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131 Scientific Matches
Mesanthura Barnard 1914
Mesanthura Barnard, 1914B
Mesanthura adrianae
Mesanthura adrianae Negoescu 1999
Mesanthura affinis
Mesanthura affinis Chilton 1882
Mesanthura albinotata
Mesanthura albinotata Thomson 1951
Mesanthura albinotata Thomson, 1950
Mesanthura albolineata
Mesanthura albolineata Barnard 1925
Mesanthura albolineata Barnard, 1925A
Mesanthura asiatica
Mesanthura asiatica Mueller 1993
Mesanthura asiatica Muller, 1993B
Mesanthura astelia
Mesanthura astelia Poore & Lew Ton 1986
Mesanthura astelia Poore & Lew Ton, 1986C
Mesanthura atrata
Mesanthura atrata Nunomura 1985
Mesanthura atrata Nunomura, 1985B
Mesanthura bermudensis
Mesanthura bermudensis Kensley, 1994
Mesanthura bipunctata
Mesanthura bipunctata J. Thomson, 1950
Mesanthura bipunctata J.Thomson 1951
Mesanthura bivittata
Mesanthura bivittata Kensley 1987
Mesanthura bivittata Kensley, 1987A
Mesanthura brasiliensis
Mesanthura brasiliensis Koening, 1980
Mesanthura calaena
Mesanthura calaena Poore & Lew Ton 1986
Mesanthura callicera
Mesanthura callicera Pires 1981
Mesanthura callicera Pires, 1981C
Mesanthura catenula
Mesanthura catenula (Stimpson, 1855)
Mesanthura catenula Stimpson 1855
Mesanthura childi
Mesanthura childi Kensley, 1979A
Mesanthura crucis
Mesanthura crucis Barnard 1925
Mesanthura decorata
Mesanthura dianella
Mesanthura dianella Poore & Lew Ton 1986
Mesanthura dianella Poore & Lew Ton, 1986C
Mesanthura dimorpha
Mesanthura dimorpha Kensley, 1982C
Mesanthura excelsa
Mesanthura excelsa Pires 1981
Mesanthura excelsa Pires, 1981B
Mesanthura fasciata
Mesanthura fasciata Kensley, 1982
Mesanthura fasciata Kensley, 1982A
Mesanthura floridensis
Mesanthura floridensis Menzies & Kruczynski, 1983
Mesanthura frances
Mesanthura frances Kensley Ortiz & Schotte 1997
Mesanthura gerlachi
Mesanthura gerlachi Waegele 1981
Mesanthura gerlachi Wagele, 1981B
Mesanthura hieroglyphica
Mesanthura hieroglyphica M. A. Miller and Menzies, 1952
Mesanthura hieroglyphica Miller & Menzies, 1952
Mesanthura hopkinsi
Mesanthura hopkinsi Hooker, 1985
Mesanthura javensis
Mesanthura javensis Waegele 1984
Mesanthura javensis Wagele, 1984B
Mesanthura kiliani
Mesanthura kiliani Mueller 1993
Mesanthura kiliani Muller, 1993B
Mesanthura libertia
Mesanthura libertia Poore & Lew Ton 1986
Mesanthura libertia Poore & Lew Ton, 1986C
Mesanthura looensis
Mesanthura looensis Kensley & Schotte, 1987
Mesanthura maculata
Mesanthura maculata (Haswell, 1881)
Mesanthura miersi
Mesanthura miersi (Haswell 1884)
Mesanthura miersi (Haswell, 1884B)
Mesanthura miersi Haswell 1884
Mesanthura miyakoensis
Mesanthura miyakoensis Nunomura 1979
Mesanthura miyakoensis Nunomura, 1979A
Mesanthura moroea
Mesanthura moroea Poore & Lew Ton 1986
Mesanthura moroea Poore & Lew Ton, 1986C
Mesanthura nigra
Mesanthura nigra Mueller 1993
Mesanthura nigra Muller, 1993B
Mesanthura nigrodorsalis
Mesanthura nigrodorsalis Nunomura, 1977
Mesanthura nubifera
Mesanthura nubifera Waegele 1984
Mesanthura nubifera Wagele, 1984A
Mesanthura occidentalis
Mesanthura occidentalis Menzies & Barnard, 1959
Mesanthura occidentalis Menzies and J. L. Barnard, 1959
Mesanthura ocellata
Mesanthura ocellata Barnard 1925
Mesanthura ocellata Barnard, 1925A
Mesanthura pascuaensis
Mesanthura paucidens
Mesanthura paucidens Menzies & Glynn, 1968
Mesanthura protei
Mesanthura protei Kensley 1980
Mesanthura protei Kensley, 1980A
Mesanthura pulchra
Mesanthura pulchra Barnard 1925
Mesanthura pulchra Barnard, 1925A
Mesanthura pulchra K. H. Barnard, 1925
Mesanthura punctillata
Mesanthura punctillata Kensley 1982
Mesanthura punctillata Kensley, 1982A
Mesanthura quadrata
Mesanthura quadrata Kensley & Schotte 2000
Mesanthura reticulata
Mesanthura reticulata Kensley 1982
Mesanthura reticulata Kensley, 1982A
Mesanthura romulea
Mesanthura romulea Poore & Lew Ton 1986
Mesanthura romulea Poore & Lew Ton, 1986C
Mesanthura spongicola
Mesanthura spongicola Kensley & Heard, 1991
Mesanthura stypandra
Mesanthura stypandra Poore & Lew Ton 1986
Mesanthura stypandra Poore & Lew Ton, 1986C

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