel
Justicia claessensi
Justicia claessensii
Justicia claessensii De Wild.
Justicia clandestina
Justicia clarkeana
Justicia clauda
Justicia clausseniana
Justicia clausseniana Nees
Justicia clavata
Justicia clavicarpa
Justicia clavicarpa Schinz
Justicia clemensorum
Justicia clementii
Justicia cleomoides
Justicia cleomoides S. Moore
Justicia clinopodia
Justicia clinopodia (Nees) E. Mey.
Justicia clinopodia A. Gray ex Greenm.
Justicia clinopodium
Justicia clivalis
Justicia clivalis Wassh., 1989
Justicia coahuilana
Justicia cobensis
Justicia cobensis Lundell
Justicia coccinea
Justicia coccinea Aubl.
Justicia coccinea Cav.
Justicia coccinea hort.
Justicia cochabambensis
Justicia cochabambensis (Rusby) V.A.W. Graham
Justicia cochinchinensis
Justicia coerulea
Justicia collina
Justicia collina T. Anderson
Justicia colorata
Justicia colorata (Nees) Wassh.
Justicia colorifera
Justicia colorifera V.A.W. Graham
Justicia columbiensis
Justicia columbiensis (Leonard) V.A.W. Graham
Justicia comapuanensis
Justicia comapuanensis Dubs, B.
Justicia comata
Justicia comata (L.) Lam.
Justicia comata (L.) Sw.
Justicia comata L.
Justicia comosa
Justicia concavibracteata
Justicia concavibracteata Lindau
Justicia confertiflora
Justicia congestiflora
Justicia congestiflora Benoist
Justicia congestiflora Benoist var. elongata Benoist
Justicia congestiflora Benoist var. humilior Benoist
Justicia congestiflora elongata
Justicia congestiflora humilior
Justicia congrua
Justicia congrua (Nees) Lindau
Justicia congrua Nees
Justicia consanguinea
Justicia consanguinea (Lindau) Wassh. & C. Ezcurra
Justicia consanguinea (Lindau) Wassh. & C. Ezcurra var. consanguinea
Justicia consanguinea (Lindau) Wassh. & C. Ezcurra var. pubescens (Lindau) Wassh. & C. Ezcurra
Justicia consanguinea consanguinea
Justicia consanguinea pubescens
Justicia consanguinea var. pubescens
Justicia conspicua
Justicia contorta
Justicia convexa
Justicia cooleyi
Justicia cooleyi Monach. & Leonard
Justicia cooleyi Monach. & Leonard, 1959
Justicia cooleyi Monachino & Leonard
Justicia coppenamensis
Justicia coppenamensis Wassh.
Justicia cordata
Justicia cordata (Nees) T. Anderson
Justicia cordifolia
Justicia corumbensis
Justicia corumbensis (Lindau) Wassh. & C. Ezcurra
Justicia corumbensis Lindau
Justicia corymbosa
Justicia corymbulosa
Justicia corymbulosa Bertol.
Justicia corynimorpha
Justicia corynimorpha D. N. Gibson, 1973
Justicia corynimorpha D.N. Gibson
Justicia costaricana
Justicia costaricana Leonard
Justicia costata
Justicia coursii
Justicia coursii Benoist
Justicia cowanii
Justicia cowanii Leonard, 1960
Justicia craibii
Justicia crassifolia
Justicia crassifolia (Chapm.)
Justicia crassifolia (Chapm.) Chapm. ex Small
Justicia crassifolia (Chapman) Chapman ex Small
Justicia crassiradix
Justicia crassiradix C.B. Clarke
Justicia crebrinodis
Justicia crebrinodis Benoist
Justicia crenata
Justicia crenata (Leonard) Durkee
Justicia crenulata
Justicia crenulata (Nees) Palacky
Justicia crinita
Justicia crispata
Justicia crispata f. prunellaefolia
Justicia cristata
Justicia cristata Jacq.
Justicia croceochlamys
Justicia cuatrecasasii
Justicia cuatrecasasii Wassh.
Justicia cubana
Justicia cubana Alain, 1988
Justicia cufodontii
Justicia cufodontii (Fiori) Ensermu
Justicia cuicatlana
Justicia cuicatlana T.F. Daniel
Justicia culebritae
Justicia culebritae Urb.
Justicia culebritae Urb., 1919
Justicia culebritae Urban
Justicia culubritae
Justicia cuneata
Justicia cuneata Vahl
Justicia cuneata Vahl subsp. cuneata
Justicia cuneata Vahl subsp. hoerleiniana (P. G. Mey.) Immelman
Justicia cuneata Vahl subsp. latifolia (Nees) Immelman
Justicia cuneata cuneata
Justicia cuneata hoerleiniana
Justicia cuneata latifolia
Justicia cuneata subsp. hoerleiniana
Justicia cuneata subsp. latifolia
Justicia cuneifolia
Justicia cuneifomis
Justicia cuneiformis
Justicia cupricola
Justicia curviflora
Justicia cuspidata
Justicia cuspidata (Nees) Lindau
Justicia cuspidata Vahl
Justicia cuspidulata
Justicia cuspidulata (Nees) Wassh.
Justicia cuzcoensis
Justicia cuzcoensis Lindau
Justicia cyanantha
Justicia cyanantha Lindau
Justicia cydoniaefolia
Justicia cydoniifolia
Justicia cydoniifolia (Nees) Lindau
Justicia cydoniifolia Nees
Justicia cymosa
Justicia cynanchifolia
Justicia cynosuroides
Justicia cynosuroides Benoist
Justicia cyrtantheriformis
Justicia cystolithosa
Justicia dahona
Justicia daidalea
Justicia daidalea Leonard
Justicia dalaensis
Justicia dalaora
Justicia dallarii
Justicia damingensis
Justicia damingensis (H.S. Lo) H.S. Lo
Justicia danielii
Justicia danielii Durkee
Justicia dasycarpa
Justicia dasyclados
Justicia dasyclados (Nees)
Justicia dasyclados (Nees) Lindau
Justicia deaurata
Justicia deaurata Hammel & Gómez-Laur.
Justicia debilis
Justicia decaryi
Justicia decaryi Benoist
Justicia decumbens
Justicia decurrens
Justicia decurvata
Justicia decurvata Hilsenb.
Justicia decussata
Justicia dejecta
Justicia dejecta Benoist
Justicia dejecta Benoist var. albipila Benoist
Justicia dejecta albipila
Justicia delascioi
Justicia delascioi Wassh.
Justicia delascioi Wassh., 1992
Justicia delicatula
Justicia delicatula Scott-Elliot
Justicia delicatula Scott-Elliot var. breviloba Benoist
Justicia delicatula Scott-Elliot var. brevituba Benoist
Justicia delicatula Scott-Elliot var. delicatula
Justicia delicatula Scott-Elliot var. puberula Benoist
Justicia delicatula Scott-Elliot var. robusta Benoist
Justicia delicatula Scott-Elliot var. veronicaefolia Benoist
Justicia delicatula breviloba
Justicia delicatula brevituba
Justicia delicatula delicatula
Justicia delicatula puberula
Justicia delicatula robusta
Justicia delicatula veronicaefolia
Justicia demissa
Justicia dendropila
Justicia dendropila T.F. Daniel
Justicia densibracteata
Justicia densibracteata Durkee & McDade
Justicia densiflora
Justicia dentata
Justicia denticulata
Justicia depauperata
Justicia depauperata T. Anderson
Justicia desertorum
Justicia desertorum Engl.
Justicia diacantha
Justicia diamantina
Justicia diamantina Lindau
Justicia dianthera
Justicia dianthera Vell.
Justicia dianthera var. pittieri
Justicia dianthera var. reisensis
Justicia dianthera var. tonduzii
Justicia dichotoma
Justicia diclipteroides
Justicia diclipteroides Lindau
Justicia diclipteroides Lindau subsp. aethiopica Hedrén
Justicia diclipteroides Lindau subsp. diclipteroides
Justicia diclipteroides Lindau subsp. kibarianiensis Hedrén
Justicia diclipteroides Lindau subsp. megaensis Hedrén
Justicia diclipteroides Lindau subsp. nierensis (Mildbr.) Hedrén
Justicia diclipteroides Lindau subsp. praetervissa (Lindau) Hedrén
Justicia diclipteroides Lindau subsp. usambarica Hedrén
Justicia diclipteroides aethiopica
Justicia diclipteroides diclipteroides
Justicia diclipteroides kibarianiensis
Justicia diclipteroides megaensis
Justicia diclipteroides nierensis
Justicia diclipteroides praetervissa
Justicia diclipteroides subsp. aethiopica
Justicia diclipteroides subsp. kibarianiensis
Justicia diclipteroides subsp. megaensis
Justicia diclipteroides subsp. nierensis
Justicia diclipteroides subsp. praetervisa
Justicia diclipteroides subsp. usambarica
Justicia diclipteroides usambarica
Justicia diffusa
Justicia diffusa Willd.
Justicia diffusa Willd. var. prostrata Roxb.
Justicia diffusa prostrata
Justicia diminuta
Justicia diminuta Benoist
Justicia dinteri
Justicia dinteri S. Moore
Justicia diosmophylla
Justicia disjuncta
Justicia disjuncta Benoist
Justicia dispar
Justicia disparifolia
Justicia distichotricha
Justicia distichotricha Lindau
Justicia distincta
Justicia distorta
Justicia distorta (Nees) Lindau
Justicia distorta Nees
Justicia divaricata
Justicia divergens
Justicia divergens Nees
Justicia diversifolia
Justicia dives
Justicia dives Benoist
Justicia dives Benoist var. ovatula Benoist
Justicia dives ovatula
Justicia dodonaeifolia
Justicia dohana
Justicia dolichopoda
Justicia dryadum
Justicia dryadum Wassh. & J.R.I. Wood
Justicia dubia
Justicia dubiosa
Justicia dubiosa Lindau
Justicia dumetorum
Justicia dumetorum Morong
Justicia dumetorum Morong, 1892
Justicia dumosa
Justicia dumosa Alain
Justicia dumosa Alain, 1971
Justicia dusenii
Justicia dusenii Lindau
Justicia dyschoristeoides
Justicia dyschoristeoides C.B. Clarke
Justicia eberhardti
Justicia eberhardtii
Justicia eburnea
Justicia eburnea D.N. Gibson
Justicia ecbolia
Justicia ecbolium
Justicia ecbolium L.
Justicia echegarayi
Justicia echegarayi Hieron.
Justicia echinoides
Justicia echioides
Justicia echioides L.
