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Tools - X:ID - X:ID Documentation - Editor functions

X:ID functions perform computational tasks. A few are used for navigation and user-interface issues but most provide summary and statistical information on the key scoring matrix. The developer can provide these functions within the user interface in a variety of ways using the XSLT functionality of XID.

Reset Key:
The Reset Key function deselects all states. All scores and changes you have made to the key are lost. You will be brought back to the keying out window with no characters open and all taxa remaining.

Open All Characters:
The Open All Characters function opens all characters in the key so that each state of every character is visable.

Close All Characters:
The Close All Characters function closes all characters in the key to clear up the view to make it easier to see what characters are in the key. No information will be lost, all states previously selected will remain selected.

Similar Taxa:
The Similar Taxa function opens a pop-up window with a list of all taxa. Choose one taxa and all remaining taxa will be compared to the chosen taxa by examining the score for each state. A percentage will be given that represents what percent of states scored is the same as the chosen taxa.

The Similarities/Differences function opens a pop-up window with a list of all taxa. Choose multiple taxa and they will be scored as all the same of some different for each state in the key.

Prune Redundants:
The Prune Redundants function check to see if any states, when selected, will not affect the remaining taxa. These states will then be selected, and the taxa scored appropriately. Therefore the taxa order may change, but no more taxa will be discarded.

The Bingo! function checks all states not yet selected to see if any can be chosen that will result in only one taxa remaining. It returns a list of states that, when chosen, will end the keying-out process

The Best! function scores each state of every character for every taxa. It returns a window with a list of all states and a percentage. The percentage is the percent of taxa remaining that will be discarded when the given state is chosen. A negative percentage means that some taxa will be put back into the taxa remaining. A 0%* means that if that state is chosen, no taxa will remain, therefore that is not a possible choice.

PLEASE NOTE!!!: This function is very time-intensive. If you have a rather large key, expect a delay in response time!

Show how the selected taxa was scored for each character state.

Change Preferences:
The Change Preferences function allows you to change background color, text font, and to display all taxa with thumbnail of their images, only if they have images.

Load a New Key:
The Load a New Key functions loses all changes you have made to the key and brings you back to the Load a LIF pages. No data can be recovered, so make sure you are done with the key you are using before choosing this function.

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