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318 Scientific Matches
Arcyria serpula
Arcyria serpula (Scop.) Massee 1892
Arcyria serpula Wigand 1863
Bjerkandera serpula
Bjerkandera serpula P. Karst. 1891
Cornuvia serpula
Cornuvia serpula (Wigand) Rostaf. 1873
Diacheopsis serpula
Diacheopsis serpula Kowalski 1975
Didymium serpula
Didymium serpula Fr. 1829
Eragrostis serpula
Eragrostis serpula Chiov.
Haplochrois serpula
Haplochrois serpula (Meyrick 1932)
Hemiarcyria serpula
Hemiarcyria serpula (Scop.) Rostaf. 1875
Hemiarcyria serpula (Scop.) Rostaf., 1874
Hemitrichia serpula
Hemitrichia serpula (Scop.) Rostaf. 1873
Hemitrichia serpula (Scop.) Rostaf. ex Lister, 1894
Hemitrichia serpula parviverrucospora
Hemitrichia serpula piauiensis
Hemitrichia serpula serpula
Hemitrichia serpula tubiglabra
Hemitrichia serpula var. parviverrucospora
Hemitrichia serpula var. parviverrucospora Lizárraga, Illana & G. Moreno 1999
Hemitrichia serpula var. piauiensis Cavalcanti & Mobin, 2001
Hemitrichia serpula var. serpula
Hemitrichia serpula var. tubiglabra
Hemitrichia serpula var. tubiglabra Y. Yamam. & Nann. -Bremek. 1990
Hemitrichia serpula var. tubiglabra Yamamoto & Nannenga Bremekamp 1990
Hyporhamma serpula
Hyporhamma serpula (Scop.) Lado, 2001
Hyporhamma serpula (Scop.) Ladó 2001
Hyporrhama serpula
Licea serpula
Licea serpula Fr.
Limonia (Limonia) serpula
Limonia serpula
Limonia serpula Alexander
Limonia serpula Alexander, 1966
Limonia serpula Alexander, 1967
Mucor serpula
Mucor serpula Scop. 1772
Ophiotheca serpula
Ophiotheca serpula (Wigand) Massee 1892
Physarum serpula
Physarum serpula Morgan 1896
Polyporus serpula
Polyporus serpula (P. Karst.) Sacc. 1888
Rhadinastis serpula
Rhadinastis serpula Meyrick 1932
Serpula (Cycloserpula) gordialis
Serpula (Cycloserpula) striatissima
Serpula (Dorsoserpula) triangularis Munster 1831
Serpula (Omasaria) klaumanni
Serpula (Omasaria) pulchella
Serpula (Omasaria) verrucosa
Serpula (Paraserpula) israelitica
Serpula (Paraserpula) israelitica Amoureux
Serpula (Paraserpula) planorbis Southward
Serpula (Paraserpula) sinica
Serpula (Paraserpula) sinica Wu & Chen 1979
Serpula (Pers.) Gray 1821
Serpula Linnaeus 1758
Serpula Linnaeus, 1767
Serpula Persoon ex S. F. Gray, 1821
Serpula Stanton et al. 1991
Serpula americana
Serpula americana (Burt) W. B. Cooke 1943
Serpula ampullacea
Serpula ampullacea Sowerby 1829
Serpula anguina
Serpula anguina Linnaeus 1758
Serpula antiguata
Serpula antiguata Sowerby 1829
Serpula arizonica
Serpula arizonica (Ginns) Zmitr. 2001
Serpula aspera
Serpula aspera Hagenow 1840
Serpula atrovirens
Serpula atrovirens (Burt) W. B. Cooke 1957
Serpula aurea
Serpula aurea (Fr.) P. Karst. 1885
Serpula batequensis
Serpula borealis
Serpula borealis (Romell) Zmitr. 2001
Serpula byssoidea
Serpula byssoidea (Burt) W. B. Cooke 1957
Serpula canteriata
Serpula canteriata Hagenow 1840
Serpula carinata
Serpula carinata Wegner 1905
Serpula cavernicola
Serpula cavernicola Fassari & Mollica 1991
Serpula chlorina
Serpula chlorina (Pat.) W. B. Cooke 1957
Serpula cincta
Serpula cincta Goldfuss 1831
Serpula clientela
Serpula columbiana
Serpula columbiana Johnson 1901
Serpula concharum
Serpula concharum Langerhans, 1880
