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157 Scientific Matches
Ambates salamandra
Ambates salamandra Kirsch 1868
Ambates salamandra Kirsch, T., 1868
Canachus salamandra
Canachus salamandra Stål 1875
Chalcotaenia salamandra Thomson 1879
Coraebus salamandra
Ctimene salamandra
Ctimene salamandra Kirsch 1877
Ctimene salamandra Pagenstecher 1886
Drepanogynis salamandra
Drepanogynis salamandra Herbulot 1960
Micropodisma salamandra
Micropodisma salamandra (Fischer 1853)
Micropodisma salamandra (Fischer-Waldheim, 1853)
Ophiderma salamandra
Oplomus salamandra
Oplomus salamandra (Burmeister, 1835)
Oplomus salamandra Burmeister 1835
Oplomus salamandra violaceella
Oplomus salamandra violaceella Kirk.
Oplomus tripustulatus salamandra
Oplomus tripustulatus salamandra Burm.
Pezotettix salamandra
Pezotettix salamandra Fischer 1853
Plagitura salamandra
Pseudotaenia salamandra
Pseudotaenia salamandra Thomson, 1879
Salamandra Gronovius 1763
Salamandra Laurenti, 1768
Salamandra algira
Salamandra algira Bedriaga, 1883
Salamandra algira tingitana
Salamandra alleganiensis
Salamandra alleganiensis Daudin, 1803
Salamandra atra
Salamandra atra Laurenti, 1768
Salamandra atra atra
Salamandra atra aurorae
Salamandra atra ssp. aurorae Trevisan, 1982
Salamandra auriculata
Salamandra auriculata Holbrook, 1838
Salamandra bislineata
Salamandra bislineata Green, 1818
Salamandra broilii
Salamandra broilii Schlosser 1922
Salamandra cinerea
Salamandra cinerea Green, 1818
Salamandra cirrigera
Salamandra cirrigera Green 1831
Salamandra corsica
Salamandra corsica Savi, 1838
Salamandra cyclindracea
Salamandra cyclindracea Harlan 1825
Salamandra cylindracea
Salamandra cylindracea Harlan, 1825
Salamandra dorsalis
Salamandra dorsalis Harlan, 1823
Salamandra fusca
Salamandra fusca Green, 1818
Salamandra genei
Salamandra genei Temminck & Schlegel 1838
Salamandra goussardiana
Salamandra goussardiana Lartet 1851
Salamandra granulosa
Salamandra granulosa Skilton, 1849
Salamandra guttolineata
Salamandra guttolineata Holbrook, 1838
Salamandra incongruens
Salamandra infraimmaculata
Salamandra infraimmaculata (Martens, 1885)
Salamandra infraimmaculata infraimmaculata
Salamandra infraimmaculata orientalis
Salamandra infraimmaculata semenovi
Salamandra jeffersoniana
Salamandra jeffersoniana Green, 1827
Salamandra lanzai
Salamandra lanzai Nascetti, Andreone, Capula and Bullini, 1988
Salamandra laticeps
Salamandra laticeps Meyer 1859
Salamandra laticeps Meyer 1860
Salamandra longicauda
Salamandra longicauda Green, 1818
Salamandra lugubris
Salamandra lugubris Hallowell, 1849
Salamandra luschani
Salamandra luschani (Steindachner, 1891)
Salamandra maculata
Salamandra maculosa
Salamandra maxima
Salamandra maxima Temminck & Schlegel 1838
Salamandra mimula
Salamandra mimula Brunner 1957
Salamandra naevia
Salamandra naevia Temminck & Schlegel 1838
Salamandra nebulosa
Salamandra nebulosa Temminck & Schlegel 1838
Salamandra opaca
Salamandra opaca Gravenhorst, 1807
Salamandra perversa
Salamandra perversa Brunner 1957
Salamandra pleurodeles
Salamandra pleurodeles Temminck & Schlegel 1838
Salamandra porphyritica
Salamandra porphyritica Green, 1827
Salamandra quadra-maculata
Salamandra quadra-maculata Holbrook, 1840
Salamandra quadridigitata
Salamandra quadridigitata Holbrook, 1842
Salamandra rubra
Salamandra rubra Latreille, 1801
Salamandra rubra Sonnini de Manoncourt and Latreille, 1801
Salamandra rusconi
Salamandra rusconi Costa 1851
Salamandra salamandra
Salamandra salamandra (Linnaeus, 1758)
Salamandra salamandra (gallaica) crespoi
Salamandra salamandra alfredschmidti
