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199 Scientific Matches
Agrilus (Uragrilus) torpedo
Agrilus torpedo
Agrilus torpedo Curletti 1995
Chalcopteroides torpedo
Chalcopteroides torpedo Carter HJ 1921
Darwinula torpedo
Gastrochaena torpedo
Gastrochaenolites torpedo
Mesophora torpedo
Minyas torpedo
Minyas torpedo Bell, 1885
Minyas torpedo Bell, 1886
Narcacion torpedo
Narcacion torpedo (Linnaeus, 1758)
Nematodinium torpedo
Nematodinium torpedo Kofoid & Swezy 1921
Nematodinium torpedo Kofoid and Swezy
Raja torpedo
Raja torpedo (non Linnaeus, 1758)
Raja torpedo Linnaeus, 1758
Raja torpedo maculata
Raja torpedo maculata Chiereghini in Ninni 1872
Stichophora torpedo
Stichophora torpedo Bell.
Torpedo (Astrape) japonica Temminck & Schlegel 1850
Torpedo (Tetronarce)
Torpedo (Tetronarce) mackayana
Torpedo (Tetronarce) mackayana Metzelaar 1919
Torpedo (Tetronarce) nobiliana Bonaparte 1835
Torpedo (Torpedo)
Torpedo (Torpedo) adenensis
Torpedo (Torpedo) bauchotae
Torpedo (Torpedo) bauchotae Cadenat, Capape & Desoutter 1978
Torpedo (Torpedo) fuscomaculata
Torpedo (Torpedo) fuscomaculata Peters 1855
Torpedo (Torpedo) marmorata
Torpedo (Torpedo) marmorata Risso 1810
Torpedo (Torpedo) panthera Olfers 1831
Torpedo (Torpedo) torpedo
Torpedo (Torpedo) torpedo (Linnaeus 1758)
Torpedo Forskål [non Houttuyn 1764] 1775
Torpedo Houttuyn, 1764
Torpedo adenensis
Torpedo adenensis Carvalho, Stehmann and Manilo, 2002
Torpedo alexandrensis
Torpedo alexandrensis Mazhar, 1987
Torpedo alexandrinsis
Torpedo alexandrinsis Mazhar, 1987
Torpedo andersoni
Torpedo andersoni Bullis, 1962
Torpedo bancrofti
Torpedo bancrofti Griffith & Smith, 1834
Torpedo bancroftii
Torpedo bancroftii Griffith & Smith, 1834
Torpedo bauchotae
Torpedo bauchotae Cadenat, Capape and Desoutter, 1978
Torpedo bauchotae Cadenat, Capapé & Desoutter, 1978
Torpedo brasiliensis
Torpedo brasiliensis Olfers, 1831
Torpedo california
Torpedo californica
Torpedo californica Ayres, 1855
Torpedo californicus
Torpedo capensis
Torpedo capensis Gronow, 1854
Torpedo chilensis
Torpedo chilensis (non Guichenot, 1848)
Torpedo chilensis Guichenot, 1848
Torpedo diversicolor
Torpedo diversicolor Davy, 1834
Torpedo dormaalensis
Torpedo electrica
Torpedo electrica Swainson 1838
Torpedo electroplax
Torpedo emarginata
Torpedo emarginata M'Coy, 1841
Torpedo fairchildi
Torpedo fairchildi Hutton, 1872
Torpedo fusca
Torpedo fusca Parker 1884
Torpedo fuscomaculata
Torpedo fuscomaculata Peters, 1855
Torpedo galvani
Torpedo galvani Risso, 1810
Torpedo hebetans
Torpedo hebetans Lowe, 1838
Torpedo hebitans
Torpedo hebitans Valenciennes, 1843
Torpedo immaculata
Torpedo immaculata Rafinesque, 1810
Torpedo japonica
Torpedo japonica Temminck & Schlegel, 1850
Torpedo mackayana
Torpedo mackayana Metzelaar, 1919
