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644 Scientific Matches
Abies squamata
Abies squamata Mast.
Abies squamata Masters
Acacia squamata
Acacia squamata C.Morren
Acacia squamata Lindl.
Acacia squamata Lindley
Acacia squamata Morr.
Acacia squamata Morren
Acalvolia squamata
Acalvolia squamata (Oudemans 1909)
Acanthiza reguloides squamata
Acetosella squamata
Acetosella squamata (Zucc.) Kuntze
Acropora squamata
Actinia squamata
Aeschna squamata
Aeshna squamata
Aeshna squamata Muller
Agromyza squamata
Agromyza squamata Becker
Agromyza squamata Becker, 1903
Alsophila squamata
Alsophila squamata Klotzsch
Alstroemeria peregrina squamata
Alstroemeria peregrina var. squamata
Alstroemeria peregrina var. squamata Herb.
Amphioplus squamata
Amphioplus squamata (Delle Chiaje, 1828)
Amphipholis squamata
Amphipholis squamata (Delle Chiaje, 1828)
Amphipholis squamata (Delle Chiaje, 1829)
Amphiura squamata
Amphiura squamata (Delle Chiaje, 1828)
Andrena (Lepidandrena) squamata
Andrena squamata
Andrena squamata Wu, 1990
Anthocleista squamata
Anthocleista squamata De Wild. & Th. Dur.
Apiciopsis squamata
Apiciopsis squamata Warren 1897
Aplasta squamata
Aplasta squamata Staudinger 1920
Ardisia squamata
Ardisia squamata (Lundell) J.F. Morales
Ardisia squamata (Lundell) Lundell
Artedia squamata
Artedia squamata L.
Aspicilia gibbosa squamata
Aspicilia squamata
Aspicilia squamata (Körb.) Motyka 1995
Aspidium squamata
Aspidium squamata Willd.
Asterias squamata
Asterias squamata Delle Chiaje, 1828
Asterias squamata Delle Chiaje, 1829
Auriculardisia squamata
Auriculardisia squamata Lundell
Axiognathus squamata
Axiognathus squamata (Delle Chiaje)
Azalea squamata
Azalea squamata Lindl.
Barbacenia squamata
Barbacenia squamata Herb.
Barbacenia squamata Herbert ex Lindley
Barbacenia squamata Hook. f.
Begonia squamata
Belvisia squamata
Belvisia squamata var. borneensis
Boerhavia squamata
Boerhavia squamata Raf.
Brachineura squamata
Brachineura squamata Kieffer, 1904
Brachyneura squamata
Brachyneura squamata Kieffer, 1904
Braxilia squamata
Callipepla squamata
Callipepla squamata (Vigors) 1830
Callipepla squamata (Vigors, 1830)
Callipepla squamata castanogastris
Callipepla squamata castanogastris Brewster, 1883
Callipepla squamata hargravei
Callipepla squamata hargravei Rea, 1973
Callipepla squamata pallida
Callipepla squamata pallida Brewster, 1881
Callipepla squamata squamata
Callipepla squamata squamata (Vigors, 1830)
Callipepla squamata subsp. castanogastris
Callipepla squamata subsp. castanogastris Brewster, 1883
Callipepla squamata subsp. hargravei
Callipepla squamata subsp. hargravei Rea, 1973
Callipepla squamata subsp. pallida
Callipepla squamata subsp. pallida Brewster, 1881
Callipepla squamata subsp. squamata
Callipepla squamata subsp. squamata (Vigors, 1830)
Calomeria squamata
Campylomyza squamata
Campylomyza squamata Marshall, 1896
Canariella (Salvinia) squamata
Canariella squamata
Caobangia squamata
Caobangia squamata A.R. Sm. & X.C. Zhang
Caretta squamata
Caretta squamata SWINHOE 1863
Caretta squamata SWINHOE 1863: 221
Carex squamata
Carex squamata V.I. Krecz.
Chirobia squamata
Chirobia squamata Fain 1959
Chlamys squamata
Chlamys squamata (Gmelin 1791)
Chondrilla squamata
Chrysocoma squamata
Chrysogorgia squamata
Chrysogorgia squamata (Verrill 1883)
Clava squamata
Clava squamata leptostyla
Clayia squamata
Clayia squamata Emerson 1956
Clerodendrum Schauer ser. Squamata
Cnemidocarpa squamata
Cnemidocarpa squamata Lützen, 1970
Columbina squamata
Columnitis squamata
Columnitis squamata Schmidt 1870
Coniopteryx (Xeroconiopteryx) squamata
Coniopteryx squamata
Conyza squamata
Conyza squamata Spreng.
