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196 Scientific Matches
Styela (Goniocarpa) rustica
Styela Fleming, 1822
Styela adriatica
Styela adriatica Monniot F. & Monniot C., 1976
Styela angularis
Styela angularis (Stimpson, 1855)
Styela aomori
Styela aomori Oka, 1935
Styela atlantica
Styela atlantica (Van Name, 1912)
Styela barbaris
Styela barbaris Kott, 1952
Styela barnharti
Styela barnharti Ritter and Forsyth, 1917
Styela bathybia
Styela bathybia Bonnevie, 1896
Styela bicolor
Styela bicolor (Sluiter, 1887)
Styela brevigaster
Styela brevigaster Millar, 1988
Styela calva
Styela calva Monniot C., Monniot F. & Millar, 1976
Styela calva Monniot, Monniot & Millar, 1976
Styela canopus
Styela canopus (Savigny, 1816)
Styela canopus Savigny 1816
Styela canopus magalhaensis
Styela canopus magalhaensis Michaelsen, 1898
Styela chaini
Styela chaini Monniot & Monniot, 1970
Styela chaini Monniot C. & Monniot F., 1970
Styela changa
Styela changa Monniot & Andrade, 1983
Styela charcoti
Styela charcoti Monniot & Monniot, 1973
Styela charcoti Monniot C. & Monniot F., 1973
Styela circumarata
Styela circumarata Sluiter, 1904
Styela clara
Styela clara Hartmeyer, 1906
Styela clava
Styela clava Herdman, 1881
Styela clava clava
Styela clavata
Styela clavata (Kott 1969)
Styela clavata (Pallas, 1774)
Styela complexa
Styela coriacea
Styela coriacea (Adler and Hancock, 1848)
Styela coriacea (Alder & Hancock, 1848)
Styela coriacea coriacea
Styela coriacea coriacea (Adler and Hancock, 1848)
Styela coriacea coriacea (Alder & Hancock 1848)
Styela coriacea hemicaespitosa
Styela coriacea hemicaespitosa Ritter, 1913
Styela coriacea litoralis
Styela coriacea litoralis Beniaminson 1974
Styela crinita
Styela crinita Monniot & Monniot, 1973
Styela crinita Monniot C. & Monniot F., 1973
Styela drygalskii
Styela drygalskii Hartmeyer, 1911
Styela elsa
Styela elsa Hartmeyer, 1906
Styela esther
Styela esther Hartmeyer, 1906
Styela gagetyleri
Styela gagetyleri Young & Vazquez, 1997
Styela gelatinosa
Styela gelatinosa Traustedt, 1886
Styela gibbsii
Styela gibbsii (Stimpson, 1864)
Styela gibbsii Stimpson, 1864
Styela glans
Styela glans Herdman, 1881
Styela gracilocarpa
Styela grahami
Styela grahami Sluiter, 1912
Styela hadalis
Styela hadalis Sanamyan & Sanamyan, 2006
Styela hemicaespitosa
Styela hemicaespitosa Ritter, 1913
Styela insinuosa
Styela insinuosa (Sluiter, 1912)
Styela kottae
Styela kottae Monniot & Monniot, 1992
Styela lineata
Styela lineata Traustedt, 1880
Styela loculosa
Styela loculosa Monniot & Monniot, 1968
Styela loculosa Monniot C. & Monniot F., 1969
Styela longata
Styela longata Kott 1954
Styela longiducta
Styela longiducta Monniot & Monniot, 1985
Styela macrenteron
Styela macrenteron Ritter, 1913
Styela macrogastra
Styela macrogastra Oka, 1935
Styela maculata
Styela magalhaensis
Styela magalhaensis Michaelsen, 1898
Styela malgalhaensis
Styela mallei
Styela mallei Monniot,, 1979
Styela materna
Styela materna Monniot & Monniot, 1983
Styela meteoris
Styela meteoris Monniot,, 2002
Styela milleri
Styela milleri Ritter, 1907
Styela mollis
Styela mollis (Stimpson, 1852)
Styela monterayensis
Styela montereyensis
Styela montereyensis (Dall, 1872)
Styela multitentaculata
Styela multitentaculata Sanamyan & Sanamyan, 2006
Styela nordenskjoeldi
Styela nordenskjoeldi Michaelsen, 1898
Styela nordenskjoldi
Styela nordenskjoldi Michaelsen, 1898
Styela oblonga
Styela oblonga Herdman, 1881
Styela ohlini
Styela ohlini Michaelsen, 1898
Styela ordinaria
Styela ordinaria Monniot & Monniot, 1985
Styela paessleri
Styela paessleri Michaelsen, 1898
Styela partita
Styela partita (Stimpson)
Styela partita (Stimpson, 1852)
Styela pfefferi
Styela pfefferi Michaelsen, 1898
Styela pigmentata
Styela plicata
Styela plicata (Lesueur, 1823)
Styela polypes
Styela polypes Monniot, Monniot & Millar, 1976
Styela pricata
Styela psoliformis
Styela psoliformis Monniot & Monniot, 1989
Styela quidni
Styela quidni (Sluiter, 1912)
Styela rectangularis
Styela rectangularis Kott, 1952
Styela rhizopus
Styela rhizopus Redikorzev, 1907
Styela rustica
Styela rustica (Linnaeus, 1767)
Styela rustica Linnaeus, 1767
Styela rustica macrenteron
Styela rustica macrenteron Ritter, 1913
Styela rustica rustica
Styela rustica rustica (Linnaeus, 1767)
Styela rustica rustica Ritter, 1913
Styela rustika
Styela salebrosa
Styela salebrosa Beniaminson, 1971
Styela schmitti
Styela schmitti Van Name, 1945
Styela sericata
Styela sericata Herdman, 1888
Styela serpentina
Styela serpentina (Sluiter, 1912)
Styela sigma
Styela sigma (Van Name, 1912)
Styela similis
Styela similis Monniot, C., 1970
Styela similis Monniot,, 1970
Styela sinensis
Styela squamosa
Styela squamosa Herman, 1881
Styela suluensis
Styela suluensis Monniot, F., 2003
Styela talpina
Styela talpina Monniot,, 1978
Styela tenuibranchia
Styela tenuibranchia Monniot, Monniot & Millar, 1976
Styela tesseris
Styela thalassae
Styela thalassae Monniot, C., 1969
Styela theeli
Styela theeli Änrbäck, 1921
Styela tholiformis
Styela tholiformis (Sluiter, 1912)
Styela tokiokai
Styela tokiokai Nishikawa, 1991
Styela truncata
Styela truncata Ritter, 1901
Styela wandeli
Styela wandeli (Sluiter, 1911)
Styela yakutatensis
Styela yakutatensis Ritter, 1901

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