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218 Scientific Matches
Lumbrineris Blainville, 1828
Lumbrineris aberrans
Lumbrineris aberrans Day, 1963
Lumbrineris acicularum
Lumbrineris acicularum Webster and Benedict, 1887
Lumbrineris acuta
Lumbrineris acuta (Verrill, 1875)
Lumbrineris agastos
Lumbrineris agastos Fauchald, 1974
Lumbrineris alata
Lumbrineris alata Hartman, 1951
Lumbrineris albidendata
Lumbrineris albidendata (Ehlers, 1908)
Lumbrineris albidentata
Lumbrineris albidentata (Ehlers, 1908)
Lumbrineris albidentata sadko
Lumbrineris albidentata sadko (Annenkova, 1952)
Lumbrineris albifrons
Lumbrineris aniara
Lumbrineris aniara Fauchald, 1974
Lumbrineris aotearoae
Lumbrineris aotearoae Knox & Green 1972
Lumbrineris atlantica
Lumbrineris atlantica (Kinberg 1865)
Lumbrineris atlantica Kinberg 1869
Lumbrineris bassi
Lumbrineris bassi Hartman, 1944
Lumbrineris bicirrata
Lumbrineris bicirrata Treadwell, 1929
Lumbrineris bidens
Lumbrineris bidens (Ehlers, 1887)
Lumbrineris bifrons
Lumbrineris bifrons (Kinberg 1865)
Lumbrineris bifurcata
Lumbrineris bifurcata (McIntosh, 1885)
Lumbrineris bifurcatus
Lumbrineris bilabiata
Lumbrineris bilabiata (Treadwell 1901)
Lumbrineris branchiata
Lumbrineris branchiata (Treadwell 1921)
Lumbrineris branchiata Treadwell, 1921
Lumbrineris brevicirra
Lumbrineris brevicirra (Schmarda, 1861)
Lumbrineris brevipes
Lumbrineris brevipes (McIntosh, 1903)
Lumbrineris californiensis
Lumbrineris californiensis Hartman, 1944
Lumbrineris candida
Lumbrineris candida (Treadwell 1921)
Lumbrineris candida Treadwell, 1921
Lumbrineris carvicalis
Lumbrineris cedroensis
Lumbrineris cedroensis Fauchald, 1970
Lumbrineris cervicalis
Lumbrineris cervicalis Treadwell, 1922
Lumbrineris cingulata
Lumbrineris cingulata (Ehlers 1897)
Lumbrineris cluthensis
Lumbrineris cluthensis (Clark, 1953)
Lumbrineris cluthensis Clark, 1953
Lumbrineris coccinea
Lumbrineris coccinea (Renier, 1804)
Lumbrineris coccinea Pettibone 1963
Lumbrineris composita
Lumbrineris composita Hartmann Schroder 1965
Lumbrineris crassicephala
Lumbrineris crassicephala Hartman, 1965
Lumbrineris crassidentata
Lumbrineris crassidentata Fauchald, 1970
Lumbrineris crosslandi
Lumbrineris cruzensis
Lumbrineris cruzensis Hartman, 1944
Lumbrineris cultriformis
Lumbrineris cultriformis Intes & le Loeuff 1975
Lumbrineris curtolobata
Lumbrineris de Blainville 1828
Lumbrineris dentata
Lumbrineris dentata Hartmann-schroeder, 1965
Lumbrineris dubeni
Lumbrineris dubeni (Kinberg 1865)
Lumbrineris ehlersii
Lumbrineris ehlersii McIntosh 1885
Lumbrineris erecta
Lumbrineris erecta (Moore, 1904)
Lumbrineris erectus
Lumbrineris ernesti
Lumbrineris ernesti Perkins, 1979
Lumbrineris eugeniae
Lumbrineris eugeniae Fauchald, 1970
Lumbrineris flabellicola
Lumbrineris flabellicola (Fage 1936)
Lumbrineris fragilis
Lumbrineris fragilis (Muller 1776)
Lumbrineris fragilis (O. F. Müller, 1776)
Lumbrineris fragilis (O. F. Müller, 1776)
Lumbrineris funchalensis
Lumbrineris funchalensis (Kinberg, 1865)
Lumbrineris galatheae
Lumbrineris galatheae Knox & Green 1972
Lumbrineris gracilis
Lumbrineris gracilis (Ehlers, 1868)
Lumbrineris hebes
Lumbrineris hebes (Verrill 1879)
Lumbrineris hebes Verrill, 1880
Lumbrineris heteropoda
Lumbrineris heteropoda (Marenzeller, 1879)
Lumbrineris heteropoda difficilis
Lumbrineris heteropoda difficilis Day, 1962
Lumbrineris hibernica
Lumbrineris hibernica (Mcintosh, 1903)
