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479 Scientific Matches
Sertularella Gray, 1848
Sertularella abietina
Sertularella acutidentata
Sertularella acutidentata Billard
Sertularella acutidentata Billard 1919
Sertularella acutidentata profunda
Sertularella africana
Sertularella africana Stechow
Sertularella africana Stechow 1919
Sertularella agulhenis
Sertularella agulhenis Millard
Sertularella agulhenis Millard 1964
Sertularella albida
Sertularella albida Kirchenpauer, 1884
Sertularella amphorifera
Sertularella amphorifera Allman, 1877
Sertularella ampullacea
Sertularella ampullacea Fraser
Sertularella ampullacea Fraser 1938
Sertularella anguina
Sertularella anguina Vervoort
Sertularella anguina Vervoort 1993
Sertularella annulata
Sertularella annulata (Allman, 1888)
Sertularella annulata Allman
Sertularella annulata Allman 1888
Sertularella annulaventricosa
Sertularella annulaventricosa Mulder & Trebilcock
Sertularella annulaventricosa Mulder & Trebilcock 1915
Sertularella antarctica
Sertularella antarctica Hartlaub
Sertularella antarctica Hartlaub 1901
Sertularella arbuscula
Sertularella arbuscula (Lamouroux, 1816)
Sertularella arbuscula GarcÌa Aguirre & Gonzalez, 1980
Sertularella arbuscula Lamouroux 1816
Sertularella areyi
Sertularella areyi Nutting, 1904
Sertularella argentina
Sertularella argentina El Beshbeeshy
Sertularella argentina El Beshbeeshy 1991
Sertularella atlantica
Sertularella atlantica Stechow
Sertularella atlantica Stechow 1920
Sertularella atlantica Stechow, 1930
Sertularella avrilia
Sertularella avrilia Watson
Sertularella avrilia Watson 1973
Sertularella biformis
Sertularella biformis Jaderholm 1905
Sertularella billardi
Sertularella billardi Vervoort
Sertularella billardi Vervoort 1993
Sertularella bipectinata
Sertularella bipectinata Vervoort
Sertularella bipectinata Vervoort 1993
Sertularella blanconae
Sertularella blanconae El Beshbeeshy
Sertularella blanconae El Beshbeeshy 1991
Sertularella brandti
Sertularella brandti Linko
Sertularella brandti Linko 1912
Sertularella capensis
Sertularella capensis Millard
Sertularella capensis Millard 1957
Sertularella catena
Sertularella catena (Allman, 1888)
Sertularella catena Allman
Sertularella catena Allman 1888
Sertularella clarki
Sertularella clarki (Merezhkovskii, 1878)
Sertularella clarki Mereschkowsky, 1878
Sertularella clarkii Mereschkowsky, 1878
Sertularella clausa
Sertularella clausa Allman, 1888
Sertularella complexa
Sertularella complexa Nutting, 1904
Sertularella conella
Sertularella conella Stechow
Sertularella conella Stechow 1920
Sertularella congregata
Sertularella congregata Millard
Sertularella congregata Millard 1964
Sertularella conica
Sertularella conica Allman, 1877
Sertularella costata
Sertularella costata Leloup
Sertularella costata Leloup 1940
Sertularella crassa
Sertularella crassa Billard
Sertularella crassa Billard 1919
Sertularella crassicaulis
Sertularella crassicaulis (Allman, 1888)
Sertularella crassicaulis (Heller, 1868)
Sertularella crassicaulis Heller 1868
Sertularella crassicualis
Sertularella crassiuscula
Sertularella crassiuscula Bale, 1924
Sertularella craticula
Sertularella craticula Naumov
Sertularella craticula Naumov 1960
Sertularella crenulata
Sertularella crenulata Nutting
Sertularella crenulata Nutting 1905
Sertularella cruzensis
Sertularella cruzensis El Beshbeeshy
Sertularella cruzensis El Beshbeeshy 1991
Sertularella cubica
Sertularella cubica (Deshayes & Milne Edwards , 1836)
Sertularella cubica Garcia Aguirre & Gonzalez, 1980
Sertularella cubica García Aguirre & Gonzalez 1980
Sertularella cylindritheca
Sertularella cylindritheca (Allman, 1888)
Sertularella cylindritheca (Hincks, 1861)
Sertularella cylindritheca Allman 1888
Sertularella decipiens
Sertularella decipiens Billard
Sertularella decipiens Billard 1919