Serpula conica
Serpula conica Hagenow 1840
Serpula corrugata
Serpula corrugata Montagu, 1803
Serpula crassa
Serpula crassa (Lloyd) W. B. Cooke 1957
Serpula crenatostriatus
Serpula crenatostriatus Munster in Goldfuss 1831
Serpula destruens
Serpula destruens (Pers.) Gray 1821
Serpula domestica
Serpula domestica (Falck) Bondartsev 1948
Serpula dorsolineata
Serpula dorsolineata Nielsen 1931
Serpula elliottii
Serpula elliottii (Massee) Zmitr. 2001
Serpula erecta
Serpula erecta (Lloyd) W. B. Cooke 1957
Serpula etalensis
Serpula eurocephala
Serpula eurocephala (Berk. & Broome) W. B. Cooke 1957
Serpula fluctuata
Serpula fluctuata Sowerby 1829
Serpula fugax
Serpula fugax (Fr.) P. Karst. 1889
Serpula fusca
Serpula fusca (Lloyd) W. B. Cooke 1957
Serpula fuscescens
Serpula fuscescens (Bres.) W. B. Cooke 1957
Serpula geranae
Serpula geranae Munster 1841
Serpula gibbosa
Serpula gibbosa Goldfuss 1831
Serpula gordialis
Serpula granulosa
Serpula helicalis
Serpula hexagonoides
Serpula hexagonoides (Burt) W. B. Cooke 1957
Serpula himantioides
Serpula himantioides (Fr.) P. Karst. 1885
Serpula hyodysenteriae
Serpula hyodysenteriae (Harris et al. 1972) Stanton et al., 1991
Serpula illudens
Serpula illudens Overh. ex W. B. Cooke 1957
Serpula imperfecta
Serpula imperfecta Overh. ex W. B. Cooke 1957
Serpula incrassata
Serpula incrassata (Berk. & M. A. Curtis) Donk 1948
Serpula indica
Serpula infundibulum
Serpula infundibulum Philippi, 1844
Serpula innocens
Serpula innocens (Kinyon and Harris 1979) Stanton et al., 1991
Serpula israelitica
Serpula israelitica Amoureux, 1976
Serpula japonica
Serpula jukesii
Serpula klaumanni
Serpula lacrimans
Serpula lacrymans
Serpula lacrymans (Wulfen) J. Schröt. 1885
Serpula lacrymans carbonaria
Serpula lacrymans himantioides
Serpula lacrymans lacrymans
Serpula lacrymans shastensis
Serpula lacrymans var. carbonaria
Serpula lacrymans var. carbonaria (Lloyd) W. B. Cooke 1957
Serpula lacrymans var. himantioides
Serpula lacrymans var. himantioides (Fr.) W. B. Cooke 1957
Serpula lacrymans var. lacrymans
Serpula lacrymans var. shastensis (Harmsen) Ginns & M. N. L. Lefebvre 1993
Serpula lineatuba
Serpula lineatuba Straughan 1967
Serpula lobiancoi
Serpula lobiancoi Rioja, 1917
Serpula luridochracea
Serpula luridochracea (Corner) Zmitr. 2001
Serpula minor
Serpula minor (Falck) Bondartsev 1956
Serpula mollusca
Serpula mollusca (Fr.) P. Karst. 1885
Serpula montana
Serpula montana (Burt) Zmitr. 2001
Serpula narconensis
Serpula olivacea
Serpula olivacea (Schwein.) Zmitr. 2001
Serpula olivascens
Serpula olivascens (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Zmitr. 2001
Serpula oshimae
Serpula palauense
Serpula pannosa
Serpula pannosa Quenstedt 1857
Serpula panuoides
Serpula panuoides (Fr.) Zmitr. ex Zmitr. 2001
Serpula papyracea
Serpula papyracea (Fr.) P. Karst. 1885
Serpula parallela
Serpula parallela Coy, 1862
Serpula philipsi
Serpula philipsii
Serpula philipsii Roemer 1841
Serpula pinastri
Serpula pinastri (Fr.) W. B. Cooke 1957
Serpula planorbis
Serpula plicatilis
Serpula plicatilis Muenster 1831
Serpula porinoides
Serpula porinoides (Fr.) P. Karst. 1889
Serpula pulchella
Serpula pulverulenta
