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129 Scientific Matches
Acrochaetium spongicola
Acrochaetium spongicola Weber-van Bosse
Aega spongicola
Aega spongicola (Thomson 1892)
Andaniexis spongicola
Andaniexis spongicola Pirlot 1933
Audouinella spongicola
Audouinella spongicola (Weber-vanBosse) Stegenga
Audouinella spongicola (Weber-vanBosse) Stegenga 1985
Balanus (Balanus) spongicola
Balanus spongicola
Balanus spongicola Brown, 1827
Balanus spongicola Brown, 1844
Cerithiopsis spongicola
Charbeitanais spongicola
Cirolana harfordi spongicola
Cirolana harfordi spongicola Stafford, 1912
Cirolana harfordi subsp. spongicola
Cirolana harfordi subsp. spongicola Stafford, 1912
Colaconema spongicola
Colaconema spongicola (Weber-vanBosse) Woelkerling 1971
Dipurena spongicola
Dipurena spongicola Anger, 1972
Dipurena spongicola von Anger, 1972
Emplectonema spongicola
Emplectonema spongicola (Bergendal, 1903)
Epipontonia spongicola
Epipontonia spongicola Bruce, 1977
Evermannichthys spongicola
Evermannichthys spongicola (Radcliffe, 1917)
Evermannichthys spongicola Metzelaar, 1919
Garmannia spongicola
Garmannia spongicola Radcliffe 1917
Glorandaniotes spongicola
Glorandaniotes spongicola (Pirlot 1933)
Gnathia spongicola
Gnathia spongicola Barnard, 1920
Halisiphonia spongicola
Halisiphonia spongicola Haeckel
Halisiphonia spongicola Haeckel 1889
Haplosyllis spongicola
Haplosyllis spongicola (Grube, 1855)
Haplosyllis spongicola brevicirra
Haplosyllis spongicola brevicirra Rioja 1941
Haplosyllis spongicola tentaculata
Haplosyllis spongicola tentaculata Marion, 1877
Harmothoe spongicola
Heteromysoides spongicola
Heteromysoides spongicola Bacescu, 1968
Janirella spongicola
Janirella spongicola Hansen, 1916
Macrophiothrix spongicola
Manayunkia spongicola
Manayunkia spongicola Southern 1921
Marionina spongicola
Mesanthura spongicola
Mesanthura spongicola Kensley & Heard, 1991
Microlaophonte spongicola
Microlaophonte spongicola Vervoort, 1964
Niveria spongicola
Niveria spongicola (Monterosato 1923)
Odontozona spongicola
Odontozona spongicola (Alcock and A. R. S. Anderson, 1899)
Odontozona spongicola (Alcock and Anderson, 1899)
Ophiothrix spongicola
Paranesidea spongicola
Paranesidea spongicola Maddocks 1969
Parapseudes spongicola
Parapseudes spongicola Brown, 1958
Perarella spongicola
Perarella spongicola (Haeckel, 1889)
Perarella spongicola Haeckel
Perarella spongicola Haeckel 1889
Periclimenaeus spongicola
Periclimenaeus spongicola (Holthuis 1952)
Periclimenaeus spongicola Holthuis, 1952
Physcosoma spongicola Sluiter, 1902
Pleurosicya spongicola
Pleurosicya spongicola Larson, 1990
Polydora spongicola
Polydora spongicola Berkeley & Berkeley 1950
Polydora spongicola E. & C. Berkeley, 1950
Ptygura spongicola
Ptygura spongicola Berzinš, 1950
Rhodochortonopsis spongicola
Rhodochortonopsis spongicola Yamada
Rhodochortonopsis spongicola Yamada 1944
Roseivirga spongicola
Roseivirga spongicola Lau et al. 2006
Sagartia spongicola
Sagartia spongicola Ver.
Sagartia spongicola Verrill
Sagartia spongicola Verrill, 1883
Spongicola Schulz 1877
Spongicola andamanica
Spongicola andamanica Alcock, 1901
Spongicola cubanica
Spongicola de Haan (1849)
Spongicola de Haan 1849
Spongicola de Haan, 1844
Spongicola henshawi henshawi
Spongicola henshawi henshawi Rathbun 1906
Spongicola henshawi spinigera
Spongicola holthuisi
Spongicola inflata
Spongicola japonica
Spongicola parvispina
Stephanauge spongicola
Stephanauge spongicola (Verrill, 1883)
Stephanauge spongicola Verrill 1883
Stephenauge spongicola
Stephenauge spongicola (Verrill, 1883)
Syllides spongicola
Syllides spongicola (Grube, 1855)
Syllis spongicola
Syllis spongicola Grube, 1855
Synalpheus spongicola
Torula spongicola
Torula spongicola Dufour
Trivia spongicola
Trivia spongicola (Monterosato, 1923)
Trivia spongicola Monterosato 1923
Typton spongicola
Typton spongicola Costa
Typton spongicola O. G. Costa, 1844
Vermetus granulatus form. spongicola Monterosato 1892
Vermetus granulatus spongicola
Zyzzyzus spongicola

1 Other Matches
Janirella (Janirella) spongicola Hansen 1916

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