Sertularella diaphana
Sertularella diaphana (Allman, 1885)
Sertularella diaphana Allman 1885
Sertularella dubia
Sertularella dubia Billard
Sertularella dubia Billard 1907
Sertularella edentula
Sertularella edentula Bale, 1924
Sertularella ellisi
Sertularella ellisi (Deshayes and Milne Edwards, 1836)
Sertularella ellisi (Deshayes and Milne-Edwards, 1836)
Sertularella ellisii
Sertularella ellisii (Deshayes & Milne Edwards, 1836)
Sertularella ellisii (Lamouroux, 1821)
Sertularella ellisii Deshayes & Milne Edwards 1836
Sertularella ellisii ellisii
Sertularella ellisii ellisii (Deshayes & Milne Edwards 1836)
Sertularella elongata
Sertularella elongata Jaderholm 1904
Sertularella elongatus
Sertularella elongatus Symplectoscyphus articulatus
Sertularella elongatus articulatus
Sertularella encarnae
Sertularella erecta
Sertularella erecta Naumov and Stepan'yants, 1962
Sertularella erratum
Sertularella erratum Vervoort & Watson, 2003
Sertularella exigua
Sertularella exigua Thompson, 1879
Sertularella exilis
Sertularella exilis Fraser, 1938
Sertularella falsa
Sertularella falsa Miljard, 1957
Sertularella falsa Millard
Sertularella falsa Millard 1957
Sertularella flabella
Sertularella flabella (Nutting, 1904)
Sertularella flabellum
Sertularella flabellum (Allman, 1885)
Sertularella flabellum Allman
Sertularella flabellum Allman 1885
Sertularella formosa
Sertularella formosa Fewkes, 1881
Sertularella fuegonensis
Sertularella fuegonensis El Beshbeeshy
Sertularella fuegonensis El Beshbeeshy 1991
Sertularella fusiformis
Sertularella fusiformis (Hincks, 1861)
Sertularella fusiformis Hincks 1861
Sertularella fusoides
Sertularella fusoides Stechow
Sertularella fusoides Stechow 1926
Sertularella gaudichaudi
Sertularella gaudichaudi (Lamouroux, 1824)
Sertularella gayi
Sertularella gayi (Lamouroux, 1821)
Sertularella gayi Lamouroux 1821
Sertularella gayi elongata
Sertularella gayi gayi
Sertularella gayi gayi (Lamouroux 1821)
Sertularella gayi robusta
Sertularella gayi robusta Allman 1873
Sertularella gayi unituba
Sertularella gayi var. elongata Billard 1906
Sertularella geniculata
Sertularella geniculata Hincks, 1874
Sertularella geodiae
Sertularella geodiae Totton, 1930
Sertularella gigantea
Sertularella gigantea Mereschkowsky, 1878
Sertularella gigantea Mereschowsky, 1878
Sertularella gilchristi
Sertularella gilchristi Millard
Sertularella gilchristi Millard 1964
Sertularella goliathus
Sertularella goliathus Stechow
Sertularella goliathus Stechow 1923
Sertularella gracilis
Sertularella gracilis Hassall, 1848
Sertularella gruzovi
Sertularella gruzovi Stepanyants 1979
Sertularella hartlaubi
Sertularella helenae
Sertularella helenae Vervoort
Sertularella helenae Vervoort 1993
Sertularella hermanosensis
Sertularella hermanosensis El Beshbeeshy
Sertularella hermanosensis El Beshbeeshy 1991
Sertularella humilis
Sertularella humilis Fraser
Sertularella humilis Fraser 1943
Sertularella hydrallmaniaeformis
Sertularella implexa
Sertularella implexa (Allman, 1888)
Sertularella implexa Allman
Sertularella implexa Allman 1888
Sertularella inabai
Sertularella inabai Stechow
Sertularella inabai Stechow 1913
Sertularella inconstans
Sertularella inconstans Billard
Sertularella inconstans Billard 1919
Sertularella integra
Sertularella integra Allman, 1876
Sertularella intricata
Sertularella intricata Billard, 1919
Sertularella japonica
Sertularella japonica Stechow
Sertularella japonica Stechow 1926
Sertularella jorgensis
Sertularella jorgensis El Beshbeeshy
Sertularella jorgensis El Beshbeeshy 1991
Sertularella keiensis
Sertularella keiensis Billard
Sertularella keiensis Billard 1925
Sertularella lagena
Sertularella lagena (Allman, 1876)
Sertularella lagena Allman
Sertularella lagena Allman 1876
Sertularella lagenoides
Sertularella lagenoides Stechow, 1919
Sertularella lata
Sertularella lata Bale