Serpula pulverulenta (Fr.) Bondartsev 1959
Serpula pygmaea
Serpula pygmaea Munster 1841
Serpula quadrata
Serpula rauca
Serpula romellii
Serpula romellii (Ginns) Zmitr. 2001
Serpula rubens
Serpula rubens Straughan 1967
Serpula rufa
Serpula rufa (Pers.) P. Karst. 1896
Serpula rufa pinicola
Serpula rufa rufa
Serpula rufa var. pinicola
Serpula rufa var. pinicola P. Karst. 1896
Serpula rufa var. rufa
Serpula rugospora
Serpula rugospora W. B. Cooke 1957
Serpula sclerotiorum
Serpula sclerotiorum (Falck) Bondartsev 1956
Serpula serpens
Serpula serpens (Tode) P. Karst. 1889
Serpula serpens ceracella
Serpula serpens pinicola
Serpula serpens serpens
Serpula serpens subsp. ceracella
Serpula serpens subsp. ceracella (Berk. & M. A. Curtis) P. Karst. 1898
Serpula serpens subsp. serpens
Serpula serpens var. pinicola
Serpula serpens var. pinicola P. Karst. 1898
Serpula serpens var. serpens
Serpula sexangularis
Serpula sexangularis Munster in Goldfuss 1831
Serpula similis
Serpula similis (Berk. & Broome) Ginns 1971
Serpula sinica
Serpula socialis
Serpula socialis Goldfuss 1831
Serpula sororia
Serpula sororia (Burt) Zmitr. 2001
Serpula spiralis
Serpula spiralis Muenster in Goldfuss 1831
Serpula spirillum
Serpula spirillum Linnaeus, 1758
Serpula spirulaea
Serpula spirulaea Lamarck 1818
Serpula squalida
Serpula squalida (Fr.) P. Karst. 1885
Serpula striatissima
Serpula subcompressa
Serpula subcompressa Eichwald 1860
Serpula subinvoluta
Serpula subinvoluta Reuss 1845
Serpula subrugosus
Serpula subrugosus Munster in Goldfuss 1831
Serpula subtorquata
Serpula subtorquata Munster in Goldfuss 1831
Serpula suculata
Serpula suculata Sowerby 1829
Serpula terrestris
Serpula terrestris (Burt) S. Ahmad 1972
Serpula tetratropia
Serpula tignicola
Serpula tignicola (Harmsen) M. P. Christ. 1960
Serpula triangularis
Serpula tricarinata
Serpula tricarinata Goldfuss 1831
Serpula triquetra
Serpula triquetra Linnaeus, 1767
Serpula trochiformis
Serpula trochiformis Hagenow 1840
Serpula turbinella
Serpula turbinella Sowerby 1844
Serpula umbrina
Serpula umbrina (Fr.) P. Karst. 1885
Serpula uschakovi
Serpula variegata
Serpula variegata Perry 1811
Serpula vermicularis
Serpula vermicularis Linnaeus
Serpula vermicularis Linnaeus, 1767
Serpula vermicularis granulosa
Serpula vermicularis granulosa Marenzeller 1884
Serpula vermicularis vermicularis
Serpula verrucosa
Serpula vitrea
Serpula vitrea Fabricius, 1780
Serpula vittata
Serpula vittata Augener 1914
Serpula watsoni
Siculodes serpula
Siculodes serpula Guenée 1877
Straparollus (Serpulospira) serpula
Straparollus serpula
Trichia serpula
Trichia serpula (Scop.) Pers. 1797
Trichia serpula Pers.
Trichia serpula Pers. 1797
Trichia serpula serpula
Trichia serpula spongioides
Trichia serpula var. (b.) spongioides Pers.
Trichia serpula var. serpula

9 Other Matches
Serpula [Foraminifera]Operational Taxonomic Unit
Serpula [Foraminifera] seminulum Linné, 1758Operational Taxonomic Unit
Hemitricha serpula
Serpula cf. himantioides SibI
Serpula cf. himantioides SibII
Serpula cf. himantioides SibIII
Serpula lacrymans var. shastensis
Serpula similis (Berk. & Broome) Ginns
Siphonosphaera serpula

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