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128 Scientific Matches
Acronicta rita
Acronicta rita Rungs 1972
Anyphaena rita
Anyphaena rita Platnick & Lau, 1975
Anyphaena rita Platnick, 1974
Argia rita
Argia rita Kennedy 1919
Catopyrops rita
Catopyrops rita Grose-Smith 1895
Cheilosia rita
Cheilosia rita (Curran, 1922)
Cheilosia rita Curran, 1922
Chilosia rita
Chilosia rita Curran
Chilosia rita Curran, 1922
Chlorochroa rita
Chlorochroa rita (Van Duzee, 1934)
Chlorochroa rita Van Duzee 1934
Cnemodon rita
Cnemodon rita Curran
Cnemodon rita Curran, 1921
Diaphorus rita
Diaphorus rita Curran, 1926
Dictyna rita
Dictyna rita Chamberlin & Gertsch, 1958
Dictyna rita Gertsch, 1946
Diplotaxis rita
Diplotaxis rita Vau.
Dipoena rita
Dipoena rita Levi, 1953
Euphilotes rita
Euphilotes rita (Barnes and McDunnough 1916)
Euphilotes rita Barnes & McDunnough 1916
Euphilotes rita coloradensis
Euphilotes rita coloradensis (Mattoni) 1966
Euphilotes rita elvirae
Euphilotes rita elvirae (Mattoni) 1966
Euphilotes rita pallescens
Euphilotes rita pallescens (Tilden & Downey) 1955
Euphilotes rita rita
Euphilotes rita rita (Barnes & McDunnough) 1916
Euphilotes rita spaldingi
Euphilotes rita spaldingi (Barnes & McDunnough) 1917
Gonioterma rita
Gonioterma rita Busck 1920
Haematological effects on Rita rita
Haematological effects rita
Heringia (Neocnemodon) rita
Heringia (Neocnemodon) rita Curran, 1921
Heringia rita
Heringia rita (Curran, 1921)
Heringia rita Curran, 1921
Hydriomena rita
Hydriomena rita McDunnough 1954
Linyphia rita
Linyphia rita Gertsch, 1951
Linyphia rita Millidge, 1984
Lycaena rita
Lycaena rita Barnes and McDunnough 1916
Melpomene rita
Melpomene rita (Chamberlin & Ivie, 1941)
Melpomene rita Chamberlin & Ivie, 1941
Melpomene rita Roth & Brame, 1972
Melpomene rita Roth, 1982
Melpomene rita Roth, 1985
Melpomene rita Roth, 1994
Moeris rita
Moeris rita Evans 1955
Parantica rita
Parantica rita Fruhstorfer 1905
Phantyna rita
Phantyna rita (Gertsch, 1946)
Phantyna rita Gertsch, 1946
Phantyna rita Lehtinen, 1967
Philotes rita
Philotes rita (Barnes & McDunnough)
Philotes rita coloradensis
Philotes rita elvirae
Philotes rita subsp. coloradensis Mattoni, 1965
Philotes rita subsp. elvirae Mattoni, 1965
Pimelodus rita
Pimelodus rita Hamilton, 1822
Remella rita
Rhypotoses rita
Rita Bleeker 1853
Rita Bleeker 1858
Rita Bleeker 1859
Rita Bleeker, 1854
Rita buchanani
Rita buchanani Bleeker, 1853.
Rita buchanani Bleeker, 1854
Rita chrysa
Rita chrysa Day, 1877
Rita chrysea
Rita chrysea Day, 1877
Rita crucigera
Rita crucigera (Owen, 1853)
Rita gogra
Rita gogra (Sykes, 1839)
Rita hastata
Rita hastata (Valenciennes, 1840)
Rita kuturnae
Rita kuturnee
Rita kuturnee (Sykes, 1839)
Rita macracanthus
Rita macracanthus Ng, 2004
Rita pavimenta
Rita pavimentata
Rita pavimentata (Valenciennes, 1840)
Rita pavimentatus
Rita pavimentatus (Valenciennes, 1840)
Rita rita
Rita rita (Hamilton, 1822)
Rita ritoides
Rita ritoides (Valenciennes, 1840)
Rita sacerdotum
Rita sacerdotum (non Anderson, 1878)
Rita sacerdotum Anderson, 1878
Rita sacerdotum Anderson, 1879
Ritalena rita
Ritalena rita Chamberlin & Ivie, 1941
Stenoma rita
Stenoma rita Busck 1920
Symmachia rita
Symmachia rita Staudinger, 1888
Thecla rita
Thecla rita Goodson 1945

37 Other Matches
Rita (Rita rita)Bengali
Santa Rita rocket frog (Colostethus fraterdanieli)Common name
santa rita grama (Bouteloua eludens)Common name
Deccan rita (Rita kuturnee)English
Gogra rita (Rita gogra)English
Mahanadi rita (Rita chrysea)English
Rita Blue (Euphilotes rita)English
Salween rita (Rita sacerdotum)English
Santa Rita Mountain aster (Symphyotrichum potosinum)English
Santa Rita Mountain bean (Phaseolus ritensis)English
Santa Rita Mountain dodder (Cuscuta odontolepis)English
Santa Rita Mountain draba (Draba petrophila)English
Santa Rita Mountain grama (Bouteloua eludens)English
Santa Rita Mountain ticktrefoil (Desmodium retinens)English
Santa Rita Mountain whitlowgrass (Draba petrophila)English
Santa Rita Mts. Timema (Timema ritensis)English
Santa Rita Prickly Pear (Opuntia santa-rita)English
Santa Rita acacia (Acacia millefolia)English
Santa Rita ambersnail (Succinea grosvenori)English
Santa Rita mountain yellowshow (Amoreuxia gonzalezii)English
Santa Rita pricklypear (Opuntia santa-rita)English
Santa Rita rabdotus (Naesiotus christenseni)English
Santa Rita snakeroot (Ageratina paupercula)English
Santa Rita talussnail (Sonorella walkeri)English
Santa Rita threeawn (Aristida californica glabrata)English
Santa Rita tick trefoil (Desmodium retinens)English
Santa Rita whitlow grass (Draba petrophila)English
Santa Rita whitlowgrass (Draba petrophila viridis)English
santa rita dodder (Cuscuta odontolepis)English
santa rita throwup weed (Amoreuxia gonzalezii)English
Remella rita Evans, 1955

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