Justicia edeensis
Justicia edgarcabrerae
Justicia edgeworthii
Justicia effusa
Justicia effusa D.N. Gibson
Justicia ekakusuma
Justicia ekakusuma Pradeep & Sivar.
Justicia elegans
Justicia elegans P. Beauv.
Justicia elegans Pohl
Justicia elegantissima
Justicia elegantissima (Lindau) Wassh.
Justicia elegantula
Justicia elegantula S. Moore
Justicia elliotii
Justicia elliotii S. Moore
Justicia elongata
Justicia emarginata
Justicia emini
Justicia eminii
Justicia eminii Lindau
Justicia enarthrocoma
Justicia enarthrocoma Leonard, 1958
Justicia engleriana
Justicia engleriana Lindau
Justicia ensiflora
Justicia ensiflora (Standl.)
Justicia ensiflora (Standl.) D.N. Gibson
Justicia ensiformis
Justicia ephemera
Justicia ephemera Leonard
Justicia equestris
Justicia equestris Benoist
Justicia equitans
Justicia eranthemoides
Justicia eriandra
Justicia erythrantha
Justicia euosmia
Justicia euosmia Lindau
Justicia eustachiana
Justicia eustaciana
Justicia eustaciana Jacq.
Justicia evrardi
Justicia excalcea
Justicia excalcea Benoist
Justicia exigua
Justicia exigua S. Moore
Justicia exilis
Justicia exilissima
Justicia exsul
Justicia exsul Benoist
Justicia extensa
Justicia extensa T. Anderson
Justicia eylesii
Justicia falcata
Justicia falconensis
Justicia fallax
Justicia fasciata
Justicia fasciculata
Justicia fastidiosa
Justicia fastigiata
Justicia fastuosa
Justicia ferruginea
Justicia ferruginea H.S. Lo & D. Fang
Justicia filibracteolata
Justicia filibracteolata Lindau
Justicia filibracteolata Lindau var. pubescens Lindau
Justicia filibracteolata pubescens
Justicia filibracteolata var. aurantiaca
Justicia filibracteolata var. azurea
Justicia filibracteolata var. leucantha
Justicia filibracteolata var. lilacina
Justicia filibracteolata var. pubescens
Justicia filifolia
Justicia filifolia Lindau
Justicia filiformis
Justicia fimbriata
Justicia fimbriata (Nees) V.A.W. Graham
Justicia fischeri
Justicia fistulosa
Justicia fittonioides
Justicia fittonioides Lindau
Justicia fittonioides S. Moore
Justicia flabelligera
Justicia flaccida
Justicia flagelliformis
Justicia flava
Justicia flava (Forssk.) Vahl
Justicia flava D.N. Gibson
Justicia flava Kurz
Justicia flavicoma
Justicia flavidiflora
Justicia flavidiflora Lindau
Justicia flaviflora
Justicia flexibilis
Justicia flexuosa
Justicia flexuosa Nees
Justicia floribunda
Justicia floribunda (C. Koch) Wassh.
Justicia fluminensis
Justicia foetida
Justicia foliolosa
Justicia foliosa
Justicia forbesii
Justicia forbesii S. Moore
Justicia formosa
Justicia forskalei
Justicia forskalei Vahl
Justicia forskaolii
Justicia forskaolii Vahl
Justicia forskohlii
Justicia fortunensis
Justicia fortunensis T. F. Daniel & Wassh., 1990
Justicia fortunensis T.F. Daniel & Wassh.
Justicia fragilis
Justicia fragilis Wall. ex Clarke
Justicia francoiseana
Justicia francoiseana Brummitt
Justicia friesiorum
Justicia frondosa
Justicia fruticosa
Justicia fruticulosa
Justicia fuchsiifolia
Justicia fulgida
Justicia fulvicoma
Justicia fulvicoma Schltdl.
Justicia fulvicoma Schltdl. & Cham.
Justicia funckii
Justicia funckii Lindau
Justicia furcata
Justicia furcata Jacq.
Justicia furcata Jacq. var. furcata
Justicia furcata Jacq. var. terminalis (DC.) Greenm.
Justicia furcata furcata
Justicia furcata terminalis
Justicia furcata var. terminalis
Justicia fusagasugana
Justicia galapagana
Justicia galapagana Lindau
Justicia galeata
Justicia galeata Hedrén
Justicia galeopsis
Justicia galeotti
Justicia galeotti (Martens) Lindau
Justicia gandarussa
Justicia gangetica
Justicia gangetica L.
Justicia garckeana
Justicia garckeana Büttner
Justicia gardineri
Justicia gendarusa
Justicia gendarussa
Justicia gendarussa Burm.f.
Justicia geniculata
Justicia genistifolia
Justicia genistifolia Engl.
Justicia genuflexa
Justicia genuflexa Mart. & Nees
Justicia geoffirayi
Justicia geoffrayi
Justicia gesneriflora
Justicia gesnerifolia
Justicia ghiesbreghtiana
Justicia ghiesbreghtiana Lem.
Justicia ghiesbreghtii
Justicia gibsonia
Justicia gillettii
Justicia gilliesii
Justicia gilliesii (Nees) Benth.
Justicia gilligani
Justicia gingiana
Justicia glabra
Justicia glabra (Oerst.) Lindau
Justicia glabra K. Koenig ex Roxb.
Justicia glabrata
Justicia glabribracteata
Justicia glabribracteata (Lindau) V.A.W. Graham
Justicia glabribracteata Lindau
Justicia glamea
Justicia glamea Rottler
Justicia glandulifera
Justicia glandulosa
Justicia glandulosa (Nees) Lindau
Justicia glauca
Justicia glauca Rottler
Justicia glauco-violacea
Justicia glaucoviolacea
Justicia glaziovii
Justicia glaziovii Lindau
Justicia glischantha
Justicia glischantha Lindau
Justicia glischrantha
Justicia glomerata
Justicia glomerata Nees
Justicia glomerulata
Justicia glutinosa
Justicia glutinosa (Bremek.) V.A.W. Graham
Justicia goetzei
Justicia gonystachya
Justicia gonzalezii
Justicia gonzalezii (Greenm.) Henr. & Hiriart
Justicia gossweileri
Justicia goudotii
Justicia goudotii V.A.W. Graham
Justicia graciliflora
Justicia graciliflora (Standl.) D.N. Gibson
Justicia gracilis
Justicia gracilis (Martens) Lindau
Justicia graminea
Justicia grandiflora
Justicia grandifolia
Justicia grandifolia D. N. Gibson, 1972
Justicia grandifolia D.N. Gibson
Justicia grandis
Justicia grandis (T. Anderson) Lindau
Justicia graphocaula
Justicia graphophylla
Justicia graphophylla Leonard, 1958
Justicia gregorii
Justicia griffithii
Justicia grisea
Justicia grossa
Justicia guerkeana
Justicia guerkeana Schinz
Justicia guianensis
Justicia guianensis (N.E. Br.) Wassh.
Justicia gutierrezii
Justicia gutierrezii Leonard
Justicia guttata
Justicia guttata Wall.
Justicia gymnostachya
Justicia haematodes
Justicia haematodes Schltdl.
Justicia hainanensis
Justicia hansenii
Justicia hantamensis
Justicia haplostachya
Justicia haplostachya (Nees) T. Anderson
Justicia harleyi
Justicia harleyi Wassh.
Justicia hassleri
Justicia hassleri (Lindau) V.A.W. Graham
Justicia hatschbachii
Justicia hatschbachii var. catharinensis
Justicia hayatai
Justicia hayatai Yamam.
Justicia hayatai Yamam. var. ciliata Yamam.
Justicia hayatai Yamam. var. decumbens Yamam.
Justicia hayatai Yamam. var. hayatai
Justicia hayatai ciliata
Justicia hayatai decumbens
Justicia hayatai hayatai
Justicia hedrenii
Justicia hedrenii J.-P. Lebrun & Stork
Justicia hedyotidifolia
Justicia helferi
Justicia helonoma
Justicia henicophylla
Justicia henricksonii
Justicia henricksonii T.F. Daniel
Justicia hepperi
Justicia hepperi Heine
Justicia hereroensis
Justicia herpetacanthoides
Justicia herpetacanthoides Leonard
Justicia heterocarpa
Justicia heterocarpa T. Anderson
Justicia heterocarpa T. Anderson subsp. dinteri (S. Moore) Hedrén
Justicia heterocarpa T. Anderson subsp. heterocarpa
Justicia heterocarpa T. Anderson subsp. petterssonii Hedrén
Justicia heterocarpa T. Anderson subsp. praetermissa Hedrén
Justicia heterocarpa T. Anderson subsp. vallicola Hedrén
Justicia heterocarpa dinteri
Justicia heterocarpa heterocarpa
Justicia heterocarpa petterssonii
Justicia heterocarpa praetermissa
Justicia heterocarpa subsp. dinteri
Justicia heterocarpa subsp. petterssonii
Justicia heterocarpa subsp. praetermissa
Justicia heterocarpa subsp. vallicola
Justicia heterocarpa vallicola
Justicia heterocarpoides
Justicia heterophylla
Justicia heterophylla (Nees) Lindau
Justicia heterophylla Cham. & Schltdl.
Justicia heterosepala
Justicia heterosepala Benoist
Justicia heterostegia
Justicia heterostegia (Presl ex Nees) E. Mey.
Justicia heterotricha
Justicia heterotricha Mildbr.
Justicia hexangularis
Justicia hexangularis Roem. & Schultz
Justicia hians
Justicia hians (Brandegee) Brandegee
Justicia hiemalis
Justicia hilaris
Justicia hilaris Scott-Elliot
Justicia hilsenbeckii
Justicia hintoniorum
Justicia hintoniorum G.L. Nesom
Justicia hirsuta
Justicia hirsuta Jacq.
Justicia hirsuta Vahl
Justicia hirtella
Justicia hispida
Justicia hispida Willd.
Justicia hochreutineri
Justicia hochreutineri J. F. Macbr.
Justicia hodgei
Justicia hodgei Leonard
Justicia hoepfneri
Justicia hoerleiniana
Justicia hoerleiniana P.G. Mey.
Justicia holochila
Justicia holochila (Rizzini) Profice
Justicia homblei
Justicia homoea
Justicia homoea Leonard
Justicia honamoriensis
Justicia hookeriana
Justicia hookeriana (Nees ex Kuntze) Lindau ex Kuntze
Justicia huambensis
Justicia huambensis Hedrén
Justicia huberi
Justicia huberi Wassh.
Justicia huberi Wassh., 1992
Justicia humblotii
Justicia humblotii Benoist
Justicia humifusa
Justicia humifusa Sw.
Justicia humilis
Justicia humilis Michx.
