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121 Scientific Matches
Chrysallida pyrgulina
Pyrgulina (Chrysallida) ventricosa
Pyrgulina (Linopyrga) fannyae
Pyrgulina (Linopyrga) feriarum
Pyrgulina (Linopyrga) lineata
Pyrgulina (Linopyrga) primitractus
Pyrgulina (Linopyrga) pupina
Pyrgulina (Linopyrga) pupina Saurin 1959
Pyrgulina (Linopyrga) sinus
Pyrgulina (Parthenina) bicingulata
Pyrgulina (Parthenina) cylindrata var. turricula
Pyrgulina (Parthenina) elegantissima
Pyrgulina (Parthenina) gougeroti
Pyrgulina (Parthenina) gracilis
Pyrgulina (Parthenina) imbricata
Pyrgulina (Parthenina) minuta
Pyrgulina (Parthenina) monicae
Pyrgulina (Parthenina) tragulaeformis
Pyrgulina (Parthenina) turritissima
Pyrgulina (Partulida) pura
Pyrgulina (Prestoniella)
Pyrgulina (Pyrgulina) phohaiensis
Pyrgulina (Standeniella)
Pyrgulina (Standeniella) difficilis
Pyrgulina (Tragula) cancellata
Pyrgulina A Adams 1864
Pyrgulina Adams [1863]
Pyrgulina Matheron 1902
Pyrgulina amabilis
Pyrgulina anacra
Pyrgulina arfica
Pyrgulina arfica (Bartsch 1915)
Pyrgulina bantama
Pyrgulina bicingulata
Pyrgulina brenda
Pyrgulina buriti
Pyrgulina butoli
Pyrgulina calendalis
Pyrgulina cambodgiensis
Pyrgulina cancellata
Pyrgulina cheveyi
Pyrgulina cylindrata turricula
Pyrgulina dautzenbergi
Pyrgulina dautzenbergi Melville 1910
Pyrgulina dautzenbergi Peyrot
Pyrgulina difficilis
Pyrgulina dominicae
Pyrgulina dozouli
Pyrgulina durabilis
Pyrgulina edgarii
Pyrgulina edgarii Melvill, 1897
Pyrgulina elegantissima
Pyrgulina epentroma
Pyrgulina epentroma Melvill, 1897
Pyrgulina eximia
Pyrgulina eximia Dautzenberg & Fischer 1906
Pyrgulina fannyae
Pyrgulina feriarum
Pyrgulina gougeroti
Pyrgulina gracilis
Pyrgulina honmungensis
Pyrgulina imbricata
Pyrgulina jullieni
Pyrgulina jullieni Dautzenberg 1913
Pyrgulina kampotensis
Pyrgulina kepensis
Pyrgulina krempfi
Pyrgulina lagrandieri
Pyrgulina levamisii
Pyrgulina lineata
Pyrgulina maiae
Pyrgulina maiae Hornung and Mermod, 1924
Pyrgulina melvilli
Pyrgulina melvilli Dautz. et Fischer, 1906
Pyrgulina melvilli Hornung & Mermod 1925
Pyrgulina minuta
Pyrgulina miodautzenbergi
Pyrgulina monicae
Pyrgulina montbruni
Pyrgulina muinamensis
Pyrgulina mutata
Pyrgulina mutata Dautzenberg 1913
Pyrgulina nigraerupis
Pyrgulina noviportus
Pyrgulina obesa
Pyrgulina obesa Dautzenberg 1913
Pyrgulina oodes
Pyrgulina phohaiensis
Pyrgulina pirinthella
Pyrgulina polemica
Pyrgulina polemica Melvill 1910
Pyrgulina polemica Melvill 1911
Pyrgulina prestoni
Pyrgulina prestoni Dautz & Fischer 1906
Pyrgulina pretiosa
Pyrgulina pretiosa (Turton 1932)
Pyrgulina primitractus
Pyrgulina pupina
Pyrgulina pura
Pyrgulina purpaeformis
Pyrgulina purpaeformis Souverbie, 1865
Pyrgulina pygmaea
Pyrgulina pygmaea Thiele 1925
Pyrgulina scripta
Pyrgulina sculptatissima
Pyrgulina sculptatissima Dautzenberg 1913
Pyrgulina semiplicata
Pyrgulina semiplicata (Turton 1932)
Pyrgulina sinus
Pyrgulina sowerbyi
Pyrgulina standeni
Pyrgulina standeni Dautz & Fischer 1906
Pyrgulina tragulaeformis
Pyrgulina trochiformis
Pyrgulina turritissima
Pyrgulina ventricosa
Pyrgulina ventricosa Horning and Mermod, 1925
Pyrgulina whitechurchi
Pyrgulina whitechurchi (Turton 1932)
Pyrgulina yersini

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