Corallina squamata
Corallina squamata Linnaeus
Corallina squamata Linnaeus 1758
Corallorhiza squamata
Corallorhiza squamata (G.Forst.) Poir.
Corallorhiza squamata Poir.
Coronilla squamata
Coronilla squamata Cav.
Corythalia squamata
Corythalia squamata Bryant, 1940
Cosmophasis squamata
Cosmophasis squamata Kulczynski, 1910
Cosmophasis squamata Prószynski, 1984
Cuscuta squamata
Cuscuta squamata Engelm.
Cuscuta squamata Engelm., 1859
Cyathea squamata
Cyathea squamata (Klotzsch) Domin
Cystopteris squamata
Cystopteris squamata Decne.
Dasygorgia squamata
Dasygorgia squamata Verrill 1883
Debregeasia squamata
Debregeasia squamata King ex Hook. f.
Debregeasia squamata f. etuberculata
Deroemera squamata
Deroemera squamata (Hochst. ex A.Rich.) Rchb.f.
Deroemeria squamata
Deroemeria squamata (A. Rich.) Rchb. f.
Dichaetanthera squamata
Dichaetanthera squamata H. Perrier
Dictyota squamata
Dictyota squamata Lamouroux
Didymochlaena squamata
Didymochlaena squamata (Willd.) Desv.
Discorbis squamata
Drymophila squamata
Drymophila squamata (Lichtenstein) 1823
Drymophila squamata (Lichtenstein, 1823)
Drynaria squamata
Drynaria squamata (L.) Fée
Dyrzela squamata
Dyrzela squamata Warren 1913
Eilema squamata
Eilema squamata Pagenstecher 1886
Eleocharis squamata
Eleocharis squamata Boeck.
Empis squamata
Empis squamata Brunetti
Empis squamata Brunetti, 1913
Enaria squamata
Encyclia squamata
Encyclia squamata (Barb. Rodr.) Porto & Brade
Encyclia squamata Porto & Brade
Eos squamata
Eos squamata (Bechstein, 1811) ssp. riciniata (Bechstein 1811)
Eos squamata (Boddaert) 1783
Eos squamata (Boddaert, 1783)
Eos squamata obiensis
Eos squamata obiensis Rothschild, 1899
Eos squamata riciniata
Eos squamata riciniata (Bechstein, 1811)
Eos squamata squamata
Eos squamata squamata (Boddaert, 1783)
Eragrostis squamata
Eragrostis squamata (Lam.) Steud.
Eretmochelys imbricata squamata
Eretmochelys imbricata squamata Agassiz, 1857
Eretmochelys imbricata squamata CARR 1942
Eretmochelys imbricata subsp. squamata
Eretmochelys imbricata subsp. squamata AGASSIZ 1857
Eretmochelys squamata
Eretmochelys squamata AGASSIZ 1857
Eretmochelys squamata AGASSIZ 1857: 382 (not Testudo squmata GMELIN)
Eriphia squamata
Eschweilera squamata
Eschweilera squamata Mori
Eschweilera squamata S. A. Mori, 1987
Eschweilera squamata S.A. Mori
Eugenia squamata
Fabiana squamata
Fabiana squamata Phil.
Faradaya squamata
Faradaya squamata H.J. Lam
Garcinia squamata
Gavia stellata squamata
Gavia stellata squamata Portenko
Gomidesia squamata
Gomidesia squamata Mattos & D. Legrand
Grammica squamata
Gymnadenia squamata
Gymnadenia squamata (Poir.) A.Rich.
Gymnadenia squamata A. Rich.
Haliotis diversicolor squamata
Haliotis diversicolor squamata Reeve 1846
Haliotis squamata
Haliotis squamata Reeve 1846
Hatschekia squamata
Heliophila cornuta squamata
Heliophila cornuta var. squamata (Schltr.) Marais
Heliophila squamata
Heliophila squamata Schltr.