Justicia humilis Michx. var. humilis
Justicia humilis Michx. var. lanceolata (Chapm.) Gleason
Justicia humilis humilis
Justicia humilis lanceolata
Justicia humilis var. lanceolata
Justicia humuliflora
Justicia hunzikeri
Justicia hunzikeri Ariza Esp.
Justicia hygrobia
Justicia hygrobia Leonard
Justicia hygrophiloides
Justicia hylaea
Justicia hylaea Leonard
Justicia hylaea Leonard, 1961
Justicia hylobates
Justicia hylobates Leonard
Justicia hylobates Leonard, 1958
Justicia hylobia
Justicia hylobia Leonard
Justicia hylophila
Justicia hylophila Lindau
Justicia hyperdasya
Justicia hypocrateriformis
Justicia hypocrateriformis Vahl
Justicia hyssopifolia
Justicia hyssopifolia L.
Justicia hyssopus
Justicia hyssopus (Nees) Lindau
Justicia hystrix
Justicia ianthina
Justicia ianthina Wassh.
Justicia idiogenes
Justicia idiogenes Leonard
Justicia imbricata
Justicia imbricata Vahl
Justicia imlayae
Justicia imlayae B. Hansen
Justicia inaequalis
Justicia inaequalis Benth.
Justicia inaequalis Benth., 1841
Justicia inaequifolia
Justicia inaequifolia Brummitt
Justicia inamoena
Justicia inamoena Benoist
Justicia incana
Justicia incana (Nees) T. Anders.
Justicia incerta
Justicia incerta C.B. Clarke
Justicia inconspicua
Justicia inermis
Justicia infelix
Justicia inficiens
Justicia inficiens Vahl
Justicia infirma
Justicia infracta
Justicia infundibuliformis
Justicia infundibuliformis L.
Justicia ingrata
Justicia insolita
Justicia insolita Brandegee
Justicia insolita Brandegee subsp. insolita
Justicia insolita Brandegee subsp. tastensis (Brandegee) T.F. Daniel
Justicia insolita Brandegee var. insolita
Justicia insolita Brandegee var. tastensis Brandegee
Justicia insolita insolita
Justicia insolita subsp. tastensis
Justicia insolita tastensis
Justicia insolita var. tastensis
Justicia insularis
Justicia insularis T. Anderson
Justicia intercepta
Justicia internodialis
Justicia interrupta
Justicia interrupta (Lindau) C.B. Clarke
Justicia interrupta Kunth
Justicia involucrata
Justicia iochila
Justicia iochila Mildbr.
Justicia irumuensis
Justicia irumuensis (Lindau) Bamps & Champl.
Justicia irwinii
Justicia irwinii Wassh., 1989
Justicia ischnorhachis
Justicia israelvargasii
Justicia israelvargasii Wassh. & J.R.I. Wood
Justicia isthmensis
Justicia isthmensis T.F. Daniel
Justicia ivohibensis
Justicia ivohibensis Benoist
Justicia ixodes
Justicia ixtlania
Justicia ixtlania T.F. Daniel
Justicia jacobinioides
Justicia jalappaefolia
Justicia jamaicensis
Justicia japonica
Justicia japonica Thunb.
Justicia javanica
Justicia jejuna
Justicia jejuna Benoist
Justicia jitotolana
Justicia jitotolana T.F. Daniel
Justicia johannae
Justicia johannae Benoist
Justicia johorensis
Justicia jujuyensis
Justicia jujuyensis C. Ezcurra
Justicia juncea
Justicia kaessneri
Justicia kampotiana
Justicia kampotiana R. Ben.
Justicia kanal
Justicia kanal T.F. Daniel
Justicia kapiriensis
Justicia karschiana
Justicia kelleri
Justicia kempeana
Justicia keniensis
Justicia keniensis Rendle
Justicia keriana
Justicia kerrii
Justicia kessleri
Justicia kessleri Wassh. & J.R.I. Wood
Justicia khasiana
Justicia killipii
Justicia kirkbridei
Justicia kirkbridei Wassh.
Justicia kirkiana
Justicia kirkiana T. Anderson
Justicia kiwuensis
Justicia kleinii
Justicia kleinii Wassh. & L. B. Sm., 1969
Justicia klotzschiana
Justicia kotschyi
Justicia kotschyi (Hochst.) Dandy
Justicia kouytcheensis
Justicia kouytcheensis (H. Lév.) E. Hossain
Justicia kraussii
Justicia kraussii C.B. Clarke
Justicia kuchari
Justicia kuchari Hedrén
Justicia kucharii
Justicia kuestera
Justicia kunhardtii
Justicia kunhardtii Leonard
Justicia kunhardtii Leonard, 1961
Justicia kuntzei
Justicia kuntzei Lindau
Justicia kuntzei Lindau subsp. kuntzei
Justicia kuntzei kuntzei
Justicia kuntzei robusta
Justicia kuntzei subsp. robusta
Justicia kuntzei subsp. robusta (Rusby) Wassh. & J.R.I. Wood
Justicia kurzii
Justicia kwangsiensis
Justicia kwangsiensis (H.S. Lo) H.S. Lo
Justicia ladanoides
Justicia ladanoides Lam.
Justicia laeta
Justicia laeta (Nees & Mart.)
Justicia laeta (Nees) Lindau
Justicia laetevirens
Justicia laetevirens Buckl.
Justicia laetevirens Buckley
Justicia laetevirens Buckley, 1843
Justicia laevigata
Justicia laeviliguis
Justicia laevilinguis
Justicia laevilinguis (Nees) Lindau
Justicia laevilinguis (Nees) Lindau var. laevilinguis
Justicia laevilinguis (Nees) Lindau var. longifolia Nees
Justicia laevilinguis Nees
Justicia laevilinguis laevilinguis
Justicia laevilinguis longifolia
Justicia lamifolia
Justicia lamiifolia
Justicia lamiifolia Roxb.
Justicia lamprophylla
Justicia lamprophylla Leonard
Justicia lamprophylla Leonard, 1953
Justicia lancea
Justicia lanceata
Justicia lanceolaria
Justicia lanceolata
Justicia lanceolata (Chapm.) Small
Justicia lanceolata (Chapman) Small
Justicia lanceolata (Martens) Lindau
Justicia lancifolia
Justicia lancifolia (Nees) V.M. Badillo
Justicia lancifolia Lindau
Justicia lanstyakii
Justicia laotica
Justicia lapathifolia
Justicia latebrosa
Justicia lateritia
Justicia latibracteata
Justicia latibracteata De Wild.
Justicia latiflora
Justicia latiflora Hemsl.
Justicia latiflora Hemsl., 1890
Justicia latifolia
Justicia latifolia (Nees) Lindau
Justicia latifolia Vahl
Justicia latispica
Justicia latispica Gamble
Justicia laurentii
Justicia laurentii De Wild.
Justicia lavandulaefolia
Justicia lavandulaefolia (Nees) Lindau
Justicia lavandulifolia
Justicia laxa
Justicia laxa T. Anderson
Justicia laxiflora
Justicia laxiflora Blume
Justicia lazarus
Justicia lazarus S. Moore
Justicia leikipiensis
Justicia leikpiensis
Justicia leikpiensis S. Moore
Justicia leonardii
Justicia leonardii De Marco & T. Ruiz
Justicia leonardii Wassh.
Justicia lepida
Justicia lepida (Nees) Wassh.
Justicia lepida Nees
Justicia leptantha
Justicia leptantha (Nees) T. Anderson
Justicia leptocarpa
Justicia leptocarpa Lindau ex Engl.
Justicia leptochlamys
Justicia leptochlamys Leonard
Justicia leptophylla
Justicia leptophylla Leonard
Justicia leptospermifolia
Justicia leptostachya
Justicia leptostachya Hemsl.
Justicia leucantha
Justicia leucerythra
Justicia leucerythra Leonard
Justicia leucoclada
Justicia leucoclada Chiov.
Justicia leucocraspedota
Justicia leucocraspedota Lindau
Justicia leucodermis
Justicia leucodermis Schinz
Justicia leucoesthes
Justicia leucoesthes Benoist
Justicia leucophloea
Justicia leucophloea (Nees) Lindau
Justicia leucophoea
Justicia leucophoea Nees
Justicia leucostachya
Justicia leucothamna
Justicia leucoxiphos
Justicia leucoxiphos Vollesen et. al.
Justicia leucoxiphos Vollesen et. al. in prep.
Justicia leucoxiphus
Justicia lianshanica
Justicia lianshanica (H.S. Lo) H.S. Lo
Justicia liebmanii
Justicia liebmanii V.A.W. Graham
Justicia ligularis
Justicia ligulata
Justicia ligustrina
Justicia ligustrina Vahl
Justicia lilloana
Justicia lilloana Ariza Esp.
Justicia lilloi
Justicia lilloi (J.L. Lotti) C. Ezcurra
Justicia linaria
Justicia linarifolia
Justicia linarioides
Justicia lindaui
Justicia lindaui C.B. Clarke
Justicia lindaviana
Justicia lindeni
Justicia lindeniana
Justicia lindeniana (Nees) J.F. Macbr.
Justicia lindeniana (Nees) Lindau
Justicia lindenii
Justicia lindenii Houllet
Justicia linearifolia
Justicia linearifolia (Bremek.) H.S. Lo
Justicia linearifolia (Bremek.) H.S. Lo subsp. liangkwangensis (H.S. Lo) H.S. Lo
Justicia linearifolia (Bremek.) H.S. Lo subsp. linearifolia
Justicia linearifolia liangkwangensis
Justicia linearifolia linearifolia
Justicia linearifolia subsp. liangkwangensis
Justicia linearis
Justicia linearis B.L. Rob. & Greenm.
Justicia linearispica
Justicia linearispica C.B. Clarke
Justicia lineata
Justicia lineolata
Justicia lineolata Ruiz & Pav.
Justicia linifolia
Justicia lithospermifolia
Justicia lithospermifolia Jacq.
Justicia lithospermoides
Justicia lithspermoides
Justicia lithspermoides Lindau
Justicia livida
Justicia lobata
Justicia lobata Benoist
Justicia lobatum
Justicia lobelioides
Justicia loete-virens
Justicia loheri
Justicia lolioides
Justicia longecalcarata
Justicia longepetiolata
Justicia longepetiolata Schott
Justicia longiacuminata
Justicia longiacuminata Rusby
Justicia longiacuminata Rusby, 1900
Justicia longiflora
Justicia longiflora Vis.
Justicia longiflora Vis. var. misera (Nees) Lindau
Justicia longiflora misera
Justicia longifolia
Justicia longifolia G. Forst.
Justicia longii
Justicia longii Hilsenb.
