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207 Scientific Matches
Aethiessa maera
Aethiessa maera Reitter, 1898
Aethiessa maera ab. Reitter, 1898
Chrysopsyche maera
Chrysopsyche maera Schaus ?
Erbessa maera
Erbessa maera (Schaus, 1892)
Ithycythara maera
Lasiommata maera
Lasiommata maera (Linnaeus, 1758)
Lasiommata maera adrasta
Lasiommata maera adrasta (Hübner, 1827)
Lasiommata maera adrasta-maja
Lasiommata maera adrasta-maja Fuchs, 1873
Lasiommata maera apennina
Lasiommata maera apennina Verity, 1911
Lasiommata maera leucocinia
Lasiommata maera leucocinia Fruhstorfer, 1908
Lasiommata maera maera
Lasiommata maera maera (Linnaeus 1758)
Lasiommata maera maera Linnaeus 1758
Lasiommata maera menava
Lasiommata maera menava Moore, 1865
Lasiommata maera ordona
Lasiommata maera ordona Fruhstorfer, 1909
Lasiommata maera sicula
Lasiommata maera silymbria
Lasiommata maera silymbria Fruhstorfer, 1909
Lasiommata maera weiwuerica
Maera Adams 1858
Maera Leach, 1814
Maera aequimana
Maera aequimana Ledoyer 1979
Maera anoculata
Maera ariadne
Maera ariadne Krapp, Marti & Ruffo 1996
Maera ariel
Maera ascensionis
Maera ascensionis Barnard 1932
Maera atlantica
Maera aurora
Maera aurora Krapp, Marti & Ruffo 1996
Maera blanchardi
Maera blanchardi Spence Bate 1862
Maera bousfieldi
Maera bousfieldi Krapp-Schickel and Jarrett, 2000
Maera brevicaudata
Maera brevispina
Maera bruzelii
Maera bruzelii Stebbing 1888
Maera caliban
Maera carnleyi
Maera carnleyi (Stephensen 1927)
Maera caroliniana
Maera caroliniana Bynum and Fox, 1977
Maera ceres
Maera chinarra
Maera chinarra Barnard 1979
Maera danae
Maera danae (Stimpson, 1853)
Maera danae Stimpson, 1853
Maera diffidentia
Maera diffidentia (Barnard 1969)
Maera diffidentia (J. L. Barnard, 1969)
Maera dubia
Maera emarginata
Maera emarginata Griffiths 1975
Maera eugeniae
Maera eugeniae Schellenberg 1931
Maera excavata
Maera fusca
Maera fusca (Bate, 1864)
Maera gloriosa
Maera gloriosa Ledoyer 1982
Maera gloriosae
Maera griffini
Maera grossimana
Maera grossimana (Montagu, 1808)
Maera hamigera
Maera hamigera Haswell, 1880
Maera hirondellei
Maera hirondellei Chevreux, 1900
Maera inaequipes
Maera inaequipes (A. Costa, 1851)
Maera inaequipes (Costa 1857)
Maera inaequipes Costa 1851
Maera incerta
Maera incerta (Chilton 1883)
Maera jerrica
Maera jerrica Krapp-Schickel and Jarrett, 2000
Maera kaiulani
Maera kaiulani Barnard 1970
Maera knudseni
Maera knudseni Reid 1951
Maera lato
Maera leopoldinae
Maera lindsae
Maera lobata
Maera lobata Griffiths 1976
Maera loveni
Maera loveni (Bruzelius, 1859)
Maera lucinae
Maera lupana
Maera lupana Barnard 1969
Maera massavensis
Maera massavensis Kossmann 1880
Maera miranda
Maera mooreana
Maera multispinosa
Maera nelsonae
Maera nelsonae Krapp-Schickel and Jarrett, 2000
Maera othonides
Maera othonides Walker 1904
Maera othonis
Maera othonis (Milne Edwards 1830)
Maera othonis (Milne-Edwards, 1830)
Maera othonis H. Milne-Edwards
Maera pachytelson
Maera pachytelson Karaman & Ruffo, 1971
Maera pacifica
Maera pacifica Schellenberg 1938
Maera pedonculata
Maera pedonculata Ledoyer 1982
Maera pfefferi
Maera pfefferi Barnard 1932
Maera prionochira
Maera prionochira Bruggen, 1907
Maera prionochira Brüggen, 1907
Maera prionochira Brüggen, 1907
Maera pseudemarginata
Maera quadrimana
Maera quadrimana (Dana 1853)
Maera rathbunae
Maera rathbunae Pearse, 1908
Maera reishi
Maera reishi Barnard 1979
Maera revelata
Maera revelata Krapp, Marti & Ruffo 1996
Maera schellenbergi
Maera schellenbergi (Ruffo 1938)
Maera schieckei
Maera schieckei Karaman & Ruffo, 1971
Maera schmidti
Maera schmidti Stephensen, 1915
Maera schmidtii
Maera schmidtii Stephensen 1915
Maera semiserratus
Maera sensu lato
Maera serrata
Maera serrata Schellenberg 1938
Maera serratipalma
Maera simile
Maera simile Stout, 1913
Maera similis
Maera similis Stout, 1913
Maera simplex
Maera simplex Reid 1951
Maera sodalis
Maera sodalis Karaman & Ruffo, 1971
Maera tenera
Maera tenera Sars, 1885
Maera tenuimana
Maera thrixa
Maera thrixa Griffiths 1975
Maera tinkerensis
Maera tinkerensis Kunkel 1910
Maera trisinuata
Maera truncatipes
Maera truncatipes Spence Bate 1862
Maera vigota
Maera vigota Barnard 1969
Maera viridis
Maera viridis Haswell 1879
Maera westwoodi
Maera williamsi
Maera williamsi Bynum and Fox, 1977
Mesosemia maera
Mesosemia maera Hewitson 1873
Myonia maera
Myonia maera Schaus 1892
Pachychila (Pachychila) angulicollis maera Antoine M 1932
Pachychila angulicollis maera
Papilio maera
Papilio maera Linnaeus 1758
Pararga maera adrastoides
Pararga maera adrastoides Bienert 1870
Pararge maera
Pararge maera Linnaeus 1758
Pararge maera abastumana
Pararge maera abastumana Sheljuzhko 1937
Pararge maera atabyris
Pararge maera atabyris Fruhstorfer 1909
Pararge maera crimaea
Pararge maera crimaea Bang Haas 1907
Pararge maera gracilis
Pararge maera gracilis Sheljuzhko 1937
Pararge maera jachontovi
Pararge maera jachontovi Sheljuzhko 1937
Poecilopsis maera
Poecilopsis maera Harrison
Rejectaria maera
Rejectaria maera Druce
Renia maera
Renia maera Druce 1891
Roelofa maera
Roelofa maera Schaus

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