Henriettea squamata
Henriettea squamata (Alain) Alain
Henriettella squamata
Hentzia squamata
Hentzia squamata (Petrunkevitch, 1930)
Hentzia squamata Bryant, 1947
Hippocrepis comosa L. subsp. squamata (Cav.) O. Bolos & Vigo
Hippocrepis comosa squamata
Hippocrepis comosa squamata (Cav.) O. Bolos & Vigo
Hippocrepis comosa subsp. squamata
Hippocrepis comosa subsp. squamata (Cav.)O.Bolos & Vigo
Hippocrepis squamata
Hippocrepis squamata (Cav.) Cosson
Hippocrepis squamata (Cav.) Cosson subsp. eriocarpa (Boiss.) Nyman
Hippocrepis squamata (Cav.) Cosson subsp. squamata
Hippocrepis squamata (Cav.)Coss.
Hippocrepis squamata eriocarpa
Hippocrepis squamata eriocarpa (Boiss.) Nyman
Hippocrepis squamata hieronymi
Hippocrepis squamata hieronymi (Sennen) Uhrova
Hippocrepis squamata squamata
Hippocrepis squamata subsp. eriocarpa
Hippocrepis squamata subsp. eriocarpa (Boiss.)Nyman
Hippocrepis squamata subsp. hieronymi
Hippocrepis squamata subsp. hieronymi (Sennen)Hrabetova
Holothrix squamata
Holothrix squamata (Hochst. ex A.Rich.) Rchb.f.
Holothuria squamata
Holothuria squamata O.F. Müller, 1776
Hopea squamata
Humea squamata
Hymenandra squamata
Hymenandra squamata (Lundell) Pipoly & Ricketson
Hymenolepis squamata
Hypodoxa squamata
Hypodoxa squamata Felder 1875
Ignambia squamata
Ignambia squamata MATTHEWS, 1974
Ikuma squamata
Ikuma squamata Lawrence, 1938
Inocybe squamata
Inocybe squamata J. E. Lange
Inocybe squamata J. E. Lange 1917
Iris squamata
Junceella squamata
Junceella squamata Toeplitz, 1919
Jungermannia squamata
Jungermannia squamata Willd. ex Web.
Juniperus recurva Buch.-Ham. ex D. Don var. squamata (Buch.-Ham. ex Don) Parl.
Juniperus recurva Buch.-Ham. ex D. Don var. squamata (Lamb.) Parl.
Juniperus recurva squamata
Juniperus recurva var. squamata
Juniperus recurva var. squamata (Buch.-Ham. ex D. Don) Parl.
Juniperus squamata
Juniperus squamata Alba Nutt.
Juniperus squamata Buch.-Ham. ex D. Don
Juniperus squamata Buch.-Ham. ex Don
Juniperus squamata D. Don
Juniperus squamata Lamb.
Juniperus squamata Lamb. fo. wilsonii Rehder
Juniperus squamata Lamb. var. fargesii Rehder & E.H. Wilson
Juniperus squamata Lamb. var. hongxiensis Y. F. Yu & L.K. Fu
Juniperus squamata Lamb. var. loderi Hornibr.
Juniperus squamata Lamb. var. meyeri Rehder
Juniperus squamata Lamb. var. morrisonicola (Hayata) H.L. Li & H. Keng
Juniperus squamata Lamb. var. parvifolia Y. F. Yu & L.K. Fu
Juniperus squamata Lamb. var. squamata
Juniperus squamata Meyeri Nutt.
Juniperus squamata Prostrata Nutt.
Juniperus squamata Wilsonii
Juniperus squamata alba
Juniperus squamata f. wilsonii
Juniperus squamata fargesii
Juniperus squamata forma wilsonii
Juniperus squamata forma wilsonii Rehder
Juniperus squamata hongxiensis
Juniperus squamata loderi
Juniperus squamata meyeri
Juniperus squamata meyeri Small
Juniperus squamata morrisonicola
Juniperus squamata parvifolia
Juniperus squamata prostrata
Juniperus squamata squamata
Juniperus squamata unspecified Greene
Juniperus squamata var. fargesii
Juniperus squamata var. fargesii Rehder & E. H. Wilson
Juniperus squamata var. hongxiensis
Juniperus squamata var. hongxiensis Y. F. Yu & L. K. Fu
Juniperus squamata var. loderi
Juniperus squamata var. loderi (Hornibr.) Hornibr.
