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171 Scientific Matches
Agaricus stercorarius
Agaricus stercorarius Bull. 1786
Agaricus stercorarius Schumach. 1803
Ascobolus stercorarius
Ascobolus stercorarius (Bull.) J. Schröt. 1893
Ascobolus stercorarius pusillus
Ascobolus stercorarius retisporus
Ascobolus stercorarius stercorarius
Ascobolus stercorarius var. pusillus
Ascobolus stercorarius var. pusillus Velen. 1934
Ascobolus stercorarius var. retisporus
Ascobolus stercorarius var. retisporus Clem.
Ascobolus stercorarius var. stercorarius
Ascobolus stercorarius var. stercorarius Rehm
Borborus stercorarius
Borborus stercorarius Meigen
Borborus stercorarius Meigen, 1830
Calamosternus stercorarius
Calamosternus stercorarius MULSANT & REY, 1870
Camponotus abdominalis stercorarius
Camponotus abdominalis stercorarius Forel
Camptocladius stercorarius
Camptocladius stercorarius (De Geer, 1776)
Camptocladius stercorarius (Degeer)
Camptocladius stercorarius De Geer, 1776
Camptocladius stercorarius Kieffer, 1921
Camptocladius stercorarius Meigen, 1804
Coprinus stercorarius
Coprinus stercorarius (Bull.) Fr. 1838
Coprinus stercorarius Fr. 1874
Coprinus stercorarius diverticulatus
Coprinus stercorarius f. diverticulatus
Coprinus stercorarius f. diverticulatus Kits van Wav. 1968
Coprinus stercorarius f. stercorarius
Coprinus stercorarius stercorarius
Coprinus stercorarius var. diverticulatus
Coprinus stercorarius var. diverticulatus (Kits van Wav.) Bogart 1975
Coprinus stercorarius var. stercorarius
Cortinarius stercorarius
Cortinarius stercorarius diverticulatus
Cortinarius stercorarius f. diverticulatus
Cortinarius stercorarius f. diverticulatus Kits van Wav.
Cortinarius stercorarius f. stercorarius
Cortinarius stercorarius stercorarius
Crepidotus stercorarius
Crepidotus stercorarius Singer 1952
Crepidotus variabilis stercorarius
Crepidotus variabilis var. stercorarius
Crepidotus variabilis var. stercorarius Reichert & Aviz. -Hersh. 1959
Cryptorrhynchus stercorarius
Cryptorrhynchus stercorarius Suffrian, 1876
Culicoides stercorarius
Culicoides stercorarius Khamala
Culicoides stercorarius Khamala & Kettle, 1971
Culicoides stercorarius Khamala, 1991
Fictor stercorarius
Fictor stercorarius (Bovien 1937)
Geotrupes (Geotrupes) stercorarius (Linnaeus, 1758)
Geotrupes stercorarius
Geotrupes stercorarius Erichson, 1847
Geotrupes stercorarius Linnaeus
Geotrupes stercorarius Linnaeus, 1758
Hister stercorarius
Hister stercorarius Hoffman, 1803
Lasianthus stercorarius
Lasianthus stercorarius Blume
Lasianthus stercorarius Kurz
Leiognathus stercorarius
Leiognathus stercorarius Evermann & Seale, 1907
Lepomis stercorarius
Lepomis stercorarius Gill in Jordan 1877
Macramphis stercorarius
Margarinotus stercorarius
Margarinotus stercorarius Hoffmann, 1803
Megarthrus stercorarius
Megarthrus stercorarius Mulsant & Rey 1878
Meroplius stercorarius
Meroplius stercorarius (Robineau-desvoidy, 1830)
Meroplius stercorarius Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830
Nemopoda stercorarius
Nemopoda stercorarius Robineau
Nemopoda stercorarius Robineau-desvoidy, 1830
Onthophagus stercorarius
Onthophagus stercorarius Fahraeus, 1857
Onthophagus stercorarius Fåhraeus, 1857
Orthocladius stercorarius
Orthocladius stercorarius (De Geer, 1776 )
Phaeochrous stercorarius
Phaeochrous stercorarius KOLBE, 1895
Platydracus stercorarius
Platydracus stercorarius Olivier, 1795
Pluteus stercorarius
Pluteus stercorarius Peck
Scarabaeus stercorarius
Scarabaeus stercorarius Degeer, 1774
Scarabaeus stercorarius Geer, 1774
Scarabaeus stercorarius Linnaeus 1758
Scarabaeus stercorarius Rossi, 1790
Sphaerobolus stellatus stercorarius
Sphaerobolus stellatus var. stercorarius
Sphaerobolus stellatus var. stercorarius Fr.
