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92 Scientific Matches
Monstrilla Dana 1852
Monstrilla Dana, 1849
Monstrilla anglica
Monstrilla anglica Lubbock, 1857
Monstrilla bahiana
Monstrilla barbata
Monstrilla brasiliensis
Monstrilla brasiliensis Dias & Suarez Morales 2000
Monstrilla brevicornis
Monstrilla brevicornis Isaac 1974
Monstrilla canadensis
Monstrilla canadensis Mcmurrich, 1917
Monstrilla careli
Monstrilla careli Suarez Morales & Dias
Monstrilla careloides
Monstrilla conjunctiva
Monstrilla conjunctiva Giesbrecht, 1902
Monstrilla elongata
Monstrilla elongata Suarez Morales 1994
Monstrilla filogranarum
Monstrilla filogranarum (Malaquin, 1896)
Monstrilla filogranarum (Malaquin, 1901)
Monstrilla floridana
Monstrilla floridana Davis, 1949
Monstrilla gibbosa
Monstrilla gibbosa Suarez Morales & Palomares Garcia 1995
Monstrilla globosa
Monstrilla gracilicauda
Monstrilla gracilicauda Giesbrecht, 1892
Monstrilla grandis
Monstrilla grandis Giesbrecht, 1891
Monstrilla hamatapex
Monstrilla helgolandica
Monstrilla helgolandica (Claus, 1863)
Monstrilla helgolandica Claus, 1863
Monstrilla humesi
Monstrilla humesi Suarez Morales 2001
Monstrilla inserta
Monstrilla inserta Scott 1909
Monstrilla intermedia
Monstrilla intermedia Aurivillius 1898
Monstrilla intermedia Krichagin, 1877
Monstrilla intermedia Kriczagin 1877
Monstrilla javensis
Monstrilla javensis Isaac 1974
Monstrilla longa
Monstrilla longa (Isaac 1974)
Monstrilla longicirrus
Monstrilla longicornis
Monstrilla longicornis I. C. Thompson, 1890
Monstrilla longicornis Thompson 1890
Monstrilla longiremis
Monstrilla longiremis Giesbrecht, 1892
Monstrilla longiremis I. C. Thompson, 1890
Monstrilla mariaeugeniae
Monstrilla mariaeugeniae Suarez Morales & Islas Landeros 1993
Monstrilla marioi
Monstrilla minuta
Monstrilla minuta Isaac, 1974
Monstrilla nasuta
Monstrilla nasuta Davis and Green, 1974
Monstrilla obesa
Monstrilla obesa Isaac, 1974
Monstrilla pustulata
Monstrilla pygmaea
Monstrilla quadriseta
Monstrilla quadriseta Davis 1949
Monstrilla rebis
Monstrilla reidae
Monstrilla roscovita
Monstrilla roscovita (Malaquin, 1901)
Monstrilla rugosa
Monstrilla rugosa Davis, 1947
Monstrilla satchmoi
Monstrilla scotti
Monstrilla scotti (Isaac 1975)
Monstrilla serricornis
Monstrilla serricornis G. O. Sars, 1921
Monstrilla serricornis Sars 1921
Monstrilla spinosa
Monstrilla spinosa Park, 1967
Monstrilla turgida
Monstrilla turgida Scott 1909
Monstrilla viridis
Monstrilla viridis Dana 1849
Monstrilla wandelii
Monstrilla wandelii Stephensen, 1913
Monstrilla wandelii tropica
Monstrilla wandelii tropica Suarez Morales 1996
Monstrilla wandelii wandelii
Monstrilla wandelii wandelii Stephensen 1913

2 Other Matches
Monstrilla clavata
Monstrilla sp. Japan RJH-2006

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