Justicia longii Hilsenb., 1990
Justicia longipes
Justicia longipes (Standl.) V.A.W. Graham
Justicia longiracemosa
Justicia longistamina
Justicia longistamina Ruiz & Pav.
Justicia longistaminca
Justicia longistaminea
Justicia longistylus
Justicia longula
Justicia lophura
Justicia lophura (Nees) Lindau
Justicia lorata
Justicia lorentziana
Justicia lorentziana Lindau
Justicia loretensis
Justicia loretensis Lindau
Justicia lorteae
Justicia lorteae Rendle
Justicia loureiriana
Justicia lucens
Justicia lucens Hiern
Justicia lucens Hieron.
Justicia lucida
Justicia lucida (Nees) Lindau
Justicia lucida Andrews
Justicia lundellii
Justicia lundellii Leonard
Justicia lundellii Leonard, 1936
Justicia lupulina
Justicia luschnathii
Justicia luschnathii Lindau
Justicia lushnatii
Justicia lutea
Justicia lutea Ruiz & Pav. ex Nees
Justicia lutea Ruiz & Pav. ex Schult.
Justicia lutea Sessé & Moc.
Justicia lutensis
Justicia lutensis Wassh. & J.R.I. Wood
Justicia luteocinerea
Justicia luteocinerea Hedrén
Justicia luzmariae
Justicia luzonensis
Justicia luzonensis C. B. Clarke, 1906
Justicia lycioides
Justicia lycioides Schinz
Justicia lythroides
Justicia lythroides (Nees) V.A.W. Graham
Justicia lythroides Nees
Justicia macarenensis
Justicia macdonaldi
Justicia macilenta
Justicia mackenleyi
Justicia macrantha
Justicia macrantha Benth.
Justicia macrantha Benth. var. macrantha
Justicia macrantha Benth. var. piliformis D.N. Gibson
Justicia macrantha Benth., 1841
Justicia macrantha macrantha
Justicia macrantha piliformis
Justicia macrantha var. piliformis
Justicia macrophylla
Justicia macrophylla (Nees) Lindau
Justicia macrosiphon
Justicia macrosiphon (Lindau)
Justicia macrosiphon (Lindau) V.A.W. Graham
Justicia macrosipshon
Justicia macrosperma
Justicia maculata
Justicia maculata Perr.
Justicia maculata T. Anderson
Justicia maculosa
Justicia madagascariensis
Justicia madagascariensis Lindau
Justicia madrensis
Justicia madrensis T.F. Daniel
Justicia madurensis
Justicia maestrensis
Justicia magentea
Justicia magentea V.A.W. Graham
Justicia magnifica
Justicia magnifica Pohl ex Nees
Justicia magnifica Pohl ex Nees, nom. inval.
Justicia magniflora
Justicia magniflora (S.F. Blake) D.N. Gibson
Justicia magniflora S. F. Blake
Justicia maguirei
Justicia maguirei Wassh.
Justicia maingayi
Justicia major
Justicia malabarica
Justicia malacophylla
Justicia malangana
Justicia mandonii
Justicia mandonii (Lindau) Wassh. & C. Ezcurra
Justicia mannii
Justicia manserichensis
Justicia manserichensis Wassh.
Justicia marginata
Justicia marginata Lindau
Justicia mariae
Justicia mariae Hedrén
Justicia marojejiensis
Justicia marojejiensis Benoist
Justicia marrubiastrum
Justicia martiana
Justicia martiana (Nees)
Justicia martiniana
Justicia martiniana (Nees) Lindau
Justicia martinicensis
Justicia martinicensis Jacq.
Justicia martinsoniana
Justicia martinsoniana Howard
Justicia masaiensis
Justicia masiaca
Justicia masiaca T. F. Daniel, 1995
Justicia masiaca T.F. Daniel
Justicia masuta
Justicia matammensis
Justicia matammensis (Schweinf.) Oliv.
Justicia mathewsii
Justicia mathewsii Rusby
Justicia matinsoniana
Justicia matogrossensis
Justicia matogrossensis Wassh.
Justicia matogrossensis Wassh., 1992
Justicia matthewsii
Justicia matthewsii (Lindau)
Justicia matthewsii (Lindau) V.A.W. Graham
Justicia mauritiana
Justicia maxima
Justicia maximiliani
Justicia maximiliani (Nees) Lindau
Justicia mcdowellii
Justicia mcdowellii Wassh.
Justicia mckenleyi
Justicia media
Justicia mediocris
Justicia mediocris Benoist
Justicia medrani
Justicia medranii
Justicia medranii Henr. & Hiriart
Justicia megalantha
Justicia megalantha Wassh. & J.R.I. Wood
Justicia megaphylla
Justicia melampyrum
Justicia melgariensis
Justicia membranacea
Justicia membranifolia
Justicia mendax
Justicia mendax (Lindau) Wassh.
Justicia mendoncae
Justicia mendoncae Benoist
Justicia mendoncai
Justicia mesetarum
Justicia mesetarum Wassh. & J.R.I. Wood
Justicia metallica
Justicia metallica Lindau
Justicia metallicorum
Justicia metallorum
Justicia metallorum P.A. Duvign.
Justicia mexicana
Justicia mexicana Rose
Justicia mexicana Rose, 1895
Justicia meyeniana
Justicia meyeniana Nees
Justicia meysorensis
Justicia micrantha
Justicia micrantha (Oerst.) V.A.W. Graham
Justicia micrantha Wall.
Justicia microcarpa
Justicia microdonta
Justicia microdonta W.W. Sm.
Justicia microphylla
Justicia microphylla Lam.
Justicia migeodii
Justicia migeodii (S. Moore) V.A.W. Graham
Justicia miguelii
Justicia miguelii V.A.W. Graham
Justicia mildbraedii
Justicia mildbraedii V.A.W. Graham
Justicia miniata
Justicia minima
Justicia minima A. Meeuse
Justicia minor
Justicia minor T. Anderson
Justicia minutiflora
Justicia minutiflora Benoist
Justicia minutiflora Benoist var. waterlotii Benoist
Justicia minutiflora waterlotii
Justicia minutifolia
Justicia mirabilioides
Justicia mirabiloides
Justicia mirabiloides Lam.
Justicia mirandae
Justicia mirandae T.F. Daniel
Justicia misera
Justicia moctli
Justicia modesta
Justicia modesta (Bremek.) V.A.W. Graham
Justicia mogandjensis
Justicia mogandjensis De Wild.
Justicia mogandjoensis
Justicia mohintli
Justicia mollis
Justicia mollissima
Justicia mollugo
Justicia mollugo C.B. Clarke
Justicia monachinoi
Justicia monachinoi Wassh.
Justicia monachinoi Wassh., 1992
Justicia monechmoides
Justicia monetaria
Justicia monopleurantha
Justicia monopleurantha (Lindau)
Justicia monopleurantha (Lindau) Wassh.
Justicia montana
Justicia montana (Nees) Wall.
Justicia montana (Standl. & L. O. Williams)
Justicia montana (Standl. & Leonard) D.N. Gibson
Justicia monticola
Justicia monticola var. ovalifolia
Justicia montis-salinarum
Justicia montis-salinarum A. Meeuse
Justicia moretiana
Justicia moricandiana
Justicia moricandiana (Nees) Lemée
Justicia moricandiana Nees
Justicia moritziana
Justicia moritziana (Nees) Lindau
Justicia moritziana Wassh.
Justicia mortifluminis
Justicia mortifluminis Fernald, 1942
Justicia mortui-fluminis
Justicia mortuifluminis
Justicia mortuifluminis Fern.
Justicia mortuifluminis Fernald
Justicia mossambicensis
Justicia mossamedea
Justicia mucronata
Justicia mucronata Ruiz & Pav.
Justicia mullugo
Justicia mullugo C.B. Clarke
Justicia multibracteata
Justicia multibracteata Benoist
Justicia multicaulis
Justicia multicaulis Donn. Sm.
Justicia multicaulis Donn. Sm., 1909
Justicia multiflora
Justicia multiflora (Ruiz & Pav.) Vahl
Justicia multinodis
Justicia mutica
Justicia mutica C.B. Clarke
Justicia muticitheca
Justicia myriantha
Justicia myriantha Standl.
Justicia myriantha Standl., 1930
Justicia mysorensis
Justicia myuros
Justicia myurus
Justicia nagpurensis
Justicia namaensis
Justicia namatophila
Justicia namatophila Leonard
Justicia nana
Justicia nana (Nees) Lindau
Justicia nasuta
Justicia nasuta L.
Justicia natalensis
Justicia natalensis T. Anders.
Justicia ndelleniss
Justicia ndelleniss Lindau
Justicia ndellensis
Justicia neesiana
Justicia neesii
Justicia neglecta
Justicia neglecta T. Anderson
Justicia neilgherrensis
Justicia nelsonii
Justicia nelsonii (Greenm.) T.F. Daniel
Justicia nelsonioides
Justicia nematocalix
Justicia nematocalyx
Justicia nematocalyx Lindau
Justicia nemoralis
Justicia nemoralis Lillo
Justicia nemoralis Lillo var. tomentosa Lillo
Justicia nemoralis S. Moore
Justicia nemoralis tomentosa
Justicia nemorosa
Justicia nemorosa Nees
Justicia neo-glandulosa
Justicia neodebilis
Justicia neoglandulosa
Justicia neoglandulosa M. Gomez
Justicia neolinearifolia
Justicia neolinearifolia subsp. liangkwangensis
Justicia neomontana
Justicia neotinctoria
Justicia nepalensis
Justicia nepeta
Justicia nervata
Justicia nervosa
Justicia nervosa Vahl
Justicia neurantha
Justicia neurochlamys
Justicia nevlingii
Justicia nevlingii Wassh. & T.F. Daniel
Justicia nicaraguensis
Justicia nicaraguensis Durkee
Justicia nierensis
Justicia nigerica
Justicia nigerica S. Moore
Justicia nigricans
Justicia nilgherrensis
Justicia niokolo-kobae
Justicia nitida
Justicia nitida Jacq.
Justicia nitidia
Justicia nitidia Jacquin
Justicia nodicaulis
Justicia nodicaulis (Nees) Leonard
Justicia nodosa
Justicia nodosa Hook.
Justicia notha
Justicia novogaliciana
Justicia novogaliciana T.F. Daniel
Justicia novogranatensis
Justicia novogratensis
Justicia novogratensis Leonard, 1958
Justicia nuda
Justicia nuda (Nees) O. Schwartz
Justicia nummularia
Justicia nummularifolia
Justicia nummulariifolia
Justicia nummulariifolia Vahl
Justicia nummulus
Justicia nummulus Benoist
Justicia nummulus Benoist var. pubens Benoist
Justicia nummulus pubens
Justicia nuriana
Justicia nuriana Wassh.
