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128 Scientific Matches
Periclimenaeus Borradaile, 1915
Periclimenaeus arabicus
Periclimenaeus arabicus (Calman, 1939)
Periclimenaeus ardeae
Periclimenaeus ardeae Bruce, 1970
Periclimenaeus arthrodactylus
Periclimenaeus arthrodactylus Holthuis, 1952
Periclimenaeus ascidiarum
Periclimenaeus ascidiarum Holthuis, 1951
Periclimenaeus atlanticus
Periclimenaeus atlanticus (M. J. Rathbun, 1901)
Periclimenaeus atlanticus (Rathbun, 1901)
Periclimenaeus bermudensis
Periclimenaeus bermudensis (Armstrong, 1940)
Periclimenaeus bidentatus
Periclimenaeus bidentatus Bruce, 1970
Periclimenaeus bouvieri
Periclimenaeus bouvieri (Nobili, 1904)
Periclimenaeus bredini
Periclimenaeus bredini Chace, 1972
Periclimenaeus caraibicus
Periclimenaeus caraibicus Holthuis, 1951
Periclimenaeus caraibicus Holthuis, 1971
Periclimenaeus chacei
Periclimenaeus chacei Abele, 1971
Periclimenaeus colodactylus
Periclimenaeus crassipes
Periclimenaeus crassipes (Calman, 1939)
Periclimenaeus diplosomatis
Periclimenaeus diplosomatis Bruce, 1980
Periclimenaeus djiboutensis
Periclimenaeus djiboutensis Bruce, 1970
Periclimenaeus garthi
Periclimenaeus garthi Bruce, 1976
Periclimenaeus gorgonidarum
Periclimenaeus gorgonidarum (Balss, 1913)
Periclimenaeus hancocki
Periclimenaeus hancocki Holthuis, 1951
Periclimenaeus hebedactylus
Periclimenaeus hebedactylus Bruce, 1970
Periclimenaeus hecate
Periclimenaeus hecate (Nobili, 1904)
Periclimenaeus holthuisi
Periclimenaeus holthuisi Bruce, 1969
Periclimenaeus jeancharcoti
Periclimenaeus jeancharcoti Bruce, 1991
Periclimenaeus leptodactylus
Periclimenaeus leptodactylus Fujino and Miyake, 1968
Periclimenaeus lobiferus
Periclimenaeus lobiferus Bruce, 1978
Periclimenaeus manihinei
Periclimenaeus manihinei Bruce, 1976
Periclimenaeus maxillulidens
Periclimenaeus maxillulidens (Schmitt, 1936)
Periclimenaeus minutus
Periclimenaeus minutus Holthuis, 1952
Periclimenaeus mortenseni
Periclimenaeus myora
Periclimenaeus nobilii
Periclimenaeus nobilii Bruce, 1974
Periclimenaeus odontodactylus
Periclimenaeus odontodactylus Fujino & Miyake 1968
Periclimenaeus orbitospinatus
Periclimenaeus orbitospinatus Bruce, 1969
Periclimenaeus orontes
Periclimenaeus orontes Bruce, 1986
Periclimenaeus pachydentatus
Periclimenaeus pachydentatus Bruce, 1969
Periclimenaeus pacificus
Periclimenaeus pacificus Holthuis, 1951
Periclimenaeus palauensis
Periclimenaeus palauensis Miyake and Fujino, 1968
Periclimenaeus pearsei
Periclimenaeus pearsei (Schmitt, 1932)
Periclimenaeus perlatus
Periclimenaeus perlatus (Boone, 1930)
Periclimenaeus quadridentatus
Periclimenaeus quadridentatus (M. J. Rathbun, 1906)
Periclimenaeus quadridentatus (Rathbun, 1906)
Periclimenaeus rastrifer
Periclimenaeus rastrifer Bruce, 1980
Periclimenaeus rhodope
Periclimenaeus rhodope (Nobili, 1904)
Periclimenaeus robustus
Periclimenaeus robustus Borradaile, 1915
Periclimenaeus schmitti
Periclimenaeus schmitti Holthuis, 1951
Periclimenaeus serrula
Periclimenaeus solitus
Periclimenaeus spinicauda
Periclimenaeus spinicauda Bruce, 1969
Periclimenaeus spinimanus
Periclimenaeus spinimanus Bruce, 1969
Periclimenaeus spinosus
Periclimenaeus spinosus Holthuis, 1951
Periclimenaeus spongicola
Periclimenaeus spongicola (Holthuis 1952)
Periclimenaeus spongicola Holthuis, 1952
Periclimenaeus storchi
Periclimenaeus storchi Bruce, 1989
Periclimenaeus stylirostris
Periclimenaeus stylirostris Bruce, 1969
Periclimenaeus tchesunovi
Periclimenaeus tchesunovi Duris, 1990
Periclimenaeus tridentatus
Periclimenaeus tridentatus (Miers, 1884)
Periclimenaeus trispinosus
Periclimenaeus trispinosus (Bruce 1969)
Periclimenaeus trispinosus Bruce, 1969
Periclimenaeus truncatus
Periclimenaeus truncatus (M. J. Rathbun, 1906)
Periclimenaeus truncatus (Rathbun, 1906)
Periclimenaeus truncoideus
Periclimenaeus truncoideus Chace and Bruce, 1993
Periclimenaeus tuamotae
Periclimenaeus tuamotae Bruce, 1969
Periclimenaeus uropodialis
Periclimenaeus uropodialis Barnard, 1958
Periclimenaeus usitatus
Periclimenaeus usitatus Bruce, 1969
Periclimenaeus wilsoni
Periclimenaeus wilsoni (Hay, 1917)
Periclimenaeus wolffi
Periclimenaeus zanzibaricus
Periclimenaeus zanzibaricus Bruce, 1969
Periclimenaeus zarenkovi
Periclimenaeus zarenkovi Duris, 1990

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