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     Aged, 80 and over
     Attitude of Health Personnel
     Diabetes Mellitus
     Elder Abuse
     Environmental Exposure
     Exercise Test
     Follow-Up Studies
     Home Care Services
     Intraoperative Complications
     Kidney Failure, Chronic
     Lens Implantation, Intraocular
     Longitudinal Studies
     Middle Aged
     Occupational Diseases
     Physical Endurance
     Postoperative Complications
     Prospective Studies
     Renal Dialysis
     Resistance Training
     Retrospective Studies
     Treatment Outcome

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1.  2010 Jan 25 Recognition of elder abuse by home care workers and older people in Romania.
Caciula I, Livingston G, Caciula R, Cooper C
Int Psychogeriatr. 2010 May;22(3):403-8. Epub 2010 Jan 25.
[Pubmed: 20096154]
2.  Implementation of exercise training programs in a hemodialysis unit: effects on physical performance.
Bulckaen M, Capitanini A, Lange S, Caciula A, Giuntoli F, Cupisti A
J. Nephrol.;24(6):790-7.
[Pubmed: 21360473]
3.  2004 [Phacoemulsification and intraocular lens implantation in myopic eye].
Gavriş MC, Cărăuş C, Popa D, Căciulă D, Gusho E, Clocoţan D, Kantor E
Oftalmologia. 2004;48(3):77-81.
[Pubmed: 15598056]
4.  2004 [Phacoemulsification--personal experience on my first 507 cases].
Gavriş M, Căciulă D, Popa D, Cărăuş C, Căpraru C, Kantor E, Clocoţan D
Oftalmologia. 2004;48(1):48-52.
[Pubmed: 15279419]
5.  1982 May [A study on the influence of hazards at the working place on the health condition of workers].
Mihail M, Căciulă E
Viata Med Rev Inf Prof Stiint Cadrelor Medii Sanit. 1982 May;30(5):109-11.
[Pubmed: 6815881]