Torpedo macneilli
Torpedo macneilli (Whitley, 1932)
Torpedo maculata
Torpedo maculata Rafinesque 1810
Torpedo mamorata
Torpedo marmorata
Torpedo marmorata (non Risso, 1810)
Torpedo marmorata Risso, 1810
Torpedo marmoratus
Torpedo microdiscus
Torpedo microdiscus Parin & Kotlyar, 1985
Torpedo narce
Torpedo narce Risso, 1810
Torpedo narke
Torpedo narke Delaroche, 1809
Torpedo narke Risso, 1810
Torpedo nigra
Torpedo nigra Guichenot. 1850
Torpedo nobiliana
Torpedo nobiliana (non Bonaparte, 1835)
Torpedo nobiliana Bonaparte, 1835
Torpedo nobiliana Lahille 1928
Torpedo nobilianus
Torpedo nobilianus Bonaparte, 1835
Torpedo nobililana
Torpedo nobililana Bonaparte, 1835
Torpedo occidentalis
Torpedo occidentalis Storer, 1843
Torpedo ocelata
Torpedo ocellata
Torpedo ocellata Quoy & Gaimard, 1824
Torpedo ocellata Rafinesque, 1810
Torpedo oculata
Torpedo oculata Davy, 1834
Torpedo panthera
Torpedo panthera (non Olfers, 1831)
Torpedo panthera Olfers, 1831
Torpedo panthera von Olfers 1831
Torpedo pardalis
Torpedo pardalis Olfers 1831
Torpedo peruana
Torpedo peruana Chirichigno 1963
Torpedo peruana Chirichigno F., 1963
Torpedo picta
Torpedo picta Lowe, 1843
Torpedo pictus
Torpedo pictus Gronow , 1854
Torpedo polleni
Torpedo polleni (Bleeker, 1866)
Torpedo puelcha
Torpedo puelcha Lahille, 1926
Torpedo puelcha Lahille, 1928
Torpedo puelchra
Torpedo puelchra Lahille 1928
Torpedo punctata
Torpedo punctata Rafinesque, 1810
Torpedo semipelagica
Torpedo semipelagica Parin & Kotlyar, 1985
Torpedo sinus-persi
Torpedo sinus-persi Olfers, 1831
Torpedo sinuspersici
Torpedo sinuspersici Kaempfer in von Olfers 1831
Torpedo sinuspersici Olfers, 1831
Torpedo smithii
Torpedo smithii Guenther 1870
Torpedo smithii Günther, 1870
Torpedo suessi
Torpedo suessi Steindachner 1898
Torpedo suessii
Torpedo suessii Steindachner, 1898
Torpedo suissi
Torpedo suissi Steindachner, 1898
Torpedo tokionis
Torpedo tokionis (Tanaka, 1908)
Torpedo torpedo
Torpedo torpedo (Linnaeus, 1758)
Torpedo torpedo atlantica
Torpedo torpedo atlantica Pietschmann 1906
Torpedo torpedo mediterranea
Torpedo torpedo mediterranea Pietschmann 1906
Torpedo tremens
Torpedo tremens de Buen, 1959
Torpedo tremens peruana
Torpedo tremens peruana Chirichigno F., 1963
Torpedo tremens subsp. peruana
Torpedo tremens subsp. peruana Chirichigno F., 1963
Torpedo trepidans
Torpedo trepidans Valenciennes, 1843
Torpedo unimaculata
Torpedo unimaculata Risso, 1810
Torpedo variegata
Torpedo variegata Rafinesque 1810
Torpedo vulgaris
Torpedo vulgaris Fleming, 1828
Torpedo walshii
Torpedo walshii Thompson, 1856
Torpedo zugmayeri
Torpedo zugmayeri Engelhardt 1912
Trypanaeus torpedo
Trypanaeus torpedo Lewis 1885
Vaginella torpedo
Vaginella torpedo Marshall 1918
Zignoëlla torpedo
Zignoëlla torpedo Theiss.

