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251 Scientific Matches
Acentronura (Acentronura) tentaculata
Acentronura (Acentronura) tentaculata Gunther 1870
Acentronura tentaculata
Acentronura tentaculata Günther, 1870
Acentronura tentaculata Günther, 1870
Aetoplatea tentaculata
Aetoplatea tentaculata Müller & Henle, 1841
Anaora tentaculata
Anaora tentaculata Gray, 1835
Anaptychia tentaculata
Anaptychia tentaculata (Zahlbr.) Kurok. 1962
Aonidia tentaculata
Aonidia tentaculata Green, 1919
Aonidia tentaculata Ramakrishna Ayyar, 1919
Apiactis tentaculata
Apiactis tentaculata Leloup, 1942
Arachnorchis tentaculata
Arachnorchis tentaculata (Schltdl.) D.L.Jones & M.A.Clem.
Aristolochia tentaculata
Aristolochia tentaculata O. C. Schmidt, 1927
Aristolochia tentaculata O.C. Schmidt
Asymphylodora tentaculata
Audouinia tentaculata
Augeneria tentaculata
Augeneria tentaculata Monro, 1930
Aulacaspis boisduvali tentaculata
Aulacaspis boisduvali tentaculata Cockerell, 1899
Bithynia tentaculata
Bithynia tentaculata (Linnaeus, 1758)
Bithynia tentaculata kaschmirensis
Bithynia tentaculata var. kaschmirensis
Bremekampia tentaculata
Bulimus tentaculata
Bulimus tentaculata kashmirensis
Bulimus tentaculata var. kashmirensis
Bythinia tentaculata
Bythinia tentaculata (Linnaeus 1758)
Caecilia tentaculata
Caecilia tentaculata Linnaeus, 1758
Caladenia filamentosa tentaculata
Caladenia filamentosa var. tentaculata
Caladenia filamentosa var. tentaculata R.S.Rogers
Caladenia tentaculata
Caladenia tentaculata Schltdl.
Caladenia tentaculata Tate
Calonema tentaculata
Calonema tentaculata (Schltdl.) Szlach.
Calonemorchis tentaculata
Calonemorchis tentaculata (Schltdl.) Szlach.
Carex tentaculata
Carex tentaculata Muhl. ex Willd.
Carex tentaculata Muhl. ex Willd. var. gracilis Boott
Carex tentaculata Muhl. ex Willd. var. parvula Paine
Carex tentaculata altior
Carex tentaculata flaccida
Carex tentaculata gracilis
Carex tentaculata parvula
Carex tentaculata rostrata
Carex tentaculata var. altior Boott
Carex tentaculata var. flaccida
Carex tentaculata var. flaccida (L.H.Bailey) Howe
Carex tentaculata var. gracilis
Carex tentaculata var. gracilis Boott
Carex tentaculata var. parvula
Carex tentaculata var. parvula Paine
Carex tentaculata var. rostrata
Carex tentaculata var. rostrata Pursh
Ceratonereis tentaculata
Ceratonereis tentaculata Kinberg, 1866
Ceropegia multiflora Bak. ssp. tentaculata (N.E. Brown) H. Huber
Ceropegia multiflora Baker subsp. tentaculata (N.E. Br.) Huber
Ceropegia multiflora tentaculata
Ceropegia tentaculata
Ceropegia tentaculata N.E. Br.
Ceropegia tentaculata N.E. Br. var. puberula Hiern
Ceropegia tentaculata puberula
Cirratulus tentaculata
Cirriformia tentaculata
Cirriformia tentaculata (Montagu, 1808)
Clymenella tentaculata
Corymorpha tentaculata
Corymorpha tentaculata (Linko, 1904)
Corymorpha tentaculata (Linko, 1905)
Corymorpha tentaculata Linko
Corymorpha tentaculata Linko 1904
Dipolydora tentaculata
Dipolydora tentaculata (Blake & Kudenov 1978)
Dorstenia tentaculata
Dorstenia tentaculata Fisch. & C. A. Mey.
Drosera tentaculata
Ercolania tentaculata
Ercolania tentaculata (Eliot 1917)
Eunice tentaculata
Euphysa tentaculata
Euphysa tentaculata Linko, 1904
Euphysa tentaculata Linko, 1905
Galeocephala tentaculata
Galeocephala tentaculata Muller 1774
Gardenia tentaculata
Gardenia tentaculata Hook. f.
Gardenia tentaculata Hook. f., 1880
Glossaspis tentaculata
Glossaspis tentaculata (Lindl.) Spreng.
Glossula tentaculata
Glossula tentaculata Lindl.
Greeniella tentaculata
Greeniella tentaculata (Green, 1919)
Greeniella tentaculata Borchsenius, 1966
Gymnura tentaculata
Gymnura tentaculata (Müller and Henle, 1841)
Gymnura tentaculata (Müller and Henle, 1841)
Habenaria tentaculata
Habenaria tentaculata (Lindl.) Rchb.f.
Habenaria tentaculata Rchb. f.
Habenaria tentaculata Rchb. f. var. acutifolia Hayata
Habenaria tentaculata acutifolia
Habenaria tentaculata var. acutifolia Hayata
Haplosyllis spongicola tentaculata
Haplosyllis spongicola tentaculata Marion, 1877
Hetereleotris tentaculata
Hetereleotris tentaculata (Smith, 1958)
Hirtella tentaculata
Hirtella tentaculata Poepp.