Justicia nuriana Wassh., 1992
Justicia nutans
Justicia nuttii
Justicia nuttii C.B. Clarke
Justicia nyassae
Justicia nyassana
Justicia nyassana Lindau
Justicia oaxacana
Justicia oaxacana (Greenm.) T.F. Daniel
Justicia obanensis
Justicia obcordata
Justicia obcordata Benoist
Justicia oblonga
Justicia oblonga (Nees) Lindau
Justicia oblonga Nees
Justicia oblongata
Justicia oblongifolia
Justicia oblongifolia (Lindau) M.E. Steiner
Justicia oblongo-elliptica
Justicia obovata
Justicia obovata Wassh. & J.R.I. Wood
Justicia obscura
Justicia obtusa
Justicia obtusicapsula
Justicia obtusicapsula Hedrén
Justicia obtusifolia
Justicia obtusifolia (Nees)
Justicia obtusifolia (Nees) Lindau
Justicia obtusifolia (Nees) Lindau var. hirsuticaulis T. Nees
Justicia obtusifolia (Nees) Lindau var. obtusifolia
Justicia obtusifolia hirsuticaulis
Justicia obtusifolia obtusifolia
Justicia ochroleuca
Justicia ocymoides
Justicia ocymoides Lam.
Justicia odonelli
Justicia odonelli De Marco & T. Ruiz
Justicia odonellii
Justicia odontites
Justicia odora
Justicia odora (Forssk.) Lam.
Justicia odoratissima
Justicia oerstedii
Justicia oerstedii Leonard
Justicia oerstedtii
Justicia oldemanii
Justicia oldemanii Wassh.
Justicia oleaefolia
Justicia oligantha
Justicia oligoneura
Justicia oncodes
Justicia oncodes (Lindau) Wassh. & C. Ezcurra
Justicia ongylantha
Justicia onilahensis
Justicia onilahensis Benoist
Justicia opaca
Justicia oranensis
Justicia oranensis De Marco & T. Ruiz
Justicia orbicularis
Justicia orbicularis (Lindau) V.A.W.Graham
Justicia orbiculata
Justicia orchidea
Justicia orchioides
Justicia orchioides L. f.
Justicia orchioides L. subsp. glabrata Immelman
Justicia orchioides L. subsp. orchioides L. f.
Justicia orchioides glabrata
Justicia orchioides orchioides
Justicia orchioides subsp. glabrata
Justicia oreadum
Justicia oreadum S. Moore
Justicia oreophila
Justicia oreopola
Justicia origanoides
Justicia origanoides Vahl
Justicia orixensis
Justicia ornatopila
Justicia ornatopila Ensermu
Justicia ornithopoda
Justicia ornithopoda Benoist
Justicia orosiensis
Justicia orosiensis Durkee
Justicia otophora
Justicia ovalifolia
Justicia ovalis
Justicia ovata
Justicia ovata (Walt.) Lindau
Justicia ovata (Walt.) Lindau var. angusta (Chapman) R.W. Long
Justicia ovata (Walt.) Lindau var. lanceolata (Chapman) R.W. Long
Justicia ovata (Walt.) Lindau var. ovata
Justicia ovata (Walter)
Justicia ovata (Walter) Lindau
Justicia ovata (Walter) Lindau var. angusta (Chapm.) R.W. Long
Justicia ovata (Walter) Lindau var. lanceolata (Chapm.) R.W. Long
Justicia ovata (Walter) Lindau var. ovata
Justicia ovata angusta
Justicia ovata angusta (Chapman) R. W. Long
Justicia ovata lanceolata
Justicia ovata lanceolata (Chapman) R. W. Long
Justicia ovata ovata
Justicia ovata ovata (Walt.) Lindau
Justicia ovata var. angusta
Justicia ovata var. angusta (Chapman) R. W. Long
Justicia ovata var. lanceolata
Justicia ovata var. lanceolata (Chapman) R. W. Long
Justicia ovata var. ovata
Justicia ovata var. ovata (Walt.) Lindau
Justicia ovatifolia
Justicia ovatifolia (Oersted) Rose
Justicia oxypages
Justicia oxyphylla
Justicia pachyrrhiza
Justicia pacifica
Justicia pacifica (Nees) Hemsl.
Justicia palatifera
Justicia pallida
Justicia pallidior
Justicia pallidior (Nees) C.B. Clarke
Justicia palmeri
Justicia palmeri Rose
Justicia paludosa
Justicia paludosa (Moore,S.) Lindau
Justicia palustris
Justicia palustris (Hochst.) T. Anderson
Justicia palustris Oliv.
Justicia pampolystachys
Justicia pampolystachys Leonard, 1958
Justicia panamense
Justicia panamensis
Justicia panamensis (Lindau) V.A.W. Graham
Justicia panamensis Durkee
Justicia panarensis
Justicia panarensis Wassh.
Justicia panduriformis
Justicia panduriformis R. Ben.
Justicia paniculata
Justicia paniculata Burm. f.
Justicia paniculata Forssk.
Justicia paniculata Rose
Justicia pannieri
Justicia pannieri Leonard, 1959
Justicia paolii
Justicia papilionacea
Justicia papilionacea Sessé & Moc.
Justicia paraguayensis
Justicia paraguayensis V.A.W. Graham
Justicia paraguazensis
Justicia paraguazensis Wassh.
Justicia paranaensis
Justicia paranaensis Rizzini
Justicia parasitica
Justicia parguazensis
Justicia parguazensis Wassh.
Justicia parimensis
Justicia parimensis Wassh.
Justicia parimensis Wassh., 1992
Justicia paruana
Justicia paruana Wassh.
Justicia paruana Wassh., 1992
Justicia parvibracteata
Justicia parvibracteata Immelman
Justicia parvibracteata Leonard
Justicia parviflora
Justicia parviflora (Nees)
Justicia parviflora (Nees) Lindau
Justicia parvifolia
Justicia parvispica
Justicia parvispica Benoist
Justicia paspaloides
Justicia paspaloides Benoist
Justicia paspaloides Benoist var. mandrakensis Benoist
Justicia paspaloides mandrakensis
Justicia patenti-ciliata
Justicia patenti-ciliata Lindau
Justicia patentiflora
Justicia patentiflora Hemsl., 1905
Justicia patula
Justicia patulinervis
Justicia pauciflora
Justicia pauciflora (Nees) Griseb.
Justicia paucifolia
Justicia paucifolia T. F. Daniel, 1998
Justicia paucifolia T.F. Daniel
Justicia paucinervia
Justicia paucinervia T. Anderson ex C.B. Clarke
Justicia paucinervis
Justicia paucinervis Benoist
Justicia paupercula
Justicia paxiana
Justicia paxiana Lindau
Justicia peckii
Justicia peckii (S.F. Blake) Standl.
Justicia pectinata
Justicia pectinata L.
Justicia pectinella
Justicia pectoralis
Justicia pectoralis Jacq.
Justicia pectoralis Jacq. var. latifolia Bremek.
Justicia pectoralis Jacq. var. macrophyllus Durkee
Justicia pectoralis Jacq. var. ovata Wassh.
Justicia pectoralis Jacq. var. pectoralis
Justicia pectoralis latifolia
Justicia pectoralis macrophyllus
Justicia pectoralis ovata
Justicia pectoralis pectoralis
Justicia pectoralis var. latifolia
Justicia pectoralis var. macrophyllus
Justicia pectoralis var. ovata
Justicia pectoralis var. stenophylla
Justicia pectoralis var. stenophylla Leonard
Justicia pedestris
Justicia pedestris Benoist
Justicia pedicellata
Justicia pedicellata D.N. Gibson
Justicia pedropalensis
Justicia pedunculosa
Justicia pedunculosa Michx.
Justicia pelianthia
Justicia peninsularis
Justicia peninsularis Gómez-Laur. & Hammel
Justicia pentasticha
Justicia peploides
Justicia peploides (Nees) T. Anderson
Justicia peratanthoides
Justicia peratanthoides Urb. & Ekman, 1928
Justicia perathanthoides
Justicia periplocaefolia
Justicia periplocifolia
Justicia periplocifolia Jacq.
Justicia periplocifolia auct. non Jacq.
Justicia peruviana
Justicia peruviana Lam.
Justicia petiolaris
Justicia petiolaris (Nees) T. Anderson
Justicia petiolaris (Nees) T. Anderson subsp. bowiei (C. B. Cl.) Immelman
Justicia petiolaris (Nees) T. Anderson subsp. incerta (C. B. Cl.) Immelman
Justicia petiolaris (Nees) T. Anderson subsp. petiolaris (Nees) T. Anders.
Justicia petiolaris bowiei
Justicia petiolaris incerta
Justicia petiolaris petiolaris
Justicia petiolaris subsp. bowiei
Justicia petiolaris subsp. incerta
Justicia petiolata
Justicia petraea
Justicia pharmacodes
Justicia pharmacodes Leonard
Justicia phenicea
Justicia phillipseae
Justicia phillipsiae
Justicia phillipsiae Rendle
Justicia phlebodes
Justicia phlebodes Leonard & Gentry
Justicia phlebophylla
Justicia phlebophylla Leonard
Justicia phlomoides
Justicia phlomoides Mildbr.
Justicia phyllocalyx
Justicia phyllocalyx (Lindau) Wassh. & C. Ezcurra
Justicia phyllostachys
Justicia phyllostachys C.B. Clarke
Justicia physogaster
Justicia physogaster Lindau
Justicia phytolaccoides
Justicia phytolaccoides Leonard
Justicia piauhiensis
Justicia picta
Justicia picta L.
Justicia pictifolia
Justicia pictifolia Standl.
Justicia pilifera
Justicia pilifera D. N. Gibson, 1972
Justicia pilifera D.N. Gibson
Justicia pilosa
Justicia pilosa (Ruiz ex Nees) Lindau
Justicia pilosella
Justicia pilosella (Nees)
Justicia pilosella (Nees) Hilsenb.
Justicia pilosocordata
Justicia pilosula
Justicia pilosula Benoist
Justicia pilzii
Justicia pilzii T.F. Daniel
Justicia pinensis
Justicia pinguior
Justicia pinguior C.B. Clarke
Justicia pittieri
Justicia pittieri Lindau
Justicia planchonii
Justicia planchonii V.A.W. Graham
Justicia platicarpa
Justicia platicarpa Lillo
Justicia platyphylla
Justicia platysepala
Justicia platysepala (S. Moore) P.G. Mey.
