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     Abnormalities, Multiple
     Accidents, Home
     Activities of Daily Living
     Administration, Oral
     Age Factors
     Aged, 80 and over
     Air Pollutants
     Alcoholic Intoxication
     Anaerobic Threshold
     Analysis of Variance
     Animals, Newborn
     Antibodies, Viral
     Antigens, CD
     Antigens, CD44
     Antisocial Personality Disorder
     Anxiety Disorders
     Attitude of Health Personnel
     Attitude to Health
     Automobile Driver Examination
     Automobile Driving
     Biological Evolution
     Biological Markers
     Body Fluids
     Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia
     Carbon Dioxide
     Carcinoma, Squamous Cell
     Cartilage, Articular
     Cell Culture Techniques
     Cell Division
     Cell Line, Tumor
     Cell Movement
     Cell Proliferation
     Cells, Cultured
     Child Behavior
     Child Psychology
     Child, Preschool
     Chromosome Mapping
     Chromosomes, Mammalian
     Cognition Disorders
     Colitis, Ulcerative
     Community Networks
     Conservation of Natural Resources
     Cooperative Behavior
     Criminal Psychology
     Crohn Disease
     Cross-Over Studies
     Cross-Sectional Studies
     Databases, Protein
     Day Care
     Developing Countries
     Diapers, Infant
     Dietary Supplements
     Disease Models, Animal
     Disease Progression
     DNA, Plant
     Doping in Sports
     Drug Discovery
     Educational Status
     Empirical Research
     Endangered Species
     Environmental Exposure
     Environmental Monitoring
     Epidermal Growth Factor
     Esophageal Neoplasms
     Evidence-Based Practice
     Exercise Test
     Exercise Tolerance
     Extinction, Biological
     Extracellular Matrix
     Fetal Blood
     Flow Cytometry
     Follow-Up Studies
     Frail Elderly
     Gastric Mucosa
     Gastrointestinal Neoplasms
     Gene Expression Profiling
     Gene Expression Regulation, Neoplastic
     Gene Transfer, Horizontal
     Genes, Archaeal
     Genes, Bacterial
     Genes, rRNA
     Genome-Wide Association Study
     Geologic Sediments
     Granulocyte Colony-Stimulating Factor
     Great Britain
     Group Homes
     Harm Reduction
     Health Education
     Health Knowledge, Attitudes, Practice
     Health Personnel
     Health Promotion
     Health Surveys
     Heart Failure
     History, 19th Century
     History, 20th Century
     History, 21st Century
     Homeodomain Proteins
     HT29 Cells
     Huntington Disease
     Ileal Diseases
     Immunoenzyme Techniques
     Immunoglobulin M
     In Situ Nick-End Labeling
     Incidental Findings
     Infant, Newborn
     Infant, Premature
     Interviews as Topic
     Intestinal Mucosa
     Jaw, Edentulous, Partially
     Juvenile Delinquency
     Knee Joint
     Life Change Events
     Logistic Models
     Lymph Nodes
     Lymphatic Metastasis
     Marine Biology
     Maternal Deprivation
     Mental Disorders
     Mental Health
     Mice, Inbred C57BL
     Mice, Mutant Strains
     Microarray Analysis
     Microsatellite Repeats
     Microscopy, Electron, Scanning
     Middle Aged
     Models, Biological
     Models, Chemical
     Mucin 5AC
     Neoplasm Invasiveness
     Neoplasm Proteins
     Neoplasm Staging
     Neoplastic Stem Cells
     Nervous System Diseases
     Neurodegenerative Diseases
     Neuroprotective Agents
     New South Wales
     New Zealand
     Northern Territory
     Nursing Care
     Oceanic Ancestry Group
     Odds Ratio
     Osteoarthritis, Knee
     Oxygen Consumption
     Parent-Child Relations
     Paternal Deprivation