Sertularella lata Bale 1882
Sertularella laxa
Sertularella laxa Allman
Sertularella laxa Allman 1888
Sertularella leiocarpa
Sertularella leiocarpa (Allman, 1888)
Sertularella leiocarpa Allman
Sertularella leiocarpa Allman 1888
Sertularella leiocarpoides
Sertularella leiocarpoides Vervoort
Sertularella leiocarpoides Vervoort 1993
Sertularella levigata
Sertularella levigata Stechow
Sertularella levigata Stechow 1931
Sertularella magna
Sertularella magna Nutting, 1904
Sertularella mediterranea
Sertularella mediterranea Hartlaub, 1901
Sertularella megastoma
Sertularella megastoma Nutting
Sertularella megastoma Nutting 1904
Sertularella megista
Sertularella megista Stechow
Sertularella megista Stechow 1923
Sertularella microtheca
Sertularella microtheca Leloup
Sertularella microtheca Leloup 1974
Sertularella millardi
Sertularella minuscula
Sertularella minuscula Billard
Sertularella minuscula Billard 1925
Sertularella mirabilis
Sertularella mirabilis Jaderholm, 1896
Sertularella mirabilis Jäderholm
Sertularella mirabilis Jäderholm 1896
Sertularella miurensis
Sertularella miurensis Stechow
Sertularella miurensis Stechow 1921
Sertularella multinoda
Sertularella multinoda Fraser, 1948
Sertularella mutsuensis
Sertularella mutsuensis Stechow
Sertularella mutsuensis Stechow 1931
Sertularella nana
Sertularella nana Hartlaub
Sertularella nana Hartlaub 1901
Sertularella natalensis
Sertularella natalensis Millard
Sertularella natalensis Millard 1968
Sertularella novaecaledoniae
Sertularella novaecaledoniae Vervoort
Sertularella novaecaledoniae Vervoort 1993
Sertularella nuttingi
Sertularella nuttingi Billard
Sertularella nuttingi Billard 1914
Sertularella ornata
Sertularella ornata (Linnaeus, 1758)
Sertularella ornata Broch 1933
Sertularella ornata Fraser 1937
Sertularella paessleri
Sertularella paessleri Hartlaub
Sertularella paessleri Hartlaub 1901
Sertularella parvula
Sertularella parvula Mammen
Sertularella parvula Mammen 1965
Sertularella patagonica
Sertularella patagonica (D'Orbigny, 1846)
Sertularella patagonica D'Orbigny
Sertularella patagonica D'Orbigny 1846
Sertularella paucicostata
Sertularella paucicostata Vervoort
Sertularella paucicostata Vervoort 1993
Sertularella peculiaris
Sertularella peculiaris Leloup
Sertularella peculiaris Leloup 1974
Sertularella pedrensis
Sertularella pedrensis Torrey, 1904
Sertularella pellucida
Sertularella pellucida Jaderholm, 1907
Sertularella pellucida Jäderholm
Sertularella pellucida Jäderholm 1907
Sertularella peregrina
Sertularella peregrina Bale
Sertularella peregrina Bale 1926
Sertularella picta
Sertularella picta (Linnaeus, 1758)
Sertularella picta (Meyen, 1834)
Sertularella picta Meyen 1834
Sertularella pinnata
Sertularella pinnata (Lamouroux, 1816)
Sertularella pinnata Clark, 1876
Sertularella pinnata Clark, 1877
Sertularella pinnata Lamouroux 1816
Sertularella pinnigera
Sertularella pinnigera Hartlaub, 1901
Sertularella polyzonias
Sertularella polyzonias (Linnaeus 1753)
Sertularella polyzonias (Linnaeus, 1758)
Sertularella polyzonias Linnaeus 1758
Sertularella polyzonias gigantea
Sertularella polyzonias polyzonias
Sertularella polyzonias polyzonias (Linnaeus, 1758)
Sertularella producta
Sertularella producta Allman
Sertularella producta Allman 1888
Sertularella pseudocostata
Sertularella pseudocostata Vervoort
Sertularella pseudocostata Vervoort 1993
Sertularella pulchra
Sertularella pulchra Stechow
Sertularella pulchra Stechow 1923
Sertularella punctagonangia
Sertularella punctagonangia Hargitt
Sertularella punctagonangia Hargitt 1924
Sertularella pushi
Sertularella quadrata
Sertularella quadrata Nutting
Sertularella quadrata Nutting 1895
Sertularella quadridens
Sertularella quadridens (Bale, 1884)
Sertularella quadridens Bale 1884
Sertularella quadrifida
Sertularella quadrifida Hartlaub