Lumbrineris impatiens
Lumbrineris impatiens (Claparède, 1868)
Lumbrineris impatiens (Claparède, 1868)
Lumbrineris index
Lumbrineris index Moore, 1911
Lumbrineris inflata
Lumbrineris inflata (Moore, 1911)
Lumbrineris inflata Moore, 1911
Lumbrineris janeirensis
Lumbrineris janeirensis (Augener 1934)
Lumbrineris januarii
Lumbrineris januarii (Grube 1878)
Lumbrineris januarii (Grube, 1879)
Lumbrineris japonica
Lumbrineris japonica (Marenzeller, 1879)
Lumbrineris labrofimbriata
Lumbrineris labrofimbriata (Saint-Joseph, 1888)
Lumbrineris labrofimbriata (de Saint Joseph, 1888)
Lumbrineris lagunae
Lumbrineris lagunae Fauchald, 1970
Lumbrineris latreilli
Lumbrineris latreilli Audouin & Milne Edwards 1834
Lumbrineris latreilli Audouin and Milne-Edwards, 1834
Lumbrineris ligulata
Lumbrineris ligulata Berkeley and Berkeley, 1941
Lumbrineris limicola
Lumbrineris limicola Hartman, 1944
Lumbrineris longensis
Lumbrineris longensis Hartman, 1960
Lumbrineris longipodiata
Lumbrineris longipodiata Cantone, 1989
Lumbrineris luti
Lumbrineris luti Berkeley and Berkeley, 1945
Lumbrineris magalhaensis
Lumbrineris magalhaensis (Kinberg, 1865)
Lumbrineris magnidentata
Lumbrineris mainae
Lumbrineris minima
Lumbrineris minima Hartman, 1944
Lumbrineris minuscula
Lumbrineris minuscula Moore, 1911
Lumbrineris minuta
Lumbrineris minuta (Theel 1879)
Lumbrineris minuta (Théel, 1879)
Lumbrineris minuta (Théel, 1879)
Lumbrineris mixochaeta
Lumbrineris mixochaeta Oug, 1998
Lumbrineris monroi
Lumbrineris monroi Fauchald, 1970
Lumbrineris moorei
Lumbrineris moorei Hartman, 1942
Lumbrineris nonatoi
Lumbrineris nonatoi Ramos, 1976
Lumbrineris nuchalis
Lumbrineris nuchalis Treadwell, 1921
Lumbrineris orensanzi
Lumbrineris pallida
Lumbrineris pallida Hartman, 1944
Lumbrineris papillifera
Lumbrineris papillifera (Fauvel 1918)
Lumbrineris paradoxa
Lumbrineris paradoxa Saint-Joseph, 1888
Lumbrineris parvapedata
Lumbrineris parvapedata (Treadwell, 1901)
Lumbrineris penascensis
Lumbrineris penascensis Fauchald, 1970
Lumbrineris perkinsi
Lumbrineris platylobata
Lumbrineris platylobata Fauchald, 1970
Lumbrineris platypygos
Lumbrineris platypygos Fauchald, 1970
Lumbrineris pseudo fragilis
Lumbrineris pseudo fragilis Amoureux 1977
Lumbrineris pseudofragilis
Lumbrineris pseudofragilis Amoureux, 1977
Lumbrineris salazari
Lumbrineris sarsi
Lumbrineris sarsi (Kinberg, 1865)
Lumbrineris scopa
Lumbrineris scopa Fauchald, 1974
Lumbrineris scopa aequilobata
Lumbrineris scopa aequilobata Winsnes, 1981
Lumbrineris scopa scopa
Lumbrineris scopa scopa Fauchald, 1974
Lumbrineris similabris
Lumbrineris similabris Treadwell, 1926
Lumbrineris simplicis
Lumbrineris simplicis Hartman, 1959
Lumbrineris simplicus
Lumbrineris sphaerocephala
Lumbrineris sphaerocephala (Schmarda, 1861)
Lumbrineris tenuis
Lumbrineris tenuis (Verrill, 1873)
Lumbrineris testudinum
Lumbrineris testudinum (Augener, 1922)
Lumbrineris tetraura
Lumbrineris tetraura (Schmarda, 1861)
Lumbrineris tetraura Schmarda 1861
Lumbrineris treadwelli
Lumbrineris treadwelli Hartman 1956
Lumbrineris vanhoeffeni
Lumbrineris vanhoeffeni (Michaelsen 1898)
Lumbrineris verrilli
Lumbrineris verrilli Perkins, 1979
Lumbrineris zatsepini
Lumbrineris zonata
Lumbrineris zonata (Johnson, 1901)

3 Other Matches
Lumbrineris sp. AMW27584
Lumbrineris sp. JP-2003
unclassified Lumbrineris

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