     Patient Admission
     Patient Dropouts
     Patient Satisfaction
     Phenylalanine-tRNA Ligase
     Physical Fitness
     Plant Stomata
     Population Dynamics
     Prenatal Care
     Prenatal Exposure Delayed Effects
     Prospective Studies
     Protein Isoforms
     Pulmonary Gas Exchange
     Quantitative Trait Loci
     Racquet Sports
     Radiometric Dating
     Rare Diseases
     Rats, Wistar
     Real-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction
     Receptor, Epidermal Growth Factor
     Recombinant Proteins
     Reference Values
     Research Design
     Respiration, Artificial
     Retinal Dehydrogenase
     Retrospective Studies
     Reverse Transcriptase Polymerase Chain Reaction
     Risk Assessment
     Risk Factors
     RNA Interference
     RNA, Messenger
     RNA, Neoplasm
     RNA, Small Interfering
     RNA, Transfer
     Rural Population
     Self Care
     Sequence Alignment
     Serine-tRNA Ligase
     Sex Characteristics
     Sex Factors
     Social Stigma
     Spatial Analysis
     Species Specificity
     Spinal Puncture
     Stem Cells
     Stomach Neoplasms
     Stress, Psychological
     Substance Abuse Treatment Centers
     Substance-Related Disorders
     Survival Analysis
     Survival Rate
     Terminal Care
     Therapy, Computer-Assisted
     Thoracic Cavity
     Threonine-tRNA Ligase
     Time Factors
     Transforming Growth Factor alpha
     Treatment Outcome
     Tumor Markers, Biological
     United States
     Ureaplasma Infections
     User-Computer Interface
     Wounds, Penetrating
     Young Adult

By Gene names:  (top)

1.  2011 Sep 23 Biased gene transfer and its implications for the concept of lineage
Andam, Gogarten
Biol Direct 2011 Sep 23;6:47. published online before print
[Pubmed: 21943000]
2.  2011 Oct 11 Is there a danger for myopia in anti-doping education? Comparative analysis of substance use and misuse in Olympic racket sports calls for a broader approach
Kondric, Sekulic, Petroczi, Ostojic, Rodek, Ostojic
Subst Abuse Treat Prev Policy 2011 Oct 11;6:27. published online before print
[Pubmed: 21988896]
3.  2011 Nov 9 Alcohol and risk of admission to hospital for unintentional cutting or piercing injuries at home: a population-based case-crossover study.
Thornley S, Kool B, Robinson E, Marshall R, Smith GS, Ameratunga S
BMC Public Health. 2011 Nov 9;11(1):852. Epub 2011 Nov 9.
[Pubmed: 22070787]
4.  2011 Nov 04 Anxiety Online—A Virtual Clinic: Preliminary Outcomes Following Completion of Five Fully Automated Treatment Programs for Anxiety Disorders and Symptoms

J Med Internet Res 2011 Nov 04;13(4). published online before print
[Pubmed: 22057287]
5.  2012 Jan 18 A Systematic Review of Global Publication Trends Regarding Long-Term Outcomes of ADHD
Hodgkins, Arnold, Shaw, Caci, Kahle, Woods, Young
Front Psychiatry 2012 Jan 18;2. published online before print
[Pubmed: 22279437]
6.  2012 Apr 1 Cannabinoids: Novel Medicines for the Treatment of Huntington's Disease.
Sagredo O, Pazos MR, Valdeolivas S, Fernandez-Ruiz J
Recent Pat CNS Drug Discov. 2012 Apr 1;7(1):41-8.
[Pubmed: 22280340]
7.  2012 Jan 30 Maximal voluntary tongue pressure is decreased in Japanese frail elderly persons.
Tsuga K, Yoshikawa M, Oue H, Okazaki Y, Tsuchioka H, Maruyama M, Yoshida M, Akagawa Y
Gerodontology. 2012 Jan 30; [Epub ahead of print]
[Pubmed: 22288526]
8.  2011 Nov 30 Expression of cancer stem cell markers ALDH1, CD44 and CD133 in primary tumor and lymph node metastasis of gastric cancer.
Wakamatsu Y, Sakamoto N, Oo HZ, Naito Y, Uraoka N, Anami K, Sentani K, Oue N, Yasui W
Pathol. Int. 2012 Feb;62(2):112-9. Epub 2011 Nov 30.
