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195 Scientific Matches
Esox synodus
Esox synodus Linnaeus, 1758
Saurus synodus
Saurus synodus (Linnaeus, 1758)
Saurus synodus (non Linnaeus, 1758)
Synodus Gronovius 1763
Synodus Gronow 1763
Synodus Hong 1982
Synodus Latreille 1828
Synodus Ratzeburg 1848
Synodus Scopoli 1763
Synodus Scopoli, 1777
Synodus acutus
Synodus acutus Garman 1899
Synodus amaranthus
Synodus amaranthus Waples & Randall 1989
Synodus amaranthus Waples & Randall, 1988
Synodus argenteus
Synodus argenteus Schneider, 1801
Synodus atlanticus
Synodus atlanticus (Johnson, 1863)
Synodus binotatus
Synodus binotatus Schultz in Schultz, Herald, Lachner, Welander and Woods, 1953
Synodus binotatus Schultz, 1953
Synodus bondi
Synodus bondi Fowler 1939
Synodus boulti
Synodus boulti McCulloch, 1921
Synodus brevirostris
Synodus brevirostris (Poey, 1860)
Synodus capricornis
Synodus capricornis Cressey & Randall, 1978
Synodus changmaensis
Synodus chinensis
Synodus chinensis Lacepède 1803
Synodus cinereus
Synodus cinereus Hildebrand, 1948
Synodus cubanus
Synodus cubanus Poey 1876
Synodus dermatogennis
Synodus dermatogennis Fowler, 1912
Synodus dermatogenys
Synodus dermatogenys (non Fowler, 1912)
Synodus dermatogenys Fowler, 1912
Synodus dietrichi
Synodus dietrichi Kotthaus, 1967
Synodus doaki
Synodus doaki Russell & Cressey, 1979
Synodus dominicensis
Synodus dominicensis Fowler 1912
Synodus engelmani
Synodus engelmani Schultz, 1953
Synodus englamani
Synodus englamani Schultz, 1953
Synodus englemani
Synodus englemani (non Schultz, 1953)
Synodus englemani Schultz in Schultz, Herald, Lachner, Welander and Woods, 1953
Synodus englemani Schultz, 1953
Synodus erythrinus
Synodus erythrinus Bloch & Schneider, 1801
Synodus erythrinus Schneider, 1801
Synodus evermanni
Synodus evermanni Jordan & Bollman, 1890
Synodus falcatus
Synodus falcatus Waples & Randall 1989
Synodus falcatus Waples & Randall, 1988
Synodus fasciatus
Synodus fasciatus Lacepède, 1803
Synodus fasciatus Lacépède, 1803
Synodus foetens
Synodus foetens (Linnaeus, 1766)
Synodus foetens (non Linnaeus)
Synodus foetens (non Linnaeus, 1766)
Synodus fuscus
Synodus fuscus Tanaka, 1917
Synodus gibbsi
Synodus gibbsi Cressey, 1981
Synodus gronovianus
Synodus gronovianus Swainson 1839
Synodus gronovii
Synodus gronovii Walbaum 1792
Synodus hoshinonis
Synodus hoshinonis Tanaka, 1917
Synodus houlti
Synodus houlti McCulloch, 1921
Synodus houlti Mcculloch
Synodus indicus
Synodus indicus (Day, 1873)
Synodus indicus (non Day, 1873)
Synodus indicus Day
Synodus intermedius
Synodus intermedius (Spix & Agassiz, 1829)
Synodus intermedius Agassiz
Synodus intermidius
Synodus intermidius (Spix & Agassiz, 1829)
Synodus jaculum
Synodus jaculum Russell & Cressey, 1979
Synodus janus
Synodus janus Waples & Randall 1989
Synodus janus Waples & Randall, 1988
Synodus japonicus
Synodus japonicus (Houttuyn)
Synodus jenkinsi
Synodus jenkinsi Jordan & Bollman 1890
Synodus kaianus
Synodus kaianus (Gunther 1880)
Synodus kaianus (Günther, 1880)
Synodus kaianus (Günther, 1880)
Synodus lacerta
Synodus lacerta (non Risso)
Synodus lacerta (non Risso, 1827)
Synodus lacertinus
Synodus lacertinus Gilbert, 1890
Synodus lobeli
Synodus lobeli Walpes & Randall, 1988
Synodus lobeli Waples & Randall, 1988
Synodus lobeli Waples and Randall, 1989
Synodus lucioceps
Synodus lucioceps (Ayres, 1855)
Synodus lucioceps Ayres
Synodus macrocephalus
Synodus macrocephalus Cressey, 1981
Synodus macrocephalus Lacepède, 1803
Synodus macrops
Synodus macrops Tanaka, 1917
Synodus marchenae
Synodus marchenae Hildebrand, 1946
Synodus meleagrides
Synodus meleagrides (Valenciennes, 1834)
Synodus meleagrides (Valenciennes, 1847)
Synodus myops
Synodus myops (Forster, 1801)
Synodus nicholsi
Synodus nicholsi Breder, 1927
Synodus normani
Synodus normani (Longley, 1935)
Synodus normani Longley, 1935
Synodus occidentalis
Synodus oculeus
Synodus oculeus Cressey, 1981
Synodus palustris
Synodus palustris Bloch & Schneider, 1801
Synodus poeyi
Synodus poeyi Jordan
Synodus poeyi Jordan, 1887
Synodus randalli
Synodus randalli Creesey, 1981
Synodus randalli Cressey, 1981
Synodus rubromarmoratus
Synodus rubromarmoratus Russell & Cressey, 1979
Synodus sageneus
Synodus sageneus Waite, 1905
Synodus saurius
Synodus saurus
Synodus saurus (Linnaeus, 1758)
Synodus scituliceps
Synodus scituliceps Jordan & Gilbert, 1882
Synodus sechurae
Synodus sechurae Hildebrand, 1946
Synodus sharpi
Synodus sharpi Fowler 1900
Synodus similis
Synodus similis McCulloch, 1921
Synodus similis Mcculloch
Synodus simulans
Synodus simulans Garman 1899
Synodus synodus
Synodus synodus (Linnaeus, 1758)
Synodus synodus atlanticus
Synodus synodus atlanticus (Johnson, 1863)
Synodus synodus subsp. atlanticus
Synodus synodus subsp. atlanticus (Johnson, 1863)
Synodus taiwanensis
Synodus taiwanensis Chen, Ho & Shao, 2007
Synodus tareira
Synodus tareira Bloch & Schneider, 1801
Synodus tectus
Synodus tectus Cressey, 1981
Synodus ulae
Synodus ulae (non Schultz, 1953)
Synodus ulae Schultz in Schultz, Herald, Lachner, Welander and Woods, 1953
Synodus ulae Schultz, 1953
Synodus usitatus
Synodus usitatus Cressey, 1981
Synodus variegatus
Synodus variegatus (Lacepede 1803)
Synodus variegatus (Lacepède, 1803)
Synodus variegatus (Lacepède, 1803)
Synodus variegatus (Lacepéde, 1803)
Synodus variegatus (non Lacepède, 1803)
Synodus varius
Synodus varius (Lacepède, 1803)
Synodus varius (non Lacepède, 1803)
Synodus varius Lacépède, 1803

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