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102 Scientific Matches
Cladonia sparassa muricella
Cladonia sparassa var. muricella
Cladonia sparassa var. muricella (Delise) M. Choisy 1951
Cladonia squamosa muricella
Cladonia squamosa var. muricella
Cladonia squamosa var. muricella (Delise) Vain. 1927
Draba muricella
Draba muricella f. leiocarpa
Dryophila muricella
Dryophila muricella graminis
Dryophila muricella graminis (Quél.) Quél. 1887
Dryophila muricella muricella
Dryophila muricella var. graminis
Dryophila muricella var. graminis (Quél.) Quél. 1887
Dryophila muricella var. muricella
Flammula muricella
Flammula muricella (Fr.) Sacc. 1887
Flammula muricella Fr.
Muricella Verrill 1869
Muricella abnormalis
Muricella abnormalis Nutting, 1912
Muricella arborea
Muricella arborea Thomson & Simpson, 1909
Muricella argentea
Muricella argentea (Nutting, 1910)
Muricella aruensis
Muricella aruensis Kukenthal, 1919
Muricella aruensis Kükenthal, 1919
Muricella bengalensis
Muricella bengalensis Thomson & Henderson, 1906
Muricella brunnea
Muricella brunnea Kukenthal, 1924
Muricella brunnea Kükenthal, 1924
Muricella complanata
Muricella complanata Wright & Studer, 1889
Muricella crassa
Muricella crassa Wright & Studer, 1889
Muricella decipiens
Muricella decipiens Kukenthal, 1924
Muricella decipiens Kükenthal, 1924
Muricella dentata
Muricella dentata (Nutting, 1910)
Muricella dubia
Muricella dubia Nutting, 1910
Muricella erythraea
Muricella erythraea Kukenthal, 1913
Muricella erythraea Kükenthal, 1913
Muricella flexilis
Muricella flexilis Hiles, 1899
Muricella flexuosa
Muricella flexuosa (Verrill, 1865)
Muricella gracilis
Muricella gracilis Wright & Studer, 1889
Muricella grandis
Muricella grandis Nutting, 1910
Muricella megaspina
Muricella megaspina Hargitt & Rogers, 1901
Muricella nitida
Muricella nitida (Verrill, 1868)
Muricella operculata
Muricella operculata (Nutting, 1910)
Muricella paraplectana
Muricella paraplectana Grasshoff, 1999
Muricella perramosa
Muricella perramosa Ridley, 1882
Muricella plectana
Muricella plectana Grasshoff, 1999
Muricella purpurea
Muricella purpurea Whitelegge, 1897
Muricella ramosa
Muricella ramosa Thomson & Henderson, 1905
Muricella reticulata
Muricella reticulata (Nutting, 1910)
Muricella robusta
Muricella robusta Thomson & Simpson, 1909
Muricella rosea
Muricella rosea (Nutting, 1910)
Muricella rubra
Muricella rubra Thomson, 1905
Muricella sayad
Muricella sayad Grasshoff, 2000
Muricella stellata
Muricella stellata Nutting, 1910
Muricella tenera
Muricella tenera Ridley, 1884
Muricella tuberculata
Muricella tuberculata (Esper, 1791)
Muricella umbraticoides
Muricella umbraticoides (Studer, 1878)
Pholiota muricella
Pholiota muricella (Fr.) Bon 1985
Pteris muricella
Pteris muricella Fée
Sphaeria muricella
Sphaeria muricella Fr.
Sphaeria muricella Fr. 1823
Stoebe muricella
Symmoca muricella
Symmoca muricella Chrétien 1896
Uredo muricella
Uredo muricella Rabenh.

1 Other Matches
Flammula muricella sensu auct.; fide Checklist of Basidiomycota of Great Britain and Ireland (2005)Operational Taxonomic Unit

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