[Pubmed: 22243781]
9.  2012 Jan 28 Cytokeratin Expression Profiling in Gastric Carcinoma: Clinicopathologic Significance and Comparison with Tumor-Associated Molecules.
Takami H, Sentani K, Matsuda M, Oue N, Sakamoto N, Yasui W
Pathobiology. 2012 Jan 28;79(3):154-161. Epub 2012 Jan 28.
[Pubmed: 22286119]
10.  2011 Dec 28 Cytokeratin 7 is a Predictive Marker for Survival in Patients with Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma.
Oue N, Noguchi T, Anami K, Kitano S, Sakamoto N, Sentani K, Uraoka N, Aoyagi K, Yoshida T, Sasaki H, Yasui W
Ann Surg Oncol. 2011 Dec 28; [Epub ahead of print]
[Pubmed: 22203179]
11.  2011 Nov 15 Taxonomy of Penicillium section Citrina
Houbraken, Frisvad, Samson
Stud Mycol 2011 Nov 15;70(1):53-138.
[Pubmed: 22308046]
12.  2011 Oct 01 The characteristics of young pre-licensed drivers: Evidence from the New Zealand Drivers Study.
Begg D, Sullman M, Samaranayaka A
Accid Anal Prev. 2012 Mar;45(2):539-46. Epub 2011 Oct 01.
[Pubmed: 22269540]
13.  2012 Feb 14 Mental Disorders in Megacities: Findings from the São Paulo Megacity Mental Health Survey, Brazil
Andrade, Wang, Andreoni, Silveira, Alexandrino-Silva, Siu, Nishimura, Anthony, Gattaz, Kessler, Viana
PLoS One 2012 Feb 14;7(2). published online before print
[Pubmed: 22348135]
14.  2012 Feb 10 Study protocol: a randomized controlled trial of a computer-based depression and substance abuse intervention for people attending residential substance abuse treatment
Kelly, Kay-Lambkin, Baker, Deane, Brooks, Mitchell, Marshall, Whittington, Dingle
BMC Public Health 2012 Feb 10;12:113. published online before print
[Pubmed: 22325594]
15.  2011 Nov 15 Olfactomedin-4 is a glycoprotein secreted into mucus in active IBD.
Gersemann M, Becker S, Nuding S, Antoni L, Ott G, Fritz P, Oue N, Yasui W, Wehkamp J, Stange EF
J Crohns Colitis. 2012 May;6(4):425-34. Epub 2011 Nov 15.
[Pubmed: 22398066]
16.  2012 Jun 7 LI-cadherin induction by epidermal growth factor receptor is associated with intestinal differentiation of gastric cancer.
Sakamoto N, Oue N, Sentani K, Anami K, Uraoka N, Naito Y, Oo HZ, Hinoi T, Ohdan H, Yanagihara K, Aoyagi K, Sasaki H, Yasui W
Cancer Sci. 2012 Jun 7; [Epub ahead of print]
[Pubmed: 22676223]
17.  2012 Jun 29 High-Resolution Coproecology: Using Coprolites to Reconstruct the Habits and Habitats of New Zealand’s Extinct Upland Moa (Megalapteryx didinus)
Wood, Wilmshurst, Wagstaff, Worthy, Rawlence, Cooper
PLoS One 2012 Jun 29;7(6). published online before print
[Pubmed: 22768206]
18.  2012 Jun 25 Pollen and Phytoliths from Fired Ancient Potsherds as Potential Indicators for Deciphering Past Vegetation and Climate in Turpan, Xinjiang, NW China
Yao, Li, Jiang, Ferguson, Hueber, Ghosh, Bera, Li
PLoS One 2012 Jun 25;7(6). published online before print
[Pubmed: 22761901]
19.  2012 Jun Do Child Abuse and Maltreatment Increase Risk of Schizophrenia?
Sideli, Mule, La Barbera, Murray
Psychiatry Investig 2012 Jun;9(2):87-99.
[Pubmed: 22707958]
20.  2012 May 1 Extending the timescale and range of ecosystem services through paleoenvironmental analyses, exemplified in the lower Yangtze basin
Dearing, Yang, Dong, Zhang, Chen, Langdon, Zhang, Zhang, Dawson
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2012 May 1;109(18):E1111-E1120.
