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Tools - X:ID - X:ID Documentation - Editor help

The X:ID Editor enables you to build your identification keys through a web-based tool and save the resulting key files on your own local computer.

+ The green plus symbol is clicked to edit the character, taxon, or state located to it's immediate right.

Editing includes the ability to:
  • Change the text of the character, taxon or state
  • Add multimedia objects to this entry
  • Create a dependancy (states only). See Dependencies for more info.
- The red minus symbol is clicked to delete the character, taxon or state located to it's immediate right.
Load a LIF file. You can load local key files from your own machine or provide a URL to a *.LIF for to load.
Save a key file locally to your computer. Key files are text file.
Users can set default paths (URLs or local paths relative to the *.LIF) which specify locations for multimedia directories.
When a user has added characters, states, and taxa they key is then ready to score. A two dimensional matrix is defined which provides a specific score for each taxa per each state defined.

Users have three options for applying the scores (two as list, one as matrix).
Type into the Add Characters/States field and press Enter After a user has created a character, one or more states need to be created. Add states by clicking on the character title so open an "Add State" dialog box.
You can allow a user to input numeric data as a character state in cases where a range of possibile answers exist. X:ID assumes a metric character when a character is created in the builder with only one state. When scoring this character the user will be able to specify four values; an extreme range and a normal range.
Dependencies are Characters which depend on a particular state to remain relevant. An example is a character called "Eye Color". If there is another Character with a state "Eyes Absent" and this state is selected then the "Eye Color" character is no longer relevant and should be selected out.

Dependancies can be defined when creating and editing character states.
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