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182 Scientific Matches
Achatinella petricola
Achatinella petricola Newcomb 1855
Achatinella petricola Pfeiffer 1856
Acrorbis petricola
Aloe petricola
Aloe petricola Pole Evans
Aloe petricola Pole-Evans
Amastra (Amastrella) petricola (Newcomb 1855)
Amastra petricola
Arabis petricola
Ardisia petricola
Ardisia petricola Ridl.
Atkinsonia petricola
Atkinsonia petricola Hickman, 1951
Brachaspis petricola
Brachaspis petricola (Hutton, 1897)
Capnioneura petricola
Cerastium petricola
Cerastium petricola Panc.
Cerastium rectum Friv. subsp. petricola (Pancic) Gaertner
Cerastium rectum Friv. subsp. petricola (Pancic) H. Gartner
Cerastium rectum Friv. var. petricola (Pancic) Bornm.
Cerastium rectum petricola
Chimarra (Curgia) petricola
Chimarra petricola
Chimarra petricola Flint, 1998
Clariallabes petricola
Clariallabes petricola Greenwood, 1956
Drasteria petricola
Drasteria petricola (Walker 1858)
Erica petricola
Eriochilus petricola
Eriochilus petricola D.L.Jones & M.A.Clem.
Euclidia petricola
Euclidia petricola Walker 1858
Euphorbia petricola
Euphorbia petricola Bally & S. Carter
Euphorbia petricola P.R.O.Bally & S.Carter
Euryopis petricola
Euryopis petricola (Hickman, 1951)
Gekko petricola
Gekko petricola TAYLOR 1962
Gekko petricola TAYLOR 1962: 227
Gekko petricola Taylor
Harrisonina petricola
Harrisonina petricola Freeman
Harrisonina petricola Freeman, 1956
Heleopera petricola
Heleopera petricola Leidy 1879
Heleopera petricola amethystea
Heleopera petricola parva
Heleopera petricola var. parva
Helix (Vallonia) petricola Clessin 1908
Helix petricola
Helminthoglypta petricola
Helminthoglypta petricola (S. S. Berry, 1916)
Heloscopa petricola
Heloscopa petricola Diakonoff
Heloscopa petricola Diakonoff, 1955
Ifnidius petricola
Ifnidius petricola Plata 1987
Lamprologus petricola
Lamprologus petricola (non Poll, 1949)
Lamprologus petricola Poll, 1949
Littorina (Littorina) petricola Arnold 1908
Littorina petricola
Littorina petricola Arnold 1908
Littorina petricola Dall 1909
Melitaea (Mellicta) aurelia petricola
Melitaea aurelia petricola
Mellicta petricola
Mellicta petricola Nekrutenko 1978
Neolamprologus petricola
Neolamprologus petricola (Poll, 1949)
Neotyrrellia petricola
Neotyrrellia petricola Lundblad 1938
Oncosclera petricola
Oncosclera petricola Bonnetto & Ezcurra de Drago, 1973
Pericoma petricola
Pericoma petricola Vaillant
Pericoma petricola Vaillant, 1962
Petricola (Claudiconcha) japonica
Petricola (Petricola) Lamarck 1801
Petricola (Petricola) carditoides (Conrad 1837)
Petricola (Petricolaria)
Petricola (Petricolaria) donnae
Petricola (Petricolirus) dactylus Sowerby 1823
Petricola (Rupellaria) inversa
Petricola (Rupellaria) lithophaga
Petricola Lamarck, 1801
Petricola amygdalina
Petricola amygdalina Sowerby 1834
Petricola anchoreta
Petricola anchoreta de Folin 1867
Petricola angolensis
Petricola buwaldi
Petricola buwaldi Clark 1915
Petricola californiensis
Petricola californiensis Pilsbry and Lowe, 1932
Petricola carditoides
Petricola carditoides (Conrad, 1837)
Petricola concinna
Petricola concinna Sowerby 1834
Petricola dactylus
Petricola denticulata
Petricola denticulata Sowerby 1834
Petricola denticulata abbreviata
Petricola denticulata abbreviata Sowerby 1834
Petricola discors
Petricola discors Sowerby 1834
Petricola donnae
Petricola hertzana
Petricola hertzana Coan, 1997
Petricola inversa
Petricola japonica
Petricola lajonkairii
Petricola lajonkairii (Payraudeau, 1826)
Petricola lapicida
Petricola lapicida (Gmelin, 1791)
Petricola lata
Petricola lata Dall, 1925
Petricola lithophaga
Petricola lithophaga (Philippson, 1788)
Petricola lithophaga (Retzius, 1786)
Petricola lucasana
Petricola lucasana Herlein and Strong, 1948
Petricola patagonica
Petricola patagonica d'Orbigny 1845
Petricola pholadiformis
Petricola pholadiformis Lamarck, 1818
Petricola robusta
Petricola robusta Sowerby 1834
Petricola rugosa
Petricola scotti
Petricola stellae
Petricola subglobosa
Petricola subglobosa Sowerby 1823
Petricola tenuis
Petricola tenuis Sowerby 1834
Petricola ventricosa
Petricola ventricosa Deshayes 1853
Petricola venusta
Petricola venusta de Folin 1867
Pezotettix petricola
Pezotettix petricola Hutton, 1897
Pyxine petricola
Pyxine petricola Nyl.
Pyxine petricola Nyl. 1876
Pyxine petricola convexula
Pyxine petricola pallida
Pyxine petricola petricola
Pyxine petricola var. convexula
Pyxine petricola var. convexula (Malme) Kalb 1987
Pyxine petricola var. pallida
Pyxine petricola var. pallida Swinscow 1975
Pyxine petricola var. petricola
Rubus petricola
Rupisalda petricola
Rupisalda petricola Polhemus, 1985
Sarcinomyces petricola
Sarcinomyces petricola Wollenz. & de Hoog 1997
Scorpaena petricola
Scorpaena petricola Eschmeyer, 1965
Spariolenus petricola
Spariolenus petricola Gravely, 1931
Spariolenus petricola Sethi & Tikader, 1988
Synedoida petricola
Synedoida petricola Walker 1858
Synodontis petricola
Synodontis petricola Matthes, 1959
Taipidon petricola
Taipidon petricola decora
Taipidon petricola petricola
Taipidon petricola petricola Solem 1976
Tamopsis petricola
Tamopsis petricola Baehr & Baehr, 1995
Themiste petricola
Themiste petricola (Amor)
Themiste petricola (Amor, 1964)
Tradescantia petricola
Tradescantia petricola J.R. Grant

4 Other Matches
California petricola (Petricola californiensis)English
boring petricola (Petricola lapicida)English
hearty petricola (Petricola carditoides)English
Synodontis aff. petricola JJD-2006

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