[Pubmed: 22499786]
21.  2012 Jul 13 Anticoagulant Rodenticides on our Public and Community Lands: Spatial Distribution of Exposure and Poisoning of a Rare Forest Carnivore
Gabriel, Woods, Poppenga, Sweitzer, Thompson, Matthews, Higley, Keller, Purcell, Barrett, Wengert, Sacks, Clifford
PLoS One 2012 Jul 13;7(7). published online before print
[Pubmed: 22808110]
22.  2012 Jun 15 The genus Cladosporium
Bensch, Braun, Groenewald, Crous
Stud Mycol 2012 Jun 15;72(1):1-401.
[Pubmed: 22815589]
23.  2012 Mar 27 Methylation of the RASSF1A promoter is predictive of poor outcome among patients with Wilms tumor.
Ohshima J, Haruta M, Fujiwara Y, Watanabe N, Arai Y, Ariga T, Okita H, Koshinaga T, Oue T, Hinotsu S, Nakadate H, Horie H, Fukuzawa M, Kaneko Y
Pediatr Blood Cancer. 2012 Sep;59(3):499-505. Epub 2012 Mar 27.
[Pubmed: 22457227]
24.  2012 May 09 Infantile adenomyoma subclinically excreted into the patient's diaper.
Anami K, Sentani K, Sakamoto N, Uraoka N, Oue N, Yasui W
Pathol. Int. 2012 Aug;62(8):532-7. Epub 2012 May 09.
[Pubmed: 22827761]
25.  2012 Apr 23 Differential blood flow responses to CO2 in human internal and external carotid and vertebral arteries.
Sato K, Sadamoto T, Hirasawa A, Oue A, Subudhi AW, Miyazawa T, Ogoh S
J. Physiol. (Lond.). 2012 Jul 15;590(Pt 14):3277-90. Epub 2012 Apr 23.
[Pubmed: 22526884]
26.  2012 Jul 4 CXCL2 synthesized by oral squamous cell carcinoma is involved in cancer-associated bone destruction.
Oue E, Lee JW, Sakamoto K, Iimura T, Aoki K, Kayamori K, Michi Y, Yamashiro M, Harada K, Amagasa T, Yamaguchi A
Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2012 Jul 4; [Epub ahead of print]
[Pubmed: 22771802]
27.  2012 Jul 2 Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase-Activated Protein Kinase 2 (MAPKAP-K2) as an Anti-inflammatory Target: Discovery and In Vivo Activity of Selective Pyrazolo[1,5-a]pyrimidine Inhibitors Using a Focused Library and Structure-Based Optimisation Approach.†
Kosugi T, Mitchell DR, Fujino A, Imai M, Kambe M, Kobayashi S, Makino H, Matsueda Y, Oue Y, Komatsu K, Imaizumi K, Sakai Y, Sugiura S, Takenouchi O, Unoki G, Yamakoshi Y, Cunliffe V, Frearson J, Gordon R, Harris CJ, Kalloo-Hosein H, Le J, Patel G, Simpson D, Sherborne BS, Thomas P, Suzuki N, Takimoto-Kamimura M, Katoaka KI
J Med Chem. 2012 Jul 2; [Epub ahead of print]
[Pubmed: 22746295]
28.  2012 Jun 29 Cannabis and depression: An integrative data analysis of four Australasian cohorts.
Horwood LJ, Fergusson DM, Coffey C, Patton GC, Tait R, Smart D, Letcher P, Silins E, Hutchinson DM
Drug Alcohol Depend. 2012 Jun 29; [Epub ahead of print]
[Pubmed: 22749560]
29.  2011 Dec 05 Neighbourhood matters: perceptions of neighbourhood cohesiveness and associations with alcohol, cannabis and tobacco use.
Lin EY, Witten K, Casswell S, You RQ
Drug Alcohol Rev. 2012 Jun;31(4):402-12. Epub 2011 Dec 05.
[Pubmed: 22142140]
30.  2012 Apr 12 Central command contributes to increased blood flow in the noncontracting muscle at the start of one-legged dynamic exercise in humans.
