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Hair from infants gives clues about their life in the womb
Endozoicomonas atrinae sp. nov., a bacterium isolated from the intestine of a comb pen shell Atrina pectinata.
Effects of a dietary β-(1,3)(1,6)-D-glucan supplementation on intestinal microbial communities and intestinal ultrastructure of mirror carp (Cyprinus carpio L.).
Cellulomonas pakistanensis sp. nov., a novel moderately halotolerant Actinobacteria.
How Harmless Bacteria Quickly Turned Into a Flesh-Eating Monster
The Nation's T. Rex Invades the Smithsonian
Why Are Black Bear Attacks Up in Florida?
Severe Scurvy Struck Christopher Columbus's Crew
IL‐25 exhibits disparate roles during Th2‐cell differentiation versus effector function
Stringent homology-based prediction of H. sapiens-M. tuberculosis H37Rv protein-protein interactions
Evolution of gene structure in the conifer Picea glauca: a comparative analysis of the impact of intron size
Disentangling, again, the drivers of population decline for two harvested species: a response to Prasad et al. ()
The tangled causes of population decline in two harvested plant species: a comment on Ticktin et al. (2012)
Cell Signalling in Prokaryotes and Lower Metazoa
Photosynthetic Nitrogen Assimilation and Associated Carbon and Respiratory Metabolism
Near-Complete T. Rex Skeleton Arrives at Smithsonian
How to Cook the Perfect Steak (with Science)
Bats can help protect rice farms against pests
Ants plant rainforests, one seed at a time
Riddled with tumors: another blow to the Sumatran rhino species
Turtles Change Migration Routes Due to Climate Change
Conservation, second ed., Clive Hambler, Susan M. Canney. Cambridge University Press (2013). x+416, £27.99, Paperback, ISBN: 978-0-521-18168-6
Evidence for two subspecies of Gunnison’s prairie dogs (Cynomys gunnisoni), and the general importance of the subspecies concept
KILLER SPONGES menacing California coastline
[Research Article] The C-Terminal SH3 Domain Contributes to the Intramolecular Inhibition of Vav Family Proteins
Nearly complete T. rex skeleton to join Smithsonian collection (+video)
Ultrastructural Features of Vagina at Different Phases of the Oestrous Cycle in the Female African Giant Rat (Cricetomys gambianus Waterhouse)
Informing conservation management about structural versus functional connectivity: A case‐study of Cross River gorillas
Association of serum Clara cell protein CC16 with respiratory infections and immune response to respiratory pathogens in elite athletes
Genomic and metabolic comparison with Dickeya dadantii 3937 reveals the emerging Dickeya solani potato pathogen to display distinctive metabolic activities and T5SS/T6SS-related toxin repertoire
A first genetic map of date palm (Phoenix dactylifera) reveals long-range genome structure conservation in the palms
Plastid and mitochondrion genomic sequences from Arctic Chlorella sp. ArM0029B
Single‐use wave‐mixed versus stirred bioreactors for insect‐cell/BEVS‐based protein expression at benchtop scale
Breaking bad mitochondria
New research shows how pathogenic E. coli O157:H7 binds to fresh vegetables
T. Rex Arrives for More Than a Night at the Museum
New tool advances investigations of disease outbreaks
Remnants of Tropical Depression Peipah still raining on Philippines
New technique will accelerate genetic characterization of photosynthesis
Sibling cooperation in earwig families gives clues to early evolution of social behavior
Outgoing behavior makes for happier humans
Ectomycorrhizal Cortinarius species participate in enzymatic oxidation of humus in northern forest ecosystems.
A Paleozoic Stem Group to Mite Harvestmen Revealed through Integration of Phylogenetics and Development.
Hypoxia, Blackwater and Fish Kills: Experimental Lethal Oxygen Thresholds in Juvenile Predatory Lowland River Fishes.
Whooping cough bacterium evolves in Australia
Outcome of stroke worse for people with infection
Sarcocystis schneideri n. sp. (Sarcocystidae) infecting the barber skink Eumeces schneideri schneideri (Scincidae) Daudin, 1802. A light and ultrastructural study.
Survey on diversity of marine/saline anaerobic Heterolobosea (Excavata: Discoba) with description of seven new species.
A new species of Simulium (Gomphostilbia) (Diptera: Simuliidae) from Thailand, with keys to 11 species of the Simulium varicorne species-group.
Mucilaginibacter koreensis sp. nov., isolated from leaf mold.