89 Other Matches
torpedo grass (Panicum gouinii)Common name
Alexandrine torpedo (Torpedo alexandrinsis)English
Argentine torpedo (Torpedo puelcha)English
Atlantic New British torpedo (Torpedo nobiliana)English
Atlantic torpedo (Torpedo nobiliana)English
Australian torpedo (Torpedo macneilli)English
Black torpedo (Torpedo nobiliana)English
Black-spotted torpedo (Torpedo fuscomaculata)English
Blackspotted torpedo (Torpedo fuscomaculata)English
Blind legged torpedo (Typhlonarke aysoni)English
Blind torpedo (Benthobatis marcida)English
Chilean torpedo (Torpedo tremens)English
Common torpedo (Torpedo torpedo)English
Electric torpedo (Narcine tasmaniensis)English
Florida torpedo (Torpedo andersoni)English
Great torpedo (Torpedo nobiliana)English
Gulf torpedo (Torpedo sinuspersici)English
Haplochromis torpedo (Stigmatochromis pholidophorus)English
Haplochromis torpedo kambiri (Stigmatochromis pholidophorus)English
Haplochromis torpedo stripe (Sciaenochromis gracilis)English
Haplochromis torpedo three spot (Exochochromis anagenys)English
Japanese spotted torpedo (Narke japonica)English
Leopard torpedo (Torpedo panthera)English
Marbled torpedo (Torpedo marmorata)English
New Zealand torpedo (Torpedo fairchildi)English
New zealand torpedo ray (Torpedo fairchildi)English
Ocellate torpedo (Torpedo torpedo)English
Ocellated torpedo (Torpedo torpedo)English
Pacific torpedo (Torpedo californica)English
Peruvian torpedo (Torpedo peruana)English
Ringed torpedo (Torpedo mackayana)English
Rosette torpedo (Torpedo bauchotae)English
Semipelagic torpedo (Torpedo semipelagica)English
Short-tail torpedo ray (Torpedo macneilli)English
Shorttail torpedo (Torpedo macneilli)English
Sleeper torpedo (Crassinarke dormitor)English
Slender legged torpedo (Typhlonarke tarakea)English
Smalldisk torpedo (Torpedo microdiscus)English
Spotted torpedo (Torpedo marmorata)English
Spotted torpedo ray (Narcine brasiliensis)English
Threespot torpedo (Exochochromis anagenys)English
Torpedo (Benthobatis marcida)English
Torpedo Grasshopper (Parastria reticulata)English
Torpedo ray (Torpedo fairchildi)English
Torpedo robber (Alestes macrophthalmus)English
Torpedo sand perch (Diplectrum maximum)English
Torpedo scad (Megalaspis cordyla)English
Torpedo trevally (Megalaspis cordyla)English
Torpedo wrasseEnglish
Trapezoid torpedo (Torpedo tokionis)English
Variable torpedo ray (Torpedo sinuspersici)English
torpedo batfish (Halieutea retifera)English
torpedo bug (Siphanta acuta)English
torpedo dragonfish (Grammatostomias dentatus)English
torpedo electric rays (Torpedinidae)English
torpedo grass (Panicum repens)English
torpedo rays (Torpedinidae)English
torpedo shrimp (Parapenaeopsis maxillipedo)English
Torpedo (Torpedo peruana)French
Torpedo eléctrico (Torpedo peruana)French
Carapau torpedo (Megalaspis cordyla)Portuguese
Torpedo (Megalaspis cordyla)Portuguese
Macarela torpedo (Megalaspis cordyla)Spanish
Mandibulón torpedo (Aristostomias xenostoma)Spanish
Pex torpedo (Elops affinis)Spanish
Torpedo brasileño (Narcine brasiliensis)Spanish
Torpedo de lo alto (Torpedo nobiliana)Spanish
Torpedo del Pacifico (Torpedo californica)Spanish
camarón torpedo (Parapenaeopsis maxillipedo)Spanish
camarón torpedo (Parapenaeopsis maxillipedo)Spanish
mandibulón torpedo (Aristostomias xenostoma)Spanish
raya eléctrica torpedo (Narcine bancroftii)Spanish
raya eléctrica torpedo (Narcine bancroftii)Spanish
torpedo del Atlántico (Torpedo nobiliana)Spanish
torpedo del Atlántico (Torpedo nobiliana)Spanish
torpedo del Pacífico (Torpedo californica)Spanish
torpedo del Pacífico (Torpedo californica)Spanish
Telmatherina sp. Torpedo
Telmatherina sp. Torpedo antoniae blue
Telmatherina sp. Torpedo antoniae yellow
Telmatherina sp. Torpedo big blue
Telmatherina sp. Torpedo brown
Telmatherina sp. Torpedo yellow blue
Telmatherina sp. Torpedo yellow green
Torpedo californiensis
Torpedo marmorata@
Torpedo sp.

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