Juniperus squamata var. meyeri
Juniperus squamata var. meyeri Rehder
Juniperus squamata var. morrisonicola
Juniperus squamata var. morrisonicola (Hayata) H. L. Li & H. Keng
Juniperus squamata var. parvifolia
Juniperus squamata var. parvifolia Y. F. Yu & L. K. Fu
Juniperus squamata var. wilsonii Rehder
Lamia squamata
Lamia squamata GOEZE Johann August Ephraim, 1777
Lamia squamata Goeze, 1777
Laodamia squamata
Lawrencia squamata
Lawrencia squamata Nees
Lechia squamata
Lechia squamata Song & Chai, 1991
Lechia squamata Zabka, 1985
Lecidea squamata
Lecidea squamata Flagey
Lecidea squamata Flagey 1892
Lejeunea squamata
Lejeunea squamata (Willd. ex Web.)
Lejeunea squamata neesii
Lejeunea squamata neesii Cham. & Schltdl., 1905
Lepicystis squamata
Lepidodermella squamata
Lepidodermella squamata (Dujardin, 1841)
Lepidodexia (Lepidodexia) squamata
Lepidodexia (Lepidodexia) squamata Walker, 1853
Lepidodexia squamata
Lepidodexia squamata Walker, 1853
Lepidosperma squamata
Lepidosperma squamata Miq.
Lepironia squamata
Lepironia squamata (Kurz) Miq.
Leucocosmia squamata
Leucocosmia squamata Bethune-Baker
Libellula squamata
Libellula squamata Mnller, 1764
Libellula squamata Müller 1764
Lichmera squamata
Lichmera squamata (Salvadori) 1878
Lichmera squamata (Salvadori, 1878)
Linosyris squamata
Linosyris squamata A. Gray
Linosyris squamata A. Gray S. Watson
Linosyris squamata A. Gray var. palmeri A. Gray
Linosyris squamata A. Gray var. squamata
Linosyris squamata palmeri
Linosyris squamata squamata
Linosyris squamata var. breweri
Linosyris squamata var. palmeri
Mantonella squamata
Mantoniella squamata
Mantoniella squamata (I. Manton & M. Parke) T. V. Desikachary
Mantoniella squamata (Manton & Parke)
Mantoniella squamata (Manton & Parke) Desikachary
Mapania squamata
Mapania squamata (Kurz) C.B. Clarke
Marginaria squamata
Marginaria squamata (L.) C. Presl
Maxillaria squamata
Maxillaria squamata Barb. Rodr.
Melithaea squamata
Melithaea squamata (Nutting, 1911)
Metasphaeria squamata
Metasphaeria squamata (Cooke & Ellis) Sacc.
Metasphaeria squamata (Cooke & Ellis) Sacc. 1883
Micromonas squamata
Micromonas squamata I. Manton & M. Parke
Micromonas squamata Manton & Parke
Mortoniella squamata
Mortoniella squamata Sykora, 1999
Musca squamata
Musca squamata Malloch 1934
Musca squamata Muller 1764
Myelobia squamata
Myelobia squamata Hampson 1919
Niambia squamata
Niambia squamata (Budde-Lund, 1885)
Niambia squamata Budde-Lund 1885
Notholaena squamata
Olfersia squamata
Oligochaetochilus squamata
Oligochaetochilus squamata (R. Br.) Szlach.
Oncocera squamata
Oncocera squamata Balinsky 1994
Ophrys squamata
Ophrys squamata G.Forst.
Ophrys squamata K. Först.
Orobanche squamata
Ortalida squamata Lesson, 1829
Ortalida squamata squamata
Ortalida squamata squamata Lesson, 1829
Ortalis guttata squamata
Ortalis guttata squamata Lesson, 1829
Ortalis squamata Lesson, 1829
Ortalis squamata squamata
Ortalis squamata squamata Lesson, 1829
Ouratea squamata
Ouratea squamata Sastre
Oxalis squamata
Oxalis squamata Zucc.
Pachygnathesis squamata
Pachygnathesis squamata Hampson 1918
Pachyospora gibbosa squamata
Pachyospora gibbosa var. squamata
Pachyospora gibbosa var. squamata (Flot.) M. Choisy 1949
Paracis squamata
Paracis squamata (Nutting, 1910)
Pedinella squamata
Percina squamata
Percina squamata (Gilbert & Swain, 1887)
Percina squamata (Gilbert and Swain in Gilbert, 1887)
Petrophila squamata
Petrophile squamata
Petrophile squamata R. Br.
