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117 Scientific Matches
Photis (Photis) linearmanus
Photis (Photis) typhlops
Photis Kroyer, 1842
Photis Krøyer, 1842
Photis Krøyer 1842
Photis aina
Photis aina J. L. Barnard, 1970
Photis albus
Photis baeckmannae
Photis baeckmannae Gurjanova, 1951
Photis beringiensis
Photis bifurcata
Photis bifurcata Barnard 1962
Photis bifurcata J. L. Barnard, 1962
Photis brevipes
Photis brevipes Shoemaker, 1942
Photis californica
Photis californica Stout, 1913
Photis cavimana
Photis cf. P. spasskii Gurjanova 1951
Photis chiconola
Photis chiconola J. L. Barnard, 1964
Photis conchicola
Photis conchicola Alderman, 1936
Photis dentata
Photis dentata Shoemaker, 1945
Photis digitata
Photis digitata Barnard 1935
Photis distinguenda
Photis distinguenda Ruffo 1955
Photis dolichommata
Photis dolichommata Stebbing 1910
Photis elephantis
Photis elephantis J. L. Barnard, 1962
Photis fischmanni
Photis fischmanni Gurjanova 1938
Photis fischmanni Gurjanova, 1951
Photis hawaiensis
Photis hawaiensis J. L. Barnard, 1955
Photis japonica
Photis kapapa
Photis kapapa J. L. Barnard, 1970
Photis kurilica
Photis kurilica Gurjanova, 1955
Photis lacia
Photis lacia Barnard 1962
Photis lacia J. L. Barnard, 1962
Photis lamellifera
Photis lamellifera Schellenberg, 1928
Photis lamina
Photis linearmanus
Photis linearmanus Conlan, 1994
Photis longicaudata
Photis longicaudata (Bate and Westwood, 1862)
Photis longicaudata Bate and Westwood, 1863
Photis longipes
Photis longipes (Della Valle, 1893)
Photis longisetis
Photis macinerneyi
Photis macinerneyi Conlan, 1983
Photis macrocoxa
Photis macrocoxa Shoemaker 1945
Photis macromana
Photis macromana McKinney, Kalke and Holland, 1978
Photis macromanus
Photis macromanus Mckinney, Kalke, Holland, 1978
Photis macrotica
Photis macrotica Barnard 1962
Photis macrotica J. L. Barnard, 1962
Photis melanica
Photis melanica McKinney, 1980
Photis melanicus
Photis melanicus Mckinney, 1980
Photis nataliae
Photis nataliae Bulytcheva
Photis nigrocula
Photis oligochaeta
Photis oligochaeta Conlan, 1983
Photis pachydactyla
Photis pachydactyla Conlan, 1983
Photis paeowai
Photis parvidons
Photis parvidons Conlan, 1983
Photis phaeocula
Photis pirloti
Photis pirloti Myers 1985
Photis pollex
Photis pollex A. O. Walker, 1895
Photis pollex Walker 1895
Photis pugnator
Photis pugnator Shoemaker, 1945
Photis reinhardi
Photis reinhardi Kroeyer, 1842
Photis reinhardi Kroyer
Photis reinhardi Kroyer 1842
Photis reinhardi Krøyer, 1842
Photis reinhardi Krøyer, 1842
Photis reinhardi Stebbing 1906
Photis spasskii
Photis spasskii Gurjanova
Photis spasskii Gurjanova, 1951
Photis spinicarpa
Photis spinicarpa Shoemaker, 1942
Photis tenuicornis
Photis tenuicornis G. O. Sars, 1882
Photis tenuicornis Sars
Photis tenuicornis Sars 1882
Photis tenuicornis Sars, 1883
Photis trapherus
Photis trapherus Thomas and J. L. Barnard, 1991
Photis typhlops
Photis typhlops Conlan, 1994
Photis vinogradovi
Photis vinogradovi Gurjanova, 1951
Photis viuda
Photis viuda J. L. Barnard, 1962

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