Staphylinus stercorarius
Staphylinus stercorarius Olivier, 1794
Stercorarius Brisson 1760
Stercorarius antarctica
Stercorarius antarcticus
Stercorarius antarcticus (Lesson) 1831
Stercorarius antarcticus (Lesson, 1831)
Stercorarius antarcticus antarcticus
Stercorarius antarcticus antarcticus (Lesson, 1831)
Stercorarius antarcticus hamiltoni
Stercorarius antarcticus hamiltoni (Hagen, 1952)
Stercorarius antarcticus lonnbergi
Stercorarius antarcticus lonnbergi (Mathews, 1912)
Stercorarius antarcticus madagascariensis
Stercorarius antarcticus madagascariensis Bonaparte 1856
Stercorarius antarcticus subsp. antarcticus
Stercorarius antarcticus subsp. antarcticus (Lesson, 1831)
Stercorarius antarcticus subsp. hamiltoni
Stercorarius antarcticus subsp. hamiltoni (Hagen, 1952)
Stercorarius antarcticus subsp. lonnbergi
Stercorarius antarcticus subsp. lonnbergi (Mathews, 1912)
Stercorarius catharractes
Stercorarius chilensis
Stercorarius chilensis Bonaparte 1857
Stercorarius hamiltoni
Stercorarius longicaudatus
Stercorarius longicaudatus longicaudatus
Stercorarius longicaudus
Stercorarius longicaudus Vieillot 1819
Stercorarius longicaudus longicaudus
Stercorarius longicaudus longicaudus Vieillot, 1819
Stercorarius longicaudus pallescens
Stercorarius longicaudus pallescens Loppenthin, 1932
Stercorarius longicaudus pallescens Løppenthin, 1932
Stercorarius longicaudus subsp. longicaudus
Stercorarius longicaudus subsp. longicaudus Vieillot, 1819
Stercorarius longicaudus subsp. pallescens
Stercorarius longicaudus subsp. pallescens Løppenthin, 1932
Stercorarius lonnbergi
Stercorarius lonnbergi (Mathews) 1912
Stercorarius maccormicki
Stercorarius maccormicki H. Saunders, 1893
Stercorarius maccormicki Saunders 1893
Stercorarius madagascariensis
Stercorarius madagascariensis Bonaparte 1857
Stercorarius parasiticus
Stercorarius parasiticus (Linnaeus) 1758
Stercorarius parasiticus (Linnaeus, 1758)
Stercorarius parsiticus
Stercorarius pomarinus
Stercorarius pomarinus (Temminck) 1815
Stercorarius pomarinus (Temminck, 1815)
Stercorarius pomarinus camtschatica
Stercorarius pomarinus camtschatica (Salvin 1896)
Stercorarius skua
Stercorarius skua (Brunnich) 1764
Stercorarius skua (Brunnich, 1764)
Stercorarius skua (Brünnich, 1764)
Stercorarius skua antarcticus
Stercorarius skua hamiltoni
Stercorarius skua lonnbergi
Stercorarius skua maccormicki
Stercorarius skua skua
Stercorarius stercorarius
Tipula stercorarius
Tipula stercorarius De Geer, 1776
Tipula stercorarius Degeer, 1776
Zygodesmus stercorarius
Zygodesmus stercorarius P. Karst.

16 Other Matches
Coprinus stercorarius sensu J.E. Lange [Fl. Ag. Dan. 4: 114 & pl. 159A (1939)]; fide Checklist of Basidiomycota of Great BOperational Taxonomic Unit
Ascobolus stercorarius (Bull.) J.Schroet.
Stercorarius sp. Bermuda
Stercorarius sp. Copenhagen 140195 C597
Stercorarius sp. Copenhagen 140195 C598
Stercorarius sp. Copenhagen 140195 C599
Stercorarius sp. Copenhagen 170100 131804
Stercorarius sp. Copenhagen 170100 131805
Stercorarius sp. Copenhagen 170100 131806
Stercorarius sp. Copenhagen 170100 131807
Stercorarius sp. Copenhagen 170100 131808
Stercorarius sp. Dungeness
Stercorarius sp. NMSZ 1999.1
Stercorarius sp. Sussex
Stercorarius sp. Yarmouth
Tipula stercorarius De Geer

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