Sertularella quadrifida Hartlaub 1901
Sertularella quinquelaminata
Sertularella quinquelaminata Stechow
Sertularella quinquelaminata Stechow 1931
Sertularella ramosa
Sertularella ramosa Thompson, 1879
Sertularella reticulata
Sertularella reticulata Naumov,1960 non Kirchenpauer,1884
Sertularella richardsoni
Sertularella richardsoni Ralph, 1961
Sertularella robusta
Sertularella robusta Coughtrey, 1876
Sertularella robustoides
Sertularella robustoides Mulder & Trebilcock
Sertularella robustoides Mulder & Trebilcock 1915
Sertularella rugosa
Sertularella rugosa (Linnaeus, 1758)
Sertularella rugosa Linnaeus 1758
Sertularella sagamina
Sertularella sagamina Stechow
Sertularella sagamina Stechow 1921
Sertularella sanmatiasensis
Sertularella sanmatiasensis El Beshbeeshy
Sertularella sanmatiasensis El Beshbeeshy 1991
Sertularella similis
Sertularella similis Fraser, 1948
Sertularella simplex
Sertularella simplex (Hutton, 1873)
Sertularella simplex Hutton 1873
Sertularella sinensis
Sertularella sinensis Jaderholm, 1896
Sertularella sinensis Jäderholm
Sertularella sinensis Jäderholm 1896
Sertularella sinuosa
Sertularella sinuosa Fraser, 1948
Sertularella solidula
Sertularella solidula Bale
Sertularella solidula Bale 1882
Sertularella solitaria
Sertularella solitaria (Nutting, 1904)
Sertularella spasskii
Sertularella spasskii (Feniuk 1947)
Sertularella spasskii (Fenyuk 1947)
Sertularella speciosa
Sertularella spinosa
Sertularella spinosa Kirchenpauer
Sertularella spinosa Kirchenpauer 1884
Sertularella spiralis
Sertularella spiralis Hickson & Gravely 1907
Sertularella spirifera
Sertularella spirifera Stechow
Sertularella spirifera Stechow 1931
Sertularella stolonifera
Sertularella stolonifera Vervoort & Watson, 2003
Sertularella striata
Sertularella striata Stechow
Sertularella striata Stechow 1923
Sertularella subdichotoma
Sertularella subdichotoma Kirchenpauer 1884
Sertularella tanneri
Sertularella tanneri Nutting, 1904
Sertularella tasmanica
Sertularella tasmanica Bale
Sertularella tasmanica Bale 1915
Sertularella tenella
Sertularella tenella (Alder, 1856)
Sertularella tenella (Alder, 1857)
Sertularella tenella Alder 1857
Sertularella thecocarpa
Sertularella thecocarpa Jarvis
Sertularella thecocarpa Jarvis 1922
Sertularella tilesii
Sertularella tilesii Kirchenpauer
Sertularella tilesii Kirchenpauer 1884
Sertularella tongensis
Sertularella tongensis Stechow
Sertularella tongensis Stechow 1919
Sertularella tricincta
Sertularella tricincta Billard, 1939
Sertularella tricuspidata
Sertularella tricuspidata (Alder, 1859)
Sertularella tridentata
Sertularella tridentata (Lamouroux, 1816)
Sertularella tridentata Lamouroux
Sertularella tridentata Lamouroux 1816
Sertularella turgida
Sertularella turgida (Trask, 1857)
Sertularella undulitheca
Sertularella undulitheca Vervoort
Sertularella undulitheca Vervoort 1959
Sertularella unituba
Sertularella unituba Calder 1991
Sertularella unituba Linnaeus, 1758
Sertularella uruguayensis
Sertularella uruguayensis Manon-Garzon & Milstein, 1973
Sertularella uruguayensis Mañon-Garzon & Milstein
Sertularella uruguayensis Mañon-Garzon & Milstein 1973
Sertularella valdiviae
Sertularella valdiviae Stechow
Sertularella valdiviae Stechow 1923
Sertularella vervoorti
Sertularella vervoorti El Beshbeeshy 1991
Sertularella wallacei
Sertularella wallacei Stechow
Sertularella wallacei Stechow 1926
Sertularella whitei
Sertularella whitei Rees & Vervoort
Sertularella whitei Rees & Vervoort 1987
Sertularella xantha
Sertularella xantha Stechow
Sertularella xantha Stechow 1923
Sertularella zenkevitchi
Sertularella zenkevitchi Naumov
Sertularella zenkevitchi Naumov 1960

3 Other Matches
Sertularella b.Operational Taxonomic Unit
Sertularella e.Operational Taxonomic Unit
Sertularella h.Operational Taxonomic Unit

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