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At U.N., China asked to back rights case against North Korea
U.S. prosecutors probe Takata Corp over statements: WSJ
An opilioacarid mite in Cretaceous Burmese amber.
Nitrosospira lacus sp. nov., a psychrotolerant ammonia-oxidizing bacterium from sandy lake sediment.
Thiogranum longum gen. nov., sp. nov., a novel obligately chemolithoautotrophic sulfur-oxidizing bacterium of the family Ectothiorhodospiraceae isolated from a hydrothermal field on Suiyo Seamount, and an emended description of the genus Thiohalomonas.
Parablastomonas arctica gen. nov., sp. nov., a bacterium isolated from high Arctic glacial till.
Bombella intestini gen. nov., sp. nov., a novel acetic acid bacterium isolated from bumble bee crop.
OPINION: The Politics of Biodiversity Loss
Saving the survivor: China scrambles to keep the finless porpoise from extinction
Mitochondrial sequences reveal a clear separation between Angolan and South African giraffe along a cryptic rift valley
Transcriptome profiling using pyrosequencing shows genes associated with bast fiber development in ramie (Boehmeria nivea L.)
Two Exocomet Families Found Around Baby Star System
Seaweed engineers build crustacean homes; old forests store new nitrogen
Overexpression of rod photoreceptor glutamic acid rich protein 2 (GARP2) increases gain and slows recovery in mouse retina
Anti-cancer activity of Ginger (Zingiber officinale) leaf through the expression of activating transcription factor 3 in human colorectal cancer cells
Relevant and selective activity of Pancratium illyricum L. against Candida albicans clinical isolates: a combined effect on yeast growth and virulence
Electro-oxidation of ethanol on ternary PtSnCe/C catalysts
Humongous, toothless wonder of a dinosaur unveiled
Dinosaur Was Cross Between Barney and Jar Jar Binks
Photos: The Common Tenrec of Madagascar
Did Mammals Sleep Through Cosmic Impact That Ended Dinosaurs?
How Drones Are Fighting Infectious Disease
Photos: First Sex Revealed in Fossilized, Square-Dancing Fish
Sex Is 385 Million Years Old, and It Looked Like Square Dancing
Wacky Humpbacked Dinosaur Looked Like 'Star Wars' Creature
Did Dinosaurs Walk Like Jar Jar Binks? | Video
Solved: When Earth's Largest Shark Disappeared
Triptolide inhibits human immunodeficiency virus type 1 replication by promoting proteasomal degradation of Tat protein
Mountain Goats Are ShrinkingA LotBecause of Global Warming
New Tarantula (Not Beetle) Named After John Lennon
New feather findings get scientists in a flap
'Breath test' shows promise for diagnosing fungal pneumonia
Balanomorphs from late Upper Pleistocene and Holocene caves in northern Spain, with a new genus and species, and their palaeoclimatological implications
`Shanklin croc' and the dawn of the tethysuchian radiation
Fossils Reveal "Beer-Bellied" Dinosaur [Video]
Fecal Transplanters Fish Out Key Ingredient
Males of great bustard self-medicate to appear more attractive to females
NASA's Terra Satellite sees wind shear affecting Tropical Storm Ana
A real-time tracking system developed to monitor dangerous bacteria inside the body
Wheel or Weapon? Galaxy's Ring of Fire Revealed
DNA Reveals When Neanderthals and Humans Mated
Space Station Cosmonauts Breeze Through Spacewalk
Partial Solar Eclipse Will Darken Your Thursday
Official WHO Ebola toll near 5,000 with true number nearer 15,000
Canada's parliament attacked near where PM Harper was speaking
Autism Speaks commits $2.3 million to research on gut-brain connection
Researchers record sight neurons in jumping spider brain
Skin patch could replace the syringe for disease diagnosis
Secret wing colours attract female fruit flies
Morphologic, cytometric and functional characterization of the common octopus (Octopus vulgaris) hemocytes.