Justicia plebeia
Justicia plebeia Benoist
Justicia plectica
Justicia plectica Leonard
Justicia plectica Leonard, 1961
Justicia pleurolarynx
Justicia pleurolarynx (S. F. Blake)
Justicia pleurolarynx (S.F. Blake) V.M. Badillo
Justicia pleurolarynx var. hirtella
Justicia plicata
Justicia plumbaginea
Justicia plumbaginifolia
Justicia plumbaginifolia J. Jacq.
Justicia pluriformis
Justicia pluriformis Wassh. & J.R.I. Wood
Justicia poeppigiana
Justicia poeppigiana (Nees) Lindau
Justicia poeppigiana Nees
Justicia poggei
Justicia poilanei
Justicia polita
Justicia polyantha
Justicia polyantha Benoist
Justicia polygaloides
Justicia polygaloides (S. Moore) Lindau
Justicia polygonoides
Justicia polygonoides H. B. K.
Justicia polygonoides Kunth
Justicia polymorpha
Justicia polymorpha Schinz
Justicia polyneura
Justicia polysperma
Justicia polysperma Roxb.
Justicia polystachia
Justicia polystachia Vahl
Justicia polystachya
Justicia polystachya Allaman ex Nees
Justicia polystachya Lam.
Justicia porphyrocoma
Justicia potamogeton
Justicia potamogeton Lindau
Justicia potamophila
Justicia potarensis
Justicia potarensis (Bremek.) Wassh.
Justicia potarensis Bremek.
Justicia pozuzoensis
Justicia pozuzoensis Wassh.
Justicia praclaera
Justicia praclaera Standl.
Justicia praecox
Justicia praetermissa
Justicia praetermissa Wassh. & J.R.I. Wood
Justicia praetervisa
Justicia preussii
Justicia preussii (Lindau) C.B. Clarke
Justicia prevostiae
Justicia prevostiae Wassh.
Justicia pringlei
Justicia pringlei B. L. Rob., 1897
Justicia pringlei B.L. Rob.
Justicia procumbens
Justicia procumbens L.
Justicia procumbens L. var. hirsuta Yamam.
Justicia procumbens L. var. latispica C.B. Clarke
Justicia procumbens L. var. linearifolia Yamam.
Justicia procumbens L. var. riukiuensis Yamam.
Justicia procumbens L., 1753
Justicia procumbens Nees
Justicia procumbens hirsuta
Justicia procumbens latispica
Justicia procumbens linearifolia
Justicia procumbens riukiuensis
Justicia procumbens subsp. latispica
Justicia procumbens var. adscendens
Justicia procumbens var. bonneyana
Justicia procumbens var. hispida
Justicia procumbens var. juncea
Justicia procumbens var. latifolia
Justicia procumbens var. peploides
Justicia procumbens var. procumbens
Justicia procumbens var. typica
Justicia prolifera
Justicia prolixa
Justicia prominens
Justicia prostrata
Justicia prostrata Gamble
Justicia protracta
Justicia protracta (Nees) T. Anderson
Justicia protracta (Nees) T. Anderson subsp. protracta
Justicia protracta (Nees) T. Anderson subsp. rhodesiana (S. Moore) Immelman
Justicia protracta protracta
Justicia protracta rhodesiana
Justicia protracta subsp. rhodesiana
Justicia prunellaefolia
Justicia psammophila
Justicia pseudo-betonica
Justicia pseudoamazonica
Justicia pseudoamazonica Lindau
Justicia pseudociliata
Justicia pseudociliata (Mildbr.) V.A.W. Graham
Justicia pseudociliata Mildbr.
Justicia pseudohypoestes
Justicia pseudohypoestes Benoist
Justicia pseudopolystachya
Justicia pseudopolystachya Cufod.
Justicia pseudoruellia
Justicia pseudorungia
Justicia pseudorungia Lindau
Justicia pseudospicata
Justicia pseudospicata H.S. Lo & D. Fang
Justicia psychotriodes
Justicia psychotriodes (Nees) Baker
Justicia psychotrioides
Justicia ptychostoma
Justicia puberula
Justicia pubescens
Justicia pubescens Ruiz ex Nees
Justicia pubiflora
Justicia pubigera
Justicia pubigera Wall.
Justicia pulchella
Justicia pulchella Sessé & Moc.
Justicia pulcherrima
Justicia pulcherrima Jacq.
Justicia pulchra
Justicia pulegioides
Justicia pulegioides C.B. Clarke
Justicia pulegioides late-ovata
Justicia pulegioides subsp. late-ovata C.B. Clarke
Justicia pulegium
Justicia pumila
Justicia pumila F. Dietr.
Justicia punctata
Justicia punduana
Justicia purpurascens
Justicia purpurea
Justicia purpusii
Justicia purpusii (Brandegee) D.N. Gibson
Justicia pusilla
Justicia putata
Justicia putata Loefl.
Justicia pycnophylla
Justicia pycnophylla Lindau
Justicia pygmaea
Justicia pygmaea Lindau
Justicia pynaertii
Justicia pynaertii De Wild.
Justicia pyramidata
Justicia pyramidata (Lindau) C.B. Clarke
Justicia pyrrhostachya
Justicia pyrrhostachya (Lindau) Wassh.
Justicia quadrangularis
Justicia quadrifaria
Justicia quadrifida
Justicia quadrifida Vahl
Justicia quadrifidus
Justicia quadrifidus Vahl
Justicia quadrigona
Justicia quinqueangularis
Justicia quinqueangularis J. Konig ex Roxb.
Justicia quinqueangularis Koenig
Justicia racemosa
Justicia racemosa Ruiz & Pav.
Justicia racemulosa
Justicia radicans
Justicia radicans Vahl
Justicia ramosa
Justicia ramosa (Oerst.) V.A.W. Graham
Justicia ramosissima
Justicia ramulosa
Justicia ramulosa (Morong) C. Ezcurra
Justicia ramulosa (Morong) V.A.W. Graham
Justicia ramulosa Morong
Justicia rauhii
Justicia rauhii Wassh.
Justicia readii
Justicia readii T.F. Daniel & Wassh.
Justicia rectiflora
Justicia reflexiflora
Justicia reflexiflora Vahl
Justicia reflexiflora var. glandulosa
Justicia refractifolia
Justicia refractifolia (Kuntze)
Justicia refractifolia (Kuntze) Leonard
Justicia refulgens
Justicia refulgens Leonard
Justicia regis
Justicia regis Hedrén
Justicia regnelli
Justicia regnelli Lindau
Justicia regnellii
Justicia reisensis
Justicia reisensis Rusby
Justicia reisensis Rusby, 1900
Justicia reitzii
Justicia reitzii Leonard
Justicia remotifolia
Justicia rendlei
Justicia rendlei C.B. Clarke
Justicia repanda
Justicia repanda G. Forst.
Justicia repens
Justicia repens (Nees) Lindau
Justicia repens G. C. Wall.
Justicia repens L.
Justicia reptabunda
Justicia reptabunda Benoist
Justicia reptans
Justicia reptans Sw.
Justicia resupinata
Justicia resupinata Vahl
Justicia reticulata
Justicia reticulata Benoist
Justicia retorta
Justicia retusa
Justicia rhodantha
Justicia rhodesiana
Justicia rhodesiana S. Moore
Justicia rhodoides
Justicia rhodoides Leonard, 1958
Justicia rhodoptera
Justicia rhodoptera Baker
Justicia rhomboidea
Justicia rhomboidea Wassh. & J.R.I. Wood
Justicia richardi
Justicia richardii
Justicia richardii Benoist
Justicia richardsiae
Justicia richardsiae Hedrén
Justicia rictus
Justicia rictus Benoist
Justicia riedeliana
Justicia riedeliana (Nees) V.A.W. Graham
Justicia riedeliana Nees
Justicia rigens
Justicia rigens Benoist
Justicia rigida
Justicia rigida Balf. f.
Justicia riojana
Justicia riojana Lindau
Justicia riopalenquensis
Justicia riopalenquensis Wassh.
Justicia riparia
Justicia riparia Kameyama
Justicia riviniaefolia
Justicia rivinoides
Justicia rizzini
Justicia rizzini Wassh.
Justicia rizzinii
Justicia rizzinii Wassh.
Justicia robertii
Justicia robinsonii
Justicia robusta
Justicia robusta Rusby
Justicia robusta Rusby, 1907
Justicia rohrii
Justicia roigii
Justicia roigii Britton, 1956
Justicia romaniae
Justicia romba
Justicia romba Benoist
Justicia rooseveltii
Justicia rosea
Justicia rosea Vahl
Justicia roseo-punctata
Justicia rostellaria
Justicia rostellarioides
Justicia rostellarioides Lindau
Justicia rostrata
Justicia rostrata Bertol.
Justicia rothschuhii
Justicia rothschuhii (Lindau) Durkee
Justicia rottleriana
Justicia rotundifolia
Justicia rotundifolia (Nees) T. Anders.
Justicia roxburghiana
Justicia royeniana
Justicia rubicunda
Justicia rubicunda (Hochst.) Fourc.
Justicia rubra
Justicia rubra Vahl
Justicia rubriflora
Justicia rubriflora Wassh. & J.R.I. Wood
Justicia rubropicta
Justicia rubropicta Benoist
Justicia rubroviolacea
Justicia rubroviolacea Benoist
Justicia ruderalis
Justicia rugeliana
Justicia rugeliana (Griseb.)
Justicia ruiziana
Justicia ruiziana (Nees) Lindau
Justicia runyonii
Justicia runyonii Small
Justicia runyonii Small, 1930
Justicia rupestris
Justicia rupicola
Justicia rusbyana
Justicia rusbyana Lindau
Justicia rusbyana Lindau, 1895
Justicia rusbyi
Justicia rusbyi (Lindau) V.A.W. Graham
Justicia rusbyi Lindau
Justicia rusbyi rusbyi
Justicia rusbyi rusbyi Nutt.
Justicia ruwenzoriensis
Justicia ruwenzoriensis C.B. Clarke
Justicia ryani
Justicia rzedowskii
Justicia rzedowskii (Acosta Cast.) T.F. Daniel
Justicia sabulicola
Justicia sabulicola Benoist
Justicia sagraeana
Justicia sagraena
Justicia salicaria
Justicia salicifolia
Justicia salicina
Justicia salicina Vahl
Justicia salsola
Justicia salsola S. Moore
Justicia salsoloides
Justicia saltensis
Justicia saltensis T. Ruiz & De Marco
Justicia salvadcrensis
Justicia salvadorensis
Justicia salvadorensis Standl.
Justicia salviaeflora
Justicia salviaefolia
Justicia salviiflora
Justicia salviiflora Kunth
Justicia salvioides
Justicia salvioides Milne-Redh.