Phillipsia squamata
Philotherma rosa squamata
Philotherma rosa squamata Strand, 1912
Philotherma squamata
Philotherma squamata Strand 1912
Physaloptera squamata
Pictetia squamata
Pictetia squamata (Vahl) DC.
Piercia squamata
Piercia squamata Herbulot 1974
Pinus squamata
Pinus squamata X. W. Li
Placogorgia squamata
Placogorgia squamata Nutting, 1910
Plantago squamata
Plectogyra squamata
Plectogyra squamata Postojalko 1975
Pleopeltis squamata
Pleopeltis squamata (L.) J. Sm.
Pleurostima squamata
Pleurostima squamata (Herb.) N.L.Menezes
Poa squamata
Poa squamata Lam.
Poblana alchichica squamata
Poblana alchichica squamata Alvarez, 1950
Poblana alchichica subsp. squamata
Poblana alchichica subsp. squamata Alvarez, 1950
Poblana squamata
Poblana squamata Alvarez, 1950
Polydiscia squamata
Polydiscia squamata Methlagl 1928
Prosthechea squamata
Prosthechea squamata (Porto & Brade) Withner
Protea squamata
Pseudapis squamata (Morawitz, 1895)
Pseudignambia squamata
Pseudignambia squamata Matthews, 1974
Psora squamata
Psora squamata (Dicks.) Hoffm. 1796
Psychoda squamata
Psychoda squamata Satchell
Psychoda squamata Satchell, 1953
Psychodocha squamata
Psychodocha squamata (Satchell 1953)
Pterostylis rufa R. Br. var. squamata (R. Br.) C. Fitzg.
Pterostylis rufa squamata
Pterostylis rufa var. squamata
Pterostylis rufa var. squamata (R.Br.) Fitzg.
Pterostylis squamata
Pterostylis squamata Lindl.
Pterostylis squamata R. Br.
Pterostylis squamata R. Br. var. valida Nicholls
Pterostylis squamata valida
Pterostylis squamata var. squamata
Pterostylis squamata var. valida
Pterostylis squamata var. valida Nicholls
Ptychomeria squamata
Ptychomeria squamata (C.H.Wright) Schltr.
Pygospio squamata
Pyura squamata
Pyura squamata Hartmeyer, 1911
Quercus squamata
Quercus squamata Roxb.
Reinarda squamata
Reniforma squamata
Rhabdactinia squamata
Rhipidura dryas squamata
Rinorea squamata
Rinorea squamata S.F. Blake
Robinia squamata
Robinia squamata Hort. Berol. ex Walp.
Robinia squamata Vahl
Rytigynia squamata
Rytigynia squamata (De Wild.) Robyns
Sabina squamata
Sabina squamata (Buch.-Ham. ex D. Don) Antoine
Sabina squamata (Buch.-Ham. ex Don) Antoine
Sabina squamata (Buch.-Ham. ex Don) Antoine var. fargesii (Rehder & E. H. Wilson) L.K. Fu & Y. F. Yu
Sabina squamata (Buch.-Ham. ex Don) Antoine var. wilsonii (Rehder) W.C. Cheng & L.K. Fu
Sabina squamata fargesii
Sabina squamata var. fargesii
Sabina squamata var. fargesii (Rehder & E.H. Wilson) L.K. Fu & Y.
Sabina squamata var. wilsonii
Sabina squamata var. wilsonii (Rehder) W. C. Cheng & L. K. Fu
Sabina squamata wilsonii
Salix squamata
Salix squamata Rydb.
Salix squamata Rydb., 1901
Scardafella squamata
Scolelepis squamata
Scolelepis squamata (O. F. Mueller, 1806)
Scolelepis squamata (O. F. Müller, 1789)
Senebiera squamata
Shorea squamata
Siliquaria squamata
Siliquaria squamata Blainville, 1827
Skrjabinocara squamata
Skrjabinocara squamata (Linstow 1883)
Spatalla squamata
Spatalla squamata Meisn.