Ishii K, Liang N, Oue A, Hirasawa A, Sato K, Sadamoto T, Matsukawa K
J. Appl. Physiol. 2012 Jun;112(12):1961-74. Epub 2012 Apr 12.
[Pubmed: 22500007]
31.  2012 May 23 NOS2 enhances KRAS-induced lung carcinogenesis, inflammation and microRNA-21 expression.
Okayama H, Saito M, Oue N, Weiss JM, Stauffer J, Takenoshita S, Wiltrout RH, Hussain SP, Harris CC
Int J Cancer. 2012 May 23; [Epub ahead of print]
[Pubmed: 22618808]
32.  2012 May 1 Laminar and blazed type holographic gratings for a versatile soft x-ray spectrograph attached to an electron microscope and their evaluation in the 50-200 eV range.
Imazono T, Koike M, Kawachi T, Hasegawa N, Koeda M, Nagano T, Sasai H, Oue Y, Yonezawa Z, Kuramoto S, Terauchi M, Takahashi H, Handa N, Murano T, Sano K
Appl Opt. 2012 May 1;51(13):2351-60.
[Pubmed: 22614411]
33.  2012 Mar 12 Upregulation of HOXA10 in gastric cancer with the intestinal mucin phenotype: reduction during tumor progression and favorable prognosis.
Sentani K, Oue N, Naito Y, Sakamoto N, Anami K, Oo HZ, Uraoka N, Aoyagi K, Sasaki H, Yasui W
Carcinogenesis. 2012 May;33(5):1081-8. Epub 2012 Mar 12.
[Pubmed: 22411957]
34.  2011 Jul 06 Alcohol and cannabis abuse/dependence symptoms and life satisfaction in young adulthood.
Swain NR, Gibb SJ, Horwood LJ, Fergusson DM
Drug Alcohol Rev. 2012 May;31(3):327-33. Epub 2011 Jul 06.
[Pubmed: 21733007]
35.  2012 Feb 04 A stomatal ozone flux-response relationship to assess ozone-induced yield loss of winter wheat in subtropical China.
Feng Z, Tang H, Uddling J, Pleijel H, Kobayashi K, Zhu J, Oue H, Guo W
Environ. Pollut. 2012 May;164:16-23. Epub 2012 Feb 04.
[Pubmed: 22310057]
36.  2012 Apr 19 Criminal justice outcomes for cannabis use offences in New Zealand, 1991-2008.
Wilkins C, Sweetsur P
Int J Drug Policy. 2012 Apr 19; [Epub ahead of print]
[Pubmed: 22521268]
37.  2012 Mar 03 Novel anti-HIV-1 activity produced by conjugating unsulfated dextran with polyL-lysine.
Nakamura K, Ohtsuki T, Mori H, Hoshino H, Hoque A, Oue A, Kano F, Sakagami H, Tanamoto K, Ushijima H, Kawasaki N, Akiyama H, Ogawa H
Antiviral Res. 2012 Apr;94(1):89-97. Epub 2012 Mar 03.
[Pubmed: 22401805]
38.  2011 Jun 22 Oxygen uptake efficiency plateau: physiology and reference values.
Sun XG, Hansen JE, Stringer WW
Eur. J. Appl. Physiol. 2012 Mar;112(3):919-28. Epub 2011 Jun 22.
[Pubmed: 21695524]
39.  2012 Mar Oxygen uptake efficiency slope, aerobic fitness, and V(E)-VCO2 slope in heart failure.
Antoine-Jonville S, Pichon A, Vazir A, Polkey MI, Dayer MJ
Med Sci Sports Exerc. 2012 Mar;44(3):428-34.
[Pubmed: 21808213]
40.  2012 Jan 18 Antenatal exposure to Ureaplasma species exacerbates bronchopulmonary dysplasia synergistically with subsequent prolonged mechanical ventilation in preterm infants.
Inatomi T, Oue S, Ogihara T, Hira S, Hasegawa M, Yamaoka S, Yasui M, Tamai H
Pediatr. Res. 2012 Mar;71(3):267-73. Epub 2012 Jan 18.
[Pubmed: 22258085]