Humboldtia tentaculata
Humboldtia tentaculata (P. & E.) Kuntze
Humboldtia tentaculata (Poepp. & Endl.) Kuntze
Humboltia tentaculata
Humboltia tentaculata (Poepp. & Endl.) Kuntze
Kailarsenia tentaculata
Kailarsenia tentaculata (Hook. f.) Tirveng.
Labioleanira tentaculata
Labioleanira tentaculata (Horst 1917)
Lamellaria tentaculata
Lepanthes tentaculata
Lepanthes tentaculata Luer & Hirtz
Lindleyalis tentaculata
Lindleyalis tentaculata (Poepp. & Endl.) Luer
Lispe tentaculata
Lispe tentaculata (De Geer, 1776)
Lispe tentaculata (Degeer 1776)
Lispe tentaculata De Geer, 1776
Macaranga tentaculata
Macaranga tentaculata Airy Shaw
Mammillaria rhodantha f. tentaculata
Mammillaria tentaculata
Mammillaria tentaculata Pfeiff.
Mammillaria tentaculata var. conothele
Mammillaria tentaculata var. picta
Masdevallia tentaculata
Masdevallia tentaculata Luer
Medicago tentaculata
Medicago tentaculata Willd.
Musca tentaculata
Musca tentaculata De Geer
Musca tentaculata De Geer, 1776
Musca tentaculata Geer, 1776
Myobia tentaculata
Myobia tentaculata Pandelle, 1894
Navia tentaculata
Navia tentaculata B. Holst
Nepenthes tentaculata
Nepenthes tentaculata Hook. f.
Nepenthes tentaculata Hook.f. var. imberbis Becc.
Nepenthes tentaculata Hook.f. var. tomentosa Macfarl.
Nepenthes tentaculata imberbis
Nepenthes tentaculata tomentosa
Nonatelia tentaculata
Nonatelia tentaculata (Hook.f.) Kuntze
Nylandera tentaculata
Nylandera tentaculata Hariot
Opisthogenia tentaculata
Opisthogenia tentaculata Palombi 1928
Orchistoma tentaculata
Orchistoma tentaculata Mayer, 1900
Orchistomella tentaculata
Orchistomella tentaculata (Mayer, 1900)
Orchistomella tentaculata Mayer 1900
Parmelia perlata tentaculata
Parmelia perlata var. tentaculata
Parmelia perlata var. tentaculata Wallr.
Peziza tentaculata
Peziza tentaculata Wallr.
Phaeocollybia tentaculata
Phaeocollybia tentaculata E. Horak 1977
Physcia tentaculata
Physcia tentaculata Zahlbr. 1933
Physconia tentaculata
Physconia tentaculata (Zahlbr.) Poelt 1966
Phytophthora tentaculata
Phytophthora tentaculata Kröber & Marwitz 1993
Pirottaea tentaculata
Pirottaea tentaculata (Wallr.) Sacc.
Pleurothallis tentaculata
Pleurothallis tentaculata (Poepp. & Endl.) Lindl.
Polydora tentaculata
Polydora tentaculata Blake & Kudenov 1978
Pseudoanemonia tentaculata
Pseudoanemonia tentaculata V. J. Chapman
Pseudoanemonia tentaculata V. J. Chapman 1969
Pteroplatea tentaculata
Pteroplatea tentaculata (Müller & Henle, 1841)
Quaqua incarnata (L. f.) Bruyns subsp. tentaculata (Bruyns) Bruyns
Quaqua incarnata subsp. tentaculata
Quaqua incarnata tentaculata
Quaqua incarnata var. tentaculata
Quaqua incarnata var. tentaculata Bruyns
Quaqua tentaculata
Quaqua tentaculata (Bruyns) Plowes
Renilla tentaculata
Renilla tentaculata Zamponi et al 1997
Renilla tentaculata Zamponi, Perez & Capitali, 1996
Restrepia tentaculata
Restrepia tentaculata Poepp. & Endl.
Ruellia tentaculata
Saxifraga tentaculata
Saxifraga tentaculata C.E.C. Fisch.
Sigambra tentaculata
Sigambra tentaculata (Treadwell 1941)
Sigambra tentaculata (Treadwell)
Sphaeria tentaculata
Sphaeria tentaculata Batsch
Spiromastix tentaculata
Spiromastix tentaculata Guarro, Gené & De Vroey 1993
Sthenolepis tentaculata
Sthenolepis tentaculata (Horst 1917)
Teagueia tentaculata
Teagueia tentaculata Luer & Hirtz
Tentaculata Eschscholtz, 1825
Tetranchyroderma tentaculata
Tetranchyroderma tentaculata Chandrasekara Rao, 1993
Tetranchyroderma tentaculata Rao, 1993
Thelephora tentaculata
Thelephora tentaculata Pat. 1899
Tintinnopsis tentaculata
Traustedtia tentaculata
Trentepohlia tentaculata
Trentepohlia tentaculata (Hariot) De Wildeman
Vanadis tentaculata
Vanadis tentaculata Langerhans, 1880
Venefica tentaculata
Venefica tentaculata Garman, 1899
Xenotrichula tentaculata
Xenotrichula tentaculata Chandras., Rao, Ganapati, 1968
Xenotrichula tentaculata Chandrasekara Rao and Ganapati, 1968
Xenotrichula tentaculata Rao and Ganapati, 1968
Xylaria tentaculata
Xylaria tentaculata Berk. & Broome
Xylaria tentaculata Ravenel ex Berk. 1868
Zancleopsis tentaculata
Zancleopsis tentaculata Kramp, 1928

1 Other Matches
Sigambra cf. tentaculata

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