Justicia sambiranensis
Justicia sambiranensis Benoist
Justicia sanchezioides
Justicia sanchezioides Leonard
Justicia sancta-martae
Justicia sancta-martae Lindau
Justicia sanctae
Justicia sanctae var. martae
Justicia sanctae-martae
Justicia sanguinea
Justicia sanguinea Humb. & Bonpl. ex Schult.
Justicia sanguinolenta
Justicia sansibarensis
Justicia santapaui
Justicia santelisiana
Justicia santelisiana Acosta Cast. & T.F. Daniel
Justicia sarapiquensis
Justicia sarapiquensis McDade
Justicia sarmentosa
Justicia sarmentosa (Nees) Lindau
Justicia sarotheca
Justicia sarotheca V.A.W. Graham
Justicia sarothroides
Justicia sarothroides Lindau
Justicia sarrothroides
Justicia sarrothroides Lindau
Justicia scabra
Justicia scabra (Nees) V.M. Badillo
Justicia scabra Vahl
Justicia scabrida
Justicia scabrida S. Moore
Justicia scabrula
Justicia scabrula Chiov.
Justicia scaettae
Justicia scandens
Justicia scandens Vahl
Justicia scansilis
Justicia scansilis (Rizzini) V.A.W. Graham
Justicia scarlatina
Justicia scarlatina (S.F. Blake) V.A.W. Graham
Justicia scheidweileri
Justicia scheidweileri V. A. W. Graham
Justicia schenckiana
Justicia schenckiana Lindau
Justicia schenkiana
Justicia schimperi
Justicia schimperi (Hochst.) Dandy
Justicia schimperi subsp. fistulosa
Justicia schimperi var. kotschyi
Justicia schimperiana
Justicia schimperiana (Hochst. ex Nees) T. Anderson
Justicia schliebenii
Justicia schneideri
Justicia schoensis
Justicia schoensis Lindau
Justicia schomburgkiana
Justicia schomburgkiana (Nees) V.A.W. Graham
Justicia schottii
Justicia schottii Nees
Justicia schreiteri
Justicia schreiteri Lillo
Justicia schultesii
Justicia schultesii Leonard
Justicia schwackeana
Justicia schwackeana Lindau
Justicia schweidweileri
Justicia sciera
Justicia sciera Leonard
Justicia sciota
Justicia scorpioides
Justicia scorpioides (Nees) Griseb.
Justicia scorpioides L.
Justicia scortechinii
Justicia scutifera
Justicia scytophylla
Justicia sebastianopolitanae
Justicia sebastianopolitanae Profice
Justicia seclusa
Justicia seclusa Benoist
Justicia sect. Dianthera
Justicia sect. Justicia
Justicia secunda
Justicia secunda Vahl
Justicia secunda var. leucantha
Justicia secundiflora
Justicia secundiflora (Ruiz & Pav.) Vahl
Justicia selangorensis
Justicia senicula
Justicia senicula Benoist
Justicia sericea
Justicia sericea Ruiz & Pav.
Justicia sericiflora
Justicia sericiflora Benoist
Justicia sericographis
Justicia sericographis V.A.W. Graham
Justicia serpens
Justicia serpens Vahl
Justicia serpyllifolia
Justicia serrana
Justicia serrata
Justicia serrulata
Justicia sesamoides
Justicia seslerioides
Justicia seslerioides S. Moore
Justicia sessiliflora
Justicia sessilifolia
Justicia sessilifolia (Lindau) Wassh.
Justicia sessilis
Justicia sessilis Jacq.
Justicia setibractea
Justicia sexangularis
Justicia sexangularis Cav.
Justicia sexangularis L.
Justicia sexangulata
Justicia sexsulcata
Justicia shebelensis
Justicia siccanea
Justicia siccanea W.W. Sm.
Justicia silvatica
Justicia silvestris
Justicia silvicola
Justicia silvicola D.N. Gibson
Justicia simonisia
Justicia simonisia V.A.W. Graham
Justicia simplex
Justicia simplex D. Don
Justicia simplicispica
Justicia sinuata
Justicia sinuata Vahl
Justicia sirensis
Justicia sisparensis
Justicia sitiens
Justicia sitiens Benoist
Justicia skutchii
Justicia skutchii Leonard
Justicia skutchii Leonard, 1930
Justicia smeruensis
Justicia smithii
Justicia soliana
Justicia soliana Standl.
Justicia somalensis
Justicia sonorae
Justicia sonorae Wassh.
Justicia sonorae Wasshausen
Justicia soratensis
Justicia soratensis Wassh. & C. Ezcurra
Justicia soukupii
Justicia soukupii (Standl. & F.A. Barkley) V.A.W. Graham
Justicia sparsiflora
Justicia spartioides
Justicia spartioides T. Anders.
Justicia spathulata
Justicia spathulata ((Nees)) Klotzsch
Justicia speciosa
Justicia speciosa Lindau
Justicia speciosa Nees
Justicia speciosus
Justicia speciosus (Nees) Lindau
Justicia spectabilis
Justicia spergulaefolia
Justicia sphaerosperma
Justicia sphaerosperma Vahl.
Justicia spicata
Justicia spicata (Nees) Baron
Justicia spicata (Nees) Baron var. geayi Benoist
Justicia spicata Ruiz & Pav.
Justicia spicata Ruiz and Pavon
Justicia spicata geayi
Justicia spiciformis
Justicia spiciformis Elmer, 1908
Justicia spicigera
Justicia spicigera Schlect.
Justicia spicigera Schltdl.
Justicia spiculifera
Justicia spiculifera Benoist
Justicia spigelioides
Justicia spigelioides Baker
Justicia spinigera
Justicia spinigera Urb. & Ekman, 1928
Justicia spinosa
Justicia spinosa Jacq.
Justicia spinosissima
Justicia spinossisima
Justicia spinulosa
Justicia sprucei
Justicia sprucei V. A. W. Graham
Justicia squalida
Justicia squalida Wassh. & J.R.I. Wood
Justicia squamosa
Justicia squarrosa
Justicia squarrosa Griseb.
Justicia stachytarphetoides
Justicia stachytarphetoides (Lindau) C.B. Clarke
Justicia staminea
Justicia stearnii
Justicia stearnii V.A.W. Graham
Justicia steinbachiorum
Justicia steinbachiorum Wassh. & J.R.I. Wood
Justicia steingroeveri
Justicia stellata
Justicia stellata (B.L. Rob. & Greenm.) T.F. Daniel
Justicia stenophylla
Justicia stenophylla Urb. & Britton, 1912
Justicia sterea
Justicia sterea Leonard
Justicia stereostachya
Justicia steyermarkii
Justicia steyermarkii (Leonard) Leonard
Justicia steyermarkii Standl. & Leonard
Justicia stipitata
Justicia stipitata Wassh. & Arroyo
Justicia stolonifera
Justicia straminea
Justicia straminea D.N. Gibson
Justicia striata
Justicia striata (Klotzsch) Bullock
Justicia striata (Klotzsch) Bullock subsp. austromontana Hedrén
Justicia striata (Klotzsch) Bullock subsp. occidentalis J.K. Morton
Justicia striata (Klotzsch) Bullock subsp. striata
Justicia striata (Klotzsch) Bullock var. dyschoristeoides (C.B. Clarke) Hedrén
Justicia striata (Klotzsch) Bullock var. striata
Justicia striata austromontana
Justicia striata dyschoristeoides
Justicia striata occidentalis
Justicia striata striata
Justicia striata subsp. austromontana
Justicia striata subsp. insularis
Justicia striata subsp. melampyrum
Justicia striata subsp. occidentalis
Justicia striata var. dyschoristeoides
Justicia striata var. filifolia
Justicia stricta
Justicia strigilis
Justicia strigilis Benoist
Justicia striolata
Justicia striolata Mildbr.
Justicia strobilacea
Justicia strobilacea (Nees) Lindau
Justicia strobilacea Nees
Justicia strobilifera
Justicia strobilifera Lam.
Justicia strobiloglossa
Justicia strobiloglossa V.A.W. Graham
Justicia stuebelii
Justicia stuebelii Lindau
Justicia suarezensis
Justicia suarezensis Benoist
Justicia suaveolens
Justicia subalternans
Justicia subcapitata
Justicia subcoriacea
Justicia subcymosa
Justicia subintegrifolia
Justicia subintegrifolia Rusby
Justicia subintegrifolia Rusby, 1907
Justicia subpaniculata
Justicia subpaniculata Benoist
Justicia subsect. Saglorithys
Justicia subsessilis
Justicia subtilifolia
Justicia suffruticosa
Justicia sulcata
Justicia sulfurea
Justicia sulfurea (Donn. Sm.)
Justicia sulfurea (Donn. Sm.) D.N. Gibson
Justicia sulphurea
Justicia sulphuriflora
Justicia sulphuriflora Hedrén
Justicia sumatrana
Justicia superba
Justicia suratensis
Justicia sylvatica
Justicia sylvestris
Justicia symphyantha
Justicia symphyantha Lindau
Justicia symphyantha Lindau var. obtusifolia (Nees) Lindau
Justicia symphyantha Nees
Justicia symphyantha obtusifolia
Justicia symphyantha obtusifolia Nutt.
Justicia syncollotheca
Justicia syncollotheca Milne-Redh.
Justicia syringifolia
Justicia syringifolia Vahl
Justicia tabascina
Justicia tabascina T.F. Daniel
Justicia takhinensis
Justicia takhinensis R.Atkinson
Justicia talbotii
Justicia talbotii S. Moore
Justicia tanaensis
Justicia tanalensis
Justicia tanalensis S. Moore
Justicia tarapotensis
Justicia tarapotensis Lindau
Justicia taylorii
Justicia teletheca
Justicia teletheca T.F. Daniel
Justicia telloensis
Justicia telloensis Hedrén
Justicia temulenta
Justicia tenella
Justicia tenella (Nees) T. Anderson
Justicia tenella (Nees) T. Anderson fo. crenulata (Nees) Vatke
Justicia tenella crenulata
Justicia tenera
Justicia tenera (Turrill) D.N. Gibson
Justicia tenuiflora
Justicia tenuiflora Ruiz & Pav.