Salamandra salamandra algira
Salamandra salamandra almanzoris
Salamandra salamandra bejarae
Salamandra salamandra bernardezi
Salamandra salamandra beschkovi
Salamandra salamandra crespoi
Salamandra salamandra fastuosa
Salamandra salamandra gallaica
Salamandra salamandra gigliolii
Salamandra salamandra infraimmaculata
Salamandra salamandra longirostris
Salamandra salamandra morenica
Salamandra salamandra salamandra
Salamandra salamandra semenovi
Salamandra salamandra terrestris
Salamandra salamandra wernwri
Salamandra sansaniensis
Salamandra sansaniensis Lartet 1851
Salamandra scutata
Salamandra scutata Temminck & Schlegel 1838
Salamandra subcristata
Salamandra subcristata Temminck & Schlegel 1838
Salamandra talpoidea
Salamandra talpoidea Holbrook, 1838
Salamandra terdigitata
Salamandra texana
Salamandra texana Matthes, 1855
Salamandra tigrina
Salamandra tigrina Green, 1825
Salamandra unguiculata
Salamandra unguiculata Temminck & Schlegel 1838
Salamandra variegata
Salamandra variegata Gray 1831
Salamandra variolata
Salamandra variolata Gilliams, 1818
Salmandra salamandra
Silene salamandra
Silene salamandra Pamp.

52 Other Matches
salamandra (Caudata)Portuguese
Pejagato salamandra (Parmaturus pilosus)Spanish
Pejegato salamandra (Parmaturus pilosus)Spanish
Salamandra Gigante de Putla (Pseudoeurycea maxima)Spanish
Salamandra ajolote (Ambystoma mexicanum)Spanish
Salamandra arbórea (Aneides lugubris)Spanish
Salamandra arbórea (Aneides lugubris)Spanish
Salamandra cabeza chata (Ambystoma amblycephalum)Spanish
Salamandra costera (Bolitoglossa borburata)Spanish
Salamandra de Anderson (Ambystoma andersoni)Spanish
Salamandra de Chapala (Ambystoma flavipiperatum)Spanish
Salamandra de Sierra de Juárez (Nototriton adelos)Spanish
Salamandra de Sierra de Juárez (Cryptotriton adelos)Spanish
Salamandra de Taylor (Ambystoma taylori)Spanish
Salamandra de mombacho (Bolitoglossa mombachoensis)Spanish
Salamandra de müller (Bolitoglossa mulleri)Spanish
Salamandra de o'donnell (Bolitoglossa odonnelli)Spanish
Salamandra de panza amarilla (Bolitoglossa flaviventris)Spanish
Salamandra de patas amarillas (Bolitoglossa flavimembris)Spanish
Salamandra de Álvarez del Toro (Cryptotriton alvarezdeltoroi)Spanish
Salamandra de Álvarez del Toro (Nototriton alvarezdeltoroi)Spanish
Salamandra ensantina (Ensatina eschscholtzii)Spanish
Salamandra gigante de china (Andrias davidianus)Spanish
Salamandra gigante de japón (Andrias japonicus)Spanish
Salamandra granulada (Ambystoma granulosum)Spanish
Salamandra meridena (Bolitoglossa orestes)Spanish
Salamandra michoacana (Ambystoma ordinarium)Spanish
Salamandra narigona (Bolitoglossa rostrata)Spanish
Salamandra norteafricana (Salamandra algira)Spanish
Salamandra piel fina (Ambystoma bombypellum)Spanish
Salamandra rabilarga (Chioglossa lusitanica)Spanish
Salamandra tarahumara (Ambystoma rosaceum)Spanish
Salamandra tigre (Ambystoma tigrinum)Spanish
Salamandra tigre de meseta (Ambystoma velasci)Spanish
Salamandra algira algira
Salamandra algira spelaea
Salamandra atra pasubiensis
Salamandra atra prenjensis
Salamandra infraimaculata
Salamandra inframaculata
Salamandra luschani antalyana
Salamandra luschani atifi
Salamandra luschani basoglui
Salamandra luschani billae
Salamandra luschani fazilae
Salamandra luschani finikensis
Salamandra luschani flavimembris
Salamandra luschani helverseni
Salamandra luschani luschani
Salamandra salamandra alfredschmidti Koehler & Steinfartz, 2005
Salamandra salamandra corsica
Salamandra salamandra giglioli

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