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     Amino Acids
     Base Sequence
     Biological Evolution
     Calcification, Physiologic
     Chromatography, Paper
     Food Chain
     Molecular Sequence Data
     Sequence Alignment
     X-Ray Diffraction

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1.  2006 May 16 Evidence for a clade composed of molluscs with serially repeated structures: Monoplacophorans are related to chitons
Giribet, Okusu, Lindgren, Huff, Schrödl, Nishiguchi
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2006 May 16;103(20):7723-7728.
[Pubmed: 16675549]
2.  2001 Jan 1 The effects of sedimentation and light on recruitment and development of a temperate, subtidal, epifaunal community.
Maughan BC
J. Exp. Mar. Biol. Ecol. 2001 Jan 1;256(1):59-71.
[Pubmed: 11137505]
3.  2011 Nov 17 An Efficient Method for Genomic DNA Extraction from Different Molluscs Species
Pereira, Chaves, Bastos, Leitão, Guedes-Pinto
Int J Mol Sci 2011 Nov 17;12(11):8086-8095. published online before print
[Pubmed: 22174651]
4.  2012 Apr 5 Drilling Predation on Serpulid Polychaetes (Ditrupa arietina) from the Pliocene of the Cope Basin, Murcia Region, Southeastern Spain
Martinell, Kowalewski, Domènech
PLoS One 2012 Apr 5;7(4). published online before print
[Pubmed: 22496828]
5.  1970 [Biochemical analysis of the calcified byssus of Anomia ephippium L. (bivalve mollusca)].
Pujol JP, Bocquet J, Tiffon Y
Calcif Tissue Res. 1970;5(4):317-26.
[Pubmed: 5469611]