Justicia tenuifolia
Justicia tenuipes
Justicia tenuipes S. Moore
Justicia tenuis
Justicia tenuis Merr., 1909
Justicia tenuispica
Justicia tenuissima
Justicia tenuistachys
Justicia tenuistachys (Rusby) Wassh. & J.R.I. Wood
Justicia tetragona
Justicia tetragona Vahl
Justicia tetramerioides
Justicia tetramerioides (Lindau) V.A.W. Graham
Justicia tetrasperma
Justicia teucriflora
Justicia thiniophila
Justicia thiniophila Ensermu
Justicia thomeensis
Justicia thomeensis Lindau
Justicia thomensis
Justicia thunbergioides
Justicia thunbergioides (Lindau) Leonard
Justicia thunbergioides Lindau
Justicia thymifolia
Justicia thymifolia (Nees) C.B. Clarke
Justicia thyrsiflora
Justicia thyrsiflora Roxb.
Justicia thyrsiflora S. Moore
Justicia thyrsiformis
Justicia thyrsoidea
Justicia thyrsoides
Justicia tianguensis
Justicia tianguensis T.F. Daniel
Justicia tigrina
Justicia tigrina Heine
Justicia tijucensis
Justicia tinctoria
Justicia tinctoria (Oerst.) D.N. Gibson
Justicia tinctoria Lour.
Justicia tinctoria Roxb.
Justicia tinctoriella
Justicia tobagensis
Justicia tocanthina
Justicia tocanthina Nees
Justicia tocantina
Justicia tocantina (Nees) V.A.W. Graham
Justicia tocantina (Nees) V.A.W. Graham subsp. andina Wassh. & J.R.I. Wood
Justicia tocantina (Nees) V.A.W. Graham subsp. tocantina
Justicia tocantina andina
Justicia tocantina subsp. andina
Justicia tocantina tocantina
Justicia togoensis
Justicia togoensis Lindau
Justicia tomentosa
Justicia tomentosa Roxb.
Justicia tomentosa Vahl
Justicia tomentulosa
Justicia tonduzii
Justicia tonduzii Lindau
Justicia toroensis
Justicia toroensis S. Moore
Justicia torresii
Justicia torresii T.F. Daniel
Justicia tranquebariansis
Justicia tranquebariansis L.
Justicia tranquebariensis
Justicia tranquebariensis L.
Justicia tremulifolia
Justicia tremulifolia Lindau
Justicia triangularis
Justicia tribracteata
Justicia trichantha
Justicia trichocarpa
Justicia trichodes
Justicia trichophylla
Justicia trichophylla Baker
Justicia trichotoma
Justicia trichotoma (Kuntze) Leonard
Justicia tridenta
Justicia tridenta E. Mey.
Justicia trifasciata
Justicia triflora
Justicia triflora Forssk.
Justicia trifoliata
Justicia trifolioides
Justicia trifolioides T. Anderson
Justicia trinervia
Justicia trinervia Vahl
Justicia trispinosa
Justicia tristis
Justicia tristis (Nees) T. Anderson
Justicia trisulca
Justicia triticea
Justicia triticea Baker
Justicia trivialis
Justicia trivialis Benoist
Justicia tubaeformis
Justicia tubaeformis Bertol.
Justicia tubiflora
Justicia tubulosa
Justicia tubulosa E. Mey.
Justicia tucumanensis
Justicia tucumanensis Lillo
Justicia tuerckheimiana
Justicia tuerckheimiana Donn. Sm.
Justicia tuerckheimiana F. Donn. Sm.
Justicia tukuchensis
Justicia tunicata
Justicia tunicata Afzel.
Justicia turipachensis
Justicia turipachensis T.F. Daniel
Justicia turneri
Justicia turneri Hilsenb.
Justicia tuxtlensis
Justicia tuxtlensis T.F. Daniel
Justicia tweediana
Justicia tweediana (Nees) Benth. & Hook. f.
Justicia tweediana (Nees) Griseb.
Justicia uber
Justicia ukagurensis
Justicia ukagurensis Hedrén
Justicia ukambensis
Justicia ulei
Justicia ulei Lindau
Justicia ulugurica
Justicia umbellata
Justicia umbellata Vahl
Justicia umbratilis
Justicia umbratilis Fern.
Justicia umbratilis Fernald
Justicia umbratilis Fernald, 1941
Justicia umbricola
Justicia umbricola Wassh. & J.R.I. Wood
Justicia umbrosa
Justicia umbrosa (Nees) Lindau
Justicia umbrosa Benth.
Justicia umbrosa Benth., 1841
Justicia uncinulata
Justicia uncinulata Oliv.
Justicia undulata
Justicia unguiculata
Justicia uninervis
Justicia uninervis S. Moore
Justicia unyorensis
Justicia unyorensis S. Moore
Justicia unyorensis S. Moore var. keniensis (Rendle) Hedrén
Justicia unyorensis S. Moore var. unyorensis
Justicia unyorensis keniensis
Justicia unyorensis unyorensis
Justicia unyorensis var. keniensis
Justicia upembensis
Justicia upembensis Hedrén
Justicia urbaniana
Justicia urophylla
Justicia urophylla (Lindau) D.N. Gibson
Justicia uvida
Justicia uvida Wassh.
Justicia uxpanapensis
Justicia uxpanapensis T.F. Daniel
Justicia vagabunda
Justicia vagans
Justicia vahliana
Justicia vahlii
Justicia vahlii Roth
Justicia vahlii Roth var. scindica Malik & Ghafoor
Justicia vahlii scindica
Justicia vahlii var. scindica
Justicia valerii
Justicia valerii Leonard
Justicia valida
Justicia valida Ridl.
Justicia valvata
Justicia valvata T.F. Daniel
Justicia vandelli
Justicia variabilis
Justicia variegata
Justicia variegata Aubl.
Justicia vasculosa
Justicia vasculosa (Nees) T. Anders.
Justicia vasculosa (Nees) T. Anders. var. laxa Imlay
Justicia vasculosa laxa
Justicia vegeta
Justicia velascana
Justicia velascana Lindau
Justicia velascana Lindau, 1895
Justicia velasquezii
Justicia vellasquezii
Justicia vellasquezii Bertol.
Justicia vellosii
Justicia velutina
Justicia velutina (Lindau) Lindau ex Hassl.
Justicia velutina (Nees) Baron
Justicia venalis
Justicia venalis Benoist
Justicia venosa
Justicia venosa (Nees) V.A.W. Graham
Justicia ventricosa
Justicia ventricosa Wall.
Justicia ventricosa Wall. ex Hook.
Justicia venulosa
Justicia venusta
Justicia venusta (Rizzini) V.A.W. Graham
Justicia veracruzana
Justicia veracruzana T.F. Daniel
Justicia veraguensis
Justicia veraguensis T.F. Daniel & Wassh.
Justicia veridiflavescens
Justicia veridiflavescens Lindau
Justicia vernalis
Justicia vernalis Wassh. & J.R.I. Wood
Justicia versicolor
Justicia verticillaris
Justicia verticillaris (Nees) Urban
Justicia verticillaris L. f.
Justicia verticillata
Justicia vestita
Justicia vestita Roem. & Schult.
Justicia vicina
Justicia vicina Benoist
Justicia vidalii
Justicia vidalii C. B. Clarke, 1906
Justicia villosa
Justicia vincoides
Justicia vincoides Lam.
Justicia violacea
Justicia violacea Vahl
Justicia violaceotincta
Justicia virescens
Justicia virgata
Justicia virgularis
Justicia virgularis Salisb.
Justicia viridescens
Justicia viridescens (Leonard) T.F. Daniel
Justicia viridifavescens
Justicia viridiflavescens
Justicia viridiflavescens Lindau
Justicia viridiflora
Justicia viridiflora Nees
Justicia viridis
Justicia viscosa
Justicia viscosa V.A.W. Graham
Justicia vitellina
Justicia vittata
Justicia vitzliputzli
Justicia vitzliputzli Lindau
Justicia vitzliputzli Lindau, 1904
Justicia vixspicata
Justicia volubilis
Justicia vulgaris
Justicia wallichii
Justicia wardii
Justicia wardii W.W. Sm.
Justicia warmingii
Justicia warmingii Hiern
Justicia warmingii Hieron.
Justicia warnockii
Justicia warnockii B. L. Turner
Justicia warnockii B. Turner, 1951
Justicia wasshauseniana
Justicia wasshauseniana Profice
Justicia weberbaueri
Justicia weberbaueri (Lindau) Wassh.
Justicia wendtii
Justicia wendtii T.F. Daniel
Justicia whytei
Justicia whytei S. Moore
Justicia wigginsii
Justicia wigginsii Leonard
Justicia wightiana
Justicia wilhelminensis
Justicia wilhelminensis Wassh.
Justicia wittei
Justicia wittigiana
Justicia woodii
Justicia woodii C.B. Clarke
Justicia woodsiae
Justicia wrightii
Justicia wrightii A. Gray
Justicia wrightii Gray
Justicia wurdackii
Justicia wurdackii Leonard
Justicia wurdackii Leonard, 1961
Justicia wynaadensis
Justicia wynaadensis Heyne
Justicia xantholeuca
Justicia xantholeuca W.W. Sm.
Justicia xanthostachya
Justicia xerobatica
Justicia xerobatica W.W. Sm.
Justicia xerophila
Justicia xerophila W.W. Sm.
Justicia xylopoda
Justicia xylopoda W.W. Sm.
Justicia xylosteoides
Justicia xylosteoides Griseb.
Justicia yhuensis
Justicia yhuensis Lindau
Justicia yhuensis Lindau, 1907
Justicia yucatanensis
Justicia yucatanensis T.F. Daniel
Justicia yungensis
Justicia yungensis Wassh. & J.R.I. Wood
Justicia yunnanensis
Justicia yunnanensis W.W. Sm.
Justicia yurimaguensis
Justicia yurimaguensis Lindau
Justicia yuyoeensis
Justicia yuyoeensis Wassh. & J.R.I. Wood
Justicia yuyoensis
Justicia zamudioi
Justicia zamudioi T.F. Daniel
Justicia zapilotensis
Justicia zarucchii
Justicia zarucchii Wassh.
Justicia zarucchii Wassh., 1986
Justicia zollingeriana
Justicia zopilotensis
Justicia zopilotensis Henr. & Hiriart
Lyrcus justicia
Lyrcus justicia (Girault)
Lyrcus justicia (Girault, 1917)
Mesopolobus justicia
Mesopolobus justicia (Girault 1917)
Tomicobomorphella justicia
Tomicobomorphella justicia Girault
Tomicobomorphella justicia Girault, 1915
Zatropis justicia
Zatropis justicia (Girault 1917)

10 Other Matches
justicia (Justicia)Common name
Red Justicia (Justicia candicans)English
paz y justicia (Ficus pumila)Spanish
Justicia areysiana
Justicia areysiana Deflers
Justicia odorata
Justicia sp. Daniel 9010
Justicia sp. Daniel 9024
Justicia sp. Zjhra 983

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