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103 Scientific Matches
Cystoseira nodularia
Cystoseira nodularia (Mertens) C. Agardh
Cystoseira nodularia (Mertens) C. Agardh 1820a
Hormosira nodularia
Hormosira nodularia (Mertens) Decaisne
Hormosira nodularia (Mertens) Decaisne 1842a
Hyphaene nodularia
Hyphaene nodularia Becc.
Moniliformia nodularia
Moniliformia nodularia (Mertens) Decaisne
Moniliformia nodularia (Mertens) Decaisne 1841
Nodularia (Magadaninaia) Martynov & Tshernyshev 1992
Nodularia (Magadaninaia) extremalis Martynov & Tshernyshev 1992
Nodularia (Nodularia) moskvichevae
Nodularia C. H. Peck, 1872
Nodularia Conrad 1853
Nodularia H. F. Link, 1833
Nodularia J. B. Bory de St.-Vincent 1827
Nodularia J. V. F. Lamouroux, 1825
Nodularia Link ex Lyngbye, 1819
Nodularia Mertens Ex Born. and Flah., 1886
Nodularia Mertens ex Bornet et Flahault, 1886
Nodularia Oken 1815
Nodularia Peck 1872
Nodularia Scudder 1882
Nodularia acericola
Nodularia acericola Peck
Nodularia acericola Peck 1872
Nodularia akbaurensis
Nodularia armorica
Nodularia armorica Thuret
Nodularia balsamicola
Nodularia balsamicola Peck 1872
Nodularia baltica
Nodularia baltica J. Komárek, M. HÉbel, H. HÉbel & J. Smarda
Nodularia baltica J. Komárek, M. Hübel, H. Hübel & J. Smarda
Nodularia crassa
Nodularia crassa (Voronikhin) J. Komárek, M. HÉbel, H. HÉbel & J. Smarda
Nodularia crassa (Voronikhin) J. Komárek, M. Hübel, H. Hübel & J. Smarda
Nodularia epiphytica
Nodularia epiphytica Gardner
Nodularia extremalis
Nodularia harveyana
Nodularia harveyana (Thwaites) Thuret
Nodularia harveyana Thw.
Nodularia harveyana sphaerocarpa
Nodularia harveyana sphaerocarpa (Bornet & Flahault) A. A. Elenkin
Nodularia harveyana sphaerocarpa (Bornet & Flahault) Geitler
Nodularia harveyana typica
Nodularia harveyana typica A. A. Elenkin
Nodularia harveyana var. sphaerocarpa
Nodularia harveyana var. sphaerocarpa (Bornet & Flahault) A.A. Elenkin
Nodularia harveyana var. sphaerocarpa (Bornet & Flahault) Geitler
Nodularia lebedevi
Nodularia moskvichevae
Nodularia quadrata
Nodularia quadrata F. E. Fritsch
Nodularia sakhalinensis
Nodularia skujae
Nodularia skujae P. Gonzlez
Nodularia skujae P. González
Nodularia sphaerocarpa
Nodularia sphaerocarpa Bornet and Flahault
Nodularia spumigena
Nodularia spumigena Mertens
Nodularia spumigena Mertens, 1888 Ex Bornet and Flahaul
Nodularia spumigena crassa
Nodularia spumigena crassa Voronikhin
Nodularia spumigena genuina
Nodularia spumigena genuina Bornet & Flahault
Nodularia spumigena major
Nodularia spumigena major (KÉtzing) Bornet & Flahault
Nodularia spumigena major (Kützing) Bornet & Flahault
Nodularia spumigena minor
Nodularia spumigena minor F. E. Fritsch
Nodularia spumigena vacuolata
Nodularia spumigena vacuolata F. E. Fritsch
Nodularia spumigena var. crassa
Nodularia spumigena var. crassa Voronikhin
Nodularia spumigena var. major
Nodularia spumigena var. major (Kützing) Bornet & Flahault
Nodularia spumigena var. minor
Nodularia spumigena var. minor F.E. Fritsch