Sphaeria squamata
Sphaeria squamata Cooke & Ellis
Squamata Curran & Walley 1928
Squamata Curran 1928
Squamata Oppel, 1811
Squamata bicapitata
Squamata bicapitata Townsend, 1931
Squamomedina squamata
Squamomedina squamata Townsend, 1934
Statice squamata
Steatothamnopora squamata
Steatothamnopora squamata Wang 1981
Steatothamnopora squamata Wang 1983
Sticta squamata
Sticta squamata D. J. Galloway 1983
Stictolejeunea squamata
Stictolejeunea squamata Willd. ex Web., 1893
Syncuaria squamata
Syncuaria squamata (Linstow 1883)
Tachina squamata
Tachina squamata Walker, 1853
Tachornis squamata
Tachornis squamata (Cassin) 1853
Tachornis squamata (Cassin, 1853)
Tachornis squamata semota
Tachornis squamata semota (Riley, 1933)
Tachornis squamata squamata
Tachornis squamata squamata (Cassin, 1853)
Tachornis squamata subsp. semota
Tachornis squamata subsp. semota (Riley, 1933)
Tachornis squamata subsp. squamata
Tachornis squamata subsp. squamata (Cassin, 1853)
Tectura (Squamitectura) squamata
Tectura squamata
Testudo squamata
Testudo squamata Schneider 1783
Tetradymia squamata
Tetradymia squamata (A. Gray) A. Gray
Tetradymia squamata (A. Gray) A. Gray var. palmeri A. Gray
Tetradymia squamata (A. Gray) A. Gray var. squamata
Tetradymia squamata palmeri
Tetradymia squamata squamata
Tetragnatha squamata
Tetragnatha squamata Bösenberg & Strand, 1906
Tetragnatha squamata Chen & Gao, 1990
Tetragnatha squamata Chen & Zhang, 1991
Tetragnatha squamata Chikuni, 1989
Tetragnatha squamata Guo, 1985
Tetragnatha squamata Hu, 1984
Tetragnatha squamata Karsch, 1879
Tetragnatha squamata Kim, Kim & Lee, 1999
Tetragnatha squamata Lee, 1966
Tetragnatha squamata Namkung, 2002
Tetragnatha squamata Namkung, 2003
Tetragnatha squamata Okuma, 1988
Tetragnatha squamata Paik & Namkung, 1979
Tetragnatha squamata Saito, 1934
Tetragnatha squamata Saito, 1939
Tetragnatha squamata Saito, 1959
Tetragnatha squamata Song, Zhu & Chen, 1999
Tetragnatha squamata Strand, 1918
Tetragnatha squamata Yaginuma, 1986
Tetragnatha squamata Yin, 1976
Tetragnatha squamata Yoo & Kim, 2002
Tetragnatha squamata Zhang, 1987
Tetragnatha squamata Zhao, 1993
Tetragnatha squamata Zhu et al., 2002
Tetragnatha squamata Zhu, Song & Zhang, 2003
Thyranthrene squamata
Thyranthrene squamata Gaede 1929
Tibouchina squamata
Tigoma squamata
Tigoma squamata Gill, 1861
Tiroloscia squamata
Tiroloscia squamata Verhoeff, 1938
Trichorhina squamata
Trichorhina squamata (Verhoeff 1933)
Trichorhina squamata Verhoeff, 1926
Tritaxis squamata
Tritaxis squamata (Jones & Parker, 1860)
Trochammina squamata
Trochammina squamata (Jones & Parker, 1860)
Trochammina squamata form. multicamerata
Trochammina squamata gordialis
Trochammina squamata multicamerata
Trochammina squamata var. gordialis Jones & Parker 1860
Tropidia squamata
Tropidia squamata Blume
Uncinia silvestris Hamlin var. squamata Hamlin
Uncinia silvestris squamata
Uncinia silvestris var. squamata Hamlin
Uta squamata
Uta squamata Dickerson, 1919
Vangueria squamata
Vangueria squamata De Wild.
Vaughtia squamata
Vellozia squamata
Vellozia squamata Jackson
Vellozia squamata Pohl
Viviparomusca squamata
Viviparomusca squamata Malloch
Viviparomusca squamata Malloch, 1934
Wala squamata
Wala squamata Petrunkevitch, 1930
Xyleutes squamata
Xyleutes squamata Hampson 1919

9 Other Matches
Caissara Squamata (Mabuya caissara)English
Inocybe squamata sensu Pearson [TBMS 32: 260 (1949)]; fide Checklist of Basidiomycota of Great Britain and Ireland (2Operational Taxonomic Unit
Juniperus squamata unspecifiedOperational Taxonomic Unit
Callipepla squamata castanogastric
Coronanthera squamata
Coronanthera squamata Virot
Pedinella sp. squamata
Scololepis squamata
Stictolejeunea squamata (Willd. ex F.Weber) Schiffn.

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