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86 Scientific Matches
Malacoctenus Gill, 1860
Malacoctenus africanus
Malacoctenus africanus Cadenat 1950
Malacoctenus africanus Cadenat, 1951
Malacoctenus afuerae
Malacoctenus afuerae (Hildebrand, 1946)
Malacoctenus afuerae multipunctatus
Malacoctenus afuerae multipunctatus Springer 1959
Malacoctenus albuquerquensis
Malacoctenus albuquerquensis Fowler 1944
Malacoctenus aurolineatus
Malacoctenus aurolineatus Smith, 1957
Malacoctenus biguttatus
Malacoctenus biguttatus (Cope, 1871)
Malacoctenus boehlkei
Malacoctenus boehlkei Springer
Malacoctenus boehlkei Springer, 1959
Malacoctenus bohlkei
Malacoctenus bohlkei Springer, 1959
Malacoctenus bondi
Malacoctenus bondi Fowler 1930
Malacoctenus costaricanus
Malacoctenus costaricanus Springer, 1959
Malacoctenus culebrae
Malacoctenus culebrae Evermann & Marsh, 1899
Malacoctenus delalandei
Malacoctenus delalandei (Valenciennes in Cuvier and Valenciennes, 1836)
Malacoctenus delalandei (Valenciennes, 1836)
Malacoctenus delalandi
Malacoctenus delalandi (Valenciennes, 1836)
Malacoctenus delalandii
Malacoctenus delalandii (Valenciennes in Cuvier and Valenciennes, 1836)
Malacoctenus delalandii (Valenciennes, 1836)
Malacoctenus ebisui
Malacoctenus ebisui Springer, 1959
Malacoctenus erdmani
Malacoctenus erdmani Smith
Malacoctenus erdmani Smith, 1957
Malacoctenus gigas
Malacoctenus gigas Springer, 1959
Malacoctenus gilli
Malacoctenus gilli (Steindachner)
Malacoctenus gilli (Steindachner, 1867)
Malacoctenus hubbsi
Malacoctenus hubbsi Springer, 1959
Malacoctenus hubbsi hubbsi
Malacoctenus hubbsi hubbsi Springer, 1959
Malacoctenus hubbsi polyporosus
Malacoctenus hubbsi polyporosus Springer 1959
Malacoctenus hubbsi subsp. hubbsi
Malacoctenus hubbsi subsp. hubbsi Springer, 1959
Malacoctenus macropus
Malacoctenus macropus (Poey, 1868)
Malacoctenus margaritae
Malacoctenus margaritae (Fowler, 1944)
Malacoctenus margaritae mexicanus
Malacoctenus margaritae mexicanus (Springer, 1959)
Malacoctenus margaritae mexicanus Springer, 1959
Malacoctenus margaritae subsp. mexicanus
Malacoctenus margaritae subsp. mexicanus Springer, 1959
Malacoctenus moorei
Malacoctenus moorei Evermann & Marsh 1899
Malacoctenus polyporosus
Malacoctenus polyporosus Springer, 1959
Malacoctenus puertoricensis
Malacoctenus puertoricensis Evermann & Marsh 1899
Malacoctenus tetranemus
Malacoctenus tetranemus (Cope, 1877)
Malacoctenus triangulatus
Malacoctenus triangulatus Springer 1958
Malacoctenus triangulatus Springer, 1959
Malacoctenus versicolor
Malacoctenus versicolor (Poey)
Malacoctenus versicolor (Poey, 1876)
Malacoctenus zacae
Malacoctenus zacae Springer, 1959
Malacoctenus zonifer
Malacoctenus zonifer (Jordan & Gilbert, 1882)
Malacoctenus zonifer subsp. sudensis
Malacoctenus zonifer subsp. sudensis Springer, 1959
Malacoctenus zonifer sudensis
Malacoctenus zonifer sudensis Springer, 1959
Malacoctenus zonogaster
Malacoctenus zonogaster (Heller & Snodgrass 1903)
Malacoctenus zonogaster Heller & Snodgrass, 1903

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