Nodularia spumigena var. vacuolata
Nodularia spumigena var. vacuolata F.E. Fritsch
Nodularia spumigena var. zujaris
Nodularia spumigena var. zujaris P. González
Nodularia spumigena zujaris
Nodularia spumigena zujaris P. Gonzlez
Nodularia spumigena zujaris P. González
Nodularia suifunica
Nodularia suifunica Moskvich 1973
Nodularia tenuis
Nodularia tenuis G. S. West
Nodularia turicensis
Nodularia turicensis (Cram.) Hansgirg
Nodularia vladivostokensis
Nodularia vladivostokensis Moskvich 1973
Nodularia willei
Nodularia willei Gardner
Somatidia nodularia
Somatidia nodularia Broun, 1913

89 Other Matches
Nodularia ATCC 29167
Nodularia ATCC29167
Nodularia PCC 73104
Nodularia PCC 73104/1
Nodularia PCC 7804
Nodularia PCC73104
Nodularia PCC73104/1
Nodularia PCC7804
Nodularia [harveyana] SAG 50.79
Nodularia cf. spumigena
Nodularia harveyana BECID27
Nodularia harveyana BECID29
Nodularia harveyana Bo53
Nodularia harveyana Huebel 1983/300
Nodularia harveyana M93/1
Nodularia harveyana UTEX B 2093
Nodularia harveyanii
Nodularia sp. AV3
Nodularia sp. AV63
Nodularia sp. BC 9408
Nodularia sp. BCNOD9401
Nodularia sp. BCNOD9402
Nodularia sp. BCNOD9408
Nodularia sp. BCNOD9427
Nodularia sp. BY1
Nodularia sp. F81
Nodularia sp. GR8b
Nodularia sp. HEM
Nodularia sp. HKVV
Nodularia sp. KAC 13
Nodularia sp. KAC 17
Nodularia sp. KAC 32
Nodularia sp. NES-2006
Nodularia sp. NSOR-12
Nodularia sp. NSPI-05
Nodularia sp. PCC 73104
Nodularia sp. PCC 73104/1
Nodularia sp. PCC 7804
Nodularia sp. PCC 9350
Nodularia sp. PCC73104/1
Nodularia sp. PCC7804
Nodularia sp. PCC9350
Nodularia sp. UP16f
Nodularia sp. Up16a
Nodularia sp. WH 0405
Nodularia sp. WH Baltic Sea isolate
Nodularia sphaerocarpa BECID35
Nodularia sphaerocarpa BECID36
Nodularia sphaerocarpa CCALA 114
Nodularia sphaerocarpa HKVV
Nodularia sphaerocarpa Huebel 296
Nodularia sphaerocarpa PCC 7804
Nodularia sphaerocarpa PCC7103
Nodularia sphaerocarpa SAG 50.79
Nodularia sphaerocarpa Up16a
Nodularia sphaerocarpa Up16f
Nodularia spumigena AV1
Nodularia spumigena AV63
Nodularia spumigena BY1
Nodularia spumigena CCAP 1452/4
Nodularia spumigena CCAP1452/4
Nodularia spumigena CCY9414
Nodularia spumigena F81
Nodularia spumigena FL2f
Nodularia spumigena Fae19
Nodularia spumigena GR8b
Nodularia spumigena HEM
Nodularia spumigena HUW 1307
Nodularia spumigena Huebel 1987/310
Nodularia spumigena Huebel 1987/311
Nodularia spumigena Huebel 1988/306
Nodularia spumigena L575
Nodularia spumigena NSBR01
Nodularia spumigena NSLA01
Nodularia spumigena NSLA02A4
Nodularia spumigena NSOR-12
Nodularia spumigena NSOR10
Nodularia spumigena NSPH03A
Nodularia spumigena NSPI-05
Nodularia spumigena PCC 73104
Nodularia spumigena PCC 73104/1
Nodularia spumigena PCC 9350
Nodularia spumigena PCC73104
Nodularia spumigena PCC73104/1
Nodularia spumigena PCC9350
Nodularia spumigena UTEX 2091
Nodularia spumigena UTEX B 2092
Nodularia spumigena UTEX2091
uncultured Nodularia sp.

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