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161 Scientific Matches
Trimma Jordan & Seale 1906
Trimma agrena
Trimma agrena Winterbottom & Chen, 2004
Trimma amaima
Trimma amaima Winterbottom, 2000
Trimma anaima
Trimma anaima Winterbottom, 2000
Trimma annosum
Trimma annosum Winterbottom, 2003
Trimma anthrenum
Trimma anthrenum Winterbottom, 2006
Trimma avidori
Trimma avidori (Goren, 1978)
Trimma barralli
Trimma barralli Winterbottom, 1995
Trimma benjamini
Trimma benjamini Winterbottom, 1996
Trimma bisella
Trimma bisella Winterbottom, 2000
Trimma caesiura
Trimma caesiura Jordan & Seale, 1906
Trimma caesuira
Trimma caesuira Jordan & Seale, 1906
Trimma cana
Trimma cana Winterbottom, 2004
Trimma caudomaculata
Trimma caudomaculata (non Yoshino & Araga, 1975)
Trimma caudomaculata Yoshino & Araga, 1975
Trimma caudomaculatum
Trimma caudomaculatum Yoshino & Araga, 1975
Trimma corallina
Trimma corallina (Smith, 1959)
Trimma corallinum
Trimma corallinum (Smith, 1959)
Trimma corallinus
Trimma corallinus (Smith, 1959)
Trimma dalerocheila
Trimma dalerocheila Winterbottom 1984
Trimma emeryi
Trimma emeryi Winterbottom, 1985
Trimma eviotops
Trimma eviotops Schultz, 1943
Trimma fangi
Trimma fangi Winterbottom & Chen, 2004
Trimma filamentosum
Trimma filamentosum Winterbottom, 1995
Trimma filamentosus
Trimma filamentosus Winterbottom, 1995
Trimma fishelsoni
Trimma fishelsoni Goren, 1985
Trimma flammeum
Trimma flammeum (Smith, 1959)
Trimma flammeus
Trimma flammeus (non Smith, 1959)
Trimma flavatrum
Trimma flavatrum Hagiwara & Winterbottom, 2007
Trimma flavicaudata
Trimma flavicaudata (Goren, 1982)
Trimma flavicaudatum
Trimma flavicaudatum (Goren, 1982)
Trimma flavicaudatus
Trimma flavicaudatus (Goren, 1982)
Trimma fraena
Trimma fraena Winterbottom, 1984
Trimma fucatum
Trimma fucatum Winterbottom & Southcott, 2007
Trimma gigantum
Trimma gigantum Winterbottom & Zur, 2007
Trimma grammistes
Trimma grammistes (Tomiyama, 1936)
Trimma griffithsi
Trimma griffithsi (non Winterbottom, 1984)
Trimma griffithsi Winterbottom, 1984
Trimma haima
Trimma haima Winterbottom, 1984
Trimma halonevum
Trimma halonevum Winterbottom, 2000
Trimma hayashii
Trimma hayashii Hagiwara & Winterbottom, 2007
Trimma hoesei
Trimma hoesei Winterbottom, 1984
Trimma lantana
Trimma lantana Winterbottom and Villa, 2003
Trimma macrophthalma
Trimma macrophthalma (Tomiyama, 1936)
Trimma macrophthalma (non Tomiyama, 1936)
Trimma macrophthalmum
Trimma macrophthalmum (Tomiyama, 1936)
Trimma macrophthalmus
Trimma macrophthalmus (Tomiyama, 1936)
Trimma marinae
Trimma marinae Winterbottom, 2005
Trimma mendelssohni
Trimma mendelssohni (Goren, 1978)
Trimma mendelssohni (non Goren, 1978)
Trimma milta
Trimma milta Winterbottom, 2002
Trimma nanus
Trimma nasa
Trimma nasa Winterbottom, 2005
Trimma naudei
Trimma naudei Smith 1956
Trimma naudei Smith, 1957
Trimma necopina
Trimma necopina (Whitley, 1959)
Trimma necopinus
Trimma necopinus (Whitley, 1959)
Trimma okinawae
Trimma okinawae (Aoyagi, 1949)
Trimma omanensis
Trimma omanensis Winterbottom, 2000
Trimma preclarum
Trimma preclarum Winterbottom, 2006
Trimma randalli
Trimma randalli Winterbottom & Zur, 2007
Trimma rubromaculatum
Trimma rubromaculatum Allen & Munday, 1995
Trimma rubromaculatus
Trimma rubromaculatus Allen & Munday, 1995
Trimma sanguinellus
Trimma sanguinellus Winterbottom & Southcott, 2007
Trimma sheppardi
Trimma sheppardi Winterbottom, 1984
Trimma so.
Trimma so. Not applicable
Trimma sostra
Trimma sostra Winterbottom, 2004
Trimma sp.
Trimma sp. 1
Trimma sp. 1 Not applicable
Trimma sp. 10
Trimma sp. 10 Not applicable
Trimma sp. Not applicable
Trimma sp. subsp. 1 Not applicable
Trimma squamicana
Trimma squamicana Winterbottom, 2004
Trimma stobbsi
Trimma stobbsi Winterbottom, 2001
Trimma striata
Trimma striata (Herre, 1945)
Trimma striatum
Trimma striatum (Herre, 1945)
Trimma tauroculum
Trimma tauroculum Winterbottom & Zur, 2007
Trimma taylori
Trimma taylori Lobel, 1979
Trimma tevegae
Trimma tevegae Cohen & Davis, 1969
Trimma unisquamis
Trimma unisquamis (Gosline, 1959)
Trimma volcana
Trimma volcana Winterbottom, 2003
Trimma winchi
Trimma winchi Winterbottom, 1984
Trimma winterbottomi
Trimma winterbottomi Randall & Downing, 1994
Trimma winterbottomi Randall and Downing in Randall et al., 1994
Trimma winterbottomi Randall et al. 1994
Trimma woutsi
Trimma woutsi Winterbottom, 2002

1 Other Matches
Trimma sp.Operational Taxonomic Unit

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